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  1. Just a comment on image sizes. For publication the image needs to be at least 300 dpi at the published size. At the top end this means about 40Mb for a full page bleed photo. This will usually means scanning at a fairly high resolution. To publish a 35 mm slide across the page (say 17.5 cm wide) will mean scanning at 1500 dpi. The same is true of black and white of course but the file sizes are smaller. Things like Unsharp Mask help but they are not a substitute for adequate resolution. Jonathan
  2. The GWR numbers were 35971/73/77/81/82/83/85, 35987/93/98/56481/82. I assume that the BR numbers would simply have added a prefix letter. (Source: "Welsh Railways Records Volume 2: Barry Railway Drawings" published by the WRRC.) Jonathan
  3. I don't like the colour of the unit, but it is about the worst possible clash with the footbridge which is not itself very nice. Jonathan
  4. List updated to page 28 and more dates added. Some queries where I don't know the location. Old list removed. Jonathan Signalboxes.xls
  5. I described to my wife the Pontyates image and accompanying caption and she groaned. Jonathan
  6. If we are going round the world, then here is Marienberg, Netherlands. A group from my model railway club visited it while on a trip to the Netherlands to travel on the British built diesel railcars at that time running between there and Almelo. Sadly, Inow read that the station building has been sold and the projection on the platform side, seen in the picture, which housed the signalbox, seems to have gone. Jonathan
  7. This kind of thing is nothing new, though my experience was with books. In the 1970s I worked near Waterloo, and even though there was still Retail Price Maintenance on books Smiths at Waterloo station was always selling comparatively recent Ian Allan titles at reduced prices - whereas other retailers were not allowed to reduce the price. I assume that Ian Allan must have done a specific deal with Smiths. I must admit that I often took advantage of it, as my bookshelves show. Jonathan
  8. An interesting question as it seems to have ben a common arrangement in the USA. But I can't think of a British example. Jonathan
  9. It seems not to apply in this case but there were numerous places where the WTT and/or appendix specified that shunting must be done with the loco at the downhill end of the train. You can imagine that this was quite common in the Welsh valleys. Jonathan
  10. Just the opposite had happened earlier of course regarding the BR logo with the lion holding a wheel where it was ruled by the Herald of Arms that it could not be reversed to face forward on locomotives. I don't know what happened at that time about ships. Jonathan
  11. Sorry. Ignore me. They are one part I would have ditched even if I had been trying to re-use the rest as I have no use anyway for pseudo BR bogies. Jonathan
  12. Over the years there have been many conversions to other GWR Diagrams published in the press. It depends how much work you want to do. There was one recently on RMWeb. And didn't Peter Denny repaint them as GCR? Jonathan
  13. I didn't realise that Deltics were vegetarian (J2922). I have just finished rereading Gerry Fiennes' autobiography where the Deltics feature - when new. It seems like yesterday, or perhaps the day before. Locos the BRB said were not needed, 2000 hp was enough. Jonathan
  14. The obvious pointer is the the book in the "Southern Style" series by the HMRS: https://hmrs.org.uk/publications/books/books-in-print/southern-style-part-one-london-south-western-railway.html Jonathan
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