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  1. 22 hours ago, Barry O said:

    We have an accurate Green liveried one on our Club layout ( a model of Chapel-en-le-Frith (Central)) and also an accurate Black liveried one.. both from very well researched Judith Edge kits. Neither have tension loocks or kadees fitted.. just likecthecreal thing.....


    And if they are 16.5mm gauge and 4mm scale they still have bigger errors than any others a manufacturer will make......  I'm sure the prototype wasn't 4 foot 3 ins gauge.


    Just a thought.


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  2. 7 hours ago, Barry O said:

    It will sell to people who just want one..no matter how many things are incorrect about it. So the loco could have has more research on it and a bit more on the model itself .. and more people who wanted a Fell would have bought it as well.


    Eonder what would happen if another manufacturer put up a competitor?


    If that manufacturer reads RMWeb I would think there is little or no chance of that happening.....



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  3. 16 hours ago, Roy Langridge said:


    Yes, but the point I was making is that I can well imagine that the Class 37 is likely to sell by several 100 x more than the Fell, with those costs being distributed across a very much higher number of model sales.

    Whatever the fascination is with the Fell, it is a niche model, the class 37 is a mainstream loco with a, so far, 61 year operating life.



    The Fell will sell to people like me- who wouldn't even look at buying a Class 37.  There may be more of us idiots around than you think- enough to make it viable.  


    A mainstream manufacturer wouldn't look at most of the things KR Models are covering.  Hush-Hush is an icon that may well have surprised Hornby by its success- but would it push them into doing a P1 for instsnce- and LNER steam is more thieir "thing"...  


    Any Class 37 has to compete with all of the (other) mainstream manufacturers wanting a slice.  The Fell doesn't



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  4. Mine is extremely good- I only have the one of these at the moment.


    Having said that my main problems with DJM Austerities were 100% self-inflicted, in all cases except one plastic handrails not standing my hamfistedness too well- the EFE has the same weakness.  The one exception was underneath a glass jar of thinners that got knocked off a high shelf and broke.  Moral keep thinners nearer floor level. This one needed a replacement tank from Digitrains and an RT Models Lambton cab.


    The problems with occasional stalling I had with DJMs passed on to the EFE but have been cured in all instances by fitting a stay-alive, indicating track might have been the cause of the problem rather than the locos.  That also fettled stalling issues with Hornby WD saddletanks which share the roster- now ten sound-fitted strong (1 EFE, 5 DJM and 3 Hornby) with the same number boxed up to go at (mostly Hornby but 2 Dapol and one DJM)...




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  5. 11 hours ago, Gopher said:

    That seems to be the case as none of the model shops I have looked at are offering a sound fitted version.  No idea why


    I got the impression they'd had too many 3rd-party sound-fitted ones back for warranty repairs. 


    No different in principle to Bachmann demanding I removed the hard-wired sound chip and reinstated the circuit board in the tender of a Farish WD before they'd do a warranty repair to the valve gear of the loco.....




    I let the WD run with missing valve gear for a couple of years on Hawthorn Dene, casually explaining why it was running broken to anyone who asked.....  Lee Palmer of LP rails finally fixed it for me.

  6. 1 hour ago, Steamport Southport said:




    So what was it doing between 1956 and 1975.... :scratchhead:


    It was in the National Collection. Most of that time spent on display at Clapham after a short time spent at Tweedmouth.


    I take it they mean "Moved to the NRM at York in 1975".






    Wasn't the "National Collection" actually created in 1975 by amalgamating the collections of the British Transport Commission, the Science Museum and probably one or two others?




  7. 11 hours ago, Nile said:

    To complicate it a bit more they are using Parcel Force, which could call at any time of day without warning. DPD wins here, with a text and email giving a one hour time slot for delivery. But they are not an option here  :-( .


    My last delivery from DPD had to be rescued from their "safe place"  in the dustbin......




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  8. 23 hours ago, Butler Henderson said:

    The Beattie Well Tank model is 10 years old; the one thing that might well  work weight wise if the tooling were to be revised is a diecast running plate and at the same time the cab interior improved with the deletion of the full width splasher.


    Not having had mine apart I suspect the full width splasher hides the gears.  I may be wrong.....




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  9. 33 minutes ago, Nearholmer said:

    One of the many unknowns is whether the current wave of infections will have subsided by the time of the trad exhibition season in the autumn.


    I think it probably will have, on the basis of a combination of vaccination and catching it. Of course, there will still be “some of it about”, but probably not anything like the amount there is now.


    There’ll probably be ‘flu instead!


    Looking at the statistics from the point of view of someone who spent a lot of years teaching statistics amongst other things-


    Being double-jabbed prevents your chance of transmitting the disease by 90 to 95% (depending on whose statistics you read)-  i.e. 9 of 10 double-jabbed people don't transmit the virus  50% of the population are double-jabbed.  From that 45% of the population aren't transmitting the virus even if they come in contact with it.


    About 25% more are single-jabbed, which cuts your chance of transmitting by 40 to 60% depending on which statistics you read.  That then equates to another 10% who aren't transmitting the virus.- in all 55% or thereabouts.


    The virus is spreading through unvaccinated people in the main-  and as the average age of unvaccinated people falls the average age of those transmitting it also falls - it is an impossibility for it to rise under these circumstances (that will only rise again when everyone is vaccinated) .  It also means the virus will spread in those places where concentrations of unvaccinated people are found.  


    Where are these now?   Schools - especially given the rush amongst University students to get jabbed.   After the end of term the infection rate will fall.


    The average age of a show attender is high- most of our punters will be double jabbed.  Even with crowding model railway shows are a much less desirable event from the virus' point of view than football crowds etc.


    Just a thought




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  10. 20 hours ago, bourneagain said:

    A couple of questions with your proposed set up.

    A one way system and maintaining social distancing around the exhibition looks good on paper, but will it result in a time limit on how long each visitor can spend at each layout or trader before they are required to move on to allow other visitors the chance to view. Eg a 4m long layout with a 1m social distance maintained for each visitor can then only accommodate 3 visitors along the side and 2 at each end. Are you then anticipating a queuing system on the more popular attractions? As there is a set limit on the numbers inside the venue, will there be a time limit set on each visitor, how long they can actually spend inside the venue before they are asked politely to leave to make way for other visitors?

    What impact do you envisage once the numbers inside have been reached, it will be a one out, one in, system of entry. How many casual visitors (families with children) will just walk away as the waiting queue is too long, especially if it`s raining, resulting in a potential loss of income.


    It is very unlikely given our numbers that we will need time limiting, with the possible exception of "Cumanavago" which is interactive and where juniors are invited to operate Thomas.  this had time limiting in operation at previous outings due to demand.  It will also need the controllers sanitising between times but how that is done is up to the layout team, who already have experience in how to do this.  It will be placed in the hall in a position wit a lot more space around it than last time out.


    Social distancing is being abolished if we are to believe the minister this morning.  


    The waiting time to get in will most likely be determined by how quickly our people can get the iZettle system to accept contactless payments.


    The limit inside is apparently to be set by us- and we will have to use judgement on the day.  However I don't recall reaching 150 punters in the hall at any point in any previous show of ours.



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  11. 13 hours ago, CloggyDog said:


    Les, not wishing to worry you without reason, but is the restriction on your venue 150 people total, or 150 punters plus however many exhibitors/stewards, etc., you have?


    Even a small/local show might easily have 50 assorted exhibitors present throughout the duration of the show, which drops your punter capacity down to 100 at any time, if the former scenario applies. 


    The restriction is 450 in the main hall, exclusive of entertainers on the stage and bar and kitchen staff.  We will work on 150 punters.


    Our MP "Honest Bob" Jenrick has been doing the rounds this morning saying that masks, QR codes and other restrictions are to become optional or be abolished from July 19th.  I don't think we'll be changing anything we do, though it will be nice to be able to take the mask off to ventilate a little more often..


    As another aside my 6-year old great niece has Covid with symptoms and a positive test at the moment.  That arm of the family are now isolating.  Her two year old sister also has symptoms but they didn't manage a reliable test.  They think she contracted it at a party last week as the host child also has Covid.    Now most adults are jabbed the transmission vector is becoming children.




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  12. 1 hour ago, Keith Addenbrooke said:



    3.  The biggest surprise for me however, is that the second least favoured form of restriction is having to produce evidence of a negative test to attend an event (only time limitations were less often chosen).  As I understand it, the successful ‘test events’ run locally in Liverpool however relied on exactly that: when bringing together a larger group of people, make sure they don’t bring Covid with them - it is the best way of allowing people to mix with the lowest risk.





    We considered it but after consultation came to the conclusion it was impractical for two reasons, especially if Boris lifts any legal requirement for it.


    1.  we have nowhere to do this other than on the pavement and small lawn outside the building - we could reasonably be asked to supply tests for anyone who didn't have a recent result to hand, making a logistical issue we might have difficulty in coping with.  


    2.  it increased the likelihood of bad feelings and possible assault on our door people, who are already going to be pressured with fancy stuff like contactless payment, which none of us have any field experience in taking - especially if the Government say it isn't required....


    We could of course employ security staff for crowd control, but that would come at a cost outside our means.


    We are a small show and not likely to approach the crowd density of our local Asda.  We will however be counting folks in and out and if necessary calling a pause if it looks like we have more than 150 punters in at one time (reasonable if our biggest ever attendance has been under 800 over 2 days).


    Of course if Boris puts this on as a legal requirement we will just have to think of a way of making it work.



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  13. 3 hours ago, Andy Hayter said:




    For me now is too soon to be fully back to normal and we should learn to walk again so to speak before we try running exhibitions as they used to be. 


    ....which is exactly why South Notts are going ahead with a smaller show in the usual venue (Cotgrave Welfare) and keeping in place certain restrictions even if Boris wants to cancel them.  


    If Woodenhead thinks our one-way system is an object of mirth then that is his prerogative.  It was a serious attempt to show that a one-way system isn't necessarily a National Trust "in one end and troop through until  you reach the gift shop".  


    Lastly on ventilation- we will have the entrance and exit doors wide open, and will also have the double doors to the outside eating area open.  With the high level extractors also going we are trying to get as secure as we can.


    My guess is that with the biggest vector of transmission (schools, though there is a reluctance to read this into the data) closed for six weeks, we should be able to get in before any Autumn wave begins (4th and 5th September).


    In the mean time if anyone is in the mood to visit a small show in the London area I'm at Potters Bar at the Wyllyotts Theatre on Saturday July 31st.  Again a small show with masks and a one-way system. Half a dozen N-gauge overseas themed layouts plus demonstrations, displays and Mount Tabor Models amongst others.  Bregenbach im Schwarzwald's debut show.



    Not shamed of the blatant plug.

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  14. 17 hours ago, woodenhead said:

    ....... a one way system is a recipe for disaster.


    The one-way system we have devised for South Notts works as follows.


    After entering everyone turns right into the main hall.  (the turn to the left is closed so that coridoor can be used by people returning from upstairs)


    Flow round the outside of the main hall will be clockwise but there is also a centre aisle which shortens the route if repeating.  This also allows us to separate the food queue from the browsing punters.


    The stage will have an "up" stairway and a "down" stairway with one direction of travel across it.  the main flow in front of the stage will be in the opposite direction to the flow on the stage.

    The balcony will be reached UP the stairs in the main hall (that we normally don't use as I'm not happy with people going down them- they are a bit steep.  There is a level change ion the balcony in any case so travel will be away from the stairs along the lower level and back along the higher.  Return from the balcony will be by the main stairs back to the entrance.

    Exit from the show will be via the fire exit at the far end of the stage.


    This makes the one-way system a series of loops which punters can go round in (almost) any order and as many times as they like.  It just makes it a lot less likely that people will bump into someone going the opposite way.


    Hopefully the schematic will give the idea.




    There is a wooden partition between the food queue and the exhibits under the balcony as you head towards the kitchen.  


    Hope this helps how a one-way system can work.




    As an afterthought we generated a QR code for the clubroom so will generate another for the show and display it (in mulpiple for ease) at the entrance, with a request for folks with the app top please zap it.

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  15. 9 minutes ago, Les1952 said:

    I'm off with the new layout to Potters bar on July 31st, selection of masks in my grubby little mitt.


    Our own show is going ahead on September 4th and 5th.  Cotgrave Welfare are on board and the insurers liked our proposal.  I just hope we get enough punters to cover the costs-


    reminder- South Notts Show at Cotgrave Welfare, with some brand new layouts - Bregenbach im Schwarzwald, Hazelby Ballast Loader, Newton Folly, and the complete version of Soarston.




    To add to this-  We've cut the number of layouts from 16 to 12 and the traders from 12 to 7, and with no big feature layout there will be a lot more circulating space.  We have a one-way system worked out for the hall, will be encouraging masks, though not enforcing them as by September it is likely to be a recommendation rather than a legal requirement. We will also be going round at regular intervals with sanitiser doing the surfaces that are touched the most often (doors and handrails) and will be taking contactless on the door for the first time.  Punters who want to eat had better hope the weather is reasonable as the dining tables will be outside in the area behind the hall.


    Our highest ever attendance over a weekend has been 800 so that looks like about 150 in at any time, in a venue licensed for 450.  The cold we caught last year cancelling the 2020 show with two weeks to go amounted to a bit over £600, and we've kept advance costs well down this year.  The venue isn't expensive (partly because they  also take a cut of the catering budget) and don't want paying in advance.  having them as our landlords for the new clubroom is also very helpful.


    Hope this lot is helpful.




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  16. I'm off with the new layout to Potters bar on July 31st, selection of masks in my grubby little mitt.


    Our own show is going ahead on September 4th and 5th.  Cotgrave Welfare are on board and the insurers liked our proposal.  I just hope we get enough punters to cover the costs-


    reminder- South Notts Show at Cotgrave Welfare, with some brand new layouts - Bregenbach im Schwarzwald, Hazelby Ballast Loader, Newton Folly, and the complete version of Soarston.  We also have Tony Wright with his loco clinic this year....



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  17. 1 hour ago, RAF96 said:

    I am surprised Hornby hasn’t jumped on the modern tram systems used in many cities these days, as they would make good boxed ‘tram/train-set’ materiel and open up a whole new support market for urban scenery, accessories, etc.

    Once established there comes the international tram market, followed by less recent trams home and abroad.


    Just wait until someone else does a Blackpool tram with a motor.


    They'll be out of the blocks and into production like a shot.......


    Just a thought



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  18. A follow on to the one that arrived with broken drawbar pin.  Talking to one of my friends (I do still have a few) on the phone, his arrived with the drawbar tightened so far there was no left-right movement.  


    With the odd ones appearing with slack connecting rod screws there seem to be a few things emerging that need to be checked on arrival.  Oddly enough the QC list isn't that much longer than on similar sized locos of almost twice the price....


    Interesting thought.




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  19. I'm just waiting for the chorus on RMWeb saying "DHP1 never looked like that", mostly from people who until a few years ago weren't even aware it existed.....


    A couple of years ago I was sold by Hatton's secondhand dept a Dapol A3 which was described as a cheap non-runner.  When it arrived I realised I'd bought the BR livery sample- there was no motor and no gearbox or pickups, and no evidence that there had ever been such. As I'd bought it for the spares it couldn't give up I sent it back, but later wished I hadn't. 


    What is this to do with the Fell livery sample photos?  I would be very surprised if either of those has a mechanism inside, and they will be a composite of the available "outside" parts with just enough innards to make sure they don't fall apart.  Are they a representation of what parts will be on which model?  No, and they are not supposed to be.   Their purpose is to show whether the colours are right and whether lining and lettering is in the right place, nothing more.


    In the meantime I'm looking forward to my sound-fitted one- it will be interesting and entertaining to run.




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  20. Technically it is a British Electric Traction style Leyland Tiger TS7 or TS8.  Lincolnshire Road Car belonged to the BAT group but this and BET were bedfellows in the thirties.  It was only when BAT was split up that Roadcar passed to the Tilling group and was nationalised. Other companies in the group passed to BET and escaped nationalisation until the late sixties.  I think East Midland was one of these.


    Comparing the model with a photo in the PSV Circle Fleet History of Lincolnshire Roadcar (now you know where I've got the info from...) there are a couple of minor differences as follows- 


    1.  Lincolnshire had starting handles protruding through the radiator

    2. The header tank on the front door pillar is higher on the prototype and is lined out with the pale green stripe passing across it.

    3. The steps were green with aluminium (or similar) treads and kickplates.

    4. Lincolnshire vehicles had foglights below the left hand headlight

    5. There was a rain strip along the top of the side windows not present on the model.

    6.  The front saloon windows over the engine are two of equal size and ehged in white, rather than the one-third two-thirds split on the model.  Not worth altering as it wil be out of sight from most angles.


    1 and 4 might be worth doing, but the others are in the "too hard to bother with" category- the rain strips would need a high gloss repaint around the window area


    I have the same model but i in Sunderland District livery, plus one in OK Motor Services (Emmerson, Bishop Auckland) livery and an AEC with the same body in OK Motor Services (Howe, Spennymoor) colours.   Your Lincolnshire vehicle is closer than the SDO one, which had a Roe body with a very pronounced waistrail.



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  21. 1 hour ago, LNER4479 said:

    Well look what's just been spotted on the streets ... 





    That'll do me for now. Just need to find a Faller chassis to fit - quick n simple. Thanks to 4475 for alerting me to this option.


     Bus is right or close enough.  Livery is correct. LT478 was a Brush bodied Leyland Tiger TS7 built in 1937 which kept its original body postwar, renumbered 1452 in 1953 and lasting until October1958 when it passed to a showman.  It wasn't licensed 1959 onwards which suggests the showman bought it for its engine.


    You'll be spot on if you give it the registration FW8831.




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  22. 11 hours ago, Theakerr said:

    Just to add to the list of Lincolnshire Buss Companies, I have this vague memory that there was one called Applby that operated in the Grimsby, Louth. Brig and Scunthorpe area


    Appleby's of Conisholme, started small and grew by taking over firms such as Hudson's of Horncastle in the seventies.  Grew very big in the eighties and finally went bankrupt.


    Lincolnshire's garage in Grantham opened in May 1930 in Hunting Tower Road (as it was prewar) and was purpose built.  The prewar fleet was mainly 20-seat Leyland Cubs (bonnet in front of driver and exposed radiator) and Leyland Tiger single-deckers to British Automobile Traction specification (BAT).  Livery was BAT green panels, lined in gold, with a light green band below the windows edged in black, and white window surrounds and roof.  The fleet name was LINCOLNSHIRE in gold. Wings were black and wheel centres were BAT green.


    https://www.britishcommercialvehiclemuseum.com/product/leyland-tiger-ts7-lincolnshire-road-car-co-lt402-l017136/  shows the arrangement on a TS7.


    https://www.ensignbushire.com/leyland-cub-c4.html  shows a preserved Leyland Cub of Ensignbus.


    Note that the two preserved Lincolnshire Leyland Tigers may have 1935 chassis but were both rebodied by Burlingham in 1950 - and are in postwar Tilling green.


    Most Grantham area independent bus operators had been taken over by 1938- Crabtree Services in November 1936 being about the last in Grantham itself.  Reliance of Great Gonerby continued until ceasing operation around 2000, with Skinners working in from Saltby and Pulfrey's from Newark.  These would have had similar buses to RoadCar, though probably not Leylands at that time.


    More important than getting the type 100% correct is getting the liveries right and the period of the bus correct.


    Hope this all helps




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