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    Southern Railway exLSWR in the early 1930's. I used to do EM but now I only seem to model 7mm. I mainly construct locos coaches and wagons from kits for sale, this is to finance the models I want to go towards my layout eventually.

    My interests outside modelling are golf at which I hope I am improving, don't really play enough to get really good. My wife and I are learning to ride horses which is brilliant fun. Then of course there is travelling. We intent to explore as much of South America as we can, and of coarse we love to go around Europe.

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  1. Here is my Rhymney Railway R1 all but ready for painting. This was bought as a badly built a painted loco with problems. It's actually primed at the moment but I do not seem to of taken any photos.
  2. Just a quick update. The 2P is now in primer. I'm pleased with it so far. Just a few bits needed sanding or filling. A day or so to cure and then some colour can be added.
  3. Sorry for the delay but I don't use rmweb much now. Yes they are glazed.
  4. There are about 5000+ members. O gauge modelling is quite a low percentage in railway modelling.
  5. Nearholmer. Sorry don't know your christian name. But as a GOG member I agree with what you say. What changes would inspire you to join?
  6. Oi think it's a combination of two things. 1 cylinders being under feed, 2 the drop down looks a long way from the smokebox front.
  7. It was my mistake. I got a drawing, made new framed for EM compensated. It wouldn't fit under the footplate, which in my kit was very edge damaged. So I made a new one. Then the cab was wrong to the footplate I'd made. Boiler was then to short. So it went on. Valve gear was from memory just doubled up with nickel silver, so I could make forked joints. Made new slide bars as they are quite chunky.
  8. When I built the DJH S15 I used the boiler, modified in lengths. The wheels that came with it and modified valve gear. The tender I used the tank and bogies, just did a new footplate.
  9. I preferred the 4-6-0's without the smoke deflectors.
  10. Thanks Chris I asked because I'm rebuilding one I bought from GOG E&T. Truth is if you had finished I was going to do a bit of cribbing. Here's mine so far.
  11. I've heard they are similar to the her plate bogies, different axle boxes etc. I will need some for 7mm coaches. So need to discover too.
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