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    Southern Railway exLSWR in the early 1930's. I used to do EM but now I only seem to model 7mm. I mainly construct locos coaches and wagons from kits for sale, this is to finance the models I want to go towards my layout eventually.

    My interests outside modelling are golf at which I hope I am improving, don't really play enough to get really good. My wife and I are learning to ride horses which is brilliant fun. Then of course there is travelling. We intent to explore as much of South America as we can, and of coarse we love to go around Europe.

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  1. I see the transfers reappeared on flea bay, so he didn't play ball. Wagon is coming on nicely, I do like your valves.
  2. Nice break from the loco. The brake looks very nice. It's good to get on with other things, sorts out the mojo a bit.
  3. I've seen APOC transfers on Ebay recently, in a collection for sale. Still on there, not sure if they are what you are looking for. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/O-Gauge-Wagon-Transfer-sets/123981412667?_trksid=p2485497.m4902.l9144
  4. I normally find the appropriate one just after scratch building a part that's lost or not included.
  5. The more models you build the greater selection of spares you get.
  6. Hope you will empty said can first, might get a few spares. I've not sprayed acrylics, but I'm sure somewhere I heard windscreen wash makes a suitable thinner retardant, but please I've never tried. Anyway the wagon looks the business.
  7. When I sprung mine Simon, I drilled the axle box under the springs and put a peg in the spring. I just copied the way Haywood do theirs.
  8. Good to see you back building locos etc. I'm sure it is this that give you more satisfaction than building layouts.
  9. Fitting the body to the frames is one part I never understand, no matter how many times you try them something always stops it fitting, that has nothing to do with the latest additions. Then when finally done, it all looks and works right. Give it a coat of paint. Nothing fits again, and it's all in parts that have been fine throughout the build. Looks the part Ken. What's up next? PS Ken have you ever done a College Kit 2P. I've got one but no literature with it.
  10. What I tend to do is bend a z from a heavy wire, glue centrally under one axle and adjust to give about 0.5mm of movement, then fix the other axle boxes to give a level ride.
  11. I have called them, he's now retired. Most of the ranges are for sale, and if he can do anything by the time it is post to a UK address then forwarded. With our post here I'll be an old man.
  12. Hi all. I know you'll all think I'm mad, but I've got a College models kit of an LMS 2P. This was acquired for a very good price, except the previous owner has cut all the parts from the frets, and lost the instructions. Now I could build without the instructions but I would probably bin lots of parts and make new through lack of identification. My plea is has anyone got a set that they could scan and send digitally to me for this or possibly ACME version, which I believe is the same kit. I would be most grateful. It's always easier if you have a bit of an idea of how the designer had in mind. Thanks in advance. Peter
  13. The town is a good choice but you picked the wrong companies station.
  14. And not one motorcycle to be seen. Lovely photos.
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