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  1. This is a serious question, so don't just get up set and say how dare you ask. The reason I'm asking it is that I'm in the process of writing a book on building real railways in limited spaces. Narrow gauge by its very nature is designed to be more compact than standard gauge and there is a lot of good prototypes out there, yet very few narrow gauge layouts are actually of real prototypes. Is this because people don't think they can build a real prototype or is it because people don't overly care. I would real like people's honest answers. Marc
  2. Does this mean the trains now don't stop Camborne Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays.......... Marc
  3. Niel, You wouldn't mind me pinching this idea for a project I have on the go at the moment? I can't say to mutch at the moment. Marc
  4. Probably a bit of a silly question but which A1 Terriers retained their condensing gear post 1895? In Tom Middlemass' book he says that at total of 9 were not modified. I'm I correct with the following 39 Denmark 51 Rotherhithe 52 Surrey 60 Ewell 65 Tooting 66 Hatcham 68 Clapham 79 Minories 81 Beulah There are photos of other A1's with condensing pipes in Marsh livery. So my next question is, did some A1's have their condensing gear replaced after it had been removed before they we're rebuilt as A1X's? Marc
  5. M&CR had some 0-4-2t as did the LNWR and did the NBR. As for 2-4-0t I have found a few M&SWJR, SDJR, S&MJR and the IOWC. To name a few. Marc
  6. This is my version. It plastic with brass strapping. Marc
  7. I did that one a few years ago. Its currently sat one WC Boggs I will take a photo and post it later tonight. It featured on a YouTube video I did for the GOG's first vertual show last year. Marc
  8. Just an idea one of the LNWR two plank drop side with 3 slate wagons mounted on. Four wagons in one. I think they had bridge rail mounted to the floor so 3 2ft gauge slate wagon could be loaded. Marc
  9. Very sad news it came to quickly. The hobby has lost one of its best. He will be missed by all those who have got to know him over the years. And my thoughts are with his nearest and dearest at this time. RIP Marc
  10. I have photos of M&SWJR ones as well. The S&DJR were split between the Midland and LSWR in 1914 just be for WW1 so it possible that the midland had a few. Also the NER operated round ended hopper wagons in large numbers. These were to dia.P4. Marc
  11. I'm in my 40's but I do pre grouping. I don't have any favourite company. My main layout is LBSCR/LSWR and it was a pure fluke. Or the LBSCR part was . I bought a Terrier in IEG with the intention of respraying it into LSWR holly green and couldn't make myself do it. I now have 7 terriers 6 in IEG and just the one in LSWR green. The LSWR part came from both living in Cornwall and returning for family holidays and a aversion to the GWR. I also have a shunting plank set in either London or Carlisle so I can maximize my wagon collection. Marc
  12. Hi Robert, I have PM you with my email address. Marc
  13. Is it posable to get yourself renamed? If it is how do you go about doing it? Marc
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