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  1. Indeed they are......Please P.M for further details. Deb.
  2. I`m planning on popping-in at some point; after all, it`s only `round the corner!
  3. Many thanks to the EMGS team and exhibitors, for presenting such a friendly, well-organised and interesting show.......`really enjoyed my visit and various chats with the knowledgeable demonstrators.
  4. 'Britain from Above' can offer some good images of the station environs; zoomable of one registers (free). Like this: Here`s a couple of images that I`ve collected (not my copyright) of the station in 'quadrupled' days.
  5. The Mill`s definitely on my 'must see' list for Saturday!
  6. Not too much in my files from the Blackpool St./Green Lane area, but this outline trackplan shows the expanse of the tracks serving Lairds and the various Birkenhead railway stations and depots: Blackpool Street signal boxes: Freight-trip passing Blackpool St.:
  7. Apologies for raking up one of my own older-posts, but I came upon this image of the Mollington Oil Depot Sdgs. (taken from the vantage point of the signal box step`s landing), which relates to the signal box diag. image link above.
  8. Many printers also have a dirty little secret; they have an auto-clean cycle (to address the head-drying problem), which regularly and quietly dumps one`s very expensive ink supplies into a sponge under the cartridge parking area. After years of being ripped-off for OEM cartridges, I bought and fitted a CiSS continuous-ink system for my printer.......refill liquid inks can then be bought in bulk as the cartridge-head isn`t changed upon each refilling. *I`ve no connection with the City Ink company; I just like the product.
  9. 25`s (in pairs) worked heavy-oil tank trains, too.
  10. Hello Bill, I use slightly diluted PVA adhesive and spread it {thinly} about on the baseboard/cork/foam/timber using an old bank/credit-card as a squeegee; lay on the paper template in position and then squeegee-out all about the template`s top surface, pushing any excess glue remaining underneath towards the edge of the paper.....not leaving the paper too wetted, speeds the drying and leaves little-chance of template shrinkage or distortion Perhaps time (for newcomers to the thread) to again make mention of Martin Wynne`s excellent track design software "Templot" (now generously available to download free!) which not only permits one to design a track layout in its entirety, but also to print-off precisely fitted templates ready to stick down and construct trackwork upon........The associated Templot Club forum is also an excellent resource for information and fellow-user support.
  11. Our local show ......looking forward to seeing C.Q again!
  12. I`ve heard that they`re 'good eggs' .......One of the staff at Track Shack is also an esteemed RM-web`er.
  13. It`s good to know that Dadaism isn`t dead; only the frogs!
  14. One can`t know for certain, but likely the exigencies of running a business may mean that some aspects of customer-interaction have to be set aside; when time, manpower/skills and money are at a premium........but not an ideal state of affairs; I grant you.
  15. Saturday mornings of my youth were oft` begun with a visit to Hobbies in Basnett St. Liverpool.
  16. Martin`s observations are germane to the future enjoyment of the O.Ps layout and any layout that may follow; the choice that being able to make handsome prototypical homebuilt track formations 'flow and fit' into any available area (or concept), will surely add greatly to the beauty and operational enjoyment of any project. The basic skills needed to contruct good-looking and smooth-running homebuilt trackwork (i.e: accurate measurement, cutting/filing and soldering may be obtained with clear advice available hereabouts on RM-web and may easily be refined with practice. They would represent transportable practical skills, upon which lifelong enjoyment of the wider hobby can be founded. The O.P has clearly and very commendably learned the use of Templot, so I can see no real reason to limit his/her modelling horizons with set track designs or components (even modified ones).
  17. With respect to the use of rebated fuel (red) for on-road transit using excepted agricultural vehicles, the 'G-Men' say:
  18. I believe that type of 'breather' is known as a Brogden Joint.
  19. A smashing array of creative modelling in promise there! This all must be taking a heck of a lot of organising! ........I`m so looking forward to attending.
  20. That 160 MVA 16kV-275kV transformer {one of a pair} is still in service at Ffestiniog Power Station: http://www.fhc.co.uk/ffestiniog.htm
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