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  1. There were also reciprocal working arrangements, for example at Buxton there was a joint shunt arrangement between the Midland and LNWR. One company would provide shunting motive power for a period (I think 6 months) then it swapped over. By the twentieth most companies were looking to reduce unnecessary competition and achieve working economies wherever possible.
  2. Thanks for all the likes and support . Steady progress is being made with the track now down. I tried a new approach which worked out well, I had a tube of 5 minute epoxy which was going a bit manky at the end so I used this. For plain track on a constant curve as that through Glen Ogle it is ideal. There is a nice "grab" as you lay the track which holds the curve and there is sufficient time to play around getting the curves smooth. The setting time is sufficiently quick to avoid the need for lengthy weighting and clamping. A bit expensive maybe, but then you only the track once (Hopefully!) The view from the South View from the north As can be seen I've altered the alignment slightly from the plan to smooth the curve onto the viaduct heading south. I've also covered all exposed wood surfaces in a couple of coats on varnish. On with the electrics next......
  3. I've found Detol to be a pretty effective paint stripper. You do need to give a while soaking though.
  4. That's a really nice, delicate piece of modelling Jim. You must be very happy with the result
  5. Very smooth considering it is fresh off the bench.
  6. Ah! thank you Nigel, I shall commence work on my nodding giraffe car then......
  7. I'm not sure the most appropriate place is to ask this but here goes, I note the change to the annual modelling competition at the AGM to a virtual format. The categories broadly align to the trophies, are the entry conditions the same? e.g. the wagons category, previously rolling stock required a minimum of 6 axles, is it just single wagons this year? Thanks
  8. So...... 10 days later and the boards are complete. I've not posted any photos upto now as watching glue dry isn't a great spectator sport. Copperclad sleepers have been epoxied to the ends of the track bed in readiness to solder the rail ends to. The next step is threading some easitrack and glueing it in place ready for the electrics. Hopefully the progress here will be swift. I need to get the track a electrics done before building up the scenery, once this is formed getting access to the underside of the track bed will be problematic.
  9. Thanks Roja, That book is missing from my collection, something I'll have to rectify.
  10. Hi Roja, The offending image seems to have gone, I can only see the file name and not the image.
  11. Hi Middlepeak, Didn't the final LNWR 2-4-0t chopper tank also make it into the early 50s? I'm not sure which section it worked though, it would add a bit more variety.
  12. It's always good to see how people attack their lathe work. Thanks for sharing this Anthony.
  13. Hi Roja, Thanks for taking the trouble to post those links there are some I hadn't seen. I bought some photos of the Oban line of the RTCS last weekend, mostly carriage views of sleepers and observation cars but that view of the 20&27 double header didn't turn up in the search. I must check my search criteria! Still none from the early and mid-sixties though ,
  14. Hi Roja, Can you supply the links? I would like to see those pictures. I suspect the Class 20/27 double header is the excursion train that is seen at Killin in one of the Caledonian Lines DVDs (Volume 4?) I have. Thanks
  15. Hi SHeer, I have never found any photo evidence of Class 24/25 on the Oban line in the mid Sixties. That's not to say they weren't there, just not photographed. I've only ever seen Class 26s on the lines on railtours or excursions, never on regular working.
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