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  1. Thanks all for the replies. I wonder if any of you have used any of the larger Spanish model shops with their online web shops, such as El Taller del Modelista? That particular shop seems to be the only place where I can get any sort of Spanish model buses in HO, well, without resorting to flying to Spain, which while rather an attractive propect, probably not the best idea at the moment. Perhaps I should try a smallish order with them, and see how it goes, although, as mentioned, the rather high postage cost does rather put me off doing a small order.
  2. I wasn't sure whether to ask this in this section, or the Overseas Modelling, but as it is specific to Spanish model shops and Spanish Railway modelling, i'll ask away here. Has anyone had any experience of ordering from Spanish model shops and having it delivered by mail order to the UK? I've started finding it increasingly difficult to buy anything here in the UK that is remotely Spanish in outline, especially scenic items and vehicles. Even stock appears to be increasingly rare, with the odd few items popping up on eBay, and stuff disappearing on Amazon. So i'm start
  3. A 4-Car EMU (i'm assuming a Bachmann 4-Cep here) is about 44" or 112cm in length. I generally allow 12" or 30cm per coach when planning, as that gives a bit more room for things like buffer stops, run-round room, stuff like that. A couple of questions about your plan. Do you have access to both sides of the main 3' baseboard? If not, 3' is going to be quite a reach across to the back, and I would in that case, be tempted to put the harbour / boat scene at the back of the layout. I also notice you don't appear to have planned in any sort of fiddle yard as far as I can see. You don't
  4. I've not joined any pure foamcore baseboards myself, but my first exhibition layout had 3 baseboards built from 5mm foamcore. However, I then added 1"x3" softwood on the ends, and 6mm ply on the sides and then used flat-back hinges with the pin removed (and replaced with a bent nail) to join them. If you are going to just join the foamcore boards, as is, you're going to need something pretty fool-proof to keep the track in alignment. I think I saw something reviewed in the latest Modeller or Hornby Magazine that you can solder the track to. To hold the boards together you could you
  5. Don't worry, it will continue, just it may regenerate, much like The Doctor, into something similar, but not quite the same. I am rather attached to the name. Now, how do I go about copyrighting a layout name.....
  6. The intention is to continue with West Sands after the move, but I have a feeling I may decide to build an expanded version, especially if I have more room. We shall see what happens. Before building this British Outline layout, I had 2 US outline exhibition layouts, so I still have a bit of an itch to go back to that at some point (I still have all the stock and buildings), plus then I have the current Spanish sideline project. Hopefully I do get enough room for it all.... And then of course I would have the new house to sort out as well, and get everything unpacked. My son is ge
  7. So it's been a few weeks since my last update on this layout thread, and i've been taking a bit of a Spanish siesta from West Sands, rather literally (see my Spanish HO layout thread). Despite this Spanish diversion, I still want to continue with my British outline modelling. However, especially in the light of recent personal events, we are wanting to move home soon, with a view to upsize. Currently West Sands actually resides in our master bedroom running on a shelf the full length of the room, and to be able to sell the house we're currently in, i'll need to redecorate, and this
  8. I have another question regarding, not the track, but other permanent way items, so thought i'd rename the thread so as to keep everything in one place in case anyone wants to find it in future. So, does anyone know what height platforms were in Spain circa 1980-1995? And in what year they started raising the height? I think they are low compared to most in Europe (so i'm lead to believe), but would be nice to have a rough measurement.
  9. The best way I find for wiring a double-slip is to add a bus feed wire to each of the long outer rails of the slip. If it's an insulfrog slip, it should take care of itself, but if it's an electrofrog, you'll need to add polarity switches for the frogs.
  10. That looks lovely in Blue & Grey. Very tempted, but i'll wait for Bachmann to do one in all Blue, as, unfortunately, the Blue & Grey is to late and the all green is too early my modelling time-frame.
  11. I've progressed along with the layout slowly. As I'm using Peco Code 75 Electrofrog points which have been modified for DCC, i've had to come up with a way to change the frog polarity. Now, usually I would use frog juicers, but as I am going for hand operated points, I didn't think they warranted spending that much money. Therefore, I managed to get hold off some cheap SPDT slide switches, and created my own baseboard mount from plasticard and an actuation rod from brass wire. Here are a couple of photos of a completed example ready
  12. I'm guessing undecided as yet, but thinking about the number of lighting outputs, then maybe a Plux22?
  13. Hi Paul, There is a video on YouTube of the Twickenham Club's 50th Anniversary show, which at the very end shows a short clip of your layout. I haven't mentioned it before as I assumed it was you who uploaded the video to YouTube in the first place. I can post the link if you are interested. Best regards, Chris
  14. Been reading about the railways around Tarragona the past few days, and it seems the new High Speed line is going to have a rather lasting effect. The coastal line through Salou and Cambrils was closed permanently from January, with trains from Barcelona now only going down the branch to Port Aventura Station. The regional trains to Tortosa are now being re-routed via the High Speed line. The last time I was in Tarragona in 2015 there was still some freight traffic, although not much in the station yard, except some units stabled there. Having viewed some recent videos, it appears
  15. I've always had a passing fascination with Spanish Railways since my first holiday to Spain in 1985 (at the tender age of 8), but recently during lockdown I stumbled on some videos of Spanish railways during the 1980s which spurred me on to dig out my father's old photographs from that holiday. I have been back and visited Spain roughly every decade since that first holiday, and on the last holiday back in 2015 I had intended to buy some Spanish HO stock from Rocafort in Barcelona, however, they were in the middle of moving from their shop near Las Ramblas and the model train department was cl
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