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  1. Big Mistake... Just bought and had fitted a new 6x4 garden shed to replace old one attacked by Rats from next  door's chicken run.

    40 years stock of bits that  "might come in useful" taken to the tip. Much anguish in the choice of what must go overseen by SWMBO.

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    2. DonB


      Property next door was rented, chickens and vegie tenants now gone, so new shed worthwhile. Rats dealt with by council for a very modest outlay, although we live very close to a farm, so wild live stock a constant hazard. Currently badgers wandering through the garden at night, we can hear their claws drumming on the path slabs, there's a sett at the far edge of the field behind our property. must be getting used to the sights and smells after 45 years here.

    3. Tim V

      Tim V

      I got rid of a load of 'might come in useful' stuff to the tip. I couldn't believe how much space I created! Out of sorrow comes joy!

    4. F-UnitMad


      "overseen by SWMBO."


      That was your problem, right there. ;)

      Whenever I get rid of stuff I've had for years 'just in case', I often find I need it the week afterwards. :banghead:

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