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  1. I once had a reaction to a flu jab, half an hour after getting it I was talking to my Mother. Which was interesting as she had died 25 years previously.
  2. Lima were also going to do a Princess Royal at the same time as the V2
  3. Possibly Life Like, they did some bits in BR livery with Hornby couplings in the 0;s
  4. Interestingly TrentBarton buses that had "train station" as a next stop annoncement now have "railway station"
  5. The people who annoy me are those who ask for infomation then never thank or even ackowledge when you supply it. Once only then never again
  6. We dont want to lose you! https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/42805-non-railway-modelling/
  7. Reading through that makes you realise why the boss has no hair!
  8. But we only left for half an hour!!!!!!
  9. It was in one of those steel & glass shopping centres (the eagle centre in Derby so one of them might have been in a shadow. Would that have an effect Stephen?
  10. But I have to say I can't understand why they would only paint half the loco
  11. The only one I have seen is the one in the book I mentioned. There is a distinct diference in shade on the back of the tender. Unless someone has come up with more info since I have no reason to dought David Jenkinsons word and presumabley Mr Casserley's
  12. This got old memory cells working, according to Locomotive Liveries of the LMS by David Jenkinson 6234 was only painted blue/grey on the right hand side. There is a photo by HC Casserley in the book of the back of the tender that backs this up.
  13. Now part of San Juan Model Co https://sanjuanmodelco.com/2018/07/17/san-juan-model-co-aquires-new-companies/
  14. Never trusted atomic clocks since the tim I saw two in a shop window showing totay diferent times
  15. I had one of them, had to do the test and send them the results. Also negative.
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