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  1. Speaking from experience I have placed the magnets on my latest layout on each of the sidings. On a previous layout I only put one magnet in relying upon the delay action on the couplings which didn't really work. Didn't make the same mistake twice. Marc
  2. Ooooo. A drawing. the photo in the book shows on unfitted but piped. Looks like a conversation rather than a new build. Should be very simple conversation. Marc
  3. I use children's play sand push it into position then PVA glue. Once it's gone off then paint it with track grot. Very cheep and quite effective. Marc
  4. I forgot to ask if the book was any good for drawings and photos? Marc
  5. Very interesting not been down there for a about 25 years. Marc
  6. White ink would make sense with the pens. I will have to dig mine out. Marc
  7. Good idea, thanks for the offer but I should be able to draw some out. Where did you get the dimensions for your template? White acrylic or enamel paint? Marc
  8. Another cracking job, as normal. Did you hand paint the diamonds? The HMRS transfers as still unavailable. I have a Dia.1 and a Dia.2 to letter. Marc
  9. Would you like to ruin some of my wagons in the same style of poor weathering? I would be very happy if my weathering came anywhere near your very high standard. Marc
  10. You might want to have a look at the Denton Brook thread. Giles is a bit of an expert, he would never admit to being one, on buildings. I was taught to never reinvented the wheel. Marc
  11. Great work as as always. Were did you get your point levers from? It's one of the bits I need to sort for Boggs and Son. Marc
  12. That's exactly what I have done. Marc
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