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  1. Carry on as you are, you have come along way, in the year's I have known you. Best for 2021. dt.
  2. clicking the link below, will take you to a video, from my phone. Dover Priory, running ballast,
  3. Hello, to everyone. It has been awhile since I last posted Looking at the layout, it seems quite dated now. Nothing has been added nor removed. It's just the Granddaughter's, have taken a keen interest. An inspection by the driver.
  4. Wishing Everyone Christmas Greetings, A snapshot (s) of DP, during the quiet period.
  5. The above video,was taken with Nigel's GoPro attached near the screen. The cab ride was awarded to us for 8 months of photographing the rails repair at Shakespeare Cliff.
  6. The photos were taken through a glass window. Next time,we may hire a biplane, wing walking and outside toilets. Probably 600 feet. As Dover Castle is close by,we had to clear it by minimum of 500 feet.
  7. A nice new format to the website. Dover Priory, for those who do not recognise it. Ii took these photos,from a light aircraft we hired,on Saturday 3rd August 2019.
  8. Taken delivery of a set of RHTT wagons,last Friday.
  9. Hello, old friend. My how things have progressed,since I last looked in, Teriffic work Scott.
  10. Must write to ? They've replaced my log cabin !
  11. 13/11/18. Going north on the East coast main line, seen from Peterborough to Newcastle.
  12. 7 days ago north of Peterborough,on my way to Newcastle. passing at 90.mph 13/11/18.
  13. Thank you for taking the time, for posting previously. As the new,subtitle implies, a decision made. After upgrading certain parts of the electrical system. The following photos show what has been removed from the Dover Priory section. Platform 1 had been removed,it will be removed again. I will be working from the back scene in stages to the front of the base boards. Work may well start next week when I return home. Most of the DP section had unfinished pieces and a lot not in a fixed position, I hope to rectify this.
  14. Dover Priory, today, 0930. The 66 at the rear, is "Chinook", did not get a closeup, left 32 early.
  15. A Happy 5th Birthday ! To you both.
  16. Yep,am a bit late on parade. Sometime Saturday morning,for the day.
  17. Lack of skills control ? Anyway, bout time you answered your emails.
  18. https://flic.kr/p/PaeDmAActually,October is not far off ! Thank you for your patience. I thank you for you previous post's since March, especially the Tod connection. Most of the day's,since early this year have been taken up with local voluntary organisations or in my "new" allotment,when most's day's were over 30 degrees. Far too hot to do any kind of modelling on a Wednesday night,or any other,come to that. Loftysr, has been rather unwell for a number of months, so last Wed and six weeks previous,are the only two attempt's to model anything. Which culminates into these few photo's, for you all to look at.
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