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  1. Just had another invite for 2022 we are going to Leigh (nr Wigan) in April. getting back to shows is fun. Marc
  2. H Tony That photo was taken at Haverthwaite which was the transhipment point for Low Wood Gunpowder works. the explosives van is a LNWR small 6t van and the Box van is a NBR 10t. Gunpowder van is a bit of a misnomer as by 1890 most explosives used wasn't gunpowder so by 1890 a better term would be explosives van, which some companies did use. From a mining point of view the type of explosive used would depend on the end product required. if you want to loosen slate from a face and need it to come off in big lumps the Gunpowder would be used. However, if you want smash the rock as small as possible then dynamite would be used. Coal extraction is different again as you would only really be using any sort of explosive to take out what is called a "washout" which is were a river channel has cut through the coal seam. Most coal is relatively soft and can be hacked out with pick and shovel. Also in a coal mine there is normally methane which has a tendency to explode, on its own with out any help, so the use of explosives would be restricted encase it took the rest of the mine with it. So to your original question Gunpowder/Explosives vans might be an unusual sight at a coal mine. Quarries and Hard Rock mines are were you might find vans or the nearest station to them. Marc
  3. The wheel profile issue and supply is the reason I (Pregrouping Railways) don't supply wheels with kits. Yes the majority of sale would be 7FS but the number of sales of S7 is increasing and there is the odd person out there who will fit course scale wheels in. The sentiment raised about the availability of wheels is a bit chicken and egg. People don't see a demand as sales are low so there is a reluctance to do more but if there is more choice more people would move to S7. With the majority of 7mm layouts being built not requiring large locos the selection of wheels for large locos will be small. Marc
  4. There isn't a gap at the top hence the need for auto couplings. I use 3 link on my other 7FS layout. Marc
  5. I haven't posted any progress on the tanks since last year mainly due to IT issues. I have been getting on top of the new cad package which doesn't like bringing in AutoCAD files at the same scale that they were drawn in. Fun and games. Well now back to the job in hand. I have attached pictures of progress so far. All the parts will be made available for those who bought the original kit in due course. Marc
  6. Thought I should add that we don't have any bookings until next August so if any exhibition managers need to fill a small space with an o gauge layout we are open to offers. Marc
  7. Good to be back on the circuit again another great show from the Furness Model Railway club team. it was great to operate for 2 days you find out all sorts of niggles. The couplings need redesigned before its next outing. Marc
  8. Big thanks to all the FMRC team a great show. Marc
  9. It comes round quick. Just adding a few touches to Boggs as I type. there is still lots of little things I want to do to it but its not going to get done before tomorrow. Marc
  10. With less than 2 weeks before Furness Model show. I have been tidying things up and adding a few things since it's last outing in 2019. I still have a few things I want to do before the competition next September. Marc
  11. Really looking forward to getting back to going to shows. This will be only Boggs' second trip out, and I have done a few modifications. Marc
  12. it could be for carrying long stands or elbow grease? Marc
  13. Has anyone built any in any scale and if so do they have any tips on building them. Not sure if I'm going to build in O-14 or SM32 yet. It's going to depend on the availability of loco kits. Marc
  14. I'm currently thinking that I'm not going to have them in my had before 20th of November so I'm going to have to have alternative options. Which will either be kits from either Roxey mouldings or Ian McCormick or print some coaches. Mmmm Marc
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