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  1. I purchased 10 Cemflo's last Saturday and i'm delighted with them, now looking forward to the Castle Cement wagons being released, well done everyone at Accurscale.
  2. Hello Paul, I would love to be able to have a go as a novice operator at the Fareham show in October as it's only a 15 minute bus journey away from home for me, I will make sure I'm not tanked up on Carlsberg, before and during the show, can't promise about after the show though.
  3. Just to add to my post of #1174 it was meant to be very much tongue in cheek, i know nothing about the speed of cargo ships to be honest, but, with the ship doing 50 knots i would expect one to be able to water ski behind it !
  4. I know many of you on here have been waiting a few years for this particular model, well, I've just rang KMC this afternoon and paid for D600 Active, but unlike many of you I can wait as I'm a very laid back kind of chap............ Anyone know if that ship is doing 50 knots an hour please
  5. Thank you for the link, i'm also delighted to see the announcement of the re-issued Kroc
  6. Hi Paul, Really nice to meet up with you and Beijiao last Saturday, the layout gets better and better, very disappointed to have to wait until November before I can view it again, I'm still waiting to receive RM 1155 perhaps I can bring it along to Warley and give it a little run on Beijiao, that will bring the western photographers out by the bus loads !.
  7. Impressed with the model and sound, not so the smoke effect, very poor to be honest..
  8. Happy new year Gilbert, thank you for entertaining me throughout 2018 with your superb thread, very much looking forward to more PN postings in the new year, and keep up with the good work in 2019.
  9. I picked up three Redland and one Lafarge PGA's from Warley on Saturday and i'm very impressed with these to say the least, so much so, that another four Redland PGA's arrived this morning, hopefully a few more will be purchased at the upcoming Peterborough exhibition.
  10. Hello Mark, I remember seeing Ni-Hao on the China Rail International Forum, I for one am pleased to see it again.
  11. Very sad news, Colin was the tour leader on my first visit to China in 1993 RIP Colin.
  12. Simple one for me, every morning for a couple of hours until the pub opens.
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