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  1. Brighton East was painted in the following way. Rails sleepers airbrushed colour(s) of choice. Rail heads cleaned to limit paint build up. The sides of the rails were then painted using the Rusty Rails tool. Worked very well. Link below shows them. Also you can find youtube videos on using it. Rusty Rails Painter
  2. Les totally agree with you, there is no one correct way to build points. I build all mine in a sequence I find easiest for that particular installation. EG some people say you have to start with the common crossing. I normally start with straighter of the stock rails and work my way across the point. If I have a fan of points or a cross over then they will probably be built as a unit. The photo shows the fan of 3 points and station approach scissors for Brighton showing how they were built as single units, with in the case of the scissors the board joints also built into it Keep
  3. Les I like the idea of the square N/S rod, makes it much easier to assemble. Will store that for the future.
  4. Hi Jol long time no see! Hope are now keeping well? Asterix, RHb. John and I concentrated on getting the shunting engine kit completed. Then with lockdown John was not sure things were going to pan out, plus I wanted a break, so the crane tank has been in limbo for the past 10 months or so while I concentrated on my 5" gauge Aspinall and doing a lot of 3D printing on my own and club members projects. The etches needed the corrections from the prototype build incorporating, the instructions written (aa marathon in itself), but most important to sort the masters for the unique casting
  5. Keith When you create or edit a post you get paper clip symbol to add files you can see in the bottom of the picture below: You can drop and drag the image you want or if it may be easier for to 'choose files. Click on 'choose files' and select the folder with the image you want in this Images1, then click open. The image will upload and you will see this Then select in the text you are writing the position of where you want to it be by clicking the + button on the image. Interested in what you are doing though.
  6. Jonny Yes the scissors are all flat bottom using Peco Panderol chairs. The vees for the points were filed using the filing jig, the rail head should fit into it upside down. It just needs a bit more filing than bullhead, If I remember correctly it was about 12 years ago! The scissors vees were assembled on a wooden jig made using a Templot print as a guide because they are a non standard angle. Where you will need to do truck loads of filing and the rail will get a bit flimsy is to relieve the bottom inside web of the stock rails where the switch blades contact. The switch blades where fi
  7. Will I too have missed this one (my 5" gauge is taking up too much time). The layout is coming along very nicely, as a long time EM modeller I am always looking to support new ones. Have you joined the EM virtual group on Facebook? Keep up the good work.
  8. Lez The copper clad I used is 0.4 mm thick. so anything around that size would be OK, especially as it can be cut with sharp scissors.
  9. Lez Nice to see your layout progressing, especially as you are doing ply and rivet. I must admit I build all mine using plywood sleepers with the chairs glued with Butanone just using copperclad at baseboard joints, I find it quicker and I hate fitting cosmetic chairs. Like TBG I have used a number of tie bar methods, C and L, Masokits (My Brighton layout) and am now using the method shown in the photo. These are some OO finescale points I built for my son using laser cut sleepers and P4 Track Company chairs. It uses two bits of very thin double sided copperclad and a nickel silver tie ba
  10. Jonny Just found this (busy building a 5" gauge loco so I do not trawl as much as I did) and welcome to the EM club. The layout is starting to look good. Your track plan is not a million miles away from Brighton Easts and that has proved a very entertaining layout operate both at home and at exhibitions over the last 7 years. Here is Brighton's track plan I had never built a scissors before, but had built ordinary turnouts. So I started with the scissors and It proved was no more difficult than building a single unit, just take your time. Mine also straddles th
  11. Great photographic archive of Dobwalls. More photos
  12. Very happy memories of going to Dobwall in the early 80's just after we got married. What a set up it was, like a lot of people here we go to Cornwall at least a couple of times a year and so miss being able to take my grandson to see it. The wiki page on it is quite interesting and gives the whereabouts of the locomotives most of which are in Australia. Wiki Linki
  13. Was informed yesterday the 2021 exhibition at Thornbury is cancelled. Not unexpected, but a shame as it is only 20 mins drive from my son's house and we would have made a real weekend of it. 2022 is out for me due to (hopefully) Railex so it will be 2023 at the earliest before I can take Brighton.
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