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  1. Just had a "timed out" from rmweb. Error 522 

    1. Phil Bullock

      Phil Bullock

      Likewise! was just completing a large reply but luckily still there when I went page to the page...



    2. Huw Griffiths

      Huw Griffiths

      I've also encountered that sort of stuff - my workround involves a familiar "cut & paste" sequence:

      1.   <ctrl> <a>
      2.   <ctrl> <c>
      3.   try to post the message - and, if all else fails
      4.   login (again!) - go to the "post reply" section of the thread and hit <ctrl> <v>.


      Unfortunately, although this works on a Windows PC, I don't know of an equivalent version for Android.


      Of course, I would prefer it if the site didn't auto-logout - and if none of this routine were actually needed. Until (unless?) that happens, I guess I'm stuck with the "finger dance" ... .




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