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  1. I have it on good authority that the Undying Lands are just west of Barmouth and south of Pwllheli and that if the conditions are right you can still see the forests and hear the singing of the inhabitants... So Traeth Mawr isn't too much of a trek... But of course by then he'd have been Barf wen, so it can't be him, can it? I think this flu is getting to my brain!
  2. The idea of a compartment of wives and daughters separate from that of the farmer's amuses me somewhat, but I'm sure it would have been the case. And the scope for beards is significant from great long Dickensian ones to the wispy ones of would be farmers' sons. If the Traeth Mawr Thursday market was big enough to warrant a whole group of farmers and their families booking a saloon couldn't it also have justified a ThO service, maybe even as a mixed train, in addition to the standard weekday timetable to get other people there early enough as well? Or does that take TM too far tow
  3. I like the recent work you've been doing a lot Chris. I have to admit that I don't remember suggesting the beard, though it is the sort of silly suggestion I make! I'm not about to flick back through 150 pages to find it though. Having said that I think you've nailed it, hopefully not literally for the farmer's sake. Also for his sake you need to find out his real name as I can hear the small boys shouting out "Barf llwyd" as he's driving his sheep past them. A bit rude, but boys will be... well, rude! As for loco colour I'm all ears, or rather eyes. Not that I'm any c
  4. Thank you very much for the interest Pete. Hmmm, progress? Well I've bought more kits... and started a few in spare moments but they have been few and far between. The garage progressed in becoming a little clearer... Then came lock down. So a lot more time yes? Indeed, time to build 5 raised beds in the new vegetable garden behind the garage, then to plant them, then to tend them, then to harvest them... And have I found time to do the garage? I'm sure you can guess the answer. Now I need the autumn so that everything stops growing and maybe I can get some time again!
  5. It's only when you put it like that that I realised how forward thinking IKEA has been all this time.
  6. That's very much my point. Mark Drakeford and Nicola Sturgeon had been very explicit that they were talking only about Wales and Scotland respectively and were only broadcast in the relevant countries (and also that the message wasn't changing much at all). Boris should have made it clear that he was talking about England only or only been broadcast in England. The plan you've linked to is only marginally better. Trumpeting on the front page that it's the plan of the UK government, then paying the odd nod to devolution every few pages, but outlining a plan that is almost all just England as mo
  7. That should read 56M people. Which was just one of the problems of his "UK" speech. Almost everything he said applied to England only. In the previous couple of days Scotland, Wales and NI had all continued the original "four nations" lockstep approach. Now it's three nations as England has decided to change the approach. This was done while looking like he was talking to the UK as a whole. So we now have the possibility of someone in Herefordshire deciding that they can drive a short distance to exercise and being fined just over the border in Wales where you must not drive to exercise. When
  8. Strange goings on in RMWeb world... my Content I Follow feed now has this for some reason... I have a hard enough time keeping up with one Castle Aching! Best thread on the web though Kind regards, Neil
  9. I think it's a very clever bit of bespoke kit bashing, though it may make it hard to fit the roof.
  10. Jonathan, Your 2 plank and 3 plank models make me want to buy more kits to add to my unfinished (indeed mostly unstarted) pile of kits! The trouble is I want to resist but then start worrying about the longevity of these small suppliers. Your brake van is fantastic. As you know, I've drawn up plans for a scratch built early GWR outside frame brake. But it's got no further than that. Your build is very inspiring and may just be the kick I need. I hope you can salvage the finish. I'm with Chris in suggesting a varnish respray before anything more drastic. H
  11. Opened it up full size on my large monitor to admire the detail and through focusing in suddenly spotted the man sat in the tree. It took a moment or two to readjust my thought process to take in the locomotive again and for it to filter through that it was the driver, who I'd seen inside that loco so many times before and categorically not sat in the tree! Brilliant picture. I too think the ladder is exquisite, to use LS' term. But one if the details that really got me was the sack that's been left draped over the fence by the chap who's presumably popped into the hut for a cup of
  12. Oh dear. Just listened to it and I struggled to believe a word you said.
  13. I have it... The coach does indeed have the moveable back to the seats and it is set so that passengers look forwards. The monochrome ones that I noted are monochrome because they are simply the ghosts of those who were overcome by the fumes through facing forwards on the outward journey.
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