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  1. Hello Philip, I have built up a large collection off REE models over the last few years, I have around five Pacific steam locos that are sound and smoke fitted, they are simply superb, not a great lover of smoke fitted models, but, REE have produced something exceptional in this case, still not overly impressed with the smoke with their diesel locomotives though. REE I believe are producing some HOe diesel railcars sometime later this year and no doubt these will tempt you and your wallet, and good luck with future purchases.
  2. Hi Mike, yes, I kept them all, only two or three are actually runners the last time I checked though. I obviously had terrible running issues with the rest and made countless trips to Liverpool to exchange defective models only to run them a few days later and end up with the same fault developing, which, was obviously very disappointing to say the least.
  3. It was me unfortunately and no, not a bloody chance.
  4. I returned my defective crane to my local model shop yesterday and they very kindly replaced it for me.
  5. Picked up the red crane today and to say i'm disappointed is an understatement, read the instructions first and then proceeded to lower the jib, after an hour I gave up as by then the jib had only loward about 75 % and all the cabling was a tangled mess, I will more than likely take it back and ask for a refund, I was so looking forward to having this on my layout, I know its very early days, but has anyone had the same sort of problem ?
  6. Paul, as you know I'm very enthusiastic when it comes to everything about Chinese Steam, I have watched your superb layout Beijiao grow into something very special over the years and I congratulate you in your hard work into putting a rather specialist subject available for us China enthusiasts, please keep up your excellent work.
  7. F20 will disable the automatic cab interior lighting.
  8. I have also stayed at the Sino-Swiss hotel on many occasions Paul, I also remember watching this chap at work, happy day's.
  9. You should never wish your life away, but, roll on October !
  10. I have purchased 38-427 and 38-425 this morning, I had the last 427 but he has a few 425's left in stock.
  11. Boiler explosion Kevin ?
  12. I purchased 10 Cemflo's last Saturday and i'm delighted with them, now looking forward to the Castle Cement wagons being released, well done everyone at Accurscale.
  13. Hello Paul, I would love to be able to have a go as a novice operator at the Fareham show in October as it's only a 15 minute bus journey away from home for me, I will make sure I'm not tanked up on Carlsberg, before and during the show, can't promise about after the show though.
  14. Just to add to my post of #1174 it was meant to be very much tongue in cheek, i know nothing about the speed of cargo ships to be honest, but, with the ship doing 50 knots i would expect one to be able to water ski behind it !
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