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  1. I'm rather taken with Crook Street, it's a layout right up my street. I did/do have plans for something similar albeit a bit simpler in plan, the videos plus Airnimal's excellent NSR break van build are causing the 7mm scale itch at the moment, which is awkward given the number of 2mm scale half finished builds I've got laying idle. In addition to the Crook Street video above there are a few more on the associated channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJWSLUe5cbFHE9g4qTon-Cg There is also a slightly older channel with another half hour's wort
  2. I have a couple of the rue-d-etropal carriages via shapeways and can vouch for the fact that the finish is quite rough. They do get a bit of a panning on various forums but can made to look decent with a bit of work. The finish on the print you have there looks excellent.
  3. some superb models there Mike, I've had the pleasure of seeing some of them in the flesh when you've been on the demo stand at shows (I vaguely remember them.... shows that is, not the models!). They look even better then, the quality of your work and attention to detail shine through. You provide some of us with a standard to aim for.
  4. Also looking forward to this one Mike, the Knotty break vans were full of character.
  5. The web site works for me, but if you are struggling PM me and I'll send you their email.
  6. "Unmade Kit Appears Complete Please See Pictures As To What Is Included Missing instructions though " I think the buyer might have the same problem.
  7. Railtech do custom lettering to order. You would need to order 20 lines but that would cover a few wagons:- https://www.railtec-models.com/showitem.php?id=3641 I've done this specific wording for some wagons, as I work in 2mm it saves my sanity!
  8. Hi SR71, There are various techniques: Use a very fine razor saw (e.g JLC https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_nkw=jlc+razor+saw&_sacat=2594&LH_TitleDesc=0&_sop=15) Roll the tube against a sharp hobby knife. Use a cutting disc in a drill. Hope that helps.
  9. Whatever John You seem to persist in thinking you have the right to tell people what to think. Getting the topic back on track, I can whole heartedly recommend Railtec products and service. Railtec produce the best transfers I've used and the service is excellent, most items land the day after ordering and this includes custom orders.
  10. John, I stand by my comments, advertising your product on anther traders topic page is, in my opinion, plain rude especially in response to an enquiry about an existing product. And please don't tell me what to assume, I'm not a 5 year old. Thanks Angus Higgins
  11. That's more than a bit cheeky, advertising your product in a competitor's topic! Just for the record I've used both your product and Railtec's. The Railtec transfers are a country mile ahead in terms of quality, ease of use and finish look.
  12. Hi Jazz, There was a box section beam under the cab floor that ran underneath the back of the tanks, this contained a square section balance pipe between the tanks. One filler feels wrong, but the drawings I have are split section so only show the detail for one side. Because they sit down behind the side sheet they are not visible in photos.
  13. Absolutely Nigel! Great idea.
  14. I've been lurking on this thread since it started, I have been coming to the conclusion over recent months that I need to learn how to design my own etches. There are a couple of things putting me off though. I spend my working life on a computer (albeit driving spreadsheets) and enjoy the "hands on" aspect of the hobby as a welcome relief. I don't want to spend my hobby time back on the computer (the irony that I am doing just that at as I type this is not lost on me. ) I have used CAD packages, I did an AutoCAD course at work over a decade ago now and taught myself Tu
  15. I've just rechecked the reference photos I've used and the loop is adjacent to the brake cylinder. Phew!
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