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  1. Hi Stephen, Thank you for your contact and info re the David Voice book. I am using Peco Finescale but i am just about to replace a couple of sections that i am not happy with. Afraid i can't post any pics yet things are a little disorganised. I am also waiting for some supplies but in the meantime i am working on the trams themselves. regards, Alan (Burnleytramman)
  2. My first rcollection of Blackpool Trams was when i was about 7yrs old, 1946, and i can remember all the changes over the years as the 'Jubilee' and 'Twins' were introduced. Blackpool of course was a must for at least one holiday a year, usually September for the 'Lights', I think that being from Lancashire we had the advantage of many visits over the years and no visit was complete without the tramride. However, in these days, as time takes its toll, i have found that on recent visits to the resort, both my wife and myself have been unable to negotiate the high steps, so we are looking forward to 0nce again being able to board a tram for the ride to Fleetwood market. Burnleytramman
  3. Hello tram fans, I am just in the process of creating an n gauge layout using typhoo trams.My inspiration came from a video i found on 'You Tube' createdby a group of model rail enthusiats from the London area who had decided to move over to n gauge trams. Their layout was superb and having just moved to smaller accomodation i realised that n gauge was the way for me to go. I am very pleased with my orogress to date. I am motorising my typhoo trams with Kato bogie motors and with some very careful changing of the body they work very well. My layout is going to be of my home town , Burnley, with an artistic licence covering a couple of decades to include the last trams running and the early buses as they came to replace them. Please feel free to give me any advice as i am very new to the hobby although now in the twilight years, it just keeps me going with a non energetic interest. Burnleytramman.
  4. Hi Tramfans, I have only just started with 'n' gauge Typhoo Trams and was greatly inspired by a group from Kent who posted a superb video on 'You Tube'. the info' they gave was a very welcome addition to the info' i try and find from as many sources as possible. So if anyone knows the group i am talking about please help me to get intouch with them. I would also be thankful for any assisstance to promote the hobby.
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