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  1. Low angle view of Railadventure's Taurus crossing Bregenbach viaduct with a train headed towards Donaueschingen. Seen on my German N-gauge train set "Bregenbach im Schwarzwald" Les
  2. But for those modelling "freelance" light railways the teaks are very pretty and the GNR lettering will presumably come off without disturbing the teak finish underneath- at least if it won't it will be a first in my experience..... les
  3. Those semis look good as a row and the gardens are very well done. Les
  4. A rare stopping train at Croft Spa station sees one of Darlington's pair of 2-car mongrel sets on a train from Richmond. One of the Marsden videos includes a shot of one of these sets on a Richmond service. The standard NER footbridge was probably removed when the road bridge was remodelled but the remaining station buildings on this side were there to closure in 1969. Les
  5. In which case they should be pushing them for a performance refund....
  6. Looking along Belgrave Terrace behind Croft Spa ststion. Buildings here are a mixture of scratchbuilt by me, scratchbuilt by the late Trevor Webster, kitbuilt by me, kitbuilt by Geoff Warren, Ten Commandments stonecast painted by me, Lyddle End, Scenecraft and war gamers' scrap box. All chosen to fit the pattern of the real terrace, though foreshortened to fit the space. The gardens on the East side do slope up to the railway in reality. Les
  7. This is a two man band- more resources by inventing a 28 hour day? Unless they are using commercial premises for packing them pandemic regulations in most countries prevent getting extra people in. Just a thought Les
  8. Not one of mine, this time, though I added the hedge and grass in the foreground. The line between the hedge and the fence is a baseboard join. Stanley Terrace was built by the late Trevor Webster as an entry in the N-gauge Society's annual model making competition. It won. When we built "Rise Park" Trevor gifted a number of his winning buildings as well as making some new ones. The yard that was attached to the right of Stanley Terrace originally was relocated to the front of the layout, and a different yard (also a Buildings Cup winner) added to the end- the one that can just be seen. The brewery in the background was built specially for the layout, but I can't remember whether by Trevor or Geoff Warren. The original of this terrace stood in Newark on Trent, behind Northgate Station. The two-storey row opposite still stands. Les
  9. Early morning at Furtwangen Ost. Clean brewery wagons inhabit the loading dock. from my now-sold N-gauge layout. Les
  10. Early morning at NO PLACE opencast screens as a hired-in Class 08 shunts the screens. Les
  11. A Kings Cross to Catterick Camp troop train has run to Darlington, where the V2 has run round. It is passing through Croft Spa on its way back to Eryholme junction (next station South) where it will turn off onto the Richmond branch. At Catterick Bridge the V2 will run round again and pull the train chimney first up the hill to Catterick Camp. Each train passed through Croft Spa twice on its journey, Northbound chimney-first then Southbound tender-first. The loco and stock then passed through Northbound again as ecs to Darlington. Although the Catterick camp branch appears to have been RA9 V2s were the usual motive power for the train, with an occasional B1. Les Pic taken before the ballasting was finished, which is why it is scruffier than I usually manage.
  12. Gateshead A4 60019 BITTERN heads North through Croft Spa with the Tees Tyne Pullman. Unusually clean for a Gateshead A4 either it is just back from overhaul at Doncaster or they've managed to employ a few more cleaners. It won't last...... Les
  13. More detailing done. Firstly the positions of everything so far in the widget factory yard have been determined and they have been glued down. The VW van on the left is left unstuck as that is positioned to hide the board join at the gateway. First go at populating where the delivery wagon stands. One bloke examining the wonky wheel I broke making it while two other deal with small barrels. One of the stags hiding in the woods above the left-hand end tunnel. Quite a lot to do but a lot of things happening over the next few days, starting with a walk to the eye clinic in about an hour's time. Les
  14. I've ordered a pair of end boards for transporting the layout- I built a pair of 2 foot by 2 foot boards and tailored them to the ends they were to fit. the layout fits into them beautifully BUT if I add carrying handles to them I will have the same problem I have with Croft Spa, and before that Hawthorn Dene. The layout sits on its end on the handle and wobbles, meaning it has to sit on a pair of runners. Grainge and Hodder do boards to fit their modules that have the carrying handle integral and flush with the surface. I haven't yet bought any handles for the end pieces ao will save there- the board I built the old end pieces from were cast-offs from the clubroom abandoned when we changed location and can be recycled elsewhere in time. The curtain for the layout is almost done, fitting and velcro attachment is tomorrow. I've taken the stock off as when the new end boards arrive I'll take Bregenbach down, clean the floor (the clutter under the layout has mostly sold and the rest can return to the club), then erect NO PLACE for a couple of weeks to sort out the running and fit a Tardis with flashing light on the layout somewhere- that needs access to the back. Meanwhile I've stuck all of the buidings and associated bits down and the deer are in residence over the left hand tunnel. Shops have reopened and I've at last got a new phone- the old one was dying fast and it was a struggle to keep it going until I could buy its replacement in person. I'm learning its camera and there should be a couple of new detail pics shortly. More anon Les
  15. Les1952


    Still working at getting the coupling system to work more effectively and doing a couple of minor scenic upgrades. Meanwhile a few more locos have gone for sound and stay-alive, Hornby Austerities No.49, RESPITE and REVENGE, plus DJM Austerity 71515 while the Yellow Peril has stay-alive added to their previous sound. A new class 08 has arrived, a Hornby one with factory fitted sound. This is off for a stay-alive next week then it will get weathered. The aim is that by the time the layout goes out in September it will have a completely sound fleet which won't randomly stall and go silent. A couple of new pics. The Royal couple have arrived unexpectedly- someone must have known as the coaches are immaculate. Sir Topham Hatt must have got the wrong day written in his diary... Sound-fitted RESPITE collects a wagon from the screens. Note the uncoupler magnet just below the front of the loco- the idea is that wagons will descend by "gravity" (in the form of an offstage shove) to a point beyond the magnet to be picked up by the loco. The magnet should then uncouple wagon number two in the rake. Testing is continuing. After this next weekend I'll swap NO PLACE and Bregenbach im Schwarzwald over for a few weeks to get the running as good as I want it and to add in a couple of small details. I fancy trying to hide a Tardis with a Tom Baker Doctor Who somewhere. Les
  16. I thought the purpose of an EP was to hang the different bits onto the same model to see if they work regardless of whether all of those bits would have been there at the same time.... Each EP costs money to make, so as many combinations are hung on one model as practical. Helps keep the cost of the final model down. Les
  17. NO PLACE is set in the early seventies or thereabouts. An unexpected Royal visit (with corgi) to the preservation site has caught Sir Topham Hatt on his day off , though the press seem to have been aware. In the background schoolboys Barry and his mate John wonder if they'll end up in the Tower if they ask for autographs and the bodyguards stand back out of the way. An immaculate E1 class waits to take the couple down the line. Les
  18. or the N-gauge J72 that Bachmann/Farish announced to (successfully) kill off Dapol's then after a couple of years found they couldn't manage the technology to make it work Les
  19. At NO PLACE preservation site the Co-op van has attention to its rear tyre while two drunk monks continue to imbibe. Les
  20. Lovely picture. Very many thanks . Also, very many thanks to 1whitemoor for the link to Hardy's. One RING HAW duly ordered and paid for. Les
  21. Mr Makkem's pigeon cree on Hawthorn Dene. There was a man in the Easington area who bought an old railway van body, turned it into a pigeon cree (loft for you savverners) and painted it in Sunderland FC colours. It just had to be modelled on an Easington-based layout. There are leeks in the dug area to the left. One is just visible above the last red post of the front railings. Almost impossible to see but you know they are there if you put your finger on them- single strands of fine wire painted green and planted. Les
  22. I understand the idea originated with Andy Forty, and only the opening door and use of the space was adopted by DJModels, despite the idea of the sliding tray being discussed at that time.... Les
  23. Wider gangways, one way system, masks as required, frequent sanitising of surfaces, expected that there is unlikely to be more than about 150 punters in at any time (which is our usual number for this show- highest attendance for the weekend is still less than 800). Investigating tables outside to eat at - I'll have to discuss that with the caterers. Nothing too tragic. Slightly smaller show than last time- three fewer layouts and four fewer traders, with admission prices a little lower to compensate. Les
  24. Just a thought- could the securing screws be underneath the couplers- ie you carefully prise the couplers out of their triangular sockets to get at the body screws. Other manufacturers have done this successfully and ham fisted me hasn't broken one yet taking bodies off to fit DCC.... Les
  25. The latest news is that our insurers are happy with what we proposed to them so the show is ON! Les
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