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  1. So, West Sands still slumbers in it's hibernation, whilst I continue with sorting out the house and a slight distraction into Spanish outline.... however, I recently discovered the Dapol spares at DCC Supplies, and purchased a couple of sets of Class 73 jumper cables and horns for my Lima 73's. Here is a comparison photo between one with the new cables and horns, and the other with the original Lima ones still in place. A small change, but worth the effort I think.
  2. I have one of the Kernow limited edition ones in Blue, and mine runs perfectly fine with no gear noise at all..... Mind you, I run it mostly with the DCC sound on. I suspect that the one you bought was just a one off, as the motor/gears on the Bachmann powered bogie seem to usually be good. I have 2 x 4-Cep's and an EPB which use the same motor bogie set-up, and they seem fine too. Did you remove all of the factory supplied grease, as sometimes that can harden during transit, and can take a bit of time to free up.
  3. I was starting to wonder too, but checked their latest newsletter update and it's apparently in tooling at the moment.
  4. If it's running ok on DC, then I suspect that the decoder socket is possibly faulty. It has been known for some of the soldering across the back to be "untidy", and there may just be one blob that is slighly touching another, and therefore causing a short on DCC, but no issue on DC. The Hornby 73 runs perfectly fine on DCC, one of mine is even fitted with a Legoman sound chip. As regards it vs. the Dapol 73, there are plenty of for and against arguements which I won't list here, you're best off checking out the Dapol 73 thread for that. Personally I think the Hornby (ex Lima) 73 is
  5. I'd have a look at the traction tyres. I had this on one of my DMU's, and thought it was the gears, and then noticed (after stripping the whole motor bogie down) that one of the traction tyres had split and was missing a section, making it judder along the track.
  6. My first proper train set was a Hornby Percy Goods set for one of my birthdays, probably my 5th or 6th, I can't remember, along with a couple of lengths of Peco streamline track and points, and it was all pinned to a 6x4 board that lived under my parents bed. Previous to that, my Dad had made up a small circle of N gauge track on a board, which I could push his Lima Mk1 coaches round (I wasn't allowed to play with his proper N gauge layout at the time). However, most of my early years were spent playing with a proper "train set", Twickenham & District MRC's N gauge layout 'Ravens Park
  7. Whilst I prefer to support our proper model shops, Amazon UK has the Electrotren E18039 RENFE AA-8000 1st Class coach in Estrella Livery down to £25.72, which is almost a 50% saving compared to the current price on Hornby's, sorry, Electrotren's website. Only 2 left in stock though. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B083ZF1THT/?coliid=I3AYWXPP21JLKO&colid=24BOTWKOX7O86&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it Also the Talgo Pendular 6 coach base set and associated Talgo extra coaches at pretty good prices too.
  8. Yes, I like the look of that. Just one suggestion, if you angle it slightly down at the right-hand end across the boards, so it's not parallel to the baseboard edge. Improves the look of a layout, no end.
  9. On the face of it, it looks like a great plan, however, i'm unsure whether the warehouse would be placed on the headshunt of the run-round loop, as it would require any wagons to be cleared first, before any train could arrive and the loco run around it's train. The warehouse would more than likely be located on one of the sidings.
  10. At least you know it's never going to peel back up by itself....
  11. Geep7

    Bachmann 4BEP

    I can't remember which connectors they have used on the 2-Hap, as this might point towards what they plan with the 4-Bep. As regards the price.... £440 does seem rather a lot of money compares to the 4-Cep. However, I'll only ever need 1 4-Bep. Just as a slight comparison, recently I've got into modelling Spanish outline, and managed to pick up an Electrotren (Hornby) 3-car DMU with DCC Sound, which is of a similar quality to the Bachmann Cep/Bep, and the price at Hornby is £380, roughly what the Bep will be in the shops, sans any DCC.... though admittedly the Best is o
  12. Thanks for the correction. I should have checked it before posting, as it's been a while since I've run American stock properly. I'll go back and correct my post. Cheers.
  13. I originally started using DCC primarily for sound when I started modelling American Outline. On my American HO layouts, all the locomotives were sound fitted, and when operated I tried to be correct in the use of the whistles and horns (2 toots for moving forwards, 3 toots for moving in reverse, 1 short, 2 long, 1 short, 1 long when crossing a level crossing). The only part where I deviated from prototype was regarding the use of the bell. The prototype rules say that the bell should be rung always when in the station or when switching (shunting). So on an American switching layout it should
  14. I hate to be the one saying this, but i'd be very concerned at some of the radius of your streamline track sections. They appear to be very tight, especially in bottom right-hand corner. On a board the size you are looking at, I would really scale back, and possibly go for a single track loop, with a passing place station at the front with a couple of freight sidings, and 2 or 3 double-ended fiddle yard loops at the rear. On a 200cm x 110cm (6'6" x about 4') baseboard, you could probably just about squeeze in a double track loop if you use 1st radius and 2nd radius Peco
  15. I was having a similar issue with Railtec transfers, and I found it was all down to me not having the painted surface glossy enough. I found the a good coat of gloss varnish did the trick (Humbrol acrylic gloss in my case). I think the other thing, as 37Oban mentions, is allowing them the dry. Railtec transfers seem to take a lot longer to dry than other brands, so probably need leaving longer before sealing.
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