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  1. Better to over engineer than risk dumping several hundred quids worth of models from hight
  2. Critters that moo object to the smell of critters that go oink (and who can blame them)
  3. Trying to move cattle at the same time as pigs is shall we say, interesting
  4. Just goes to show, Alco's don't have to chuck out vast amounts of black smoke
  5. Another destination for pigs was Robirch in Burton, can't say that I have noticed anything in the dock ( it was opposite the station) but it would be worth a look
  6. His reasoning was that he could fit thinner coupling rods, but when you compare it with the Hornby one the rods are no thinner! Barmy!
  7. The first Slaters screw coupling I assembled took less than 5 minutes, the second however..... Dave that is a b****r fingers crossed
  8. Dapol back in Dave Boyle days were going to do an LMS Garret and at least one other (wd 2-8-0?)
  9. My Mother used to tell me that when bounty bars first came out she ate so many that she made herself sick. She never touched coconut after that
  10. Standard gauges seem to have grouped around 5 feet, give or take. Presumably there is more wheel & track wear
  11. There was a chain of model shops in the UK where this was normal, sometimes wondered if the staff were told to do it that way
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