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  1. Hi, I’ve attached one of the Club’s photos of the prototype with a close-up of the tie rod which according to Warburton’s “A Pictorial Record of LMS Signals” is 1.5” in diameter. For the model I used 0.5mm brass wire. The base of the signal and the ‘return’ wire will be set in the layout underlay. You can see from the lean on the prototype that the tie rod was needed (and was maybe not entirely successful!). This angled tie rod anchored in a concrete block replaced a horizontal wire which I believe was attached to another post. Hope this is helpful,
  2. Hi Steve, Thanks for the inspirational thread and for your and Les’ specific advice via pm. I thought you might like to see the latest signal I have built for ‘Aylesbury’ - https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/24951-modelling-aylesbury-station-risborough-district-mrc/ This is a two doll bracket with an elevated shunt signal:- Roy
  3. The tumblehome must be very slight - I can't detect it in these photos. http://forum.e-train.fr/viewtopic.php?f=65&t=28566&start=660 Roy
  4. If you can find it, there are drawings in "Night Ferry" by George Behrend and Gary Buchanan. This also contains information on the SNCF and SR baggage vans, lots of photos etc. Over time modifications were made to the coaches - particularly the underframe and windows so any drawings need to be supplemented with photos from your chosen period. The Sleeper at the MRN is hybrid of different periods so be careful about using it as a reference. MARC Models may also be able to help. They produce 4mm kits - see:- http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/110266-marc-models-sr-ferry-brake
  5. Hi Ian, They're looking good. Yes, construction was a labour of love! It was a case of three steps forward and two back as I noticed a few things missing or incorrect as I built the sleepers. I scratchbuilt a lot of the underframe equipment. The castings for the roof vents weren't great and looked small compared with the prototype so I made my own from brass tube and rod. I think the the rectangular 'vent' at the blind end is actually the chimney for the car heating boiler and the prototype version has baffles on either side which I made from plasticard. Roy
  6. Hi Ian, The link is to photos of the RTR LS Models HO scale sleeper cars. As you say, very impressive. I'm not sure if they are still in production but they produced the sleeper cars in various liveries and configurations to represent the changes during the life of the Night Ferry. The underside photo is a later period car - the twin vacuum tanks and the large horizontal (gas?) cylinder being no longer present. The photo also shows the interesting construction of the prototype with two central beams and outriggers to support the floor. Looking forward to seeing your finished mode
  7. Here are some photos of the LS Models NF sleeper including roof and underframe detail:- http://forum.e-train.fr/album_mod/upload/grandes/6954df0c4709a89156120ab575251e57.jpg Roy
  8. Hi Ian, There's a photo here http://www.semgonline.com/misc/named_09.html showing a fourgon with rainstrips. Your etched corridor connection support brackets are very nice. They would have saved me a lot of effort making them from wire! Something else missing from the coach kit is the outer 'skirting' which goes between the lashing eyes. I used some brass angle. You can see it in the prototype photos. I found pictures of the LS Models HO night ferry sleepers very useful to check details. - particularly the underside. There's a helpful French website which also has some good
  9. Hi Chris, I see you have found this thread too. I've now accessed my Marc Models NF stock and have taken a few photos. I've included a shot of the underside of the CIWL sleeping car. It's representative of the 1930s layout. I've also added some photos of my SR van and a fourgon. Good luck with your build! Roy
  10. Hi, I found Citroen Admiral Blue worked well.
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