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    Railway modelling in general. Currently building in 7mm scale - might have been Ex LNWR branch set in Cumbria. The layout is 30x12 terminus/fiddle yard. The station is called Ramchester which is a play on my first initial and my wifes hence R and M. I am also keen on German Railways and currently I am collecting stock in 0 gauge with a view to building a small layout based on the DB era 3. Also interested in football, photography, reading and walking. During the last three years I have taken up sailing with the Disabled Sailing Association.

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  1. Hi Paul. Sorry to hear that you have had problems with your vans. I must have been lucky with my banana vans as they are all OK with no missing parts. Too nice to be cooped up in the shed today so nothing done. Last night was so hot that I hardly had any sleep so I reckon that tonight I might go to bed a bit earlier. Rod
  2. Hi Paul. I like your idea of running "water" trains into Ramchester even on wet days lol. Thanks for your encouraging words re non progress days I feel better now that I know this is not an uncommon occurrence. I really must take a look at your thread as soon as I can find a little time. Rod
  3. With all this lovely weather we have been having just lately nothing much has happened on the layout. Today Howard and I had a session down in Platform 2 in an effort to rectify this situation but as luck would have it we did not really manage very much at all. My intention was to fit the TL couplings to my banana vans and I set out with much enthusiasm hoping to get the job done. By the time we had had a chat and a cup of tea it was getting on well into the afternoon but undaunted I took up my tools and began. Checking where I needed to drill a hole for the bolt which secures the coupling/block to the underside of the van I started to use a pin chuck to make a pilot hole. It was almost through when the two halves of the block separated and as a result had to be re cemented together using liquid poly which meant that nothing more could be done on the coupling until the cement had hardened (tomorrow). Somewhat daunted I put this to one side and started on the second coupling/block and this time all went well until I had to shorten the block so that it would fit properly. To cut a long story short on the last few strokes of the razor saw the two pieces also separated and these too had to be re cemented and put to one side to harden. To sum up I did practically nothing so have put today down to experience. Meanwhile Howard was titivating the area of the back scene to hide the joint where the two pictures meet. After this he set about repairing one of the station lamps which had got broken during his work on the backscene after which he attached the second side of the BG to the chassis. He had a good day and I hope he was well pleased. Strange how some days go but ah well there is always tomorrow. Rod
  4. Hi Peter. I too like the look of 3 link couplings but there is no way that I can operate them with my poor eyesight. There is a thread elsewhere on RMweb which I started some years ago dealing with automatic couplings in 0 gauge and there is some useful info on that thread which might be worth your while looking at. Last time I looked it was on Page 4 or 5 in RMweb/7mm+modelling. Not sure how to put a link on here to make it easier for you to find. I use tension lock couplers for a number of reasons and they are readily available from model shops under the Bachmann label. These are 00 gauge versions and once mounted they are reasonably unobtrusive. They are not everyone's cup of tea but I am happy with them. Looking forward to seeing you in August. ATVB Rod
  5. Thoroughly enjoyed the video of the carrier and its crew and watching the planes take off and land in short space. I wonder how many times they had to practice before they got it right. Landing on a moving deck is< I am sure< a highly skilled task and one not to be taken lightly. Like your first baseboard - looks a nice job. Rod
  6. Hi Peter. Looking forward to meeting you and "showing off" Ramchester. Just let me know when you are coming to Devon. Rod
  7. Your work just gets better and better. Rod
  8. Whatever is the Klein world coming to,lol. GER, 4mm scale AND aircraft as well! Whatever next??? Sincerely Chris, whatever you model in I know it will be good and I for one will follow what you do with great interest. Hobbies are for enjoyment and sometimes we all need a change to keep us engaged and our projects fresh. Happy modelling and I look forward to seeing progress on all your projects. Rod
  9. Howard and I met up this afternoon for another session on the layout.He concentrated on the Railway Inn (free house - no Paul not the beer) and has now glued it into position. From most angles it is barely visible but when looking along the platform it comes into view. We nay need to add a light behind the station as the station building casts a shadow over it but this will come in time. I believe that Howard will still do a little more work on the area before he is completely satisfied. The first photo was taken from across the room and gives a general idea as to what the whole scene looks like. you will notice that from thisangle the Railway Inn is totally hidden. The next one shows the view looking along the platform towards the station building. Here you will see the Inn tucked away behind the station. It could be that the shadow is because it is behind the North Western Hotel which is immediately behind the the SB. Please ignore the broken station lamp which Howard caught as he was woking behind the station. He was very annoyed with himself for breaking this but has promised to put it right The last picture is a close up of the area. In the meantime I made a start on getting TL couplings on my banana wagons and have screwed the couplings to their respective plastic mounts. Next time I will hopefully fit them to the outer ends of the vans and leave the 3 links in place between them as I intend to run them together. All for now. Rod
  10. Lovely job you are making on the warehouses Rod - excellent work. Rod
  11. Hey Chris. Did I really see Great Eastern and 4mm scale? Would you really wander off into those tiny far flung places on the east coast and dessert 0 gauge? Go GER if you wish but please stick with the larger scale. Your layouts have always been a source of inspiration to me and many others and I am certain that your efforts have encouraged many 4mm modellers to adopt the best of scales. Rod
  12. Hi Peter. Nice bit of progress you have made this week. I think the "add on" bits of baseboard does improve the layout and gives you a little more scope for scenery when you get round to it. Next week lol!!!!! Rod
  13. Hello Paul. Thanks for your kind comments. I will post another shot as soon as I can get around to taking some more photos. I have to repeat that the alterations that have been made are a massive improvement on what was there before. Watch this space. Rod
  14. Hi Gismorail. As I have said on this thread many times if anyone is down Torquay way and would like to see Ramchester in the flesh they will be made most welcome. Just send me a PM in good time. Rod
  15. Well Paul here it is. The mock up shown in the post above was not quite how Howard liked it. Earlier this week he turned up with a reprint and proceeded to paint over some of the foliage and today he actually glued it to the back scene. There is a little space to the left just behind the station and he plans to print and paste "The Railway Inn" another picture alongside the terraced row. He needed to alter the back scene slightly as it was not quite right and next time he comes round he will install the above mentioned Inn. I feel that the improvement that he has made is way and beyond what was there before but I am perhaps biased, I will rely on your judgement. Please note that the station has been more or less cleared of passenger, luggage and barrows, etc to make it easier for him to work on the backscene. These will be replaced when all is done. Rod
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