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  1. Andy Hope you had a good weekend and enjoyed Austria! The Seacow was all sorted out and on the layout by Lunchtime. Decided will probably leave it in its current condition to contrast against the much dirtier other wagons. The other wagons are also now in Bristol, we had a surprise visit by the family on Sunday, so a perfect day!
  2. Thanks to Andy and his team for a great event. I am part of the team that built Hope - under - Dinmore and it was a surprise to see it as a part of the event. I only found out by accident and no one in our team had been informed it was going to be included, perhaps something to consider for future undertakings. What was really great was that the article used was the original one we submitted , not the hatched job that was done on the original (nothing to do with Andy by the way) without any consultation with us. So again well done Andy and team and I loved the Sepia recreation. on one of the photos.
  3. Whilst I do not dispute your comments there is always a prototype for anything, reasonable match I think. End of a wet dirty day before it went to the carriage wash?
  4. Just been round Andy’s to pick up some wagons I bought off him and saw the new toys. The weathered 33 is very impressive for an out the box loco. The NSE one will look great once Andy has worked a bit of magic on it.
  5. It was built from a MARC models kit. Unfortunately it seems that kit may be no longer available, see thread in the small suppliers section. Is it Bachman that does the LMS one?
  6. Andy PM me with the engineers stock list, some of that may be of interest to me or my Son. We can catch up when the restrictions ease a bit more. You can come and see the progress on the big stuff.
  7. Andy I know I sent a pm earlier, but then thought I had better look at your layout thread and saw you had finally moved, doh moment. Welcome back home to the land of expensive houses and beer but surprisingly cheap petrol. I have not been on RMweb a huge amount recently due to getting tied up with my 5" gauge projects, so have just spent an hour or so updating myself on your progress, which has been swift. Glad you have been able to meet up with your family. We have not seen my son and family since February, because they are both doctors. Daughter in law is COVID medical lead at her hospital and my son sees a lot of stroke patients who have COVID at his, so they are concerned about the risk of passing it on to us and the other grandparents, thank goodness for Zoom. We can catch up, after all you only 500 m up the road and Brighton is allows up ready to rock and roll!
  8. A 71/4" Jessie would be a lovely engine for this setting. Keep you up and keep up the good work, the railway looks great.
  9. Midhants are planning for the middle of July. The social distancing measures for operations look quite well thought out There is a training day this weekend for operational staff and volunteers. Us shed types are waiting hear what they have planned for us.
  10. By the way you can save locally on your hard drive by using the export command. See photo below. I do not save anything to the cloud as my default CAD software, CATIA, saves locally. An alternative to Fusion is the new free version of Siemens Solid Edge, which is the baby brother of NX (formerly Unigraphics). . A number of my fellow club members are we are starting to use SE and it appears to be more intuitive to use than Fusion.
  11. Duncan Welcome to the club. This was the first print with a new resin. An after market build head support plus some judicious milling, making sure the resin an ambient temperature was not to low, mods to the supports fixed the issue and revising the exposure times eventually sorted it out. Now its dialled in it is printing ok.
  12. Hi This in the wrong section. The model engineering area is for large scale models eg 5" gauge live steam. You need to ask question in the modelling questions area.
  13. Appearance on visible line, running issues everywhere, particulary with steam stock. On Diesel/EMU probably ok at 3'.
  14. Personally I would not drop below a 42 inch radius.
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