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  1. Sunday morning, painting, weathering, sticking Before going out to the workshop I took a long hard look at some photos of the Hochburg, an old castle near Emmendingen on the edge of the Black Forest (and only 20 miles from Furtwangen). The white between the stones of the gate is actually right, but the crud the wash left on the roofs isn't anything like. So, using a tin of dark brick borrowed from Mr Simon I've repainted the two roofs, and also done the one on the small shop. Next job with the town gate will be to pick out some of the stones in a couple of different shades of grey or grey/brown. The cupola needs painting so it doesn't look plastic and the knight needs finishing- he is now Mithril silver with a white shield. I've had a paint trial on part of the brewery building, doing in white a couple of bays that can remain hidden. Result- the other side of the brewery will face the front, cleaned up a bit more rather than painted. Also done- the two halves of the arch building have been united, leaving a gap under the archways- a job for plasticard. The station platform is now stuck down. I can't get to the right hand end of the layout to paint the outside until Mr Simon takes the end board off Gresby- he'd better do it tonight or we can't eat tomorrow as the top of the freezer is currently blocked.
  2. Spent most of yesterday afternoon washing the gateway building with dirty thinners- I don't like the result......
  3. My Dapol Britannia is happy at 9" but not tighter, while the Dapol B1 and Hall will take the slightly smaller Unitrak. B17s seem a bit variable, mostly happy at 9" and mostly NOT happy with 8.5". All Union Mills will take the small Unitrak. If you want REALLY silly curves then the Farish 04s will happily pull Dapol 7-plank wagons (but NOT Farish ones) round the 5" radius Tomix tram tracks... Hope this all helps. Les
  4. Déju Vu (all over again!) Looks just like an earlier post, doesn't it. This is the front of the top-end arch at the end of stage 1 of construction. About two more sessions needed to get it to the stage where I can customise it. Cutting while wearing a splint isn't easy, the splint is intended to stop you moving your wrist the way you need to in order to work the knife. Other jobs done- the first wash of dirty thinners over the town arch- I'll see how that looks in the morning before deciding what more needs doing. I've started painting the knight that lives in the alcove- Mithril silver for his armour. I've also had a little go at the ballast edge where the platform goes so I can stick the platform down before finishing the ballast. Some more prototype houses from the Black Forest. I'm finding more timbered ones which is a great relief.
  5. Friday- ground infill My wrist has been a lot less painful today than yesterday, whatever the doctor put in the jab seems to work. However I have managed to get green paint on the splint........ A visit to Access Models today netted two pieces of Balsa wood (need two more to finsh, however) and some silver paint for the statue in the alcove. There was enough Balsa to fill the ground level at the town end to the level of the tram track. This has allowed me to try out some positioning for the buildings. Also while playing I've cleaned both the tramway and the railway track and run a few test trams and test trains. All is now running smoothly on the tramway, though there is a dip in the railway track by the station platform which I might leave as speeds are slow. This one shows the tramway and railway below. The diesel loco is new- a Fleischmann one with DCC and a flashing lamp on the cab top, even when running analogue. The buildings will stay in a row leading to the tram shed at the end, but I need another one for the left-hand corner and one in the middle, and I'm not yet totally happy with the order. I still need an identity for the white building.. Trying out some masking for the exit at the town end. The blue building fits nicely here, and a construction behind the archway with a pitched roof should mask the hole in the backscene from above. The railway will go through an arch to the left of the gateway, made as a continuation of the wall, with walling against the backscene and false walling and roofing to give the impression that it straightens up rather than continuing the curve- also to hide the second backscene hole. The blue building will be a bank. I still need another to go opposite it to give a street effect. And yes, the tram does run smoothly through the arch without hitting it.
  6. December already.... Where did 2011 go? Today was the fitting of the backscene and end boards, and the cut-down front panel. At least Trevor did the joinery and all I had to do was hold things. just as well as I had a jab which has made my right wrist very painful, and have to wear a splint on it for eight weeks..... Next job is to paint the outside green gloss to make it look presentable, and continue with the buildings. At least now progress can be made on the shed as the position of the back of it is set by the backscene. I can also now patch the ballast.
  7. Short day- Wednesday Got to go to the Repetitive Strain clinic today, so progress might slow for a while, especially if I have to strap up my right arm. Today' s music is Meatloaf again, largely because I couldn't be bothered to change the CD...... I resisted the temptation to touch up ballast and have been working at buildings, the town gate being almost finished. The alcove is to take a knight, but he looks naff unpainted- off to Access models (Friday?) to get some Citadel paints to make him presentable. The two dots over the smaller arch are for a date plaque which I've left off altogether. Over this arch will be a sign saying "Stadtmitte" ( Centre Ville for non-German speakers like me.....). Weathering to hide glue marks etc is also still to start- the bottle of dirty thinners for the wash isn't dirty enough yet. I've done nothing more on the shed building. that is waiting for the backscene so I can make some positioning judgements that will affect the right hand side of it. The first part of the top end arch- actually the ground floor of the back half. I've decided to build the two low relief arch houses in the Faller kit back to back to make a complete house with arch. Exactly how far round the curve to site it I'm not sure yet- it should be easier to work out when the backscene is in place and i can look at sight lines. Rather like building a set on a theatre stage, which never goes exactly where it had been designed to be, and gets moved about until you are quite sure the punters can't see into the wings too easily.
  8. We have power! Postman was early this morning, with a delivery from Modelex of the expected pair of handheld controllers. Guess what? I spent the morning finishing and testing the wiring by doing the bits between the transformer and the switch panels... Today's music by Meatloaf, Slade again over the weekend while I patch the ballast. The green light says it all (can't you focus a picture?)- power in all the right places and no short circuits. On Thursday the whole lot goes off to Trevor Webster (aka "the man who made the baseboards") of Stamford East and Parnhams fame to have the backscene boards added. At this point it will start to look a bit like a model railway, says he hopefully.........
  9. Sunday update I took the vacuum cleaner into the workshop and gave the track (and the floor) a going over. Most of the ballast has stuck down well- very few holes where the glue didn't go, but a few more places need patching, mostly around the points where I've been a bit timid. I can see one or two places where I've been a bit overenthusiastic and gone too far above the sleeper tops. They're tomorrow's job. Still, all of the track works, and all four points still carry current onto the blade when switched, so it isn't all bad news.
  10. Another prototype pic This is the Riegeler Bier brewery next to the Kaiserstuhlbahn, about 30 miles from Furtwangen. Looks like painting the brewery walls white might be a good idea...... Ballast still drying, a little touching up of edges done yesterday. Visitors tomorrow so the next ballast inspection will be Monday.
  11. Thursday- boring ballasting A day in the workshop with Slade blasting out loudly (to repel all boarders) while I busied myself with the usual mix of PVA and water (with a frissance of Fairy liquid). The area between the tracks in the loop was included as I decided it would be ballast with a hint of greenery. The areas between other tracks I left as I'm not yet sure what I'm doing with them. The pencil marks on the masking tape are an attempt to keep some form of tabs on how far I'd got- it didn't always work. Progress with the town end gateway- perhaps putting white panels on white paper aren't a good idea as the windows don't show up..... Faller's instructions are much more vague than Vollmer's. I've been told I'm on the shopping run tomorrow morning so I'll call in at Access Models for some wider styrene strip and larger angle iron for the shed front, and some Games workshop thinners to do the inside wall. Rest of the day weathering a 4MT tank and a V2. Now to have a post-ballasting nervous headache while I wait for Sunday and running the vacuum cleaner over the layout to see what didn't stick.....
  12. Wednesday progress A pack of droppers for ballasting arrived this morning- I've promptly mislaid them! However i have painted the rail sides on the whole of the railway (yawn) after looking at a lot of photos of the Kaiserstuhlbahn which is the nearest SWEG operation to the real Furtwangen. I used Humbrol No.83 as the best match. The low releif house kits arrived from Germany this afternoon- the archways are just the right size to take the tram through.
  13. Mr Simon made a suggestion- that I move the shed backwards so the trams straighten up before the entrance- it didn't work as the trams are too long but it set me thinking. I've moved the supports for the upper level back by about 0.5 cm which will give a little more space. These will be fixed down properly tomorrow. The new entrance is just wide enough, but I'll widen it a little further and make a roller-shutter door in the open position. Testing with the cream and green tram, chosen for the simple reason it was the first one I picked up. One of these views also shows the effect of the brick walling inside the shed, which is held up temporarily with Tomix paving pieces. Viewing that walling inside the doorway, I think I will paint it. Perhaps a sort of industrial grim green....... Looking at the second picture, to the right of the doorway- isn't it strange how a piece of styrene angle can look to the naked eye as if it is seated properly along its full length when the camera shows it isn't? Another job to correct tomorrow. For that matter the lintel looks higher at one end, despite counting brick courses. The half-covered window wants bricking up, as does its opposite number.
  14. More tram testing Putting the paving down around the tramway has given one or two issues with the point to the shed. It has been sticking, probably through getting a little too much paint into the works. While I had the blue tram out in the workshop I did a few trips through the loop at the front- to give the spring feature of the points chance to free off- and to dig out any grotty bits stopping them working. The shed is shown in position in the background. I've opened out the aperture on the shed front to a rectangle and edged it in styrene strip with an angle-iron edge. The pic this evening hasn't worked so I'll try that again tomorrow. The shed wall has been thinned and bricked up inside. The tram will now go in without hitting the door or rubbing the wall. I'm not sure whether to paint the brickwork inside the shed- the side with the windows will need internal paintwork.
  15. Building and testing on the tramway. Sorry the photos are soft focus- I should have used the flash. As the pavement arond the tramway is getting stuck into place, even though a lot still needs weathering, I've got to the stage where I can check if the Faller town gate is big enough to take a tram. The good news is that it is- just. The overhead wire will need to be carefully aligned through it to lower the pantograph to not hit it. Not so good news is that the entrance to the shed doesn't work. As I've planned a shed here either I'll have to get one with roller shutter doors or modify this one to widen the entrance. In the real world such modifications weren't always sympathetic to the building. Once inside the tram also rubs against the wall until totally straight, so the detail will have to come off and be replaced with plain brick- it wouldn't have windows if built straight up against a rock face..........
  16. the reason for the return to the end of the shed- Gresby has moved in- or at least 2/3 of it is erected along the long wall. Another clanger- not irredeemable. I bought what appeared to be a pair of made-up low relief buildings on eBay, thinking one would do for the loading dock and the other low-relief against the backscene on the higher level. They arrived this morning- both full depth. The lighter one will cut in half- the ornate wall can come off altogether. the darker one is more of a problem, but will help add a bit of variety to the brewery, which is becoming a Kibri/Faller/DPM "bitza"- at least nobody else will have one like it......... Better news is that I got the right shade of ballast, the tramway posts, both plain and ornate, and the Faller backscene I wanted at Warley. Downside for all this lot is I have no excuse for not beginning ballasting.
  17. Les1952

    Warley 2011

    It isn't the round domed ones that are wrong- for some reason the banjo dome on this BR-liveried prototype seems to be stuck on further forward than the one shown at Chirk. I have been told the dome is on the list of corrections already sent off.....
  18. One other thought for the day- because the shed building is end-on to the layout front with the doors open and the track offset to one side of the building I'm going to need to give it a full workshop interior.......
  19. Good afternoon again. the big change in the last 24 hours is that Furtwangen Ost has moved to the end of the workshop again to allow Mr Simon to set up Gresby in the middle. Here is FO in its new corner, complete with all sorts of gubbins holding things down while glue sets.. Thinking again about the paving it is really only the centre of the tramway loop that needs replacing- it has stuck slightly unevenly and when I weathered it the cotton wool bud scoured the paint surface in a circular pattern. I've lifted this paving and will re-use the bits under the shed amongst other places. The paving either side will be hid by the passenger shelters and a strategically placed seat or passenger or two. This is the new paving segment- this time I've glued it together with Plastic Weld and put card underneath to make sure the whole piece is level before starting to paint it. I'll paint and weather it before fitting it to the layout. Meanwhile some more of the odd shaped segments have gone in- each piece Plastic Welded to adjacent pieces before being stuck tio the sub-base. Progress with the shed building. Again the close-up and lighting shows where Plastic Weld has escaped a little. Still there isn't enough damage to show through the final weathered surface. The small shop building is almost finished, too. Warley tomorrow to judge the Gwyn Humphries trophy. Should have time for shopping- a Faller backscene, rock faces if they are available and cobblestone sheets, plus tramway masts and an NER-shaped dome (for a G5) from N-Brass and westinghouse pumps from whoever has them (also for the G5).
  20. I'm not happy. The weathering on the paving isn't working well enough. I'll leave this and think about it- a different base colour and a thinned wash rubbed off seems to work better on pieces I haven't laid yet. The good news is that the second pack of paving has arrived in the last 5 minutes so I can take a lot of these up and lay fresh- these sections can be moved to somewhere less obvious. Better news is I've started the shed building- the sides and ends after the first round of insert fitting. It will be built without its track guides as these won't work on site and the roof will need trimming on the side against the big level change. It fits over the tram siding that turns at right-angles to the front.
  21. Some idea of what I'm thinking of with the tramway at the top end of the layout, where the tramway has to pass through the backscene again.
  22. Hello again. Away from the shed this morning as I've got to wait in for a courier. Hopefully this will be the two controllers- testing has been with the Ontrack standalone unit connected to the wires that will form the outputs from the hand-held units. This is one of the two control panels, now finished and tested. Testing the tramway revealed a duff switch which needed to be replaced- I go white at the prospect of chasing cross-baseboard failures but this only needed four wires checking for dry joints before coming to the conclusion the cheapo switch needed replacing. Update on the small shop unit- the fault the camera picked up the other day has been corrected and I've got as far as the paper "interior" and the roof. The upper floor is supposed to have half-timbering but as there are very few such buildings (particularly few more modern ones) I've used spare stone window surrounds and will paint the surrounding either cream or pale blue, I now have evidence of both shades being used in Furtwangen as exterior wall paint. A Faller kit for a town gate has arrived- it will be modified to make a smaller version of the two surviving city gates in Freiburg-im-Breaisgau. there should be enough clearance for the trams to pass through the larger arch (as at Freiburg). I'll continue the wall over the railway beside it and put some backs of buildings beyond making the railway disappear through houses. At least that is the plan, but it might yet change a bit when the backscene goes in the week after next.
  23. Greetings Kiwinewt and very many thanks for the compliment. I've got some of the roadway stuck in place now- colour is Tamiya deck grey, and weathered with black chalk worked into the gaps with a damp kitchen roll. I'll weather a little more tomorrow. Today's progress has largely revolved around a way of double-glazing the shed- one window done with A3 perspex as secondary glazing. Tomorrow I'll see how much condensation it stops before deciding whether to do the remaining windows the same way.
  24. I said earlier the brown building would be a Kaufhof - because it is a good match for the kaufhof in Freiburg-am- Bresigau. This is the Kaufhof sign I will need to replicate for it. The small shop unit for the front row under construction. Amazing what a photo reveals- this shows the back has sprung from the base and will need to be reseated before the upper floor can be added. This is a Vollmer kit which will be built mostly as it comes, except the roof will need recolouring and the stonework weathering to local colours. As with all the buildings in the town it will need to be seated into the town streets, but its position can't be worked out until the backscene is in place.
  25. Tram posts and pavement One port of call at Warley will be N-Brass. They have suitable posts for the street sections and masts for the reserved track in front of the brewery. The section of paving I've weathered looks OK, and passed inspection by Trevor and Geoff on Saturday so I'll do a larger section and photograph it tomorrow. Second port of call at Warley is someone who has German-style cobblestone paving, Faller backscenes and German pinkish ballast.
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