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  1. Sadly, my preferred Spanish outlet doesn't seem to want to ship to the UK at the moment.....
  2. Sadly not..... but working on persuading the wife that we need to go on a long weekend to Barca.... Well, I need to go and see how La Sagrada Familiar is progressing.... although I don't think it'll be until next year sadly (and that's not Brexit related....).
  3. Agreed, I now have the same issue getting hold of Mabar from Spain, until I can take a "holiday" to Barcelona....
  4. I should really keep this quiet so I have more of a chance to buy them , but you can buy the full Hornby International range via Hornby's website. Well, if it's not already sold out of course.
  5. Same as the OP, my last exhibition was the Southampton show in 2020, but helping out with exhibiting a layout. I was tempted to go to the Basingstoke show, as that is on of my more local shows, and a regular on I visit, but thought better of it as i'd already been told to work from home at that point. Had I know the Southampton show was going to be my last one for a while (a long while as it turns out), i'd have stocked up on a few more things that I needed that a more difficult to get online.
  6. According to Facebook, there is still a model railway and shop there (closed at the moment obviously). It was certainly still there in the early 90's, as I bought a couple of Lima wagons from it while on holiday.
  7. Not a massive amount announced for Spanish outline enthusiasts in HO, which has pleased my other half. Hornby / Electrotren announcing a few new freight wagons and coaches, but no locomotives in new liveries, just the Railcars already announced in 2020. I was hoping for a new Class 269 in the Thousand Lines livery to match with last years Estrella liveried 269. Seems Hornby are concentrating on beefing up the Arnold N gauge range this year.
  8. Thanks for the update Peter. Are these going to be available for pre-order, as I suspect they are likely to be popular, and snapped up pretty quick. I have a couple of Lima Class 73's i'd like to get re-wheeled.
  9. First thing I noticed was a change from Blue to Red for the button and the bar on the top of the emails. I presume these are intentional changes, rather than accidental....
  10. Ah, I see what you mean. Definitely not cheaper. And certainly won't be cheaper for me to buy Electrotren from a shop in Spain, rather than direct from Hornby, which is a shame. As Neils WRX mentioned about, i've just discovered a great Spanish based outlet with a great website, full of bespoke detail parts specific to Spanish railways, that currently I can no longer buy from, and may be prohibitive, cost wise, to buy from again, unless I do a huge order.... As others have said, first world problem, but a bit frustrating to find so many red hoops to jump through, compared to how th
  11. I was more thinking if people from Europe buy direct from Hornby.... if that happens of course....
  12. Funnily enough though, it might just make it "cheaper" to buy from the manufacturer, in the case of Hornby....
  13. The other crucial point being that all the European railway models now made under the Hornby brand (Electrotren, Arnold, Jouef etc.) are made in China, shipped to the UK and distributed from the warehouse in Kent.... Not sure what Bachmann's import model is, but this would effect Lilliput if they do similar.
  14. This is the usually most that I do to my own layout images for my website. It's mostly been forced on me, as rather than having it's own dedicated space, my layout was, until recently, shared in another room space, namely the master bedroom (my wife must be a saint to have put up with it for so long!). Having said that, for my website's gallery pages, I would still do the same for the photos, with perhaps the unaltered images, as per the top photo, left for the 'under construction' pages. I guess it all depends on the context. If you are showing a photo of a layout for an article a
  15. I saw that footage not long after I'd told the member of their "wrong" formation, and on the next club night, I 'fessed up and ate humble pie. Just goes to show that there is always a prototype for everything, no matter how accurate we try to be.
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