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    Apart from Model Railways, 45 year involvement in various aspects of motorsport, from building and racing to organisation. Sold my hooligan car to fund a new workshop to build 5" gauge . I am a mentor and design judge for formula Student in the UK. Member of SHMRC since 1996.

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  1. Sadly due to an unforeseen family commitment, Rossiters Rise has had to withdraw from the exhibiton. However we are delighted that Tom Everitt (TomE) has agreed to bring his lovely Ropley layout at short notice.
  2. We are back! Subject to no further restrictions from Boris, the South Hants Model Railway Club will host the annual Portsmouth Model Railway Exhibition on Saturday 20th November 2021 at: Admiral Lord Nelson School on Dundas Lane, Portsmouth, PO3 5XT Opening time between 10:30 and 16:30. As usual we have a carefully chosen selection of top-class model railway layouts and demonstrators, supported by a loyal band of traders and ‘gauge’ societies. More details of layouts, traders, demonstrators and societies, plus details of how to get there, can be found on the Club's website - https://www.shmrc.org.uk/exhibition/ There will be limited parking at the school, but the Ocean Retail Park opposite the school has free unlimited parking (except for McDonalds which has a time limit). Covid Precautions: The school has installed hand sanitiser stations and we will be providing extra facilities around the exhibition. In accordance with current government guidelines, we will be providing an optional track and trace registration facility (QR code). We would ask that visitors and exhibitors wear face coverings if possible. Layouts Cheddar P4 Cheddar Chris Challis’s lovely S and D layout Copper Wort OO Copper Wort The new scenic masterpiece from master builder Pete Goss, coming all the way from Yorkshire. Eastwood P4 Eastwood The new 38ft L and Y opus from the SHMRC, think Stoke Bank with shunting in P4. Kinmundy EM Kinmundy Diesels in the winter originally built by Martin ‘back in an hour Jones now with its new owners. Laramie Engine Terminal O laramie engine terminal Big Boys in O gauge what more can one say, it needs to be seen. Lower Exbury P4 Lower Exbury Another atmospheric layout of an LSWR backwater. Portsea 3mm Portsea We are in Portsmouth so it is nice to have a layout in the spirit of Portsmouth Harbour Lightermans Yard 2mm Lightermans Yard A beautiful urban rendition of South East London in 2mm scale Ropley N Ropley Tom Everitts beautiful model of Ropley on the Mid Hants Railway in preservation. William Smith’s Wharf 2mm More superb 2mm modelling from Jerry Clifford. Widley and St George OO Widley and St.George - SHMRC One for our younger visitors - come and drive trains pulled by Thomas, Percy, Gordon and more of their friends Traders Booklaw Publications C & L Finescale Coastal DCC Frome Model Centre London Road Models Model Railway Developments Penbits RumneyModels Squires Model & Craft Tools The Model Shop Portsmouth Tim Horn Baseboards Plus our Members’ Sales Stand Societies EM Gauge Society 2mm Finescale Society Scalefour Society MERG Demonstrators The only bit of the exhibition still be finalised, but the thread will be update as soon as the list is finalised.
  3. David McCarthy. It is with great sadness to report that David McCarthy (davidmcc3) died peacefully at home on 29th June 2021. He had fought a long and debilitating illness with great courage and good humour. He was nursed and supported through out by his wife Joy. David, late in 2014 decided to rekindle his interest in model railways, mainly the LSWR /Southern and to that end joined us at the South Hants MRC where he quickly established himself as a most able modeller. He began working on his long-held ambition, a model of Barnstaple Junction. This really was a most ambitious undertaking which though he made tremendous progress in a relatively short time sadly remains largely unfinished. Never someone to tread the well-worn path of others the whole enterprise was full of innovative and novel ideas. David was a member of several societies The South Western Circle, Southern Railway Group, MERG, EMGS and S4 to name but a few. This reflected his wide-ranging interests. David had his own business with Joy, building web sites. Besides rebuilding the club’s web site, he also built the EM Gauge Society website and he invariably had a prominent advertisement on the back page of the EM Newsletter. He had good administrative skills which were put to good use in helping with the organisation of our club exhibition and in taking over the leadership of one of our club layouts. David greatly enjoyed taking part in club events, especially going away with club and private layouts to exhibitions. There is a two minute video on our club website, which he took, our club layout, Hope under Dinmore, being erected at Trainwest. He will be greatly missed by members of the South Hants MRC and I am sure the many other organisations he was a member of. David was a dedicated family man and our condolences go out to his wife Joy and ‘the girls’.
  4. I always enjoyed Gordon's thread and it is so sad he never got to complete the project. RIP hopefully there is a great railway in the sky for you to build.
  5. Jol Sorry to hear it is a bit of a backward step. Hope things improve.
  6. SHMRC reopened on 17th May. We are not having general club nights, but as per the last relaxation each layout group has nominated times it would like to meet with no more than 6 present. We are planning for the possibility we can still hold our club exhibition in November, but who knows what will be happening!
  7. Been updated since I looked last night . Anyway looking forward to seeing what everybody has done.
  8. I transferred my contribution on Brighton East for the virtual exhibition yesterday and Brighton is not on layout list I have seen so I presume there are more layouts yet to be announced?
  9. Try Solid Edge, free for hobby users and much better than F360 to use IMO.
  10. Jol Good to see you getting back to 'work' after the tribulations of the last year. Look forward to seeing what you have planned.
  11. Mike Did you use photogrammetry in the end? If so could you explain what you used please? I tried it about 3 years ago but the software I used was fine in the demo but was next useless in a practical solution.
  12. What is over engineered about a piece of ply or plastic and two aluminium angles? Also in 30 years of using aluminium for cassettes have never had a problem with tarnishing. They will dull off due to natural oxidisation but I do not see why that is an issue.
  13. EMGS Rail is mild steel. Having used it on a club layout I prefer nickel silver there are a lot less problems involved. Once painted you can hardly tell the difference between NS and Steel rail anyway. I have not had any issues with track cleaning on NS. Quick wipe over before a show and then do not normally touch it. Also never need to clean the loco wheels. But we are running DCC. Photo of Brighton's track, I am not sure you can easily tell in this shot what the base metal is
  14. Buy your angle from an Aluminium stockist, it will come in 17 ft lengths but is easily cut up and above all the most economical way to obtain it. We never clean cassettes, the don't seem to need it. For 4mm scale 1/2" x 1/2" x 18swg angle will be fine, it is what I use on Brighton, SHMRC use on Hope under Dinmore and Richard Butler uses on Westcliffe, plus a few other club layouts.
  15. Brighton East was painted in the following way. Rails sleepers airbrushed colour(s) of choice. Rail heads cleaned to limit paint build up. The sides of the rails were then painted using the Rusty Rails tool. Worked very well. Link below shows them. Also you can find youtube videos on using it. Rusty Rails Painter
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