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  1. Well spotted interCitySpud , this is detailing at it's absolute worst.
  2. Yes Chilly, if your going to do a job then do it properly i say.
  3. I have Cancelled my eight class 25's after seeing the above picture of the bulkhead, simply because of the distinct lack of detail, bit of a shame i know.
  4. I got rather excited reading your post until i relised your'e in Quebec !
  5. Without a shadow of a doubt, as i really like my Chinese ready meals with special fried rice being my favourite.
  6. Hi Fan, have you thought of Tesco for distribution ? i ordered my weekly shop yesterday and my order arrived in less than three hours.
  7. As i drink copious amounts of Carlsberg i fully agree !
  8. I paid in full for the GT3 with sound at Warley on 24th November 2018, getting rather excited now that i will soon get my grubby hands on it at the end of this month, fingers crossed.
  9. Jolly good show Mr Peters, already looking forward to video No 73, your videos are so good that they keep me out of my local pub !
  10. Paul To be honest i really can't see any exhibitions being held this year, looks like we are all in for a long wait
  11. My copy arrived today, nice little book which i'm pleased to have in my collection.
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