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  1. Has the Bookmark option been taken away?
  2. Yes well things have actually moved on a tad and building will commence soon, been buying stock etc so now have enough to possibly keep Pendon sorted out for a 1980s feel... Got myself a DCC set up. Space is the big one, have a 13' x 6'6" space in an L so planning on triple deck, FY down the bottom, Yard with stabling and possibly with a small wagon works to give licence for anything to turn up. Branch off to a Clay works and Freight depot maybe a couple other industries (cement, oil maybe) depends how cluttered it looks connected with helixs. So expect a few questions regarding your underlays
  3. What a small world it is, I grew up in Lyme though its not the town it was tbh. Great looking layout Ian, Ive been trawling my way through from the start.
  4. Went up to Exeter and back today on the train and theres a reasonable sized rake of flat wagons(Ferry type) complete with what I assumed was log cradles on them in the engineers sidings at Newton Abbot, from a search I think they are KSA's. Is there more logs goings out of Heathfield? Didnt get a pic sorry, I forgot till the last minute on the return journey.
  5. That is quite possibly the most stupendous reason ever to visit a model shop. Brilliant! I was gutted to read the shops shut as I'll be in Exeter every week soon. Bought a few things in there if I was in Exeter and Dave seemed like a top bloke.
  6. Looking at some kit built wagons listed on EBay Wheatley. Going by your response I might be better off avoiding them...
  7. Probably a very random question but how hard (if at all?) and what would be involved converting P4 stock back to 00 gauge? Tia for any answers to my query.
  8. Hello Kelly hopefully you may be able to help me. I paid the yearly fee at the end of the week and have received nothing from DEMU acknowledging payment. Do you know when im likely to get anything from them? Ta in advance for any help with an answer.
  9. Ta muchly for that Peter, you don't have any trouble with them on the bogies? Ive heard talk of them having to be mounted on the chassis but maybe that's just peoples preferences. Are they all at the correct height for the Kadee height gauge? Are they all No5's? Ive just had an impulse buying session and acquired 30 Lima PTA's to repaint, retransfer, Cambrian bogies FBT6, re-wheel, fit Kadees and then have a go at weathering… it wouldn't be so bad but I don't even have a layout to put them on at the moment haha! I know Accurascale are bringing them out but I got these pretty ruddy cheap.
  10. Peter having recently returned to RM Web I've managed to go from start to finish on the Llanbourne thread, outstanding layout! My question is regarding fitting kadees to coach bogie, where and how do you attach them? Any chance of some close up shots and anything extra you may use to ensure correct height please? Cheerz Joel
  11. Ah right ok that's opened a can of worms then Mark! What would they be carrying in 86-88 if still in operation?
  12. When did they stop running as revenue stock?
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