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    Dover. (Mildly).
    Photography, (Very Badly).
    Walking. Locally.(with camera).
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  1. Carry on as you are, you have come along way, in the year's I have known you. Best for 2021. dt.
  2. clicking the link below, will take you to a video, from my phone. Dover Priory, running ballast,
  3. Hello, to everyone. It has been awhile since I last posted Looking at the layout, it seems quite dated now. Nothing has been added nor removed. It's just the Granddaughter's, have taken a keen interest. An inspection by the driver.
  4. Wishing Everyone Christmas Greetings, A snapshot (s) of DP, during the quiet period.
  5. The above video,was taken with Nigel's GoPro attached near the screen. The cab ride was awarded to us for 8 months of photographing the rails repair at Shakespeare Cliff.
  6. The photos were taken through a glass window. Next time,we may hire a biplane, wing walking and outside toilets. Probably 600 feet. As Dover Castle is close by,we had to clear it by minimum of 500 feet.
  7. A nice new format to the website. Dover Priory, for those who do not recognise it. Ii took these photos,from a light aircraft we hired,on Saturday 3rd August 2019.
  8. Taken delivery of a set of RHTT wagons,last Friday.
  9. Hello, old friend. My how things have progressed,since I last looked in, Teriffic work Scott.
  10. Must write to ? They've replaced my log cabin !
  11. 13/11/18. Going north on the East coast main line, seen from Peterborough to Newcastle.
  12. 7 days ago north of Peterborough,on my way to Newcastle. passing at 90.mph 13/11/18.
  13. Thank you for taking the time, for posting previously. As the new,subtitle implies, a decision made. After upgrading certain parts of the electrical system. The following photos show what has been removed from the Dover Priory section. Platform 1 had been removed,it will be removed again. I will be working from the back scene in stages to the front of the base boards. Work may well start next week when I return home. Most of the DP section had unfinished pieces and a lot not in a fixed position, I hope to rectify this.
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