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  1. Chris, How did you manage the turn-ins at the ends before the duckets? The body shape from tumblehome to recessed flat sides for the doors seems quite complex and I am pondering how to bend (and reinforce) the etched sides to this profile. Any pictures of your set? Thanks Tony
  2. According to Weddell the PP sets all had 9' Ashford type bogies, which are available from 247 developments (ref C521) to order. Also from the same source the brake composite vehicles for these sets could be either left or right handed (sets 382/4 LH, 381/3/5 RH). Not sure whether this means the etched sides will only suit one configuration for this coach and therefore limit which sets can be constructed. I have looked at the roof profile and it seems the profile of the ex-Kirk Maunsells is fairly close but needs to be a bit more rounded so as i have a couple spare I mig
  3. Phil, The parts at the the very right end of the bottom etch are the sides of the duckets, with tabs to solder onto the body sides if I have understood your Sounds like we might be helping each other on this build! I will have a look through my borrowed copy of Weddell and see if there is any useful info that is not in the King books apart from drawings. Unfortunately my progress has been halted for the moment as have been trying to finish a self-build garage and have two lots of locos to repair for others before I can do something for myself! T
  4. I had by coincidence recently dug out my set of sides from the now defunct 247 Developments range as I was also going to have a go at one of the PP sets. Looks very similar to your etches Phil. As others have said there are drawings in the Mike King Pull Push book if you can get hold of a copy, but beware I believe the roof profile is wrong on the drawing (doesn't match the etches or pictures of these coaches). There is also some good information in Weddell's LSWR Coaches of the 20th Century book (if you can find a copy) as well as useful information on bogie types fitted (there were several)
  5. Southern Pride Models? Good source of all sorts of detail parts for Mk1's Tony
  6. As petethemole has said the shop is opening restricted hours as well as applying all the COVID measures; they have had to move all their spares stock from next door into the one shop and all will need relisting on Ebay and Amazon. I had no problem contacting the shop during opening hours despite Clive, Annette and Lawrence being very busy with the shop customers and they have been open for several weeks now. This shop is a small business and works very hard to support the model railway community and in turn I believe need our support in the current circumstances.
  7. Thanks to all for your helpful replies - corax67 that was just what I was looking for! Tony
  8. Thanks for the replies; both helpful, however I have to confess I became stuck at 'Take bottom off of motor housing'..... I see there is a very small screw in one end, which if removed allows the bottom case to move back and forwards but it cannot seem to actually remove it - what am I doing wrong? As you can see I have not helped matters by already constructing the bogie frame around the motor body (although I can still access the bottom housing)! Regarding the issue of CV29 I had intended to wire the motor through the 8 pin plug and socket I had installed behind the w
  9. I have started a DC Kits 3 coach class 205 DEMU kit purchased second hand that I have had in stock for some years (waiting a lockdown?). It came with a Tenshodo motor bogie which fitted nicely in the DMBS vehicle. It runs well using its own pickups (although I intend to add pickups from the trailing bogie as well) but would not pull the other two vehicles, merely slipping on my 1 in 100 test gradient. This is partly because the trailing vehicle bogie wheels do not turn very freely but also because the motor vehicle was quite light being mainly plastic. To resolve this I used a large lump of st
  10. Rob Could the mystery part be one of the slidebar supports? I have seen a couple of this type of loco where the crosshead fouled the support each time it passed through it. Looks like one of yours may have broken off completely.
  11. 3H unit constructed from MJT sides and parts with a second hand Triang motor bogie rewheeled with scale wheels. Goes like a startled rabbit! I have also constructed several centre coaches for the Bachmann 2 car sets from Replica parts for fellow club members. Hardest job is matching the paint colours (fellow club member did the Connex one!) Currently constructing a second hand DC Kits 3 coach set.
  12. Thanks for the kind comments. I have now been able to add all the external transfers to the coach sets. Coach and set numbers are waterslide from CCT with the remainder being Methfix. I prefer the latter as they do not need varnish protection in normal handling but have given up trying to apply individual coach numbers using Methfix as I find it very difficult to get them evenly spaced and in a line. Apart from testing and final fettling the sets are now complete: I seem to have forgotten the Dining Trailer First but there are pictures of this vehicle
  13. Another months worth of work (interrupted by spells of gardening) I have now added end details to two of the three rakes (12 coaches) The ends/sides have been filled, communication gear 'eyes' added from plasticard then filler pipes fashioned from 0.38mm piano wire plus a short handrail knob and support from some iron wire from some old Sprat & Winkle couplings, all superglued in place. I use piano wire in preference to brass as although harder to bend it keeps its shape better, but does have a tendency to ping across the workroom if you are not careful!
  14. Just a short up date to show progress on the first of the three rakes. Not visible in these photos but I have changed the inter-set couplings from the hook and bar the donor coach came with to my adaption of the Keen Systems dummy buckeyes, only retaining the hook and bar at the end of the rake. The dummy buckeyes are a force fit in the NEM pocket but I have had to fit them upside down to clear the buffer beam but this is not very apparent from normal viewing. As the donor coaches came with an extending cam system this means that the coaches have the corri
  15. I have not posted any entries on here for some time as this project (3 X 6 coach Bulleid Bournemouth sets) has taken a back seat whilst other work has been required, mainly associated with rolling stock and other work for our clubs Redbridge Wharf layout now on the exhibition circuit. Enforced isolation now means I can spend more time to hopefully finish these vehicles in the near future. Having completed the basic interiors on all 18 Bulleid coaches the next stage is to add the remaining interior details on the 6 restaurant coaches. These are the table lamps, window curtains and t
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