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  1. Can we please have prior warning if you must post pics of paneers!
  2. One dreads to think what it was doing to yhe stairs!
  3. A usfull starter is Private Owner Wagons by Bill Hudson ,Oakwood Press 1996
  4. I pressed like then saw the creme eggs!
  5. Locally as a condition of planning permision was a new bridge over the trent work to start when 100 houses had been sold. Suprise suprise when 100 houses had been sold the developer came bacl and said we cant afford it, it will have to wait till we have sold 500. 20 years later the new bridge is a mound of soil in the middle of a field.
  6. I tryed to re-ignore a topic, it just ignored me!
  7. Such comments are not only unhelpfull they are stupid
  8. Good idea, label them raw material for Irn-Bru or something similar
  9. You just know that this old girl has done the job it was made for all those years ago
  10. Hot water or steam from a kettle,
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