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    Railway modelling in general. Currently building in 7mm scale - might have been Ex LNWR branch set in Cumbria. The layout is 30x12 terminus/fiddle yard. The station is called Ramchester which is a play on my first initial and my wifes hence R and M. I am also keen on German Railways and currently I am collecting stock in 0 gauge with a view to building a small layout based on the DB era 3. Also interested in football, photography, reading and walking. During the last three years I have taken up sailing with the Disabled Sailing Association.

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  1. Another quick update. Today Howard and I cut out the new fascia board to fill the gap left from the mods that we have been doing. We then glued and pinned it in position but still have to do a little more trimming to the top where the valley reaches the edge of the baseboard. It will need to be painted but this can be done at a later date when the scenery structure has been completed. As you will see from the photos Howard has made a start on the foundations of the scenery which at the time the photo was taken was still clamped in position to keep it in place until the glue has dried.
  2. Just by way of a change from development work I thought it might be interesting to compare Howard's modified Mark 1's with the latest Dapol versions. Attached are a couple of pictures showing the Dapol ones on the left and the Lima ones as modified to the right. The two to the left are the latest Dapol versions while the two to the right are Howard's modified Lima models. He replaced the bogies with (I think) Easybuild ones to lift the body up to almost the correct height. He fitted flush windows to the sides and repainted the models in a more correct maroon than the originals. He
  3. Hello Everyone. Howard just beat me to it by putting on the two pictures in the above post. So I thought that you might like to know what sort of hole he has to fill using his scenic skills. Here are a couple of photos which give some idea of the task he has set himself. The white rail curving round at the bottom of the photos is the re-routed curtain rail which holds the under baseboard curtains to hide what is underneath the layout. A new fascia will be cut shortly which will stop just above and about 3 inches in front of the rail thus hiding it from the normal viewing position.
  4. Just by way of being different the walk along the cycle track between Exmouth and Topsham is one of my favourites. At Topsham I usually cross the river in the small ferry boat and walk back to Starcross along the canal. This is about a 12 mile walk and is level for most of the way. Where else in Devon can you do a 12 mile walk without hills? Rod
  5. Hi Peter. You certainly have been busy and I am sure that your "improvements" will benefit the operating potential of the layout. It is looking good and will be even better when you begin with some scenery. Looking forward to seeing progress. Rod
  6. Even more progress today as Howard completed the fitting of the final point motor together with a crank and wired it all up. In the meantime I worked on the last bit of baseboard construction after which we fitted the front facia (the projecting bit as on the photo yesterday). Once the glue has had time to set this bit will be shaped to fit its new location. We still need to cut and fit the remainder of the facia to join up with the piece around the curve. I am very pleased with my purchase of the Mark1 coaches, and I am sure the Ramchester Express will look great when I have a co
  7. New Coaching Stock for Ramchester. Today a large parcel arrived from Tower Models containing my latest purchase. For some time now I have wanted a rake of Mark 1 coaches in maroon livery with a M prefix and when Lionheart announced their intention to produce these I decided that they were the ones for me. So here are some photos of the trio standing in Ramchester's platform - two brake 2nds and a corridor 2nd which it is hoped will eventually form a 5 or 6 coach rake of The Ramchester Express to the metropolis. The coach
  8. Thanks Simon for providing this info. It is really quite interesting how the real railways copied our models 150+ years before we planned ours!! They must have had a crystal ball me thinks. Now back to business. A bit more progress to report on the new section of the layout. Howard and I got our heads together (not literally) and decided what shape the front of the layout should be. We wanted a two level "factory" with rail facilities on the upper floor and vehicle access down below. The new plywood was marked out and carefully cut to shape with a jig saw and a further piece of ply
  9. Hi Hal. I could not agree with you more. The real railways flow following the contours of the land and I was determined that Ramchester should try and replicate this. Both Howard and I do not subscribe to the "flat earth society" and the new bit will have a fall off at the front making the railway higher than the road/buildings which we plan to make and install. Tomorrow I will post a couple of photos to show our latest bit of progress. Rod
  10. A bit more progress as track laying on the new board has been started. While I was busy with other related tasks Howard got stuck in and laid the beginning of the rear siding taking great care that it all lined up perfectly and maintained the flow of the curve at this end of the layout. The picture today shows Howard standing back from his hard work to inspect what he had done. The front two sidings are just placed in position to give an idea of what the finished section will look like. Rod
  11. Thanks Simon for the aove links which I will look at tomorrow. Thanks also to Nick for his info re HMRS book which I will try to obtain. Well done for reaching nearly 2000 posts. Not the highest I know but very creditable. Will keep you posted Many thanks Rod
  12. Thanks Simon that would be very helpful. As Howard indicated above there are plenty of photos of tank wagons but hardly any of the unloading/loading equipment. Any help in this area would be much appreciated. Rod
  13. A little bit more progress yesterday was made with the front edge of the new ply top cut to shape although the final shape will be trimmed as and where needed. The front facia has to be reinstated but this is much further down the line (no pun intended). Looking at the coal yard to the rear it will be noticed that the inner track has been removed and what was the outer siding has been re-alligned. The staithes themselves have been lifted and moved nearer to the signal box and pushed back a little more. This has given a much more spacious effect to the yard giving lorries plenty of room to turn
  14. Hello Everyone. As promised in my last post I have included a couple of pictures of the progress being made at Ramchester. The baseboard framework has been completed and the 9mm plywood top has been cut approximately to size and shape, laid in position and track placed on top so that an idea of what was planned could be seen. After several adjustments and re thinks what you see in the photos is more than likely what the end result will look like. The front edge of the board will be cut away as required to curve into the far end and some tweaks made at the near end to preserve a smo
  15. Just a quick note to let you all know that a bit more progress has been made today. The basic wood work has been completed and the 9mm plywood surface has been cut out to fit. However before I can screw it down the track plan will have to be finalised and marked out and the front trimmed off to fit the scenic arrangements. This will be my next job when I get down into the shed again - maybe tomorrow. Will keep you posted with perhaps a photo of work done so far. Rod
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