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  1. Yes, mine needs a chassis swap too, even though I've fitted one of those CD motors. I am having same dilemma too about whether to sell mine, although my Lima one is in blue, so would have to wait for the blue one to be released first.
  2. And i've succumbed and ordered a Green liveried set to run alongside my father's steam era stock. Very much swayed by a photograph in 'Diesels on the Southern' of a set at my local station in that livery. I was extremely tempted to order a Blue & Grey set as I remember seeing them daily, and in NSE, but it's so far outside of my era of modelling it probably would just sit in the box. I shall have to wait for an all blue set to appear as well, and maybe a Green with SYP as well..... It will be interesting to compare the Bachmann model with my modified and detailed LIma Class 117. I think it will be almost like comparing chalk and cheese, but we'll see.
  3. That's pretty much it, although according to railcar.co.uk in the green livery, the whisker shape was slightly different. Also, apart from the first few sets delivered, I think marker lights were added from new.
  4. I have the 2-Amp PowerCab system on my layout, and find it is absolutely sufficient when I have at least a dozen locos / multiple units on my layout, with at least half of them sound fitted. I find they don't seem to draw much more than 0.48 amps, even with frog juicers on the layout.
  5. I think you just have to look at the number of models that Hornby are still producing using the ex-Lima moulds to tell you which were the best. It's a pity Lima cannibalised the Class 117 moulds for their 121, otherwise we might have a Hornby Railroad 117.... For me I love the Lima Class 73, although with the newer Hornby chassis underneath. I still think the body compares favourably with the Dapol one, especially around the windscreens....
  6. Very little modelling done over the past couple of weeks due to various family emergencies, but I did get an hour yesterday to continue with my platform canopy. I think I may have mentioned it before, but it's worth reiterating here, the canopies are based on the Dapol (ex Airfix) kit, multiples of which have been bashed together to form a longer unit. However, I wasn't keen on the whole roof being glazed, so I've decided to scratch-build the roof as shown in the photos below. The openings will be glazed with custom window units, and the pencil lines will be ribs made from 20 by 40 thou plastic strip. They are obviously a bit freelance, but lean heavily towards Southern styling. Progress will most likely be rather slow over the next few weeks, but I hope to get an hour or so here and there if I can.
  7. When I bought a few 2-Bil motor bogies, they didn't have traction tyres fitted. Those fitted to the units don't have them either. There is a lovely cast weight over the top of them. Pity Hornby didn't do the same with the Vep.....
  8. Have a couple left in my modelling stash, but tempted to try and order a couple more. They are so useful for powering most D/EMUs once you change the sideframes. What I don't understand is why these motor bogies run so well, but the ones in the Hornby 4-Vep don't.
  9. Love engineers wagons and these are great. To my shame i've only built one Parkside Grampus and a Cambrian Dogfish for my fleet so far (plus a Shark and a part-finished Whale). What type of buffers have you fitted to your Catfish, as i'm not 100% impressed with the kit supplied buffers from Cambrian (being all plastic).
  10. Earlier this year, and following much deliberation, the REC committee took the difficult decision to cancel the REC Woking Exhibition to be held on the 12th & 13th September. For more information, and details of our proposed 2021 exhibition, please periodically check our Exhibition website at: https://www.recexhibition.org.uk/ Posted for and on behalf of the REC committee.
  11. I wonder how quickly an all blue and green with syp versions will follow after these, along with RR and refurbished white liveries? I'm sorely tempted by the Blue & Grey and the NSE ones (mainly because I saw these on a day to day basis from my bedroom window), but are completely out of period for my layout, so I keep thinking should I hold out until an all blue one appears (if they ever do of course), or bite the bullet with these. It's the same thing with when the 2-Hap finally appears. Yes, I could of course go the respray route, but on a £300 model, i'm not sure I could stomach that, I still haven't weathered my Kernow 4-TC yet....
  12. I agree. I bought one of the superb Heljan Class 128 DPU's, and had to glue half the underframe equipment back on that I had knocked off whilst opening it up to fit a DCC decoder.
  13. I'm not sure about that, I have one of the blue ones, that was weathered, I think from the early batch.
  14. I do too, my MJT / scratch TC set has separate handrails, but I can live with the moulded ones on the Kernow version. I guess this just shows everyone has a different bar they set for a model, and if it doesn't reach that bar, it doesn't get in. And that's the great thing about this hobby, we're all different. On a final point about the Hornby Vep, its not just the front end and looks where it suffers, the bogies have this hideous clip-in inside bearing axles. I have had to drill out all the bogies and fit brass bearings and pin-point axles just to get it to run OK, and it's still not running 100%.....
  15. Sorry if this seems like I'm dragging the thread off topic with keep mentioning the TC (and other SR EMU's), but wasn't a real TC set laser scanned for Kernow? I was under the impression that laser-scanning meant we would get a more accurate model, but errors still seem to creep in in some models. Is this a case of misinterpreting the data, or taking the wrong dimensions for something (mm instead of inches), or just that the tolerances sometimes translate to a bigger error when shrunk?
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