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  1. Footbridge now painted and weathered after refresh. Pleased how it turned out. Signal box now returned to layout. Also weathered the cut grass bales to darken them, as the prototype photos showed. Still got to find shirt & tie wearing figures for the signal box interior, and will add a few more details to the C&W area in time. Cheers.
  2. I visited the Woodchurch shop last Friday, still trading. Cheers.
  3. I have completed the signal box less the signalman figures that I am still looking for. The roof has been covered in fine ballast like I did to my other buildings before to look like roofing felt. Brick work has been touched up and a bucket added on the roof as photos had shown. Also the handrails and sun viser sections have been lightly weathered. Almost completed the footbridge refresh which are looking much better. Cheers.
  4. Looking good. Cranes numbered up to DRP81506 had a different profile on the counterbalance weight to jib mounting, which makes DRP81504 not an ideal choice to model. Cheers.
  5. Brian, The former signalmen were I think Airfix RAF ground crew, as you say in odd poses! Cheers.
  6. George, That is a good idea, I will look into trying lighting the interior. Cheers.
  7. I have just about finished the signal box, but for some touching up and finding a couple of figures for the signalmen. Thinking about adding some fine grey scatter to the roofs as I did for the other buildings on the layout. Pictures below of how it looks now. Cheers.
  8. I thought there was a blue 09, either 21 or 22. I know a friend has one as do I which was second hand. I will check if it was a repaint. Cheers.
  9. You are so right, I never thought of that. However, as I have also only just realised that side of the signal box can only be seen from in the operating area!! At least I know what is in the box. Cheers.
  10. While completing the changes to the footbridge, I checked my prototype photos of the signal box and found several changes I could make. The box was the only building I didn't measure from the real thing, plus it had to be reduced in many ways to fit the space on my layout, so I was never that happy with it. I started by toning down the colours I painted the bargeboards, down pipes, veranda, and sun visors with lighter shades. With the top section removed I thought the interior could be improved as I obtained some great photos of the prototype from my late friend Barrie Swann which showed how it looked. With some nice 3D printed furnishings that Gary Long gave me at Lydd Rail just right to form some of the items, I decided to give it a go. I had to make a wall to divide the operating room from a office/kitchen, make some alterations to the current panel (from a Merit signal box kit), produce 2 tall stools, an easy chair, phones, monitors, cooker, and fridge. I am currently completing painting these new items. Below pics, existing model, prototype interior, and items after priming. Cheers.
  11. Last week I put the layout up in the studio, this went well, found some wires broken off a jumper and a baseboard. Soon fixed, then tested layout, only 4 faults 2 dead sections in the fiddle yard and 2 points only throwing one way. All repaired in a couple of hours. Buildings and vehicles etc put on and currently completing scenic repairs, about 8 items to repair, almost completed. While repairing the footbridge sections decided to strengthen one section to reduce future breakages, while doing this added better detail as noticed in prototype pics, and realised there should be metal mesh panels behind the frames, which I am looking at fitting. Layout has gone up so over a few months friends can come and have a play (it is now a home layout). At least one session will likely be a more up to date running with friends GBRF locos and wagons. Pictures of the erection, and footbridge works. Cheers.
  12. I thought you might be interested in these photos of mine taken at the Toton open day in 1998. Cheers.
  13. Love the grounded wagon, reminds me of mine on my 4mm layout. Cheers.
  14. Here is a photo of 3 buffer stops in Tonbridge, may have been moving them to yards, but wagon would be best to move to where to be installed. Second photo is same location but a single buffer stop on a Bream wagon. Cheers.
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