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  1. That's sweet & sour pork with egg-fried noodles round our way
  2. Hijacking this thread slightly - is it safe to assume that e.g. the 4-pin on the male connector links to the 4-pin on the female - or is that too obvious. I'm trying to get an led to light but nothing. Before I do some serious investigation I though I'd ask.
  3. A (rough) footprint of the overall property might get some better suggestions. Me, I'd prefer something part of / attached to the house - wouldn't want my railway collection to be more at risk than necessary.
  4. If you don't mind me asking, what make are the storage tanks? Are they made up of two halves - I only have a small space to fit them and full size might be too big.
  5. So the 1st video is 'night'? - the sky does look a little bit darker. I thought it might be due to lite running / pulling load difference.
  6. I've noticed that from the 2 videos, the leading loco's have opposite lights lit - can somebody explain why please?
  7. I've seen a lot of ad's from Australia where the postage charge is eye-watering - don't know if it's anything to do with the recent trade agreement between our 2 countries
  8. Really whetted my appetite for the CS version (92038) + the MK5 coaches I have on order Just watched this again and noticed there's not one loco running with both pantographs in the 'up' position
  9. @Triumph1050Sorry to resurrect an old thread but I now have a Bachmann 66 and I want to fit the 'odd' bit - did you file off the (presumably) step on the front in order to fit yours? Graham
  10. Got these from somebody years ago - might even have been from the old MRE forum. Not sure if it's ECML relevant
  11. I glued any loose A/B's to the axle so they still go round
  12. Syd Not sure where you are with yours but here's a photo of mine, nearly completely assembled - and the tube of glue used. @juke
  13. @McC Any update on your research into making the destination boards usable?
  14. Please do not change anything - I haven't been pestered with an advert for some days now
  15. Must admit haven't built any for years but those I have built are still together - can't remember exact make of polystyrene cement I used. I currently have a tube of Humbrol PC and I will be making more of these makes of signals over Xmas - I'll let you know how I get on if you are still seeking advice in the NY.
  16. Apologies if I've missed this anywhere, but do Hornby have a tie-up with Heljan? I was most surprised earlier in the series when they did a piece on HLJ which is all Heljan (and sponsored by them) and on last night's episode the Editor of the Hornby magazine was seen being handed a Heljan Class 37.
  17. Rails of Sheffield are offering an extra 5% off everything in store for the next few days - https://railsofsheffield.com/blogs/news/black-friday-sale
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