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  1. I managed to bag another set of etches last week to as to the pile. Marc
  2. Well I suppose an update on progress would be good. Unfortunately there has been very little. The layout's progress stalled with Covid and with the postponement of the competition last year My Mojo disappeared with it. Hopefully I have solved the dingham coupling issue by designing some larger hoops and there is a bit more stock built. But that's about to change this afternoon I was told that the show is back on for September 4/5th of this year subject to another round of the plague so I will have to sort things out now. Jobs that need to tackled are Buildings need to be placed
  3. how early? I do some WCER Wright and Son coached 1870's which were split between the LNWR and Furness when they took over the line. Not sure how long they lasted as LNWR stock but the Furness ones were still on their wheels in 1924/5 Marc
  4. I have modified some so they have bigger loops. they haven't been etched up yet so I can't say if they are going to work. I will hopefully have them running by Stafford show if it goes ahead. if that works I'm going to look at the hooks to see if I can do anything about height. Marc
  5. Just a word of warning on the dinghams they don't like Peco set track and your stock and track need to be dead level or they don't work as well as they could. Marc
  6. We an up date of this problem. The decision has been taken out of my hands, the layout has go an invite to a show in 2023 at a length of 36ft and 2 more potential invites for this year in October and November in a smaller form. So my headache is now building train turntables, more stock and finding some operators. The first two are in my capabilities to plan for the operators might be abit more difficult. Wish me luck! Marc
  7. We now have an invitation to Kendal show in January 2023 with the layout at it maximum size of 36ft. So I have something to aim for. It could an outing at both Barrow and Workington shows this year but that is still TBC s we could be taking WC Boggs or Bow Locks. Either way work will need to be starting on the fiddle yards as soon as lockdown ends. I'm also going to need more stock. In its 36ft version needs 7 main line trains and 1 for the branch, plus spare locos. Going to be busy. Marc
  8. Cheeky question I have a similar job to do what resin are you using? Marc
  9. Aagrah restaurants are always worth a visit. food its always excellent. Marc
  10. I'm in the process of having a kit manufactured for a Code100FB points and the chap who is doing this for me has ask if there is a demand for these in either 32mm or 33mm gauges. These kits would be ideal for industrial, light and overseas prototypes and would be made from C100FB rail and laser cut 3mm ply. They would be completed with track gauges. Is this something that would be of interest to anyone? Marc
  11. Hi Jackie Not overly suprised the pessimistic person I me is not holding out for anything this side of October. Marc
  12. if you fancy a walk on the Moors the old railways at Rosedale are pretty good. They are a little South of Whitby. Marc
  13. I tried you way of printing the buffer heads. Worked first time. Far better results than using outsourcing companies that I could mention. I've also printed them in black so I don't need to paint them. Marc
  14. Hi Geraint, Good question. On average open/mineral wagons lasted about 40 years so I would thing that there was a distinct possibility for the late 40's early 50's. The last ones, 12T D55, of this design were built in 1917. It would all depend on if the LMS decided to get out the axe as they did with the Furness loco fleet in the 1930's. I have no idea how it ended up in Derbyshire. A more detailed photo of the 12t D54/10t D55 brake is attached. there is a drawing on the Cumbria Railways Association web site that is free to download. Its the one I used to create our 3D model for o
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