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  1. Tim has just delivered some custom Stock Boxes to me. Just over two weeks from me sending him the dxf's to arriving at my door, just got to find time to build them now. Great service.
  2. A week to go to the exhibition. Note however due to illness London Road Models have unfortunately had to withdraw.
  3. Don Glad you appreciated it. I am always happy to let youngsters have a go be it Warley or a humble club one day show, the worst they can do is the buffers. One of our club members sons has been operating Brighton since he was 5. My own son has been operating since he was 6. The young driver you saw was my 6 yearold great nephew who is a complete live wire. However within 10 minutes we had him operating at normal layout pace. The EMGS stand guys took a picture for use in the society magazine.
  4. My thanks to Steve and the team for a very friendly show, this is the second layout we have taken and hopefully not the last. Thanks also for putting us opposite the EM gauge Society Stand as we made quite a good double act on promoting EM gauge over the weekend.
  5. Why the lack of track plans on most of the featured layouts? Most people I know like see the overall plan, that was always an annoying feature of MRJ.
  6. Brighton East is going west for only its second exhibition this year, my choice as I have been having a bit of break, back to the normal 4 or 5 a year in January though.
  7. Hauk If it is a proper industrial machine you do not need to know the beam dia. The machine software takes care of the offset, you supply the exact geometry of what you want made. The beam dia by the way is about 0.2mm. Edge finish at 1 to 2 mm thickness is good, I only take of the cusp where the beam has started and finished. You will need deburr the edges. If you want to get an idea of pricing, look at the Modelengineerslaser.co.uk Website, they do a huge range of laser cut parts for O gauge through to 10 1/4 in gauge.
  8. Hi, I had an email from Tristian O'Brien yesterday to which I replied. Sorry cannot attend as we are on holiday.
  9. This is the MERG CBUS system. All the modules needed to operate a layout with up to 8 points. Sevenside has only 4 points but one is on the other board, hence two servo modules needed. We are using only MERG parts no second party DCC such as an NCE. The Throttle comes as a separate kit as well. All the modules with the exception of the throttle have been completed except for fitting the Chips. The throttle could be finished but needs the command station to test it, before mounting everything in the case. I am not an electrical engineer but the instructions are very comprehensive making it difficult to make any major errors. The next step is to meet with my expert MERG guru and fellow SHMRC club member Nigel Phillips to fit the IC's, test the boards and work out how it all goes together. We can then deliver it to Bristol. In the meantime while babysitting yesterday, I marked out on the boards all the positions required for track feeds.
  10. Just ordered one as well as a birthday present. Also nail curer and solar powered turntable from Amazon. Is it worth going straight to the grey resin?
  11. I do one day a week, excluding holidays, babysitting etc on the Mid Hants in the shed at Ropley. I could do more, I could put down to be a cleaner, progressing to fireman. I choose not to as I have other activities I am involved with. This is fine with the MHR, as any help is better than none.
  12. OK so have started on the loco itself. The frames already laser cut have temporary spacers holding them in their correct position. The centre stretcher was then machined froma casting, followed by the drag box. The drag box was a large lump of expensive bronze casting so it was essential to take it easy and get it correct, which luckily it is. I am now squaring up the cylinder casting, which is even more expensive. At this point I will not machine the cylinder bore, steam ports etc until a bit later. First couple of photos of the partially erected frames, the next of the cylinder block on the mill.
  13. Tender is now finished bar painting, this will be done later, it is now under wraps. Work has now started on the loco, photos of progress soon.
  14. Just announced the Ivatt tank 41312 now belongs to the Mid Hants, good news, we can celebrate with the cakes in the shed at Ropley on Wednesday.
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