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  1. If you can see the graphite on the rail you have used to much as John says it is a layer of graphine
  2. And if they paid quality drivers a decent wage incidental costs like insurance might go down
  3. If the inserts were cut with a tube cutter the ends will be slightly crimped, a quick cut with a cutting broach will soon clear it
  4. Bloke I knew had a model shop. People would ask his advice on what to invest in model wise. He always pointed them to a rack of cheapo dicasts. 90% or more of which will not survive being played with unlike "colectable" dicasts
  5. Will be delivered tomorrow. C Canner
  6. Those who know Mr Canner will understand my use of the term
  7. My dealer informs me that he has my copy, will colect it tomprrow
  8. Fast forward to the 21fst century and go into a diy shed and on the back of the paint tins it tells you that if using paint from more than one batch to mix them together before painting
  9. It seems that RAIB will go to any length avoid saying that it was the casualtys fault
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