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  1. I've had another session with the printer, with the bed temperature turned off and the extruder running at 200 degrees. Initial impressions were favourable, but they were on a small print. Coming back to my support beam, not good. The lower part appears to have printed OK (albeit with a bit of warping on the LHS), but as can be seen, the upper part has several cracks in it. When trying to remove it from the plate, the print split completely just above the lower webs. For reference, the webs are 2mm deep, the horizontal section 15mm deep. Any suggestions on how to get something usable would be most welcome. Adrian
  2. Thanks for the various suggestions. My current filament is "Renkforce", which I sourced from Rapid Components. I always level the bed before starting a print (I'm surprised by how much it can change between prints), but I'm not entirely convinced that the bed isn't warped (sometimes it looks as though the middle is lower, other times it doesn't). Further experiments are currently on hold as the last time I tried to use the printer, one of the leads that is used to heat the bed broke off (the third time it has happened), and my current soldering iron isn't powerful enough to remake the connection. As the bed moves in the Y plane, it flexes the wire and eventually the joint suffers from fatigue. Adrian
  3. What is happening by that bridge across the incline ? is it a pair of runaway wagons, or is one being loaded there ? Adrian
  4. Sorry, I don't understand what you mean by the brim being translucent. Adrian
  5. Thanks. Those are some good looking prints. Yes, I'm printing on the side, maximum surface contact. Printing is done on to blue tape which gives good adhesion for the brim (the problem seems to be brim/print adhesion) rather than the brim. The clearance between the extruder head is set up before each print, so unless that is changing during the print, it should be OK. I'll try changing the temperatures and see what happens. Adrian
  6. Two different issues with the same print. I'm using PLA, 195 degrees for the extruder, and 50 for the plate. My brim goes down OK, but I soon start to see problems with warping on larger prints. My current project is basically an I beam ~160mm long and 95 wide, and three out of the four corners are warping. At the last attempt, I'd left it going, and on coming back, one corner had warped to the extent that it was only 4mm deep, when it should have been 6.2. I've tried altering the orientation of the print, but the problem always seems to occur in the same corner of the print bed (rather than the same point on the print). My second problem, which is almost certainly unrelated, is that even though I've asked for a support structure to be printed, this isn't happening. I'm using Wanhao's version of Cura (which came with the printer), and haven't had problems with it before. Adrian
  7. We had snow last week (south of Birmingham). Adrian
  8. Thinking about this a bit more, I have a feeling that I visited the site in 1976 (no pictures, and only vague memories), and if it wasn't, it was somewhere on the ex GNR system in the area. I forgot to say, I'm liking this project, I used to have family in the area. Adrian
  9. Which in turn need dragging around by another locomotive.
  10. I've seen layouts that have animals standing next to magnets, others with distinctive (but plausible) scenic features, such as the site of a line side fire (if you're running steam locos). Adrian
  11. May I ask where you got the transfers for the Starfish from ? Adrian
  12. Very nice, with a bit of cropping of the image, you could get away with calling it the real thing. Adrian
  13. Thanks Iain, they look like the sort of thing I'm after. Adrian
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