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  1. thanks for that Stuart , i had thought that most if not all went to br ownership , ahh ok so i shall have to invest in some more parkside kits for my wagons to model early ncb .
  2. Hi all So I've a small shunting layout still work in progress and i have an assortment of private owner wagons , coal merchants and collieries mostly from the midlands . i understand that during the war the wagons were pooled but what happened to them after 1945 ? Did they all return to the owners or did that get taken over by the ncb in 1947 and if so does this mean that i could run a collection of ex PO wagons as NCB ? many thanks for your help .
  3. rookie daft question , but whos paint did you use for the 4th wagon ? its something id like to have a go at, and it looks perfect.
  4. looking great , nice to see a layout forming and the trains built up at the same time .
  5. Not much has happened on the layout completion wise but i have been working on a few bits of stock for the layout , firstly this Parkside ply 12 ton van still needs a few bits and bobs to finish . Then ive been weathering up this snow plow now i am unsure if any ever made it to London but my excuse is that its rule 1 and i like it plus being a stabling point not much stock is needed so the odd item here and there adds to the interest , like i will be making up some sludge tenders and a carriage heating loco when i can source a cheap replica B1. i have also thought of a name , Luxton i know its supposed to be somewhere in Essex ,but to my untrained northern t'ear it sounds like it could be an area of east London . I have also been thinking of making another bridge to be able to swap them but have two 4th rail LT lines over head ( no not an excuse for some nice LT red panniers or bo-bo-s) ! any feed back is always most appreciated .
  6. That’s one that’s on the cards I do have a gfye one .
  7. thanks it means a lot , yeah that was the thinking as we have got pretty much most of the locos needed the prototypes will appear but only as we have them .
  8. i agree , ive thought of adding a cheap mp3 player to the underside but thats a little way off atm .
  9. they are "n gauge " apparently from jtt i have stuck two together or on top to better replicate the real-life versions . thanks yes hopefully a bill board will hide some of the daft names . yeah sort of a dusty steel smell . ayup tel ,thanks excellent , tis James from the shop .
  10. yes to quote the great Bob symes " Oh no not another one" yes i am adding yet another oo gauge stabling point to the world . although i hope its far from the norm as i cant seem to find lots off dcc sound class 66s or drs 37s to put on all at once ! i have a large range on interests in the railway world but my main one seems to be a love of green diesels and that period that seldom seems to be modelled of post steam -pre tops diesels and even though it was about 30 years before i was born i adore it. so what to do with no space for a large layout atm and an old sms Christmas tree box layout , and a few spare bits and bobs . the answer appears when reading any of mr mortimore's excellent threads i am yet to think of a name for it yet as its somewhat of a floating location to allow all sorts of locos to be run tho the eastern around London seems to be a favorite . so the layout is 110cm x 22cm and DC (none of that dcc , good old hm duette) its all still a work in progress so please keep that in mind .
  11. Thanks guys , Terry I sprayed the track with red and grey rattle can primer then after 5 minutes of drying I used a peco track rubber and cleaned them off , and a few hours later I dry brushed some black, beige and earth brown over the whole lot and cleaned again after 5 minutes still some more to weather the track but I hope it's getting there.
  12. Well I thought I would share my working diorama , rustons close it's a whopping 53cm by 47xm why the 14 year old me made it that size I don't know but it was 11 years ago . So the idea is also to build something for no more that £20 spend on bits the rest hopefully I have in stock, it's somewhere in the 1970s or very late 60s . I've spent the past day or so on it and obviously it's still a work in progress.
  13. ahhh i thought i recognized the locos on t'bay and confirms the location lol looking great as ever.
  14. loving this Jesse, spent a few evenings going through from page one absolute top class stuff . something i can only dream of reaching .
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