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  1. There seems to be some confusion between English and British here. Coel Hen (Old King Cole), my 44 x great grandfather (through a number of distaff lines, I'm not claiming any rights to a throne here!) was indeed British, that is Brythonic Celt. Welsh was the term given to the Brythons by the incoming English with the meaning of foreigner. But Coel wasn't the last British monarch, many of his descendants were British monarchs, right down to Hywel Dda, Llewellyn the Great and later. Having Welsh in the list of those imposed on the British is also a little strange (as they are the same thing). Having English in the list is more accurate as they were imposed on the British. It was not long after the time of Coel Hen that the North Folk (a bunch of Angles) came to be recognised as a separate community from the South Folk, and both very distinct from the Saxons who'd settled further South and West. But it was a long time later that they founded the settlement of Castle Aching necessitating the building of a railway. Not sure that makes this post on-topic as it's often hard to know what on-topic actually is. But it's always an illuminating read!
  2. A brilliant blog as usual Mikkel, That Smethwick photograph intrigued me too. The more I look at it the more I think that the building you see in the modern photo is indeed the upper floor of the old stable block with the roof replaced with a flat one and the left hand end altered somewhat. The Google Streetview only shows the back that has been clad in steel (well it would be for a European Metal Recycling yard wouldn't it!). The birds eye view on Bing provides a slightly better angle showing where the ramp goes down to the lower level where it previously went up to the top floor, but still isn't definitive. It also shows why you can still see the sidings in the scrapyard as a big ugly EWS loco has just pushed 30 empty wagons in to be loaded with scrap. I'm sufficiently curious that next time I'm in the area I'll have to pay EMR Smethwick a visit to ask if I can take a look at their office building! If I can, and it looks like it is the original stable, then I'll take a few snaps. Maybe a self published work on lulu.com. For small runs it looks a reasonable way to go without having the upfront costs of a traditional publisher. I've set up a couple of projects on there in the past though never quite got to the publishing point! An individual book may cost slightly more to the buyer (and definitely will pay less to the author), but it gets it out there... and I'd buy one! Kind regards, Neil
  3. Sorry that my first post in ages is completely off topic... But it's my thread... Just had my first experience of Avanti West Coast on the 20:30 from Euston arriving Stafford at 21:59. Arrived perfectly on time. But as we came towards Stafford I felt that it didn't seem normal. Sure enough we pulled up at platform 1, which for those of you not familiar with Stafford is the Up platform. I hesitate to say it, but got there fast on the wrong side of the road... How very Italian! However, it did mean that I could get out of the train straight out the exit and not have to use the bridge... So long may it continue.
  4. I have to agree with James that getting inside the glass was a privilege that I shall remember for a long time. To be able to capture the incredible modelling without the reflection was a fantastic opportunity, even though I only had my phone to take the pictures. Though even without the reflections there were sometimes objects in the background that sort of spoiled the scene... It was a pleasure to be there, and also a pleasure to meet our host of CA. Kind regards, Neil
  5. A very nice little set of wagons! Could I ask if the storage concept is new or of long standing? The reason for the question is that I have built a similar foam board setup in Really Useful boxes and was considering using craft foam for the cushioning but am concerned that it may break down over time and either stick to, or pull off, paintwork or transfers. So I don't want to jump in with both feet without getting some data on the subject.
  6. And measuring up on the old maps the whole station and goods complex could be done in 10' x 2'6" without compression in 4mm! Oh dear...
  7. I thought military were included in that group. Hence the comment about the oxymoronic military intelligence... I'll now don a military hard hat and retire to a military bunker.
  8. At the moment you have about a quarter width of one row of slabs at the end of this platform section. If you can't have a fence/gate are you able to remove that quarter strip and move the platform section up a bit so that the board break is between slabs instead of through them. Or does that throw your geometry out down the other end because of your subtle curve?
  9. My ditch of the day... It's straight, 60 yards long, and you have to swim there and back. The world record was set last year at 1 min 18.81 seconds! https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-mid-wales-28937459 For those of you that don't know, this is the World Bog Snorkelling Championships that have been held near Llanwrtyd Wells, my mother's home town, every year since 1986 except 1995 (due to drought) and 2001 (due to the foot and mouth outbreak). Sorry, nothing railway related at all in this post, but you did ask for a ditch! Kind regards, Neil
  10. Thanks for the link Annie. An interesting article, though it is splashed with pictures of unmotorised scooters as well as the motorised ones. The article also unfortunately labels Lady Florence and her mother as suffragettes when they were in fact leading suffragists. But we've already been over the differences of that on here! Kind regards, Neil
  11. I prefer the name on this one... Neatly written in upper case scrawl typeface. Was the David in question a miner, drive, fireman, or simply a pimply, cheeky lad from the local school? Or maybe it is that other kind of greatness and the loco really is call "Sir David"... but the linesmen affectionately know him as Dai. That bit's important... Sir David can be a bit overawing, but Sir Dai won't even scare the sheep! Kind regards. Neil
  12. I think that cattle dock looks excellent. I know it's a lot of repetitive work on those kits, but you've ended up with something that is different from others and will look quite special with some cows and dung. Kind regards, Neil
  13. I haven't at any point claimed that I know what I am doing! Just thought that I wouldn't know what to do here!
  14. Maybe it would be worth having a crossover between the two bottom sidings to form a look as at the moment there is no way for a loco to bring carriages in and then shunt them into the sheds as there's not enough room to run around more than one via the turntable. Or maybe from the bottom carriage siding to the higher of the two storage roads so that at least one road is always free for... storage as would be the end of the upper one. Don't know how prototypical that is but seems logical to me. I like the overall layout design. Shunting space and a roundy! Kind regards, Neil
  15. If you're worried about the insulated frog you could try what Shaun has done to his shiny new insulated frog points. He replaced the plastic with rail to make them conducting. I've never tried it myself but it looks reasonably straight forward.
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