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    Railway modelling in general. Currently building in 7mm scale - might have been Ex LNWR branch set in Cumbria. The layout is 30x12 terminus/fiddle yard. The station is called Ramchester which is a play on my first initial and my wifes hence R and M. I am also keen on German Railways and currently I am collecting stock in 0 gauge with a view to building a small layout based on the DB era 3. Also interested in football, photography, reading and walking. During the last three years I have taken up sailing with the Disabled Sailing Association.

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  1. As Howard has hinted in the post above Ramchester received two visitors today. The first was 4-6-2 Stanier 8F in the guise of "City of Manchester" resplendent in BR maroon livery hauling a rake of BR Mk 1's including a sleeping car on a trip from Preston. Some of the pictures tell the story of its arrival into Platform 2. it also had attached to the rear a carflat complete with two vehicles. City of Manchester leaving the fiddle yard bound for Ramchester. She passes the signal box and..... ...enters the platform before... ...coming to a halt in front of the station building. The sleeping car on this special from Preston? The next arrival was a Jinty in BR black with "British Railways" emblazoned on its tanks hauling a mixed freight. Jinty still in British Railways livery pulls into the reception road with a mixed freight. It must have been through the cleaning shop judging by its near pristine condition! She halts in the loop awaiting the station shunter to haul out the Mark 1's in order to release the Duchess. Both of these trains belonged to Peter Crichley (Savoyard) who was visiting South Devon to see his in laws who live about an hours drive away from Torquay. This is not Peter's first visit to Ramchester and hopefully it will not be his last. It is always nice to see Peter who is good company and is full of ideas to make modelling a bit easier. He demonstrated his magnetic couplings which at first sight look like three links but are in fact 2 link with the bottom loop (3D printed) containing a small magnet which is attracted by a similar one on the adjacent wagon. They work really well and he tells me that he has hauled 20 wagon trains without a hitch. Thank you Peter for bringing these lovely models down for a run on Ramchester. It was nice to see your partner Sally and her father Mike too. Rod
  2. Hi Peter. I am ashamed to say that I have not posted very much on RMweb for a while but I seem to have been busy doing other things like rambling, sailing, etc which have taken up much of my spare time. As Howard has said above progress lately has been rather slow and my recent illness has not helped at all. However with the onset of autumn and the coming months of winter I am sure that things well begin to move forward again at a faster rate than hitherto. I see that you are planning to come down this way soon and of course you will be very welcome to see what Howard and I have been up to with regard to the changes which we started earlier this year. Please give me as much notice as you possibly can to give us a chance to clear the layout room of its "junk" and to get the track cleaned up for a session. I was pleased to see that my football team Leicester City won today in Moscow 4-3 and following on from our win on Saturday when we beat Man Utd 4-2 I hope this signals the start of getting our season up and running again after a relatively poor start. All the best Rod
  3. While Howard was busy slicing up the embossed stones for the wall I busied myself in removing the sand from the gravel bin next to the hut. Today I hope to replace it with fine granite chipping in line with what John Smith indicated in an earlier post. Rod
  4. At last the retaining wall has been fastened into position which just leaves the curved end near the recently installed hut to be built. It will need to be covered in shone sheeting and painted when Howard has built the curved en. This he will do in the same manner as he did for the other end of the wall. Some pictures are posted here to illustrate progress so far. The retaining wall which has just been glued and pinned into place when the picture was taken. The curved end was made by using thin strips of wood (coffee stirrers or lollipop sticks) glued into place and later covered with thin card. The hut covering the point motor has also now been fitted and the step up into the shed glued into place. Final finishing in the form of tufts will be fitted shortly. The brick base to the hut is clearly shown here while the sand bunker is covering the angle crank which transmits the motors throw to the tie bar. So this is progress to date. More anon. Rod
  5. Another session this afternoon. While Howard was busy with a bit more scenic work I managed to mess up the new hut base so I decided to start again. After a cup of tea Howard took over the hut base while I grabbed my paint brush and gave the fascia a second coat of paint. Although it is darker than originally painted I feel that it looks much better than it did before. More anon. Rod
  6. Today I made a little more progress towards getting Ramchester sorted out after the rebuild. On Tuesday Howard had done more work ballasting and doing a bit more to the scenery while I built a new brick base for the shed. Today I decided to paint the new fascia board and purchased a tin of the same stuff that I had used previously. On opening the tin I discovered that the new paint was considerably darker than the original and even allowing for the fact that it might dry a little lighter it was far too dark. So wielding the paint brush I painted the whole fascia from end to end although doubtless some of it will need a second coat in places where I have applied the paint too thinly or managed to miss a bit (with my eyesight this is highly lightly). We will see tomorrow when it has had time to dry. Rod
  7. Hi Richard. Welcome to the 0 gauge fold and I must say that your first venture into the King of gauges is fantastic. May I ask about the machinery in the shed, is it kit or scratch built or was it off the shelf? Do keep the photos coming and keep up the great work that you are doing. Rod
  8. Hi Andy. Following the publication of Ramchester in RM April last year my complimentary copy didn't arrive until about 10/14 days after publication. It did, however, come with a nice cheque which was swiftly banked. I imagine that the free copy had to wait until the accounting dept had sorted the cheque which was then posted inside the RM. Hope this helps. Rod
  9. I enjoyed your article Andy and like so many others I am sad to see SMS go. Good luck with your new project. Rod
  10. To Baron Harrap. Glad you enjoyed your ramble around Ramchester, your honour, making notes and comments about some of the changes that have taken place since you last visited the line pre covid. It is a lovely place to take a holiday and the hotel has some vacancies at the moment. If you ask them nicely you might even be allowed to use one of the rooms which overlook the station and you could spend all day watching the large amount of traffic both passenger and goods that use the station. Or you could take a walk to the hills and stand over the tunnel taking in the panoramic sights that are there to be enjoyed. Mind you don't slip as there is no fence at this point, just a steep drop right down onto the track. You could join Harry who spends hours and hours up there watching the wild life and the trains. He does get a bit lonely and he would be pleased to see you for a chat and if you are very lucky he may share a glass or two of his favourite tipple with you. Bear in mind, your honour, that as soon as covid restrictions are dealt with and when folks feel safe once again you must pay Ramchester another visit and I will free myself up to give you a personal tour of the new developments that are taking place. Lord Ramchester CEO. LCFC Sup. Dip MRB. and about 100 other bits of nonsense.
  11. Howard and I had another session this afternoon to progress the good work on the layout. As usual Howard got engrossed in the scenery while I looked at making the brick base for the shed. Just to illustrate what Howard has achieved I have posted some "before and after" photos for your perusal. This shot taken some 2 years ago shows the scene as built. The grey fascia in the foreground can clearly be seen and the stream is quite short. This is the big hole that Howard had to fill. No supports, no fascia and the realigned curtain rail which carries the under baseboard curtains. This shot was taken earlier this year and I remember feeling anxious as to how the hole was to be sorted. I need not have worried however as Howard told me he had it all under control. And here is the state of affairs at close of play today. Almost impossible to believe that the hole has gone, but it has!!! In the meantime I have made a start on the brick base to the hut. Like a lot of "easy" jobs this turned out to be more trouble than I had expected. Mainly because I made up a lovely rectangular base but forgot that the boards on the hut should hang outside the wall, yes I had made it slightly to big. Next I decided that I could perhaps cut a piece out of each side and re cement it together. No go. So in the end I made up a new one to the correct dimensions this time, cemented it together and made a start on mounting the bricks Two sides done, two sides to go. I hope that next time I can get it finished. Rod
  12. Howard and I had another session this afternoon during which a little progress was made. He spent most of the time "planting" more greenery and as you will see from the photograph the recent wet weather has certainly allowed the plants to grow! He still has quite a bit more to do but what he has completed so far is (in my - probably biased opinion) nothing short of sheer brilliance. I await any comments with interest! In the meantime I have been busy with the little shed which is now more or less complete except for weathering. I still have to decide what sort of base to mount it on but I am now leaning towards inserting old sleepers underneath to raise it slightly off the ground. I have posted a picture of the more or less complete shed below. I have also been busy making a concrete bin to cover the crank alongside the shed. This was made up from plastic sheet and when painted concrete colour and topped up with ballast or sand will occupy this spot. I have posted some pictures below to show progress to date. Well that brings you all up to date for now but thank you all for following this thread. Rod
  13. Just a quick update on progress both on the scenic side and on the hut. Yesterday I gave the hut a thin coating of acrylic paint purchased from my local model shop in Paignton. This was applied by brush dipped into water then into the paint and left to dry. In this state it looked OK but as it dried I noticed the there were sections which had not taken the paint. This was particularly true between the individually stuck on "planks" so a second coat of paint was applied today. The picture shows the state on play yesterday before the second coat was applied. The door (from a PECO line side hut was simply pushed into the the opening which I had cut to receive it and has not been fitted properly as yet. The roof made out of two of my old business cards is a temporary affair laid on top as I wanted to see how the final thing would look. The photo shows how much of the paint job I have missed but the second coat should put this right. A cruel enlargement Me thinks!! In the meantime Howard has done more to the scenery by painting the track/sleepers/rails and doing a bit of ballasting. He did this between bouts of working on the stream which is coming along nicely. I will ask him to do another post on his input. Rod
  14. Howard has been doing more work on the scenery and adding another layer to the stream. He has also done a bit more ballasting and sleeper painting, tasks that are beyond my level of vision. In the meantime I have done a little more work on the shed shown in the attached photo. It is just placed roughly in position before any of the adjacent scenery has been completed. I may decide to put it on top of a shallow brick base to make it easier to bed it in. Rod .
  15. As Howard indicated in an earlier post Maggie and I have just returned from a weeks holiday in Porthcurno in Cornwall where we had a lovely week. We did not get wet once and were lucky enough to see a show at the open air Minack theatre which as many of you will know has been built on the cliff face overlooking the beach. I am pleased to say that the show (Fishermans Friends - a Cornish sea shanty group) was excellent and It stayed fine with some sunshine to boot. By now you may be asking what has this to do with Ramchester. Well I have not posted much on this site lately so this holiday is the reason why. We needed to cover a surface mounted point motor near the front edge of the baseboard so Howard "ordered" me to construct a hut for this purpose. I did a mock up first of all but when it was placed on the layout it looked too big. As a result I cut out a section in the middle and glued it back together again. This too was placed over the point motor but it still looked to big. I made a fresh start on another mock up much smaller this time and when it was placed in position it seemed OK. This was the one I used as a template for the final model. I constructed this from thick card and glued it together using card glue which I had never tried before. I then reinforced the corners as well as the top and bottom with strip wood. Once again I used card glue for the adhesive and all seems well. The following photos show the model thus far. As I was satisfied with the model I decided to cover the card with individual thin wood strips so I made up a simple cutting jig to ensure that the strips were all the same size and this is shown in the next photo. All for now. Rod
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