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  1. I have always gone to York's spent the day in searchengine going through the list I thought I would like to see then ordering the ones I actually needed. Not sure how I would do that these days. Luckily I have a stock pile of drawings to go through. Marc
  2. I count 3 for November. Workington, high Wickham and spenymoor. The interesting messages we are getting are not helping. From July you can use a swimming pool but you can't use the changing rooms. I can see the growth of garden railways with open days. Marc
  3. They aren't great. They will go round the curve but they don't like coupling or uncoupling on the curve. They also bind and can give you buffer lock on wagons that don't have sprung buffers. I'm designing modified loops so that they work better on my micro layout. I've, also, made sure that I'm only using 15ft long wagon on a 9ft wheel base as a maximum sided wagon. This is more to do with the radius of the curve than the couplings as they work fine with out any modifications through a standard peco 6ft point that I have on my other layout. Marc
  4. I've started scaling up 00 card kits and cutting them out of ply or foam board. Ply is more expensive but stronger and you can scribe planks or bricks into it. It takes time but these day that's what everyone has. Marc
  5. Progress so far all parts have been scaled up. I'm know trying to put all the structural parts on to sheets to work out the number of sheets needed. There is a no points option with a small traverser which is very tempting. Marc
  6. They work great on curves greater than 5ft under this they can be a little problematic, but it does state that in the instructions. Also make sure that you have them all at the same height. Marc
  7. Some of my fellow S7 modellers would cut the brake lever from plate brass or NS as a manufacturing engineer I would etch it. Marc
  8. Nice work what scale are you working in. Marc
  9. The Cambrian rlys branch to Kerry was run with the use of 0-4-0STs built in the 1860 by Sharp Stewart. Marc
  10. Don't use rush for anything. The drawings don't match anything. I presume that you are modelling in in 4mm. Marc
  11. I saw this 4mm layout in a box from Scalescenes and thought what a good idea for a small micro S7 layout. I have most of the stock required to run it a a Great Eastern industrial branch and I saw a narrow Boat with "Bow Locks" on it and thought its a great name. Not sure what the product being made will be yet i'm toying with a Brewery or a fire works factory. Tasks to start with scale everything up, time consuming as its a case if printing each piece out at 176% which doesn't fit that well on an A3 printer. work out how I'm going to build it. I was thinking either 3mm ply or 3mm foam board covered in DAS or plastikard. 6mm play for the base board. hand built in-laid track mounted on copper clad and then covered with DAS and the cobbles engraved in. Should have a bit of time on my hands shortly as No.1 child is going back to school and there doesn't look like we shall be see any exhibitions this side of Christmas. Marc
  12. I have a full set of works GA drawings for both the J70 and Y6 and I can't find a dimension anywhere on the drawings. I have used 0.6mm brass wire for my 7mm Y6 version. Marc
  13. There aren't many good photos out there with China clay wagons in. I have a drawing from the Matthews private owner wagon book of a board gauge clay wagon but I have never seen a photo. Marc
  14. Hi Duncan I have attached some photos hope they help Marc
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