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  1. Indeed they are......Please P.M for further details. Deb.
  2. I`m planning on popping-in at some point; after all, it`s only `round the corner!
  3. Many thanks to the EMGS team and exhibitors, for presenting such a friendly, well-organised and interesting show.......`really enjoyed my visit and various chats with the knowledgeable demonstrators.
  4. 'Britain from Above' can offer some good images of the station environs; zoomable of one registers (free). Like this: Here`s a couple of images that I`ve collected (not my copyright) of the station in 'quadrupled' days.
  5. The Mill`s definitely on my 'must see' list for Saturday!
  6. Not too much in my files from the Blackpool St./Green Lane area, but this outline trackplan shows the expanse of the tracks serving Lairds and the various Birkenhead railway stations and depots: Blackpool Street signal boxes: Freight-trip passing Blackpool St.:
  7. Apologies for raking up one of my own older-posts, but I came upon this image of the Mollington Oil Depot Sdgs. (taken from the vantage point of the signal box step`s landing), which relates to the signal box diag. image link above.
  8. Many printers also have a dirty little secret; they have an auto-clean cycle (to address the head-drying problem), which regularly and quietly dumps one`s very expensive ink supplies into a sponge under the cartridge parking area. After years of being ripped-off for OEM cartridges, I bought and fitted a CiSS continuous-ink system for my printer.......refill liquid inks can then be bought in bulk as the cartridge-head isn`t changed upon each refilling. *I`ve no connection with the City Ink company; I just like the product.
  9. 25`s (in pairs) worked heavy-oil tank trains, too.
  10. Hello Bill, I use slightly diluted PVA adhesive and spread it {thinly} about on the baseboard/cork/foam/timber using an old bank/credit-card as a squeegee; lay on the paper template in position and then squeegee-out all about the template`s top surface, pushing any excess glue remaining underneath towards the edge of the paper.....not leaving the paper too wetted, speeds the drying and leaves little-chance of template shrinkage or distortion Perhaps time (for newcomers to the thread) to again make mention of Martin Wynne`s excellent track design software "Templot" (now generously available to download free!) which not only permits one to design a track layout in its entirety, but also to print-off precisely fitted templates ready to stick down and construct trackwork upon........The associated Templot Club forum is also an excellent resource for information and fellow-user support.
  11. Our local show ......looking forward to seeing C.Q again!
  12. I`ve heard that they`re 'good eggs' .......One of the staff at Track Shack is also an esteemed RM-web`er.
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