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  1. Has to be Peterborough North simply because of your wonderful layout Gilbert
  2. Looe, simply because of wonderful childhood memories of family holidays together from around 1967.
  3. Kyle Of Lochalsh, lovely terminus, on a stunning railway.
  4. Paddington for me, the sound of class 52 Westerns under that roof was awesome.
  5. Don't think so Noel, but they cant be to far way from release.
  6. Being born in November 1959 obviously i was to young to remember everyday working steam in this country, i love Pendon as much as everyone else and what a lovely film of Pendon and hydarulics , superb and another thanks to Mr Y for the link,
  7. Perhaps there as wasn't anything as such as Pendon with Hydraulics after all, sorry to to make such a waste of time everbody with my post but i'm sure i read somewhere on here mentioning about it.
  8. Could someone kindly post a link to Pendon with hydraulics, as I am unable to locate it. Thanks.
  9. HI Swissrail, thank you for posting this, I I have been thinking long and hard about purchasing this model, but the only thing things that delayed my purchase was obviously the price and quality, well, you have saved me a hell of a lot of money and disappointment so thank you.
  10. I paid for my GT3 with sound in full at Warley and after viewing the video i'm so pleased I did, I kept quite on this thread as I trusted Keith unlike a few on here who, in some cases were in my opinion down right rude towards the guy and very undeserved to be honest so, well done Keith, congratulations on a fine looking model and I wish you every success with it.
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