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  1. Who is your UK stockest please, quite fancy trying these paints
  2. The oad tanker would have a pump for filling anyway so pumping the milk out would be done with this
  3. A cafe in town had right handed mugs, the handle was offset lke looking down on a letter "p". So I had to hold the thing by the body , The next time I went in I was given an ordenary mug. Untill recently I used a right hand mouse left handed, now I have changed the buttons round. That is a test of your sence of humour!
  4. This tbe AZ kit? Would be interested in what you think of it. Some varied comments about it out there
  5. This aint the CF that I have been watching fof the last 30 odd years, it is anything but sterile
  6. Methinks that the "speed" control is simply on-off
  7. Wasps eat flies in vast numbers, so yes they have a purpose. alough it can be a bit disconcerting to see one fly out of the other side of the plum you have just bitten into
  8. At the time the MEE didnt have a gold medal, so silver was better than it seems
  9. I once had a reaction to a flu jab, half an hour after getting it I was talking to my Mother. Which was interesting as she had died 25 years previously.
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