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  1. It looks like the killer fail was to not prime the wood before attempting to glue. A nightmare now because you can guarantee that some parts will have stuck fantastically and removing these and any glue remnants will be a nightmare. /sigh
  2. There are some climate related dilemmas that folks might be able to provide some advice on. One of the last things I did before the project got mostly parked was to stick some basic blue backscenes in place. Just something for a background that wasn't the loft or rafters. They all went on fine - flat, rollered into place and glued on using spray art glue. Basis of latter I can't recall but quite certain it was not water -based. But some time has gone by and now we have peelage, rippling, bubbling etc. Basically totally useless. And removing what is there that hasn't let go by itself will be very difficult as well. The loft space is subject to heat, air-flow (tiled roof, partly lined) and a degree of sea breeze - we are about 500m from the coast. I'm thinking it has to all come off and be replace by some type of durable paint. Thoughts?
  3. Of course literally cannot believe I last updated this in 2013. After getting laid off had another job with a lot of uncertainty followed by a period with not much at all followed by a year and a half in Adelaide which I just quit for the new role I finally got in Perth again. Yay. But you can imagine I have either been avoiding spending any money at all or I haven't been here co-located with the layout in order to do anything with it anyway! Whilst in Adelaide I have spent numerous evening building rolling stock kits so the time wasn't a total waste. Overall though progress very limited; something I hope to gradually resolve from now on.
  4. Thanks for stating the seemingly obvious John. I am going to try to contact them via their web form although their specific stated contact method is a UK phone number. That's pretty awkward when your in Australia though hence I thought I would see if anyone had any experience of this approach first.
  5. Thanks for the info all. Does anyone know of any other stockists? Didn’t Gaugemaster also stock this line (I know I can check and I will but really just provoking further discussion....) And does anyone know – or have tried – to order in bulk from Peco per the implication that this is possible on their web page? Are the decals likely to be supplied the same way or is it now a case of ordering separately? Again being overseas I had hoped to bundle everything together to reduce postage costs.
  6. Aargh supreme woe. I have been meaning to place a large Parkside order for a while now and just got to the point where I could commit to it - comprising multiple kits and decals to match - only to find that essentially its no longer possible to order all of this from one place. I'm in Australia also and as with someone's previous comment one of the goals was to get everything in one go and minimise the shipping. Were the decals produced by Parkside before or sourced in? Are the decals available from Peco now? Any suggestions where I could place a bulk order for 4mm kits and decals?? :-( thanks
  7. I've just been looking. I didn't realise you can buy waterslide decal paper for laserjet printers. Problem solved
  8. Thanks for the info everybody. Further to your post Pete the attached is what I'm talking about - both platform mounted and canopy hung examples : The P&D Marsh option is perfect for the platform mounted type - I'm not that bothered whether it's lit. They could also tediously be modified to remove the post in order to realise canopy hung types. Unless anyone knows of canopy hung types directly available? The layouts4u option is also pretty good and not significantly more expensive. I'm not clear how lettering could be added - it would need to be a transfer-type decal to work (in either case really) and I don't know how you would print that yourself? thks
  9. I refer to those station lights that look vaguely like fish poachers except of course they are mostly semi-transparent light fitting with an opaque "lid" on the upper surface and with the station name printed on the illuminated part. I know Hatfield had these in the 60's affixed in two ways - either with the fitting suspended from two points under the platform canopy or with the fitting on a pole located along the centre line of the platform. I would have thought these were widespread across the network. The question is, who makes a model of these for 00? I have googled forth and found almost nothing. It looks like the Knightwing B1 kit is close enough although of course the station name would be a tedious self-addition in any event. I don't need the lights to work but would consider options that do. However goggle seems to reveal no other options. It's such a common item relevant to a frequently modelled period in time. Does no-one make these? Thanks
  10. I'm just hoping someone knows or even perhaps remembers Hatfield station in the 60's. I was looking at photos I have of both the up platform and the down platform. The down platform canopy roof looks solid/opaque in a ribbed sheet sort of style whereas the up platform canopy appears to have a transparent roof at least in the vicinity of the platform entrance. The nature of that up platform canopy suggests an angled glass roof separated - as you would expect - by periodic frames. Meaning that from above it is possible that it would appear to look like a solid canopy with periodic ribbed reinforcers ie akin to the down platform. Can anyone comment whether the down platform also had a see through canopy and perhaps the photo I have does not show that because of photo quality, the angle the photo was taken at or simply because the roof was really dirty. In fact, does the up platform have a transparent canopy or is that perhaps also an optical illusion? What were these canopies like? Thanks
  11. Well the mystery deepens. So folks are saying the shed was shortened or changed perhaps in 1898 ("what was left from around 1898") I agree the plan in G&H shows a shed about 130ft long if you scale off the 46ft turntable. And that is consistent with the appearance of the photo on pg56 in the same book. The only thing is that image I pasted above is from a 1959 photo. The shed would have to be aligned with just three quad carriages to come out at around 130ft. I suppose it could be. It's hard to tell with the perspective but it certainly looks longer than that. Thanks for the help. I'll go with 130ft. rgds
  12. Thanks. Here's the picture I referenced. To avoid upsetting any copyright etc I've just taken a screen scrape of the corner showing the shed. Taking due account of the warping effects of perspective and noting the near end of the shed must surely be in the vicinity of the left edge of the photo you tend towards thinking the shed must be 4 to 4.5 quad art carriages long. Which is getting on for 215ft and aligns with the text. However, that photo on pg56 really doesn't give the impression of the shed being that long. I guess it's the effects of perspective once again rgds
  13. I'd like to publicly thank Pat for helping out with the missing parts which turned up FOC in Australia yesterday. Spectacular customer service and very convincing models, both of which I commend to the forum readership. ......Pat, now we just need a more substantial water tower kit based 100% on the one at Hatfield ;-)
  14. However. There is something odd about this. First of all in photos it doesn't really look that long. Secondly if you look at the track diagram in that book and ratio the engine shed length off the turntable diameter (which we know to be 26ft from the text) you end up with a shed that is about 130 - 140ft long. Look also at the photo of the empty shed on page 56. Does that look 215ft long? It doesn't to me. I have another photo with a set of quad arts stored adjacent and the shed looks to be 3.5 - 4 carriages long which implies approx 155ft. It's hard t tell from the effects of distance in the photos though. It could be nearer to 4.5 quad art carriages long - at that length it pretty much is 215ft. But that photo on page 56...... it really doesn't look that long at all.
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