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  1. Only second! what did you have to do to get first? The mind boggles. Now you have done one exhibition there is no going back. Marc
  2. Good luck with the judging Marc
  3. They are listed in the Southern Railway Wagon Vol.1 LSWR/SDJR. Also post 1914 most SDJR wagons were split between the LSWR and the midland but some included the peat wagons were still in their SDJR livery in 1930. As a side those wagons handed back to the parent companies were only fully repainted when it was needed so in most cases the SDJR lettering was painted over and the parents painted onto the SDJR liveried wagons. So you can get LSWR lettered wagons on a grey wagon rather than the brown oxide. The kits for the raised ended D299, 299 with flat ends and the peat wagon are available from us. if you PM me I can get something sorted. Marc
  4. The S&DJR D299's weren't all carbon copies of the Midland versions apart from them being an inch and a half thinner and having no bottom doors. There were ones built with raised ends and wooden sheet rails; others with William's sheet rails and 14 built with raves (7 with side doors) to transport peat. Marc
  5. How about a S&DJR D299 for a bit of a change? Marc
  6. The best one I've had we were at a show with our trade stand and a bloke came up to me and thanked me for bringing my collection of wagons to display them at the show. The 6ft by 2ft sign and the t-shirts were to suttle for him I think. Marc
  7. you just can't get through to some people. Marc
  8. Firstly health and safety is relitively new. I was told that doors were opened by hitting the dog clip and letting gravity do the rest. I was also told that you could hook the door with a shunter's pole while someone re-engaged the dog clip. However in some hoppers the doors had had return springs so when the load had emptied and the wieght of the door became light enough the doors shut. This system was in use from about 1905. Marc
  9. I have had to modify some of our steel under-framed wagons. I retro fitted some couplings and they were pulled out of line with the force of the spring. To stop this happening I had some small blocks made that fit at the back of the buffer beam. This has stopped the coupling pull to the side. Marc
  10. This will be our first show having had to take 6 months off the circuit. Marc
  11. Heart broken for all effected. If we stop doing what we all do the idiots have won. We can't let that happen. Marc
  12. I bet there is a photo out there that proves your prototype. I have a photo of a GER 5 plank open that has one 3ft1 spoked wheel and a disc at the other end. the same wagon ad different AB at each end as well. Marc
  13. It looks like it could be scaled up to make an effective micro layout. It looks like its only currently available in 4mm. Marc
  14. Mike What is the industrial building in the drawing in the background? Marc
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