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  1. So I've been slowly working on the station building over the past couple of weeks. It how has a roof, and the lower concrete trim, plus I've added lintels above the doors and windows. Here are some pics of the station building in situ. The last picture shows that I need to do a bit of work to square up the building on the left hand side. It still needs a small extra level at the right hand corner to contain the water tank, plus some flag poles.... There won't be any progress this weekend, as I'm down in Eastleigh at the Southampton MRS show, helping to operate my friends layout Horsebridge Wharf. Come along and watch me, no doubt, struggle with 3 link couplings...
  2. One tip to avoid buffer lock, especially when body mounting Kadees, is to ensure that the inner face of the Kadee knuckle is a least as far out from the vehicle end as the buffer face. With this I can get Mk1 length coaches to go round 2ft radius curves and through small radius Peco points as a crossover with no issues.
  3. That's a good point, and maybe I'll do that around the mini-cab office. The other alteration should have been there when originally built, so I'll need to make it look like it's always been there.
  4. So some progress this evening. I've managed to move down the 2 small windows on the concourse side, and make an opening for the additional door for the minicab office. All far from perfect, and need some filling and cleaning up. Hopefully once cleaned up I can start to test fit the windows and then make a start on the roof. I'm tempted to start painting it, but I won't rush into it if I can help it.
  5. So here is the current progress on the station building. Here is the main entrance on the left, with what will be a small cafe through the right-hand doorway. This is the elevation that faces to the front of the layout. After a discussion at the club last night, I am going to add another door to the right of the large window and have a small minicab office, Cosi-cabs or something like that. This is the elevation that faces the station concourse. From left to right we have the ladies waiting room, the gents toilets, the entrance to the concourse from the front entrance, and a door to the offices along the back. The small windows (for the toilets) i've been advised need to be moved down below the concrete lintel, as this is likely to be a structural element. Whilst I'm at it, I really should thank my fellow REC club member Kevin for giving me the original idea and initial design for the station building, as well as giving me some constructive advice regarding architectural design. Hopefully there should be more progress this evening.
  6. First update of 2020 from West Sands. Recently, West Sands was visited by NBL Warship D838 Rapid on an inter regional express. The loco is now fitted with a Howes Class 42/43 sound chip. It sounds really good, but due to the prototype not being around anymore to record, it's an approximation. As a sort of new years resolution, I intend to try and finish as many part finished projects on the layout this year. First up to be finished will be the station building, which will be seen lurking in the background of some of the photos. I intend to do a full update on this later this evening, so watch this space.... Following the station building will be the canopy, and then the sub-station, although both these and the station building roof are suffering as I'm getting low on plasticard sheet.
  7. Great to see another Southern layout appear on RM Web. Looks to be an interesting track plan in a relatively small space. Will be watching with interest.
  8. It's Christmas Eve, and I think it's time to thank everyone who have contributed to the West Sands thread over the past year. Hope you all have a very merry Christmas and a wonderful 2020.
  9. Regarding the dates, the layout is still going to be representative of the 68 - 72 era. The reason for the appearance of the earlier steam era stock, is that they are my fathers, and he has a rather large Southern steam era collection, but nowhere to run them, so they will appear on the layout from time to time. Because most of the infrastructure is still "steam" era, it doesn't look out of place.
  10. With the 3 new fiddle yard tracks wired up and commissioned, I've been able to run my first full 5 coach train into West Sands. Here it is waiting to depart for London, with a Std 4 at the head. The coaches are marshalled as a Bulleid 5-Coach set (BTK-CK-TK-TK-BTK), and will be numbered as such once I've finished the flush-glazing. So far only the nearest 2 coaches are done.
  11. Over the past week and this weekend I have managed to get 3 track of my new fiddle-yard laid. As I had only 5 feet in length to spare, to fit a train length of 6 feet, I have had to make a 90 degree turn, meaning the yard is on a curve. I have managed to keep the tightest curve down to just over 24" radius, which will eventually give me 4 full length roads, plus 2 long enough for a 4-car emu. This should be enough for most of my operating sessions. If anyone would like to see any, I will post some photos later.... Yesterday was my birthday, and again I was a very lucky boy and received the below. Picture copyright gaugemaster.com I'm not entirely sure if Rapid ever visited the south coast, but I like the Warships and the livery variation, plus they are technically adopted Southern locos (that's my excuse), and it'll look good on my cross-country passenger set. Unfortunately I can't run it on the layout yet, as I don't have any spare 21 pin chips.
  12. For me, the furthest would be the old Model Shop in Barcelona, just off the corner of Las Ramblas. I believe it's now moved elsewhere in Barcelona, but haven't been recently to find out where.
  13. I presume that's using Hornby Class 110 parts, or are they from Bachmann Class 108's? I guess the cab is from a 108...
  14. I just hope that the 2-Hap sells well enough in the initial liveries so that they (eventually) do the all blue and green with SYP. I am still surprised the all Blue livery wasn't in the first batch to match their 2-Epb if I'm honest.
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