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    American HO and old Merc's hence the profile name W124, refers to the code for the '86 to '94 E class. Favourite loco an Alco C420 favourite car a LHD '80's Mercedes Benz 200D. Currently driving trains for XC ex Coalville ex Orpington ex Manchester Victoria now across town at Piccadilly

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  1. Do you have anymore info on that or better still pictures particularly of the BSK? I feel a project coming on. Just to add i wonder if the driving trailer for the Trib train is the same BSK.
  2. This is the only cl 47 I'm aware of with standard MU equipment, https://www.flickr.com/photos/52g_sunderland/17223564518/in/[email protected]/ certainly 1937 or 1939 didn't appear to be fitted so how unique was this loco? I am aware of the two class 47/3's Pinky and Perky!
  3. Here is my attempt at Evening Star on the Pines(via Dewsbury Midland!)with etched head board, mismatched head lights a headcode board made from plasticard and digits from the decal bits box. Real coal and a light weathering just as it appeared in many of Ivo Peter's photographs. Sadly since taking this image I've got a valve gear issue on one side, the rivet holding the joint together for the reverse linkage has come apart.
  4. I note that drugs played a in that crash, also of note were the comments about booking arrangements and lack of any supervision, something of an irony considering it's practically standard practice now. Before retirement I doubt if I spoke to anyone when booking correctly on about 60% of occasions, booking on by automated phone system was the standard procedure(probably still is).
  5. More cut and shut than Arfur Daley's forecourt!
  6. On the balance of advice here I'm going for the tried and tested, after all I have all the traditional solder and equipment to hand and plenty of track off cuts to have a bit of a practice on. I must remember NOT to wear my new best jumper and the end you hold is NOT the shiny point warm end!
  7. I asked the question because I came across this product https://www.modeltech.uk/product-page/ho-oo-protrack-rail-aligner-standard if you click the user manual link, and watch his Youtube demo, he uses solder paste. It was something I'd never even heard of before, hence my question.
  8. The brake coach in both suburban and corridor form were good starts for tool/mess van conversions to complement the Bachmann crane as well.
  9. I'm just about to start soldering up Peco electrofrog points (as per the instructions)and adding droppers, iron is a brand new Antex 25w with a fine point tip and was wondering if there are any benefits to using solder paste. It looks to me easier but I'm just cack handed and clumsey!
  10. When buying Modern Railways/Railway World back in the 70's and early 80's(and early editions of Rail) one of the first columns I would read was the one that described the sightings of loco on odd/unusual workings etc. For example, "on the 24th 44004 worked a Toton to Dewsnap engineers train throughout". Anyone with access to these fancy posting up the odd snippet, or just odd loco spotting memories from the period.
  11. About the only stuff BR bought in was basic stationary and stuff which would have been fairly standard across other industries/trades. However they employed all their own trades people such as decorating gangs, plumbers and electricians, even printing was done in house as far as I remember. So the idea of making their own tail lamps entirely fits, particularly at a place like Horwich.
  12. On the EM Hornsey Broadway site they have used these kegs as loads for container flats, so I wondered if there are any plans for a rerun and could they be available via the UK website.
  13. Before I embark on weathering and populating 9 of these is there anything I should be careful with when I start to take them apart, they all have lights.
  14. I'm in the early stages of my new layout set somewhere between 1969 and 1972, so plenty of dirty blue. It's another MPD layout set in Southern Scotland, Byford Lane will feature plenty of type 2 action , here is a taster .
  15. My pre TOPS class 25/0 conversion, water tank removed, fuel tank modified to suit the final few 25/0's, roof detail altered and the body side steps very carefully opened up and reinstated. I had to get at the spigots retaining the water tank from under the motor, two were accessible and carefully drilled out. I could then pop the tank off from underneath, the steps involved a lot of drilling and careful filing, the hand holds are thin slithers of micro strip. The next one will be a simple renumber to 5150 as it appeared on the ScR, four double arrows but at some point it was given a repla
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