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    with more than a passing interest in the North Staffordshire, Ontario Northland, the Manchester & Birmingham and just to keep things eclectic the Sligo Leitrim and Northern Counties Railway and the Midland Great Western Railway in Ireland (2mmFS 10.5mm gauge).....

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  1. It's interesting to see that in the wargaming/fantasy world buying and trading print files seems to be the norm and implies widespread printer ownership, or at least access to one. There seems to be several firms offering print files for sale on a commercial basis. I can't help thinking the Shapeways business model will rapidly become outmoded (thankfully!).
  2. Welcome Martin! It's always good to see some 2mm Caley models. I'll look forward to seeing more.
  3. I've been a bit quiet of late on the modelling front, just dabbling with bits since my last post in July, however with a free weekend thanks to the weather and some Irish 3d printed vans landing in the middle of the week a couple of afternoons at the workbench had them up and running The prints were designed around the Associations 13.7mm axles and these drop in with a bit of fettling, I'm not sure about the longevity of having the steel axles run in a 3d plastic bearing but I can always retro fit some brass pin-point bearings if they wear out. The corrugated rooves were made from some thinned down corrugated plastic sheet and formed around a wooden handle and dunked in boiling water(my razor saw was just the right diameter). The brass bars on the cattle van are easy enough to install as the designer (KMCE on Irishrailwaymodeller.com if you are interested in some) had printed locating dimples on all the uprights to guide the drill. A couple of afternoon's work yielded five vans (there is another cattle van but I've run out of wheels) which gives my Irish stock a much need boost. I still need to add some detailing and work out how to model the canvas centre sections on the convertible vans. I've previously used a technique described by Gordon Gravett in an edition of MRJ a few years back for some 7mm scale wagon tarps, I'm just struggling to lay my hands on the copy. I was worried this might feel a bit too much like "open the box" modelling, but there was enough to do to make it interesting. I'm definitely sold on 3d printing now (even if does mean re-learning CAD), I just need to save my pennies.
  4. These wee gems landed during the week, they are Irish wagons designed and printed by KMCE over on the Irishrailwaymodeller forum. He had designed them for 4mm scale but reduced them to 2mm and altered the design so the Association 13.7mm axles drop straight in, which after a quick play shows that with a bit of tweaking they do just that. The quality is superb and I'm now defiantly sold on the idea of getting a printer, even if I means I have to re-learn CAD. Currently thinking of an Elegoo Mars but we'll see.
  5. Thanks Izzy, Looking at the prices commanded it would an expensive way to source the bogies. I'll have a go at fabricating them from plastic. That way they will come into stock on the Bachmann spares site as soon as in finish!
  6. Does anyone know of a source for Commonwealth Bogie frames? I believe Ultima did some back in the day but these have been unavailable for some time. Thanks
  7. Ah! But are you sure it's the right blue though Jim?
  8. I'm loving these tour description Northroader, they are really bringing the Irish rail scene of the time to life. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Good to see you up and posting Bluestag! I like the look of the layout, looking forward to seeing more.
  10. Argos


    Hope all goes well Ian. Uckfield always looks like a great show. Unfortunately just too far for us northerners to travel to! Very jealous.
  11. The Tilbury tanks did work in the Buxton area but not until after grouping. The Rowsley shed had an allocation to work local passanger trains in the late 20s early 30s. The engines were not well liked and soon moved away. Again another option to tweak history. It depends on how historically accurate you wish to be.
  12. Co-location was forced by local authorities in some areas, New Street being one example and to some degree Buxton, however a degree of pragmatism did exist prior to 1908. The joint shunt arrangement at Buxton bears witness to this. Each company took turns to shunt the yards by the station on a 6 month rotation. We are after all twisting history to fit the scenario given.
  13. One option that hasn't appeared in the discussion is Ingleton. The Midland and LNWR formed an end on junction here. The rivalry meant they operated their own stations in the village, but it wouldn't be too much of a stretch of the imagination to see them working a joint station.
  14. Hi Northroader, Presumably you've seen the new "Rails through Connemara" book? A copy is gracing my bedside table at present, well recommended.
  15. Just realised you question had already been answered on the next page! Sorry for the repeats!
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