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  1. Hi I purchased a open gauge grange which seems to be missing a left hand side cab step , anybody know where I might be able to purchase a set ? It is For the Hornby model . But I can fit any kit parts if easier . james
  2. A1X

    Lymebrook Yard

    Lovely looking layout, really nice scenes. I did like the goal post and wickets .
  3. Very well maybe ... Dohhh just noticed that the topic title was wrong damn you auto correct!
  4. Hi guys I recently got some grass mat of an old layout I recovered however o have no idea who’s it is and would like some more . Heres a pic image hosting sites it seems to be 6mm and is on a green backing . Any help would be great
  5. A1X

    Bermuda Road MPD

    Glad to see this layout back I haven’t been on for a few years so it’s great to see it again .
  6. Ahhh those Western region germs are attacking me !!!!

  7. That book is really worth it .
  8. off for my MRI scan now

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    2. Captain Kernow
    3. A1X


      thanks all , got into the waiting room to find ex wolves striker don goodman sat there .

    4. Crisis Rail

      Crisis Rail

      All the Best.

  9. swan morton in my finger before work YAY

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    2. A1X


      oh yes a 20 minute old blade ,

    3. Crisis Rail

      Crisis Rail

      Been There Done That.


      ....it's an occupational hazard thing....

    4. Horsetan


      Making a decent stab of things....

  10. Hello all , i thought it was time I started a topic for my layout in planning and the rolling stock for it . mostly this will me detailing RTR and kitbuilt rolling stock . for the Saxthorpe and Beestonregis tramway / light railway . the layout is based on the wisbech and upwell tramway and some of the GER branches such as the snape branch . the layout has 3 time frames , 1940/48 LNER 1948/55 BR AND 1955/69 BR DIESELS /LATE STEAM . This layout is going to fill an alcove in mine and my brothers room yet high engough for him to see but not touch (the joys of a 18 nearly 19 year old sharing with a 6 year old ) . i will also be showing stock being detailed for the M&GN based layout in the shed , this is based around Melton constable . this will be on one side with my dads German layout acting as the FY and vice versa . this will be a 1950/1969 based layout . however my layout will be mostly 1940-48 as thats the livery of my J70 and i have alot of Lner wagons . i will upload some pictures when i get in from work tonight . many thanks James Beeston
  11. its a lovely sense of space, this layout . really effective . what you need tho is a beattie well tank or a J15
  12. Hi Alex , lovely looking layout. can i ask as to who makes the buffer stops you have used on the layout?
  13. i brought mine yesterday , lovely runner from the box , now weathered, coaled up and crew added . well worth the money .
  14. my sacrifice to the carpet gods has come to be a Bachmann drewery buffer , after a 2 hour long detailing project! argghhh

    1. GWR88


      I know how you feel...Its amazing how far screws can fly!

    2. DougN


      Take off your stockings and over the end of the vacuum... If nothing else a clean floor!

    3. bgman


      I found a lamp off a Fleischmann loco I lost last year when I cleaned up the layout room this week.....better than winning the lottery for me !!!

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