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  1. I suspect Lembeg is referring to a similar but greener web site, full of the fruits of a broader gauge:- https://irishrailwaymodeller.com/topic/8137-malahide-opening/ Some of us hide there occasionally.
  2. I shall be looking forward to your masterclasses Scott. If I can get anywhere close to the end result you produce I will be a very happy bunny. I've currently got a couple of scratch builds on the go but in 2mm. These are shortly destined for the bin, but the effort is not wasted as lessons have been learnt.
  3. Well the LEDs work...... In reality a photo of a bright subject in a slightly dim room was never going to work. Hopefully the new vinyl cut name and neatened fascia are just about visible!
  4. I believe in the original prospectus for the Liverpool and Manchester railway was published by the Liverpool and Manchester Railroad Company.
  5. There is a topic on here somewhere (Signalling and trackwork?) That discussed this and includes some videos of lower quadrant signals bouncing.
  6. Ah! I presumed were talking about the powdered stuff.
  7. Just mix in some brown emulsion when preparing a batch (tester pot goes a long way) never any chance of white or grey showing then.
  8. Hi Pixie, washing up liquid was my detergent of choice. That's what caused the issue. Forgive my ignorance sodium bi-carb is used in baking Isn't it?
  9. Hi Hendreladis, I've had a similar experience using detergent in an ultrasonic cleaner. I noticed the tarnishing effect was worse at higher temperatures. I now just use water but would be interested to know if there is a commonly available detergent that doesn't cause the tarnishing.
  10. Doh! I didn't think that one through!
  11. I can't believe it is over three months since I posted to this topic, admittedly my attention has been on my DJLC entry, even so! Activity on the layout has been fairly mundane. I've upgraded the lighting. One criticism I received was that the layout looked very blue, this niggled me for a while, before I realised I knew it to be true (hence why it had annoyed me so much). I had used cool white LEDs for lighting as these appeared nearest in the spectrum to natural daylight, but in truth the colour was to stark and made everything appear too bright. I noticed this most on a rare sunny day when natural light hit the layout, the colours were much more muted and real. An additional strip of warm white LEDs has been added and instantly transformed the colours to the less stark and more natural tone. Whilst I was at it I also added some lighting to the fiddle yard. This was not required at home but the fiddle area was a bit dark at exhibitions. Unfortunately the change in lighting doesn't show very well on photos so I can't demonstrate the effect here. I've also amended the electrics, up until now the DC controller has simply been wired in via a chocolate block connector under the base board with the connecting wire hanging down below it. A nice new din plug is now installed on the fascia which looks far more professional, I just need to add a DPDT switch to change between DCC and DC (Should I ever get around to chipping my locos!) Another issue which has been solved was the slowly decreasing performance of one of the point motors. I've used tortoise motors throughout and have never had an issue before (the motors on Glencruitten where salvaged from a previous layout so have been in use a while). One point had ceased to switch fully, needing a shove with a finger tip to complete the throw, this slowly degenerated into the blades not being moved by the motor at all and needing a manual flick to move the blades. When it finished up with the blades being held in centre position and wouldn't set for either road even with a push I had to do something. Sod's law dictated that the motor in question was hard up against a cross brace, so viewing was difficult. The motor could be heard to work when the switch was thrown but I couldn't feel any movement above the fulcrum. The fulcrum slider also wouldn't move. Turning the board on the side revealed this: When I first installed the point the stretcher bar (moving PCB sleeper) snapped, I repaired it by soldering a brass plate over the cracked joint to rejoin the two halves. When doing this some of the liquid flux must have run down the shift rod and pooled on the fulcrum, overtime this has slowly rusted solid. After I removed the motor there was no movement at all above the fulcrum the rod having rusted in the vertical position and seized in the fulcrum hole. A new hole has to be drilled in the fulcrum as the existing one was blocked solid with rust. A new shift rod was installed, some oil dribbled on the fulcrum which will hopefully counteract any flux residue and the motor re-installed. Full remote work restored! The next exhibition outing for Glencruitten is coming around mid-March (Macclesfield Model Railway Exhibition 14 &215th March) so I need to focus my attention getting the remaining bits of scenery done (mostly completing the airship shed) and I really need to get some steam power working to avoid the diesel time-warp. I've made some progress and will post some more updates shortly.
  12. The Midland Great Western is known simply as the "Midland", it being the only railway of any importance with that name...........
  13. In Smiffs today at Manchester Piccadilly. Looks like Christmas is back on! I was actual starting to think it was delayed due to the purdah period......
  14. Seems to be sorted now. I received an email from the subscriptions team changing my subscription to electronic and a further one with registration details.
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