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  1. Small dockside layout ,Tight radius track work ? Or back of a loco shed / wagon works ?
  2. Gorilla glue , it does leave tiny air bubbles under the surface and can mark but is very easy and less pain than varnish .
  3. Believe it or not it’s glue . Put on with a spreader out in the midday sun .
  4. A few more quick pictures to show how it will vaguely look
  5. A little experimental layout for trying out techniques. On a scale model scenery 73cm long board for the wrapping paper box . Along way from finished . Ignore the stock it was just at hand .
  6. Follow up from email , Item not in stock refunded right away . regards
  7. I’ve ordered a Roco locomotive of them says in stock . payed with PayPal but had no conformation email from Osborns them selves just from PayPal , emailed and Phoned with no answer. Anybody had a similar issue ?
  8. I am just a little concerned it won’t be up to standard for here that’s all .
  9. I’ve recently been faced with a challenge that my younger brother wanted a small shunting layout and on looking for “entry level “ ideas thought that maybe with the influx of great industrial locos at the moment why not make an industrial layout , much like we see the “ train set layouts “ in the magazines etc. Would anybody be interested in this if I were to post progress pictures up on the site ? its about 10ft by 15” built using some old ikea hollow cupboard sides . Code 100 set track and a felix track , dcc and set in the 60s-70s . thanks
  10. Hi I purchased a open gauge grange which seems to be missing a left hand side cab step , anybody know where I might be able to purchase a set ? It is For the Hornby model . But I can fit any kit parts if easier . james
  11. A1X

    Lymebrook Yard

    Lovely looking layout, really nice scenes. I did like the goal post and wickets .
  12. Very well maybe ... Dohhh just noticed that the topic title was wrong damn you auto correct!
  13. Hi guys I recently got some grass mat of an old layout I recovered however o have no idea who’s it is and would like some more . Heres a pic image hosting sites it seems to be 6mm and is on a green backing . Any help would be great
  14. A1X

    Bermuda Road MPD

    Glad to see this layout back I haven’t been on for a few years so it’s great to see it again .
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