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  1. If only it were that easy. I've got 5 month old twins. I'm probably crazy even trying to build a small layout
  2. Ok... so I have been 3D printing since January, bot not model RW items. I am now seeing the possibilities. Is there an online source of N gauge files? For instance, I need platforms. Thingiverse is limited in what they have, but I figured you all here might know? Platforms, water columns, fences... basically anything I can print I will. I live in the states so items arent readily available to me.
  3. It’s perfect! Fits two full coaches. Track sits in snug and doesn’t even need glue. It’s a perfect fit! Thank you soooo much.
  4. Thank you soooo much. I really appreciate it!
  5. 275mm would fit nicely on my printer. Using Peco code 55 which I believe is about 16 mm wide sleeper edge to edge.
  6. That’s exactly what I need and I have ZERO design skills. Would you be willing to share this file?
  7. Does anyone have or know where I can get a print file for an N gauge cassette. Doing a small terminus layout and in lieu of a fiddle yard I’m going the cassette route. Thanks!
  8. Just took a look and Tidworth makes for a really neat basis for a layout. I think I could definitely adjust the size to make it smaller by omitting some elements. Definitely has the military aspect I'm looking for as well. Thanks to you both for pointing me in this direction. Though Lambourn is a nice layout, its more typical GWR terminus. This gives me what I'm looking for pretty much.
  9. Wow... didn't realize this thread had grown this far. Should have kept watching. Anyhow... to add to my OP... I plan on building a GWR station based on Lambourn Station. Its a farily small and compact station, which fits my needs. I'm going to base it during WWII and plan on running both GWR and SR. WWII gives me the "anything goes" flexibility. I'll use the claim that its a possible destination for troops on leave from the war with a small base nearby. Anyhow, this thread was a good read. Thanks to all those who contributed over the past 1.5 years
  10. I went ahead and picked up birdcage stock, seemed to be a good fit.
  11. More to the West. Hornby seems to have made ex LSW compartment coaches... 3rd class, etc. I imagine these might be a fit.
  12. I’m an idiot. OO. I had planned on a wartime layout and just post wartime.
  13. Secondary/Branch... but If I have to sacrifice and go mainline due to lack of options, I would
  14. Hi all. I am trying to make some 2-3 coach long Southern Railway trains using RTR stock that is already out, but not having much luck figuring out which coaches I would (or should) need. Era 3, 30s and 40s. Any assistance would be very helpful and much appreciated.
  15. And they're done dirt cheap. Sorry... couldn't help myself. That song popped in to my head when i saw the title. Well done. They look great.
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