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    Railway modelling in general. Currently building in 7mm scale - might have been Ex LNWR branch set in Cumbria. The layout is 30x12 terminus/fiddle yard. The station is called Ramchester which is a play on my first initial and my wifes hence R and M. I am also keen on German Railways and currently I am collecting stock in 0 gauge with a view to building a small layout based on the DB era 3. Also interested in football, photography, reading and walking. During the last three years I have taken up sailing with the Disabled Sailing Association.

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  1. It is indeed a small world. Who would have believed that Ramchester appearing in the April issue of Railway Modeller would have been read by an ex colleague from the 1990's. The gentleman concerned was the Personnel Manager at RNIB in London with whom I had several chats about railway modelling all those years ago. He is a 4mm modeller who has an EM layout based on GWR practice and he is a RMweb member. Doubtless if he reads this he will respond in some way but in the meantime he is named Ken. If you do read this Ken many thanks for your kind comments on the layout they are very much appreciated. I hope to get down into Platform 2 later this afternoon and do a bit more work on my station trolleys. Rod
  2. As I have been given strict instructions not to do anything in the goods yard I have given the area a vac and placed the goods shed back in position - at least the room looks tidy again. As a result I have been continuing with work on the Skytrex station trolleys and decided that I would try to make them more like the photos I have of ex LMS types. This entailed making up an angular shape from two small pieces of plastic chanel which I have then glued to the top of the swivelling bit. I think that when it is painted and mounted under the "body" of the trolley it should look alright. It may not be spot on for accuracy but should look the part at the back of the station platform. Here is a picture of work so far. I will need to paint these (next job) and touch up the paint work where I had to clean off to allow the glue to hold. I will see how this goes and if all is OK will post another picture. Rod
  3. Well the coronavirus has halted major work on Ramchester's goods yard as Howard and I cannot meet for the duration of the crisis or at least not legally! With instructions not to go out etc Howard and I have decided that he will be unable to come up to Platform 2 and he does not want me to undertake the necessary work to bring the yard back to "normal". In any case I am no good at scenery and he has the right eye for colour etc. In the meantime here are a couple of photos showing just how far progress has been made. Most of the ballasting has been done but there is still a patch to be covered and the whole surface "treated". Note the crane base and the crane itself has been temporarily deposited on the platform for safety's sake. More soon. Rod
  4. Thanks Howard for putting on the link. I had tried to find it myself but was unable to do so Rod
  5. Hi Brian. Thanks for your kind comments. I do like that photo even though the Red Arrows were not around in the late 50's. It is a shame that Steve Flint did not use any of the ones you took or the ones I took. Still the layout did get into the magazine and I am very pleased about that. Rod
  6. Torday was Howard's birthday so as a surprise present I took him down to Plymouth for the day. We set off by train (of course) and arrived in Plymouth in bright sunshine and blue skies. After a cup of coffee we walked down to Sutton harbour and visited the National Marine Aquarium which was a first visit for both of us. This is well worth a visit for anyone with even the slightest interest in marine life with so much to see and it is quite something to stand in front of some of the huge tanks and have all kinds of fish swimming passed in front and over our heads. Not all the tanks are huge; some of them are small and others have domed glass in front to magnify the tiny creatures inside..Following our visit we went for a late lunch and then had a walk back via The Hoe to the station to catch the train home. One of the ships spotted way out from the harbour. Howard on The Hoe. This eagle eyed fish watched us for quite a long time and remained still long enough for me to take his photo. Two shots of beautifully coloured fish swimming about in their tanks. This was just a small selection of the photos I took just to give you a flavour of what the NMA is all about. This post has nothing to do with railways or Ramchester but I hope you enjoy it. Rod
  7. Funny you should allude to "camping out in the railway cabin". My wife wishes that my shed had a wash room added and she could put in a microwave and a fridge and I could be self contained! However she was only joking.....or was she? Rod
  8. railwayrod

    New Layout

    Just a thought 70E. I like what you are trying to achieve and wish you well in this new venture. I note that your shed is 13ft long x 9 feet wide which although small for 0 gauge is adequate for a layout in this scale. Have you considered cutting a hole in the end of the shed and having a return loop in the garden? This would enable you to use the whole length of the shed for your "scenic" section and give your locos a chance to stretch their legs. Another thought if you have outdoor space would be to build a layout in the form of a continuous run by cutting holes in both ends of the shed This idea may be a bit further ahead of where you are now but might give you food for thought in the future. I am lucky in that my own shed of 30ft long and my 0 gauge layout Ramchester is featured both in the current Railway Modeller and on RMweb but even so I wish I had a few more feet to play with. It seems to me that we modellers always want that little bit more or am I the only one who thinks this? Good luck with your new project and happy modelling. Rod
  9. Thanks Guys for your kind comments about the layout. Chris. I will look your article out and give it another read next time I am in the the shed - I mean Platform 2. As I said in my article I have all issues of RM since its inception in Nov/Dec 1949 - vol 1 issue 1. 1995 issues will be in a cordex binder so the May edition should not be difficult to find. Rod
  10. Those pictures are early, Howard. Haven't we come a long way since then! It almost looks like a different layout. Rod
  11. Received my issue of the April Railway Moller and although Ramchester did not make the front cover it was "Railway of the Month". However the photos in the magazine were all taken by Steve Flint whilst non of mine were featured. Ah well can't have it all ways!! I still cannot believe that after a lifetime of reading RM (right from issue 1 - Nov/Dec 1949) I have made the R of the M. This has been a distant dream which has at last come true. To those of you who buy the magazine I hope you enjoy the article. Thank you to all who have followed this thread and for your support over the last 8 years. Rod
  12. Thought I would post a quick couple of pictures to update you all on progress in the goods yard. I must confess that the site looks to be in a very sorry state at the moment but Howard has been very busy working through the challenge and quite a lot of progress has been achieved. As can be seen the sleepers are now exposed and the original top layer has been relaid except for the area in front of the cattle dock. This will now from the foundation for the top dressing once all the cracks and holes have been filled in. The track serving the cattle dock will probably have a concrete apron inserted as this appears to be the case in many situations. I did hint that it looks like a bomb site! Rod
  13. Hi Bob. From the photographs the layout looks good but I am sure you will want to rework it in places to suit your needs. There is something alarming in dismantling part of a layout and the task can seem daunting at the outset but once the first "cut" has been made there is no turning back. It is surprising how much enjoyment seems to ensue once a start has begun and at the end I am sure you will be very pleased with the result. On Ramchester (my 0 gauge layout) Howard and I have begun to rework the goods yard surface to lower this to the top of the sleepers rather than the top of the rails, not an easy job but Howard has got stuck in and is making progress. Just at the moment the area looks as though the recent gales have created a bomb sight but we are progressing. This area is one which we had planned to do some time ago but I kept putting it off until the photographs had been taken for the forthcoming "Railway of the Month" in the April edition of Railway Modeller. Anyway I digress. I look forward to watching your progress on the refurbishment and wish you every success with your new project. Rod
  14. I look forward to seeing some results. Rod
  15. Hi Chris. That black & white photo of your layout really looks good. It is so realistic and could easily be mistaken for the real thing. These sorts of shots take me back to my schoolboy days when colour photography was in its infancy and rather expensive. At that time we all (well most of us) had to make do with monochrome, not just in our own pictures but also in books. I for one would like to see more of your layout in B & W. How about it? Rod
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