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  1. These are my latest efforts a M&GN 3 plank and a M&CR 3 plank. All the axle gaurds and brakes are going to be etched brass. Marc
  2. I wear the trousers in our house I'm just informed when I'm to put them on and what I'm to do while wearing them. We work as a team and do it her way. Marc
  3. I have used the peco set track points on my micro 6ft by 18 inches. I use 15ft long wagons that have a 9ft WB with small industrial locos and I have had to modify couplings to get things to work. IMHO you are walkng into the house of pain if you want to go round. I have attached a phot of my efforts but if you want to go round I would say a minimum of 4ft6 better at 5ft+. The track plan is the mirror of the one shown. Marc
  4. Many thanks for the tip. I'm building it in 7mm from a Judith Edge kit, so I'm going to have paint it myself anyway. But if express dairy has them in blue that's good enough for me. Just got to get some matching paint now. Marc
  5. Just a quick question were any turned out in Blue? My 5 year old wants one in blue for christmas. Marc
  6. the loops are 1 1/2x bigger on width. I etched them up in 18thou NS. the standard ones are ok on 4ft6 or greater but they get temperamental below that so I made the wider. no problems now. Marc
  7. On my micro layout I've got peco set track. But I don't have anything bigger than a terrier and a 9ft WB wagons. I don't have any problems with 3link couplings but I hav had to produce a modified Dingham coupling that can cope with the reverse curves. On the S7 layout I'm working on I've gone for a A4/5ft minimum for it and I'm only using GER tram and small tanks. Marc
  8. Pre23 has a bit of a ring to it. We send the guild our latest products and they do put it into that section of the gazette and have done for years. Its disappointing to see that there is little evidence with in the archive. In 20 years we have only had 2 kits reviewed which has grated a little. But on a positive note you have found us now. And we do ship a lot of stuff to Oz. We are even producing NSWGR stock for a few customers in NSW as its cheaper to manufacture and ship from the UK than it is to get them made in NSW. Marc
  9. Thanks to Jackie and her team for sorting everything out. From a demonstrator's point of view a lot of people have watched the 3 videos that I produced, which is great. But from a traders point of view it was totally useless £0 sales. And having spoke to a few other small manufacturing/suppliers they have been in the same ball game. It might be a good format for the big boys but might not have the same effect for smaller plyers of the game. Its only been one show so you can't pass judgement on if they could or should replace a standard face to face show just yet. Marc
  10. You are not alone, even though we have been doing shows for the last 20 years. We should have over 150 wagons in the range by the middle of next year. and there are some more coaches, locos and buildings in the pipeline. We are in the process of changing over to "Pre-Grouping Railways" as a name. We have been going to show as both, for some time, and the website has been under that name for some years, now. The sign we have at shows has a big picture of a china clay wagon on and we still get "Furness Railway that's to far North for me!" What would you suggest as a suitable replace
  11. We are only small but we do export our kits and ready to run models all over the world. We currently have the largest selection on wagon kits and they cover the period 1875 to 1955. please see below for link to website. Marc
  12. Warren Shepherd sells etched GWR versions. I have one somewhere. They look good but I've never fitted one yet. Marc
  13. Don't want to burst your bubble but I'm already doing just that I. 7, G1 and S gauges. It's easier scaling down than up. We currently do over 150 pre-grouping models with another 25 in the pipeline. Marc
  14. I have just finished the 3D CAD models for the two 2 planks. Marc
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