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  1. The centenary Peckett certainly is a stunning model. I received my allocation from Hornby recently and have that and Niclausse in stock. I have to admit the Peckett is probably my favourite Hornby Model.
  2. I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year. 2020 has been challenging for all and it ends with us being placed in Tier 4. We continue to trade via our website and offer free postage on orders from £10 in value. Contactless delivery is offered to the Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire areas where possible.
  3. Thank you so much for the kind comment. I have been away from RMWeb for a short time so have only just read it. Thank you for your custom and I look forward to seeing you again in the future. Have a great Christmas. Andy
  4. Having recently returned to RMWeb after a brief absence, I have only just caught up on this thread and the sad news. I offer my condolences to Wendy and all of Peter's family and friends. I was a great admirer of his work in particular "Glen Gillie" and the layout featuring the large over bridge (Bridge of Mur?) and enjoyed seeing them at several exhibitions. A few years ago Peter put an appeal out asking for operating help on Glen Gillie at the Great Central show. I offered and spent an enjoyable day in his company operating the layout. Peter invited me back the following year to operate the
  5. It has been quite some time since I posted an update on Gairloch. The problems with the point succeeded in eroding the modelling mojo, and then family issues got in the way. We began the process of applying to become foster carers last year, completing the process in August 2019. By October we had the first child placed with us which meant a massive reshuffle of the spare room. Gairloch was evicted to the garage for store and there it remains with no further work having taken place. We have since had two different children placed with us, with the second placement ending in July.
  6. Perhaps if you had remembered to include the website address (www.a2bmodelrailways.co.uk in case you had forgotten)
  7. Been less active on these pages and have just trawled through many pages of this thread. It has certainly progressed very well Andy. Great work as always, I look forward to reading about the latest plans.
  8. A2B Model Railways is still taking orders for the Hornby 2020 range - if anyone is looking to replace any lost pre-orders. www.a2bmodelrailways.co.uk
  9. I have been away from RMWeb due to a variety of family pressures during lockdown however I would like to reassure everyone that A2B Model Railways is open as normal. Our shop in Matlock Bath has now returned to normal opening hours and we are open every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday between 10.30am and 5.00pm. We are also open Sunday’s 10.00am - 4.00pm. if you want to come to the shop outside of regular opening times we offer appointment based shopping slots between 9.00am and 10.30am on every day we are open except Sunday. We also offer late slots between 4.00pm and 7.00p
  10. A2B Model Railways reopened on Tuesday and will be opening with following restricted opening hours Monday & Wednesday (appointments only - these can be booked online with thirty minute slots available between 9am - 1pm Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 10am - 2pm (appointments also available between 9am - 10am Saturday 10am - 4pm I am limiting capacity to two people or one family group at a time. Hand sanitizer to be used if handling products. Cash accepted but card payments are preferred. Our opening hours will be extended in July.
  11. A2B Model Railways reopened on Tuesday and will be opening with following restricted opening hours Monday & Wednesday (appointments only - these can be booked online with thirty minute slots available between 9am - 1pm Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 10am - 2pm (appointments also available between 9am - 10am Saturday 10am - 4pm I am limiting capacity to two people or one family group at a time. Hand sanitizer to be used if handling products. Cash accepted but card payments are preferred. The opening hours will be extended in July.
  12. Just to confirm that A2B Model Railways are still trading online. www.a2bmodelrailways.co.uk New Bachmann and Farish buildings recently arrived.
  13. Two more days of lockdown and more progress made. Yesterday the children joined in to paint the landscape in a green undercoat. It looks a little too vibrant at present but will soon be covered over with scatter and static grass. Tonight I have added a wash of acrylic paints to tone things down a little and create some rock effects. It is clear that the green will need covering.
  14. So lock down means working from home with A2B Model Railways operating online and over the phone at present. This has given more time for modelling. Another project has just been started (maybe a new thread coming soon), but there has been some more progress with this 009 layout. It has been brought home in order to allow work to continue. The track was tested and some dead spots were found. It seems that the glue had not been sufficient and some of the track had moved resulting in a poor connection. The track was amended and tested until full and continuous running was achieved. Then further
  15. Looking good Phil. I am sure I have seen that Baldwin somewhere before.
  16. it is mad isn’t? I was closed yesterday as I normally am at this time of year but saw the photos everybody from the town was sharing. Many retailers in the area took the decision to close after yesterday’s madness.
  17. CORONA VIRUS UPDATE Following this weekend's madness in Matlock Bath I have made the difficult decision to close the doors of the shop for the time being. The level of people coming into Matlock Bath this weekend has been ridiculous considering the latest government advice. I feel that remaining open as a physical shop would be irresponsible at this present moment. A2B Model Railways remains OPEN FOR BUSINESS via the website, telephone and SKYPE orders Contact me via SKYPE on [email protected]
  18. Just to update those RMWeb members who are customers of A2B Model Railways. I will be reducing the weekday opening hours for the next two weeks (week commencing 16th and 23rd March). There are two reasons for this: 1) Due to the recent government advice I feel that reduced opening hours will suit the levels of visitors to Matlock Bath. 2) The new hours will allow me to undertake the school run for our foster child and remove the need for my wife to travel on public transport. These hours should still cover our peak weekday hours of trading. We will be
  19. See my previous comment. I am not suggesting they should have let the queue through five minutes early. I feel my comment has been misunderstood.
  20. No issue with opening time Terry. My comment was based on the practice of letting visitors through to buy tickets five minutes early, but then stopping them entering beyond the pay desk thus causing the jostling behind as the held queue of people who had paid blocked the pay desk for others. If the opening time is 10am then it would have been better to simply open the gate at that time and allow the visitors to buy tickets and go straight through. I had misjudged the opening time (forgot to check the advert...doh!) and arrived at 9.15. I was happy to wait the extra five minutes to buy tickets
  21. I personally saw nothing wrong with the Stoke result! Was seriously tempted to visit on Saturday wearing my Derby shirt, but decided I might not be allowed in. Nice show, with some good layouts. The n gauge layout with the working vehicles on the roadway being my personal favourite. There were not as many layouts that appealed to me this time around but that is down to personal preference. Catering was as good as always and there seemed to be more seating than previous years which was most welcome. My one (very minor) gripe concerns the opening of the show. The gates were opened to all
  22. Thanks Jerry. Yes this last week has been my first piece of modelling since June last year when I took part in the Great Model Railway Challenge. Running the shop has taken up most of my time, but I am pleased to get back to it. Hopefully I can report on more progress soon. Due to changes at home, all my layout projects had been confined to storage, but this one is small enough to find a corner somewhere!
  23. Members who have ventured into my shop (A2B Model Railways, Matlock Bath) may be forgiven for thinking that they have seen this project somewhere before! In truth they probably have. The plan was to develop a simple 2ft square baseboard into a basic circular 009 layout during the first few months of the shop's life, developing a wintery scene to form part of a Christmas window display. Things stalled and the layout ended up acting as a shelf for some 009 stock for much of 2019. The track was glued down and some polystyrene was glued to the board to begin the scenics back in June 2019, j
  24. Yes, yes, I know Christmas was over a month ago! It is funny how the modelling mojo can be reignited. Since my last post, back in 2018, the layout has had a rather quiet life. For about a year it sat on top of the Humbrol paint stand in my shop, A2B Model Railways, supporting a framed picture and some second models. More recently it has returned home as small test track for locos in for repair - but then it happened! Yesterday I arrived home to find my wife had been shopping to a certain Swedish furniture shop. The result was a brand new coffee table, and the old Argos version was sat in piece
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