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  1. There's a 170 which does a passenger service from New St to Nottingham in the evening which then goes back to New St ECS which runs via Alrewas and Lichfield and the cross city line. I'm presuming this is a move to keep this diversion route on the drivers cards as it's used on weekends when the Tamworth route is having engineering closures. Not ECS but it's followed a couple of hours later by the last Newcastle - New St passenger which I presume is run this way for the same reason. This train being the only passenger scheduled service over the South Staffs Line, not that it's much use t
  2. Thanks, as a matter of interest do you know who is doing Wantage stuff ? Is this on shapeways ? How about the Brill Tramways coaches in 7mm ? I've seen you've done the Metropolitan rigid 8w but I'm thinking about the 4W tramway coach and the pair of bogie cars built by Bristol, picture and drawing of the latter in the OPC history.
  3. You seem to be moving into Col Stephens territory with various tram based rolling stock, would you be interested in the tram locos bodies ( not Jane + Mary ) of the Wantage Tramway ? Might be interested.
  4. Like a lot of good threads this turns up things you've never heard of like these 3D models of LNWR stock, most interesting ! Can I ask how you find the paint going on to the MDF ( I believe ) sides ? Seeing as it can be a bleep to hold paint sometimes.
  5. Sharpthorne really needs to go to a home which will cherish and restore her.
  6. Looked even better if that's possible in the flesh, quite exquisite. I've ordered a blue one. So many possibilities for light railways with this.
  7. Maybe you're having better luck than I am, but all I get it a rapid flickering of the website and then crashing out. I'm using Safari on an IPad. As I said, I'll try in a week or two.
  8. The correct website seems to be ' 422modelmaking.co.uk ' however I found it impossible to read the site as it keeps crashing after a second. Also the ebay page will not allow you to follow the seller as there is a problem with that as well. However you can watch the G1 models and keep some kind of link until these problems are sorted.
  9. http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/135468-7mm-huo-by-accurascale/&do=findComment&comment=3222085 Don't all faint at once !
  10. I seem to be deep in conversation with Phil, Tim is as usual playing the tall dark and handsome part watching over the old Duffers. What were we talking about ?? Haven't a clue ! Well done chaps, quite delightful and one to remember and hopefully do again. There were some really well wethered 7mm 16ts there, I even asked how they were done, can I remember ? John.
  11. Really am impressed with this rolling stock. Using classic methods which aren't seen too often these days mixed with Peco parts and evergreen to produce simple but effective light Railway stock, well done !
  12. I do like your free lance coaches, very effective. Have you mentioned what chassis and underframe bits you have used ? I do think a lot of us are going to have a bash at a light railway what with all the lightlocos coming along, just need some coaches !
  13. Not any of mine but rather wonderful trove of early diesels at Chasewater including Motor Rails https://chasewaterrailwaymuseum.blog/2018/06/11/more-old-photos-diesels-etc/
  14. Thanks to all for a lovely show. I must be in the running for the one who traveled the shortest distance, my car making it a grand total of 8.2 miles. I have traveled far further and seen far less that interests me ! Small is truly good We've all got our likes so it would be remiss to pick out mine but I must say Sheep Lane mightily impressed me with its sense of space on a small layout. Not that I'm biased being a fellow taff ! Well done all, more again next year please !! John.
  15. I'll have to get some of my snaps up of the locos at Chasewater.
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