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    LNWR in the Buxton area in 7mm
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    with more than a passing interest in the North Staffordshire, Ontario Northland, the Manchester & Birmingham and just to keep things eclectic the Sligo Leitrim and Northern Counties Railway (2mmFS 10.5mm gauge).....

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  1. Hi Airnimal, Could you not just cut some masking tape for the T and L then blast with primer again? This would restore the edges. You'd only need to do the section of the wagon with this lettering.
  2. I believe it was the entire system, although in actuality only certain lines were used.
  3. They can transfer my tax bill anytime they feel like!
  4. I've completed scribing the foam to form the first section of wall. This is only coloured with a black wash at present and needs dry brushing with some light grey and brown to tone down the effect. Overall I'm quite happy with the effect though.
  5. Good to see you back posting Milocomarty, I've missed your work. It's always inspirational.
  6. Thanks both, Just to show the level of my ineptitude I had chemically blackened the rods...... I think I had been overly generous with the solder when laminating the coupling rods together on one side which led to the problem. On the other side all three pins were fine.
  7. I knew I should have quit whilst I was ahead! Despite using oil soaked cigarette paper as a barrier I still manged to solder the last two crankpins solid. I've un-soldered these joints now and knocked a wheel off true in the process but with some fettling everything is back running. I just need to tackle those pins when I'm in the mood. Taking a break from the chassis I attacked the layout instead. The garage was raided for some 6mm MDF offcuts for the platforms. These took a while to size as I had to work out all the dimensions of the platforms and buildings with no datum. The 25 inch OS, Google Earth, Bing maps and the Irish Department of Arts, Heritage, Regional, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs (snappy title...) Historic Environment viewer all generated different dimensions so I went with an average and what looked right. The buildings are cut from Ratio course stone sheets and held together with blutak to get a feel for the situations. They still need the corners chamfering and all the remaining windows and doors cut. The white stuff around the platforms is foam that will be scribbed to represent course stone.
  8. A trip to Middleport Pottery is well worth it if you are in the area (there's a good cafe there also). My wife used to sell some of her artwork there so we had quite a few visits, it a great place to wander round and soak up the industrial ambience (not atmosphere, that would have been rather unpleasant). I did plan a small shunting layout based on the building and canal arrangement at Middleport but realised the buildings would make it quite a time consuming build.
  9. In fairness to the NSR they didn't really have ( or need) grand ambitions. They came into being to plug the gap in the rail network through the Potteries left after the Manchester & Birmingham abandoned it's intended line south of Macclesfield when it agreed to the amalgamation that formed the LNWR. It was always going to dependent on its neighbours for traffic arrangements and was keen not to upset the status quo. In return through its local industrial and passenger traffic it became one of the most consistently profitable pre-grouping companies.
  10. Hi GWRswindon, There is another history written by "Manifold" which I believe is a pseudonym used by a group of NSR enthusiasts. I haven't read it yet as I'm still trying to track down a reasonable prices copy. As with most railways it is the branch and secondary lines that seem to get all the published attention. There is a comprehensive NSR bibliography here http://www.nsrsg.org.uk/books.php
  11. Ah! indeed we have. I asked you the same question over there! At least I'm consistent. I'm about to dig the drawing board out and draw the building up. I'm too tight to buy the Alphagraphix kit (it's the wrong scale anyway) I already have their signal box and goods shed kits to crib from.
  12. I've seen a couple of models of Dromahair station building now, are there published plans somewhere or did you scale from photos? Your model is immediately recognisable and very nicely done. Thanks Angus
  13. The Knotty did indeed provide the motive power for the Manchester -Euston service. The change over point was Stoke. Although I always presumed this was via Macclesfield rather than Crewe due to the shorter distance. The Knotty's range of tank engines was normally sufficient for this service. Using Stoke as a change over point ways puzzled me as the LNWR had no engine shed or servicing facilities at Stoke.
  14. Here we go. They were the G class:- https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/NSR_G_class These were tender versions of the 4-4-2 (K class I think)
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