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  1. As I understand it E-tickets are dyanamic in that the validation code changes to prevent copying so an e-mailed copy would show an invalid code
  2. Dilute PVA is sometimes used by the aeromodelling community
  3. Railroad & Railfan has improved a lot with it's new publishers
  4. I did something similar fixing the coupling wit heatsrink
  5. Most of the buildings are still there and the tram standard in pic 4,or at least the bottom half is still in situ
  6. I had hoped to visit but a combination of the weather and a gammy knee put the kybosh on that idea
  7. Bertidog was the reseason that I joined RMW, he asked a question that I knew tha answer to Otherwise I might still be lurking
  8. I have looked at WT. the last time was when RM Web was off line for the upgrade. It never feels comfortable. RM Web is the only social media that I have ever got involved with, most of the natives are friendly unlike some railway forums
  9. He has moved to Railroad & Railfan. Trains did print a note saying that the column had been "retired"
  10. that was my thought as well, cant remember if the model in question was a vac-form or injection molded
  11. A long time ago in Scale Models magazine someone suggested using piano wire to represent moring ropes in a sort of pyramid style a big question being would it hold the weight
  12. From memory Sovereign Hobbies ( formally Ensign ) make a track colour copied from Humbrols. Colourcoats C09 Track colour https://www.sovereignhobbies.co.uk/collections/multi-use-colours
  13. The most common modelling scale in the world is 1/72nd
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