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  1. I use Revel Plasto for small holes, and light filling of items. It needs to be used sparingly though, as it can melt the plastic, but it does dry quickly, and files up nicely.
  2. Is it my imagination, or is the sign in the top photo for Aldershot & District? Would have been my local bus company had I moved to the area earlier and was a bit older. I just about remember Alder Valley until Stagecoach (are we allowed to mention them on here) took over. I think i'll go with just a plain 'Bus Stop' on a white background on a post, and perhaps have a Southdown timetable board on the wall of the station building.
  3. A few weeks back I changed back to the Default 2019 theme, and yay, all the ads had gone. However, they seem to have reappeared since yesterday evening on my mobile. So it's back to the other theme for now.
  4. Thank you all for the advice and pictures. I really should take a trip to Amberley, it's not too far away from me so I really have no excuse. Hmm, I think a flag stop would look good outside the station, so i'll probably work one up on the computer.
  5. I am modelling a Southern Region branch seaside terminus in the late 60s / early 70s, and was wondering if there ever would have been a separate bus stop sign post for the bus to stop at, or would it just pull up outside the station in the lay-by and collect the passengers? In all the photograph i've looked at, I can't see any evidence, so perhaps it's a more modern thing?
  6. Dart Castings have 4mm ones listed, but not currently available: http://www.dartcastings.co.uk/dart/L95.php Maybe drop them an email and see when they think they'll be available again. It may be that they only do them to special order?
  7. It's the same connector they used on the 4-TC set as well. It allows a single decoder to control the headcode panels and interior lighting independently, so i'm assuming the same on the 117. IIRC they are 6 pin connectors on the TC, but they look like 8-pin connectors on the 117. Maybe it has all wheel pickup for once? The only downside to these connectors is it won't be possible to use a 121 in place of the DMBS or DMS, without modifying them. I don't think this will bother most people though.
  8. I must admit it was rather an extravagance when I bought it, but I had always promised myself that if one was made ready to run, especially in Blue & Grey (I have a phobia of painting that livery!) , I would have to get one.
  9. And here are some shots of my own scratchbuilt / modified RTR 3-TC set. These 3 photos were taken on the "Blackhurst" incarnation of the layout.
  10. Here are a couple of pics of the 4-TC that I managed to grab before heading off to work this morning.
  11. That 4-TC is one of the Kernow/Bachmann releases. Very nice model, even if it puts my own scratchbuilt version in the shade somewhat. It really needs weathering, but i'm afraid too. Mind you, I was the same with my Kernow thumper, and that finally succumbed to the weathering brush. I'll try and take some more pics and post them up.
  12. Over the past couple of evenings, i've been working on the substation again , and produced this little item. It's my representation of a 33kv oil circuit breaker. Hopefully this should look pretty good nestled between 2 sets of rafts.
  13. Looking back over the past few pages i've realised the lack of photos of the layout with actual trains in them, so here's a few from tonight before I went up the club. So, we have 4-TC 404 and D6511 arriving with a service from Salisbury, and then D6551 leaving West Sands with a train of empty cement hoppers. We then see 4-Cep 7134 arriving with a train from London.
  14. Having had a look, they are definitely of interest, and I certainly wouldn't call them mediocre. They are from a period that I wish I had a time machine to go back to, with my digital camera in tow, and take 1000's of pictures. Definitely don't give up posting them.
  15. I too have Loksound v4 with Biffo sounds. Love the fact you can changeover mode on the go like the real thing.
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