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  1. Progress, although slow, was continuing with track laid and a steady accumulation of rolling stock and locos....although it was always hoped i could move to a larger layout in the loft when planning permission was obtained from SWMBO. That's been granted, so i was in two minds whether to continue with this small practice layout or to break it down and use it upstairs.... Then this week, disaster struck.....taking a punt on a well known auction site, i purchased "LOTS OF RAILWAY TRACK, JUNCTIONS ETC. DON'T KNOW WHETHER THIS IS ANY GOOD TO ANYONE, LEFT IN A HOUSE I BOUGHT? for the princely s
  2. I've found (from a somewhat limited experience admittedly) that PvA glue makes the paper more pliable, and allows a much sharper bend, but you have to be very careful about getting it on the edges of the printed side because it can wet the ink causing the colours to bleed together or change colour altogether.
  3. I'm having a go at a bit of scratch building, interpreting a picture someone posted on here of a mess building. I've adapted it to be a mess and office for my small TMD. I'm in need of a little advice..... . In my TMD, it will be atop a small mound, around 5 foot in height, and with a rise up to the car park on the left hand side of a similar amount. What i'd like some advice on, is given it's set in the early 80's, would the steps up to car park, and down from office have a sloping wall either side of them, simple hand rails, nothing at all? Would there be likely to be a wall around the pav
  4. Sadly, it seems i won't be purchasing the textures i was hoping for to do a little scratchbuilding......it seems recent changes have meant that i now have no option but to sign up for paypal when buying from scalescenes. There used to be an option to pay by credit/debit card, but now no longer. If i try to pay, it automatically signs me up for a paypal account, which is something i am unwilling to do. The preceding page has this link Pay with a credit or debit card(Optional) Sign up to PayPal to make your next checkout faster But on clicking that link, it goes to Create a PayPal acco
  5. Thanks very much, Doug and Shaun. Loving this, quick and easy for a newbie like me, and looks great
  6. A 3 way point would give you a lot more options, and allow you to have a loop and a siding?
  7. Due to a recent unexpected influx of work, the bank account has recieved some much needed input and the modelling has received very little. Still, it's a welcome change and it's allowed me to add a few wagons to the fold in preparation for my loft layout. Work has continued, albeit slowly, on the scalescenes shed. A few fiddly bits to do, and then i can start on the pit. Then, i can slightly alter the trackplan to suit. In the meantime, a couple of my old lima deltics have paid a visit to the almost completed shed, to check out all the fuss. A little dusty from 30 years of storage, Fife a
  8. Well, it's taking a little longer than expected. I've had to slightly revise the spacings for the shed, and have decided to build a Scalescenes R023 Diesel Depot first, so i can be sure everything lines up. As a complete novice, it's taking a little time, but i'm moderately happy with the steady progress. Note to anyone doing same build. When building the "corrugated" outer sides, whatever you do, DON'T use prittstick. Having spent quite a time cutting all the fiddly little strips,, when i cut the window out, the whole lot fell to bits. I'm hoping a re-do using PVA will be more successful
  9. A trip to Dunelm Mill has yielded nice big A1 sheets of mounting card (1.3mm thick) and foamboard (5mm thick) at the princely sum of £1 a sheet. A2 sheets of the same card were 50p each. All due to an end of season craft sale. They were unable to reply when quizzed about exactly when craft season started and finished, and whether i needed a licence to shoot during this "season"
  10. Unexpected noob oversight #1 of many. Completely forgot that i'd need to remotely operate points. So i don't really want to lay track just to lift it all again. Tomorrow's project is to buy suitable tubes and rods and cut slots in top of baseboard. In the meantime, weathering practice has commenced with the inevitable grounded van body. Roof is still a bit shiny, which is surprising given i only used matt paints and weathering powders. Tonight's mission is to begin scratch building some low relief backs of the semi detached houses that will form the backscene.
  11. Baseboard made (boy, i'm no carpenter...) Took longer than i thought for the "glue" to set, but it's darned cold in that garage! Today, plans are afoot to lay the cork bed and i really could do with a centre to centre measurement of the tracks on a scalescenics diesel depot, if anyone has one? Then i can get the holes made for the inspection pits and begin to (nervously) lay track
  12. Oops. I didn't expalin the track.....ok, to the right, from the top, 1 for waiting units, roads 2 and 3 will be for TMD, 4 and 5 for fuelling, and left roads for storage.
  13. Ok, i've been thinking about it for long enough now. I'm planning a loft set-up, but due to financial constraints have just been sat for over a year thinking how it might go and being unable to do much about it.....so rather than just wait til i can afford it, i'm going to start a small plank TMD to practice the various aspects of modelling. So Pilham Lane is born. A small mid 80's TMD with a couple of storage sidings. I know, it's all been done before, and doubtless much better and much faster, but we all start somewhere, and at least i'll be starting at long last. Construstion will be
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