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  1. Cemetery North should be the junction for Necropolis station! Jonathan
  2. Not in Smiths in Newtown or at Manchester Piccadilly station yesterday. Thank goodness for Bill Hudson books at the Manchester show. I think the comment on the contents list itself may have some validity. I looked at it and was not inspired. but one I had opened the magazine I realised that I was being unjust to the content. I too was expecting the Newtown Health article to be about a well known MPD: the contents list gave no clue; and Stephen's article I took from the contents list to be about the railway. It would have been better labelled differently, in my view. And the article which is apparently, from the contents page, about a water tower, actually has a fair bit on trees! That said, as someone who is responsible for putting together the contents page of a magazine (Welsh Railways Archive) I am well aware both of the difficulty in including in any single issue a range of article which will appeal to all the readership, and the difficulty in the small space available in giving a useful indication of the content of each article. Jonathan
  3. Any modeller could have told them about the need to keep the wheels clean!! Hat, coat, wellies (well, this is Wales) Jonathan
  4. In the first bit oif the video, am I right in thinking that the truck crossed on the red light? And on a more positive note, some lovely weathering and graffiti etc for a model. The Americans do seem to specialise in level crossings in combining level crossings with road junctions. Jonathan
  5. Frame rate was a real issue with Microsoft Train Simulator, but Open Rails is much, much better. In openish country I often get 40 fps, though it does drop in built up areas. There is one hedge model though which for some reason causes it to drop to about 15 fps. I wonder if the person who created those (very nice) carriages for some reason had his monitor set with over bright colours. Many TVs seem to be. There is however a similar problem in moving from MSTS to Open Rails in that trees can wander quite big distances. One sometimes finds oneself driving straight through one, especially on the older routes. But on the more modern routes builders have been aware of this issue and have used different trees which stay put. What I would really like which MSTS does not offer is animated platforms. There have been attempts to have passengers wandering up and down but they look like puppets. Jonathan
  6. ".... even though they were made of proper metal !" You mean the kind used by BMC? Jonathan
  7. I assume that you then also have lots of coal wagons to justify those locos. And not too many carriages. There were plenty of railways with NO passengers (and I don't mean branch lines in the 1950s) and plenty of others, such as the TVR,which avoided providing decent passenger services as long as possible. Quite the opposite of the L&M in its early days, of course, which felt that moving coal was really rather beneath it. (of course there was quite a lot beneath it but that is another story) Jonathan
  8. A good example of the opportunities created by the new order at the start of the 19th century is the Armstrong dynasty on the GWR. The first member started out in his teens as an engine driver, when such things were very new and no-one was an expert. Jonathan PS How to bring the thread back on topic! PPS When we were at Eariith on the Cam, our infant son cried the whole time. He hated the vast open spaces.
  9. I have always fancied taking a boat on the Witham Navigable Drains, and the Martians would never think of looking for you there., Jonathan
  10. The whiteness of most LED lamps is not inevitable. It is just that they are the bulk of production in the world because many warmer countries like them and anyway, I think, they are cheaper to produce. It is perfectly possible to get warm white LEDs. Not a driver but I agree that when I am travelling as a passenger it is often difficult to see anything except the oncoming headlights. I assume (hope) this is not a problem for train drivers! Jonathan
  11. The photo which made me think of Ivor Higgon was the one at Commins Coch in 1938. However, that seems to have been a favourite spot for photographers of the Cambrian line as I can find examples by several photographers in various books. Sorry to have misled. Jonathan
  12. I have a feeling that at least the mid Wales photos may be by Ivor Higgon. See "Ivor Higgon's Cambrain Diary" by Gwyn Briwnant Jones, Lightmoor Press. I thought I had a copy but can't find it. Can anyone confirm? Jonathan
  13. Plenty of examples in South Wales of both steam rail motors (though called by other names) and push-pull working: Taff Vale, Barry, Rhymney, Port Talbot, ADR had examples. Lots of information in John Lewis's books "Great Western auto trailers. Part two. Post-Grouping and absorbed vehicles" and Great Western steam rail motors and their services", both Wild Swan. Jonathan
  14. Not exactly what you are looking for as more specialised, but https://hmrs.org.uk/publications/books/books-in-print/locomotives-of-the-hull-barnsley-railway.html as it deals purely with Locomotives of the Hull & Barnsley Railway Jonathan
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