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  1. Hi Andy, hope all is well, would it be possible to PM me your phone number please as i would like to ask you a few things.

    1. chris p bacon

      chris p bacon

      Why not PM Andrew instead of broadcasting this as a status update.




    2. Brian Hawkins

      Brian Hawkins

      Sorry Chris but i thought i had sent him a PM, silly me

  2. Wagon of the year seems to be in the bag already, thanks everyone at Accurscale for producing an outstanding model.
  3. At long last summer has finally arrived here on the south coast, so decided to spend most of the day sat with the girls next door in their lovely garden having a rather good old time on ye olde Carlsberg, at some stage during the afternoon i nipped back indoors for some more replenishments only to find a parcel on the kitchen floor from Accurascale, yep, my KUA's had arrived, i'm over the moon, i'm not going to open the parcel today as the dustmen are due in the morning so will chuck the parcel straight in the recycle bin this evening as i believe thats the best place for them !
  4. Rather disappointed to hear the news about the slight delay to the KUA's, as i purchased the recently released Bachmann DRS 20 312 yesterday in readiness for their arrival, now both 20 312 and myself are looking at each other rather glum and much shrugging of shoulders are taking place.
  5. Are the KUA's still on target for delivery this week Fran ?
  6. I rather like this Mr P as the background appears to be shrouded in mist, either that or my glasses require a bloody good clean.
  7. I have recently ordered a BR late crest 18000, yet another model that i'm very much looking forward to receiving.
  8. They both look identical to me Gilbert.
  9. Hi KDG, put a claim in for 37 425 don't let them off the hook !
  10. My three sets of VTG JSA open coil wagons arrived this afternoon and to say i'm disappointed would be an understatement, the worst case of quality control i have ever experienced in over forty years of model railways, one of the couplings had been fitted upside down, i wasted nearly one minute of my life, which i will never get back, fitting the coupling back correctly, i demand that heads should roll over this. On another matter, what a stunning wagon, well done lads. P.s i'm not taking this matter any further but, i do expect a free Deltic at a later date for the inconvenience and upset.
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