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  1. I have recently ordered a BR late crest 18000, yet another model that i'm very much looking forward to receiving.
  2. They both look identical to me Gilbert.
  3. Hi KDG, put a claim in for 37 425 don't let them off the hook !
  4. My three sets of VTG JSA open coil wagons arrived this afternoon and to say i'm disappointed would be an understatement, the worst case of quality control i have ever experienced in over forty years of model railways, one of the couplings had been fitted upside down, i wasted nearly one minute of my life, which i will never get back, fitting the coupling back correctly, i demand that heads should roll over this. On another matter, what a stunning wagon, well done lads. P.s i'm not taking this matter any further but, i do expect a free Deltic at a later date for the inconvenience and
  5. I'm going to be different to most voters so far and go for the Schools class.
  6. Hi Andy, just watched your latest video and enjoyed it very much mate, however a word of warning, please don't sale your class 40 because if you do i'll be straight round after lock down to smash yer face in !
  7. Received my 5 packs of coal loads for my Cawoods PFA's this morning, what a vast improvement on an otherwise rather rubbish wagon
  8. Any one know the function number to represent this please, from 08:30 on this clip. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lgec5FvXlo
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