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  1. Not sure I want to receive a sticky note. Urrgh! Sounds disgusting.

  2. Hurrah! Rmwebs all working again. Good old AndyY it didn't take him two months to fix it like I said it would. He's great that AndyY!   I take back all I've ever said about him.     Even works on me phone, brilliant.




  3. Think I'll come back in a couple of months when rmweb,s working again.





    1. Andy Y

      Andy Y

      Thank you for that.

    2. SWT442


      Working fine(ish) for me. Great effort by all involved!

  4. Nice work Mike. Like the round bar dodge for aligning the cylinders. When you solder on the body holding brass 10BA nuts am I correct in thinking that you use the steel screw to hold the nut in place whilst soldering and it doesn't gum up solid? I always use a cocktail stick to align the nut but usually need to ream out the nut after soldering. If your dodge works the way I think you do it, it sounds good.
  5. When a world famous rock star and night of the realm mentions he's a railway modeller on the One Show and defends the hobby, "it's not a trainset it's a model railway". Then say's he's going to make a documentary about it, I believe it can only be good for the hobby. To get you're latest album, film or book "plugged" on the one show is something most musicians, film makers and book writers would die for. If Rod's plugging the hobby good on him, it makes the hobby look mainstream and something to be proud of. When he gets his documentary of his layout made and published even the better,
  6. Watched the one show last night, I normally hide down in my modelling room when it's on, but Rod Stewart caught my eye. Me to missus: "Hey Rod Stewart's on! he has a model railway you know!" Missus:" Really." (in bored why don't you go down to the cellar and leave me to watch telly tone of voice) I sit down to watch the programme, much to the missus's disgust. Rod mentions he's finished his model railway and intends to make a film about it. Me to missus, "See I told you so!" Missus gives me a "Ye gods" look of bored disinterest and I creep off down to my railway room.
  7. Several years ago at the Keighley show I was perusing the Treemendous stand, they make and market scenic scatters and the like. In front of me was an elderly gent interrogating the owner of the stand over almost every aspect of scenic modelling imaginable. This went on for ages, but the advice the gent was getting seemed excellent and I gained the impression that this Treemendous guy knew what he was on about, so I patiently earwigged the conversation. Eventually the old guy chose two small bags of scenic scatter and to my amazement after asking how much, (they weren't expensive), he then
  8. Shows of your trackbed and trackwork to lovely effect, very nice Mike. The A6 is very nice too of course.
  9. So sad to hear of Allan's passing the modelling world will be the poorer for it. Back in 2013 we exchanged a couple of PM's, it was I who was the mischievous SOAB. who forced Allan to republish his legendry modelling faux pas, "The Windmill". I felt I needed to redress the balance and tell him how I really appreciated his modelling and what he meant to me. I reproduce our exchange below, it says it all about how I view Allan, and the warmth and generosity of his reply, not that I merit it, shows what a smashing guy he was. Allan's own words of his intention when writing for the modelli
  10. Paul. Just been perusing the events section of the Sept. edition of the Railway Modeller and was pleased to see that The Depots is to appear at my local Shipley show. Then my heart skipped a beat and I stared in disbelief. Surely not! can this be? and I quote," The Depots, Rosedale East (00)." Have you finally seen the light and adopted the finer modelling tolerances ie narrower track of the true permanent way. Or are you consulting with your solicitor with a view to sue.
  11. Should have modelled No.955 Paul. Puts me in mind of that old chestnut about the gynaecologist that decorated his front hall through his front door letterbox. Great modelling by the way she's coming on at a great pace. Very impressive.
  12. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder Paul. I ordered my BTP from London Road Models and gearbox from Hi-level, as I said I would, and so last night as I was perusing Ken Hooles loco's of the NER. I found myself strangely drawn to No.955. Not so sure about the sand boxes though as they partially hide the rather nice springs and also look like a bxgger to make. So I think when I get round to building the South Farne version of 955 she might have the Worsdell cab but the original square boxes. She'll be a delight if you ask me. When I get round to building her! Chris at Hi-level said he
  13. Amazing photo. It looks to me that they intend to pull the loco upright using two engines pulling on the long chain along side the track. The loco being pulled up by the pulley system at right angles to the track. I think the loco to the right is purely ballast to stop the track moving sideways under the pull off the pulleys. I may be wrong of course.
  14. Hmm l've soldered the left buffer on slightly bent. No problem I'll just gently tweak it straight with me snipe nosed pliers. Hmm it's not bending, perhaps some bigger pliers will do the trick. Come on you ###### bend. Grrr Grrrrrr Grrrrrrrr. ​Twang!! ​ ​Oh shXt. The buffers come off all together. ​ Oh my God! Look how I've bent the buffer beam. ​ Oh no I've bent the smokebox steps and look at what I've done to the smokebox door and hinges. ​ Bloody hell I've ruined it. ​ WHY DIDN'T I JUST RESOLDER THE BUFFER!!! ​ Lo
  15. Thanks for that info Paul. Good lad is that Chris, looks like London Roads Models and Hi-level might be getting a couple of orders from me. You can never have too many loco kits can you?
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