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  1. I didn't know they did S7 wheels at all. I will have a look for some. Thanks for the tip. Marc
  2. 7mm on 00 is 0-16.5 which is no known narrow gauge ever used in the real world. The closest to it is the Talyllyn but that works out 0-15.85 (official gauge) however the working gauge is actually 3ft3.5 which is 0-16. Also the rail profile is to big and the wrong shape. 0-14 and S7 are 14mm and 33mm respectively. 14mm is correct for 2ft gauge and 33mm for 4ft8.5. Marc
  3. I'm building stock for an 0-16 Talyllyn layout and an NSW micro layout in S7 and 0-14 do these count? Marc
  4. Nice work on the wagon My Saturn arrived yesterday what resin are you using? Are yo putting any flex into your resin or is it just straight from the bottle? Marc
  5. Well a large box arrived yesterday afternoon, a month later than I was hoping for but is here and that the main thing. I'm going to order some resin shortly. I have been looking for large bottles of the stuff and failing miserably I normally buy in 10KGs of my normal casting resin at a time and that lasts me about 6-10 months but I'm only seeing 500ml bottles at the moment. Also were is the best place to buy Monocure Flex in the uk? Marc
  6. That would be away round getting them manufactured as, as long as the correct materials were used in the printer you could definitely print the centers and you could put a quarter hole in the print so they fitted a standard axle. My printer should be with me by the start of next week so I could add a wheel center to the list of job. Marc
  7. This isn't my work but I think it needs posting here. I believe its going to be part of Virtual Scaleforum on the 26th of this month.
  8. I have to say it's a really nice scale. It would be quite easy to scale some of our 7mm stuff down and and have a go but time and space. Marc
  9. The Furness Railway and the Cambrian shared a lot of common stock types I've used Cambrian drawings for some of our Furness kit and vice versa. Especially for 4 wheel coaches. The OPC drawings in the NRM in York are very good as is the metcamm archive in Birmingham but that is duplicated with the HMRS archive. Still working on the spreadsheet. Marc
  10. I was thinking from a commercial point of view. The majority of small tanks ran on 4ft or smaller. For myself I have a lathe and the skills to us it but people get put off with the extra faff. If there was a better selection of wheels more people would be turning their backs on "Narrow Gauge" and joining S7. People are quite happy to by a RTR wagon from Dapol as there are replacement wheels available. But if the wheels were not available they wouldn't buy them. It why my first S7 loco is a GER tram as all you need to do is swap out the axles. You can't see the wheels so no need to put them on the lathe. Marc
  11. The lack of a lowmac wheel is a bit of a problem with the current Slater's S7 wheel range. I could also do with some 3 and 4ft driving wheels so to start looking at doing some industrial locos and suchlike. Marc
  12. Cambrian drawing books please tell more? Marc
  13. That should be ok if that is alright with Jonathan? Marc
  14. Which ones are you after? There is very little access for the drawings team to get in at the moment. HMRS is running with email an zoom at the moment. Marc
  15. Hi Johnathan, I transferred the data to a spreadsheet so I can search it. I should have all formatting done tonight. Lots of info in there. I've got a few more Cambrian drawings in the box. This adds a couple of extra pieces of the jigsaw. Do you want a copy of the spreadsheet when it's done? Marc
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