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  1. Interesting that in each case one panel on the side has been carefully cleaned. Presumably so the driver can get into the cab without turning brown himself. Jonathan
  2. Yes, but this one was a management contract from the start, managed by the Welsh Assembly. In fact Transport for Wales is both a Welsh quango and the operating name for the railway company. Jonathan
  3. I am interested in the sign on the bridge: "Enola Safety Committee", not the railway company. Jonathan
  4. Just reported by the BBC: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-54635421 But it is not a franchise anyway, it is a management contract. So it is already nationalised isn't it? Jonathan
  5. Sorry, I wasn't trying to suggest that the book market is dying, but rather that it is changing. This is partly because colour printing has become much cheaper in real terms, and many of the more recent books take advantage of this. But also because much of the cost has shifted from the printer to the publisher to the author, or just disappeared. When I started in magazine printing in 1973 we were still using letterpress. Colour was very expensive, both the cost of blocks for the photos and because fewer printers were set up for it. It now costs nothing to create the file for a colour image if
  6. From the web: "With optimal conditions, wild pear trees can live upwards of 50 years." So if it was a former tree of the year it probably didn't have long to go anyway. And have the protesters asked what HS2 is doing to replace removed woodland? We have supposedly the second most important tree in Europe near Newtown, an oak. They rerouted the bypass to avoid it, at great cost. To be honest it is not a very attractive specimen. There are much better ones in the hedgerows (see my Sarn thread in Railways of Wales). Jonathan
  7. Pull rod noticed and already corrected. I have at last got all the brake gear together, a bit of a tight fit. And yes, I didn't measure but it seemed to me that the pull rod sloped up towards the rear so I bent it just a little. The body is now primed ready for application of filler to all the holes and dents. The roof is the worst, though hopefully fairly easy to clean up. I shall have to paint the chassis assembled unfortunately. I have spent so much time making alterations and fudges that any painting I had done beforehand would have been severely damaged anyway. The body has been on a
  8. What standard liveries? When I look through photos of the current scene there seem to be hardly any two freight locos in the same livery. Anyway, keep up the posts please. Always interesting. Jonathan
  9. Thanks for drawing this to my attention Tim. As background, I am Publication Co-ordinator for the HMRS and production editor for the WRRC. The HMRS reckons to publish a book a year. The print run is normally 500. In the past we had some bigger print runs but they are the ones effectively remaindered on the website. Some of our recent titles have sold out (notably Doug Hewson's book on 5 inch gauge wagons, which is shortly being reprinted by another party). All have sold at least 300 in the first 18 months, but after that sales drop. Quite a bit of the stock goes to a few specialist
  10. That wedding photo has been around for some time. I seem to remember seeing it on RMWeb. Back briefly to the latest US incident, surely a lot of the problem is the way Amer4ican towns have grown up with the railway embedded and many road junctions adjacent to the lines. Shades of comments about early tramways in the south Wales valleys that some houses could only be accessed by crossing a tramway. And as has been said, if you have to wait for a slow moving freight half a mile long to pass by you may well be tempted to risk getting across first. So not much that can be done oth
  11. When I was at school in Cardiff we had a big eisteddfod every year, a whole morning in the theatre of the National Museum of Wales. Apart from the Chief Choral when the four houses competed en mass, there was the chairing of the bard. This involved a sword as seen in this photo (not our school!): The audience is asked (in Welsh of course: "A oes heddiwch?" - is there peace?) if they accept the new bard. If not his/her head is presumably cut off. That never happened at school. Jonathan
  12. Sorry, but I don't think that BR green livery looks right on a modern diesel loco. Jonathan
  13. I am just about to paint the interior of a Slaters bogie 3rd. For they year 1912 should there be photos above the seats? Same question for maps? And did the GWR ever use mirrors there, and if so was it only in First Class? I am not sure you will see much but it is worth a try. Jonathan
  14. I don't remember Danelaw affecting Cymru very much. But otherwise there is always that sword they keep by for use at eisteddfodau. There must be one in Traeth Mawr. Jonathan
  15. I think J3802 is worth considering as well. It will end up in South Wales if I build a model of it. Very useful. Jonathan
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