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  1. Today's paper reports that Vets in the USA are complaining of a shortage of Invermectin because so much is being taken by the (almost human ?) population.
  2. Mikkel has a section of his blog titled "How to eat an Elephant"
  3. We were due our Flu jabs this last W/E but it was cancelled due to the vaccine not being available
  4. If Bill Gates has invested in Ivermectin He'll soon be on his way to his third ( or is it seventh ) fortune
  5. I use a program... adblock .. which seems to eliminate all the external adverts.
  6. Since we were last invaded (by the Romans) I wonder why the Hon David frost is retaining to Arabic numbers. But Douglas Adams answer to the Ultimate Question would'nt seem so funny written as ... XLII
  7. No worth the effort, I get the impression that our Continental cousins view our April Fool humour with the utmost disdain.
  8. I expected to see someone with a layout featuring a Spaghetti orchard
  9. Using the rule of thumb that a British brick size somehow became standardised at 9" x 4.5" x 3" (including the mortar ) and by counting bricks in JimC's photo above, I reckon the loco restriction sign to be 6 feet x 18 inches.
  10. Re:_ post grad lunches :- Does anyone actually drink Port these days? I associate it , ( Never having partaken, or even had it offered, as a post dinner drink). with older ladies sipping their "Port and Lemon" I have two bottles in my drinks cabinet , neither have been opened in the las 10 years, they just get dusted every so often and we mutter that "we must get rid of these" as we put them back into storage. Is there a rule "always pass the port to the left" and if so, why? I assume this doesn't refer to navigation?
  11. Delighted to be corrected, not been into Derby for 15 months now and don't buy the local news paper. Must make the effort to visit , It's only 8 miles from here. I have a vested interest since i donated some Railway related glass negative plates to the museum about 18 years ago. I wonder if they have survived all the upheaval ?
  12. I believe that many industrial museums were closed due to government funding cuts a couple of years before the 'plague'. Certainly the Local Studies and Industrial Museums at Derby were closed and unless someone can correct me I think they still are closed.
  13. It seems to me that the good captain is diverting attention from the freezing out of tales of the Hon. Cuthbertson and his furrin adversaries .... Vanilla Ice Cream, what ever next?
  14. No mention of the comparative rates of Covid infection and gun shot wounding. Is the good Doctor Jason a member of the gun lobby perhaps? What is the cost of dose of worming fluid compared with getting a couple of jabs? Being fully jabbed, and due for a top-up Flu + vaccine jab ,I can say that anti-vaxxers believe some incredible nonsense.
  15. DonB

    Little Muddle

    Agree with comments on wagon weathering, very effective! I am convinced that the newspaper is permanently open at page three.
  16. DonB

    Little Muddle

    Sorry, just catching up--- been away for a couple of days:- I remember one of those Elliot mainframe computers being installed, The magic gubbins needed its own "office" with a couple of guys (referred to as Electricians!) in permanent attendance, just to do the works payroll. to justify we lost 3 (female) wage-clerks. When we came to replace it about 8 years later , the information held on the memory tapes was not transferable to the replacement unit!
  17. DonB

    Little Muddle

    Arrived "under it's own steam" There's a novelty for an AEC Railcar!
  18. DonB

    Bute Road,

    Go for it! You know it makes sense!
  19. Didn't get to count them, but had an invasion by local farmer's sheep, they almost cleared my Veg. patch in double quick time! I say almost cleared because it seems that sheep don't like leeks. This may not be a statistically valid sample of sheep taste preferences, but I have not seen any rebuttal of the conclusions drawn.
  20. Without looking, I think that modern (post WW2) maps would show spot heights and contours and enable a profile to be drawn of the surround of the branch line. The heights will not have changed significantly over the last century. Having suggested a whole lot of work, and having no knowledge on how to superimpose / transfer the OS map onto your virtual world, I will quietly duck out here!
  21. I've not seen the full specification for the Vevor TV lift... Is there any provision for variable and selective lift height ?
  22. It occurs to me that the VEVOR TV lift, which Stubby47 refers to in his OP, could be used for the regular problem of crossing the railway room door opening, by attaching the lifting section to the inside of an IWARD OPENING door. The moveable section of track would be cantilevered from the VEVOR unit at its lowest position allowing it to be lifted clear of adjacent potions of the layout. Positional requirements would be that the hinge edge of the door should give clearance for a full 90 degree swing, (iee. be far enough away from the room corner), and sufficient head room for any scenery. (Andrew P's Viaduct over a deep valley would be an unlikely candidate, although I see that he has an outward opening door so ruling this idea out! The Falkirk wheel is aversion of the Swing tray elevator used in material handling systems. Butterley Engineering had a version in their car park to "stack" employees cars, it did not meet with favour due to the time taken to retrieve a car positioned at the top of the stack !
  23. DonB

    Little Muddle

    Oh, no! It would end in tears (or Blows) . the arguments would last for years ! Far better the suggestion of a LM fan club outsider
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