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  1. I'm reminded of the the words of the Great Sir Humphrey Appleton. "Government policy and common sense have nothing to do with each other!" It just goes to show "Yes Minister!" More of a documentary than a fictional comedy. Marc
  2. Wearing 3 hats: visitor; exhibitor and trader I have mixed feelings about when shows should start up again. I should also say that I'm in my late 40's and I have an autoimmune disorder. And I have had both jabs. So my personal risk level has moved from highish to lowish. The trader hat is asking: will I be safe? Will enough people come to the show and if they do will they part with enough money to make it worth while paying for a stand.? The exhibitor hat is asking: Will I be safe? And will anyone want to stand and watch? The visitor hat is is just asking Will I be safe? As I look at the big picture of risk regardless of the number of people jabbed the risk factor is the number of infections. The jab doesn't stop you getting covid it just reduces the risk of becoming seriously ill, if you do get it, reduces that chance that you can pass it on. Until we brake the transmission we are all at risk. The risk to us all is not improved by those individuals who could get jabbed but don't. We need to get to a position of a out 80% of the population with antibodies to get us out of the woods. So as some people will not produce any antibodies we as a society need the rest of us to step up and get the jab and personal I think this might include kids over the age of 10. So back to the original question would I go to a show? A small one with restrictions later on in the year yes. One of any size before October probably not. Marc
  3. Well GuildEx 21 has been cancelled again so when we will be getting the layout out on the road is Cristal ball gazing. Hopefully GuildEx 22 will be second time lucky. Marc
  4. For those who haven't heard this year's show has been cancelled. A bit of a disappointment but not to much of a shock. Marc
  5. its a dangerous and costly addiction i'm up to 7 now. I have the same problem with GER tram locos as well! Marc
  6. Happy birthday Mike I'm have a pint of wild hare in salute of you as I type. Marc
  7. I've had no IT for over a month. Finally got it back up and running this morning. Just before everything died I did a print of our Mid-wales brake van in 4mm. It worked fine so I will be shrinking more in the next few weeks. Marc
  8. It's the same in 7mm code 100FB is to big. It's great for 7mm SG light railways. I have used code 85 for 0-14 industrial before and it looks ok. The problem of rail gets worse for people modelling ffesiniog as that used bullhead rail until well into the 1990's. Marc
  9. A few years ago I did see a County Donegal Railways layout built using 16.5 Peco track. It looked like a elephant on a bike if I'm honest. Is the availablity of 009 and 016.5 track and very few uk prototypes being built to those gauges a reason for going all out freelance? Marc
  10. I'm surprised no-one has brought the gauge issue up before. I was expecting this to be one of the major factors in the discussion. Marc
  11. Can I thank everyone who has contributed so far to this thread. All of your comments and views have been very interesting to read. In my own layout building up to now I have fallen in to the catagory of real stock fake place. Having always made sure the stock was real I never really worried about the layout it ran on. I always looked a real places as something to aspire to if and when I had the space and time. I can't say to much about the project as it is very much in the planning stage. But I hope to produce something that might give those of us who would like to produce a real prototype some hope of doing it convincing in a small space. Marc
  12. It a common feature on that section of the midland. So they would have had to use capstan and rope or they would have taken so long to shunt each of the yards it would have caused large distribution to the WTT. Marc
  13. Forgot to mention the transfers I used were from the Welsh Railways Research Circle. They are water slide, so not my favourite type. Marc
  14. More good news I got the official invitation to this year's Workington model railway show on the 20th/21st of November. Not sure if we will be at 24ft or 30ft yet but that really doesn't matter. It looks like this year's new stock will be a mix of LBSCR and LSWR. Including a pre-1895 beattie well tank. Marc
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