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  1. Some Wellsworth and Suddery Railway rolling stock progress to report on tonight. A new addition to the WSR locomotive fleet: ”Thorfinn” - a nice little bargain courtesy of the GRS stand at Warley. It started out as a Midland 1377, but with a few modifications it’ll do nicely as a suitably generic pre-grouping tank engine. Next up is a WSR Brake Third. This came from my late friend Tim’s collection, and is a Slaters GW T34 brake third body, mounted on a Midland 6-wheel chassis (also from Slaters). I think it makes the start of a nice WSR train of 6- and 4-wheel coaches to run with “Thorfinn”. I’ve got the remnants of another Slaters 6-wheel Midland underframe to use. Current thinking is to purchase some more GW coach body parts to add either a full third, or a composite coach to the set. It just depends on the length of the body parts as to what will fit on the chassis.
  2. Just a set of standard 32mm track rollers (like the type produced by C&L). We just made sure that the Code 100 rails were tucked right up against the inside edge of the track gauge before it was pinned in place.
  3. Where’s the drool button?! ‘Erin’ looks seriously good Corbs - very nicely done.
  4. That’s excellent thanks Dava - look forward to seeing you there! Will be in touch nearer the time to confirm details etc.
  5. Dava, the changes look good. The Slaters Midland chassis’ are really rather useful for adding new bodywork too. Do you fancy bringing Coxheath Sidings to Mickleover in January?
  6. As Compound has noted on the previous page, there is a lovely 7mm scale M&GN/GE model called Norwich Central on show at the Warley MRC Exhibition this weekend at the NEC. I spent quite a lot of time watching it yesterday whilst shirking my duties on the 7mmNGA stand - oops! I snapped a few photos for our esteemed host that I thought fellow parishioners would also appreciate: B class plus on hire Midland 0-4-4T carrying M&GN lettering Da class plus one of the ex Cornwall Minerals rebuilds Recalling a discussion from some (!) pages back about local PO wagons I spotted those - some more useful ones for you James? The ex Cornwall rebuilds really are lovely looking locos. A class enters the station. Rush hour in the goods yard with the addition of one of the delightful MR tank engines - sure there must be a bit of a time paradox here with the MR and Cornwall rebuild appearing together at the same time... Shame it wasn’t a Norfolk Fish Oil and Guano Company example! It appears that green and cream/white coaches are now popping up everywhere. Spotted on the delightful Stodden Hundred Light Railway in 7mm scale. Best get on - need to be on my jolly way again shortly for another day behind the 7mmNGA stand at the show - come and say hello if you are there
  7. Hurrah for Ffarquhar! Very much looking forward to this Tom.
  8. Sorry to hear that Tidmouth Sheds isn’t going ahead Tom - I was looking forward to seeing your interpretation take shape. Glad to hear that it’ll still be Railway Series related though! That really is a cracking picture of No.6.
  9. The Trent Valley Area Group of the 7mmNGA would like to invite you all to our annual January open day, taking place on Saturday 18th January 2020 from 10am to 4pm. This will be our first open day since we lost our good friend Tim to cancer at the end of July, and there will be a sale of Tim’s models and books to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Care. We are back once again at Our Lady of Lourdes Church Hall, details on the poster above. Paul Martin will be there with EDM Models, and possibly a demo of some description (details to be confirmed nearer the time) 7mmNGA Modelling Goods and the On30 Depot will be there, plus a limited range of 7mmNGA publication materials if I remember to put them in the car. Further details to be confirmed as and when. if you’d like to bring a layout, do a demo or have a stand selling stuff please do get in contact with @Mike Bellamy or myself as per the poster details. There'll be the usual food option of bacon butties, plus tea, coffee and a selection of cakes. Check back here for further updates, and on Paul’s website: https://ngtrains.com/shop/exhibition/7mm-nga-trent-valley-group-open-day/ Otherwise we look forward to seeing you all on the 18th January!
  10. I don’t think we’re on Sodor anymore Toto! This weekend the workbench (well the dining table anyway) has gone pre-group mainland...London and North Western to be precise. At the end of July our local modelling group lost a very dear friend to cancer. Over the last couple of weeks a few of us have been sorting out his extensive model collection, and I was honoured to have been left his standard gauge models. Tim’s collection of standard gauge was a mixture of light railway and industrial stock, and stuff that was Cromford and High Peak related. I’ve been working my way through the boxes to try and sort it all out, and dug out some of the kits with a view to finishing off the part-built ones, and building some of the unbuilt ones. First up is a part-built Mercian Chopper tank kit, of which Tim had done the majority of the hard work and built the chassis and footplate: I just now need to summon up the courage to tackle the bodywork. Like most of Tim’s stuff it’s very well put together. This afternoon I started to put together a couple of unbuilt ABS/43to1 LNWR white metal wagon kits. Dia.84 4-plank open: Just the brakegear, buffers and drawgear to go. Dia.103 1-plank open: W-irons attached the bodysides as a starting point. There was also a very nice resin kit for a Dia.16 brake van: These three wagons, together with my already built Dia.3 2-plank open should make the start of a nice LNWR train for the Chopper tank to haul: Oh and back to Sodor as no doubt these will appear on Elsbridge from time to time: With ‘Thorkell’ of the Wellsworth & Suddery. Can anyone suggest a reasonable colour match for LNWR wagon grey please? The Dia.3 open has been painted with Precision Paints LNWR wagon grey, but it’s pretty much black which I think is far too dark.
  11. Phil, I think that a full kit would make a good addition to the PW range. I’d certainly like a couple to go with the one I’ve already got.
  12. NWR No.7 is looking good Tom. What colours have you used for the wooden bodywork please?
  13. Lovely photos Annie. I do like the well tank, a charming little loco.
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