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  1. Was informed yesterday the 2021 exhibition at Thornbury is cancelled. Not unexpected, but a shame as it is only 20 mins drive from my son's house and we would have made a real weekend of it. 2022 is out for me due to (hopefully) Railex so it will be 2023 at the earliest before I can take Brighton.
  2. I model in EM so any RTR stuff is ruined the minute I put new wheel sets in. That aside I have no concerns over resale value, all stock/vehicles is weathered as required. It is how it looks on the layout that is the important thing.
  3. Like others I started with this set, but really did not get a lot further as Scalextric and eventually building and racing cars at 12"/ft got in the way until my son came along and it all stopped because I had no money to continue. He eventually wanted a train set, I needed a new challenge so for his 6th birthday I built Kipford. It was based one of Cyril Freezers plans from 50 layouts for small spaces modified to suit what he wanted. the first photos show my initial sketch and the final set up including tramway. I persuaded Simon Kohler at Horn
  4. Dave are you able to tell me what make of resin that is please. I am interested in trying it on some LNWR wheels for my 4ft Shunting Engine. Thanks in advance.
  5. The 4mm range has been acquired by one of our club members, but he needs to sort out what he actually has before re-launching. So watch out for further details.
  6. EDIT: OOPS wrong photo, this is an LNWR Precedent class on a stopping train leaving the station. This is the LNWR 2-2-2-2 Greater Britain class loco 'Greater Britain' passing through Hope -under- Dinmore with an express to Shrewsbury. With a 'G1' on a permanent way train in the loop waiting for the express to pass.
  7. Doug To help you with some inspiration, are you aware of Richard Butlers Westcliffe layout, which although not actually West Bay is a layout in the flavour of being based nearby. It is also an EM layout and has won best layout at EXPO EM both times it has been exhibited there. Below are some photos.
  8. Assuming you have access to shops, get hold of a can of lighter fluid (it contains Naptha and leaves less residue than IPA) and use that to clean both the track and the wheels. By way ensure you not only clean the loco wheels but also rolling stock wheels as the plastic wheels on wagons pick and deposit dirt very effectively.
  9. Simon Buy yourself an Anycubic Photon or similar 3D printer and print your own point motors etc. You can get them sub £200 now. The quality of the prints is almost as good as a shapeways product. I have one and over the summer have for my son and various club members printed in 4 mm scale 200 various types of loco lamps. 150 milk churns, Numerous fence posts, Ships propellors, 20 40ft waste containers, all done with £37 of resin. Currently with a new bottle of resin I am printing 50 GWR battery boxes and getting ready to print a couple of GWR Manor boilers. Photo below is of a boiler f
  10. David has not been very well recently and will not be posting progress for the time being.
  11. To bring the topic back on track. On Brighton East I used C and L chairs and flexitrack for the bullhead in the yard, Peco pan for the flat bottom wooden sleepered points. P4 track company concrete fast track for the main running lines. I have since built 00 points for my sons new layout. These were to 16.2 mm through the common crossings but 16.5 mm for the rest of it. Plain track was P4 track company fast track, points uses their plastic chairs. It all works fine using RTR loco's and wagons. What would I do for any future layout, probably stick to the P4 chairs.
  12. Not sure this really counts, but I want encourage newcomers to the hobby. My first attempt a layout built for my then 6 year old son, he is now 33. A real 'model railway', the Peco track and Lima 47, are real giveaways!
  13. Similar photo of Brighton as above but taken by my wife so I presume this counts.
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