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    I am sitting on the fence literally: I do British Railways modelling in Germany, play with German model railways here, help UKs German railway modellers on here, and last but not least try to do my best to help a UK Modular Railway modelling group in Great-Britain come into being. Not yet enough? I work as an signalling designer for WSP, mainly for Deutsche Bahn.

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  1. Dear all, I recently stumbled across this flickr photograph of Tebay station in 1967, showing apparently a ballasting scene back in 1967: https://www.flickr.com/photos/irishswissernie/50999171967/ There is lots of interest in this photograph. Apparently the ballast has been new, at least that is what the bright colour tells me. There is a ballsting gap which has short sections of rails inside the 4 ft. Top right there is a double junction, but one of the turnouts misses its frog; it seems as if it is replaced with a straight section of rail. There are three men vis
  2. Hi folks, Sketches of the three DRG wagon types for ferry traffic here: https://epoche2.modellbahnfrokler.de/fg/e2f_gwfb.html The Hornby text reminds me of typical German advertisements of similar models (there are H0 and N gauge models out there) as they do not mention how long they have been in cross channel traffic. This is probably due to most buyers of these models not modelling the UK. I think they did not cross the channel very often as export from the UK was low and import was mainly from southern Europe. They could have been seen in continental traffic however.
  3. Have had no problems putting "brand new" items to the trunk but no luck at all with pre-owned items. Apparently the trunk is not working with pre-owned, which reduces its usefulness for me.
  4. I put two locomotives to the trunk yesterday. I first clicked add to trunk on the first then on the second then paid for the first then paid for the second, in two different browser tabs. I feared that this may confuse the site so double checked what was in my trunk at which step and it all worked out as expected: After paying for the first it appeared in the trunk and after paying for the second both appeared. @ Hattons team: Thank you very much for this feature, it will save me postage costs.
  5. I got one of these from Bachmann. Hybrid Provincial / Regional Railways liveried Class 150 by – FelixM –, auf Flickr It started life as a RR liveried unit with a second hand trailer in Provincial added later. It even featured in my fast-running clock timetable short demo video: https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/28009134271/in/album-72157669856624012/
  6. FelixM

    Class 59 in 00

    There will be no Ally Pally this month.
  7. Didn't know it existed before they announced it!
  8. Very intelligent comment. A full list of locos they produce can be looked up here: https://www.km-1.de/html/lokomotiven.html As there are an LMS 8F, LNER A4, GWR 1400 class, BR Standard class 7, LMS Coronation and BR Standard 4MT tank engine I count 6 British outline models. Their C38 and QJ class are Australian, their Decapod, Porter and Falk locos to an American prototype.
  9. That certainly would be nice! It should however be of a design that doesn't require the trains to be lifted from the track for detaching.
  10. I am trying to find information about how widespread lock and block signalling was. The internet has some info about specific types of block instruments or signaboxes but I don't get the full picture from this. Was it in operation on main lines only? Was it in use by specific companies only? Was it mandatory to install on passenger lines? Also a timeline would be interesting too. Lock and block to my knowledge means that signal levers can only be pulled in dependance of the position of the block Instrument, and that the three block positions can only be passed in a spec
  11. From https://www.igg.org.uk/gansg/00-app3-4/ap3-coach.htm: I see the different roof types and think Hattons may do a trick in providing more than one.
  12. In the relevant thread it is said they are 18-pin DCC ready, not 21-pin.
  13. Coming from the NRM, I was surprised to find Superb on an in service train. I think it was working the 1738 York to Liverpool LS, coming from Scarborough. Not the best pictures I am afraid. By the way, is there a list of Mk5 worked services available? Felix
  14. FelixM

    Dapol Class 21/29

    Almost. The past issues of the Heljan Class 05 are not the correct version to represent Great Eastern ones.
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