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  1. A1X


    More scenic work done today
  2. A1X


    I've done alittle more to the water .What do we all think ?
  3. A1X


    Rock work on this section nearly finished, and a soon to be less clean modern visitor!
  4. A1X


    So the small exstention has been built ! This is only 15" but has increased the siding length to allow the 156 to park up and also the headshuht for the kick back to allow larger locos and stock to shunt . The idea for the front i rock and a little bit of sea /loch .
  5. A1X


    Thanks , yeah can't beat a bit of Armin .now if only I could get a DCC sound escort or Serra to blast some out .
  6. A1X


    Oh anti clockwise definitely
  7. A1X


    Welcome to Tighnahulish a single track terminus on a branch off the far North line from about 1986 ISH . This is a short section on my freelance Scottish Highlands branch served by a handful of prototypes that could be found up north roaming with the wild haggis. Hope it's ok so far . Still a WIP .
  8. Hi John , yes a dull overcast back scene would be good , it's two 4x1 boards in an l shape . The track plan is fairly simple except in the picture it shows two points under the j11 this was changed to just one with two longer sidings .
  9. Hello all , I thought I would share the start of my small diorama / micro layout . It's semi based on on the approach to a loco shed somewhere on the lner post war towards great central / Barnsley but also suitable for anything Lms / br diesels but mainly for lner post war . It's very early days and a long way before it's finished. I've decided on DC control to aid in loco procurement . Wondering what everyone thinks so far .
  10. Well I’ve now weathered the wagon and it looks a lot better I think , but what does everyone else think ?
  11. Hi all well with the temperatures slowly starting to plummet it’s getting rather frost bitten in the shed so maybe time to have ago at something I’ve never done before, modelling heavy industry. Now I know I am not going to get a steel works in less that 4ft but if I can capture the essence of it or rather a wagon repair facility in the complex then I will be a happy chap . So I will be using the sms micro in a box boards and a peco loco lift to use as a cassette. But no idea on buildings etc so lots of research will be done and wagons bodged , I have taken great inspiration from Ruston and hi
  12. Small dockside layout ,Tight radius track work ? Or back of a loco shed / wagon works ?
  13. Gorilla glue , it does leave tiny air bubbles under the surface and can mark but is very easy and less pain than varnish .
  14. Believe it or not it’s glue . Put on with a spreader out in the midday sun .
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