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  1. Was the Warren Branch built by the GWR, or acquired by them at a later stage. If the latter, then structures could have been built by the Warren Railway Company to whatever design suited them. Figworthy was built by the West Of England Railway Company, but was taken over by the GWR when they ran out of money. Adrian
  2. Designs for 3D printing are available for download. Adrian
  3. Reminds me of some one (sadly no longer with us) I used to know who was a RAF navigator, often on the regular run from Brize Norton to the states. On one occasion the east coast of the states was weather bound, so they had to put into Bermuda instead. They were stuck there for several days. Adrian
  4. Lunesters may (or may not) be interested in watching a programme that was on BBC4 this evening (5/1). Winter Walks (one of a short series). This one was in Dentdale, and finished at Dent Railway Station (although it was described as a Train Station). Apart from the scenery as they moved up the dale from Dent itself, there was a short drone shot of Arten Gill viaduct, and it ended with a shot of what looked more like Dent Head viaduct. For those in the UK, it is no doubt available via i-Player. Adrian
  5. If I recall correctly, the Ffestiniog were running on oil in the late 70s. Adrian
  6. I dropped an order for some transfers in the post on Christmas Eve morning, and the order was delivered yesterday (January 2nd). In view of the time of the year, as well as the problems with the postal service, I thought that the service (by John and Royal Mail) ought be to praised. Adrian
  7. Mackintosh's (of Quality Street fame) were also from the hallowed acres of God's Own County. Adrian
  8. On several occasions, the Aire at Castleford was solid with foam between the weir and the road bridge. I think I've seen pictures of where it had invaded the town. Adrian
  9. At one point I had a copy of the plans for the lift, but I haven't seen them for several decades. I was fancying it as a possible model. Latterly, the coal was supplied from Kellingley, but at various points in time, it also came from the St Aidan's open cast site (before it sprung a leak), Park Hill Colliery (NE of Wakefield), and they also ran a trial of loading at British Oak (which crops up on here from time to time), but there was one lock that would only take one pan or the tug at a time. Not sure if Allerton Bywater, Ferry Fryston or Wheldale were used for Ferrybridge C,
  10. Would it be possible to scale them to (say) 1.9mm/foot (and breathe in when you are being scanned) ? Adrian
  11. Never believe anything until it is officially denied ! Adrian
  12. For the colour, not sure if these help. They are of Dent Head viaduct, taken on a dull day. And one of Arten Gill from the road up the dale Adrian
  13. Thanks both, I suspect that masking of some form might have to be the answer. Adrian
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