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  1. Lyddrail

    EFE Rail JIA wagon

    Be aware they are long wagons, I think my friend had buffer locking causing derailments. Watch for this. Cheers.
  2. This topic should answer your question. Cheers. www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/116447-6rep-5wes-3191-3130-conversions-and-builds-in-nse/page/1
  3. Looking at an article I published in Live Rail (SEG mag) in 1990, I did the NSE silver grey sides and the roof using Humbrol matt 147 grey paint for this colour. Cab ends I used Precision Railfreight Flint grey. This was a long time ago of course. Cheers.
  4. My comments relate to the new model and the newer model, Gaugemaster used the old body & model which has much fewer detail parts and no etches, that is why it was cheaper and not as fine. Cheers
  5. There are a lot of extra pieces on the new version, etched grilles, etched cab front steps, moulded brake cylinders on the bogies, sand boxes on the bogies, several pipe runs under the battery box and the diesel tank, and the roof insert over the old style exhaust. All of these items will be hand fitted in the factory. Cheers.
  6. Regards the NSE flash and no wording on the side, the photo used by Bachmann (I think) of the prototype looks like the wording is missing. It is a low res pic so it is not as clear as you would want. Dapols NSE version L127 also has a flash with no wording too. The Hatton's livery diagram shows this was the plan. I don't have enough photographs to confirm these issue. Cheers.
  7. Regards loco 33010 the printed panels would be covered by the weathering, so would not be visible. Cheers.
  8. I thought that was Gaugemaster's plan but it wasn't made clear. Not a great idea really. Cheers.
  9. That is the later body with the different exhaust as it should have. 33/0s don't have a pullman rubbing bar and is not therefore included. Cheers.
  10. Rich, Thank you, you have made it clearer. I agree the side windows are too low. So you just have to get it as best you can for the livery. Getting it correct isn't an option. Cheers.
  11. Something is wrong with the grey band, but I can't confirm if it is the side windows, cab windows or something else. I hadn't noticed this before, or really looked that close. Likely several mistakes. Cheers.
  12. Well done for doing this, was looking at doing a blue/grey one to go with my NSE MTK one. Hadn't noticed the blue/grey prototype had different size arrows when repainted. Found one pic with GMs under the number which must have been from long ago (no date). The livery diagram doesn't show the arrows very well, low res drawing or something? Don't forget us Southern Region modellers don't need a loco to push it around, we can use EMUs. Cheers.
  13. Ernie, Those cabinets outside the signal box are like the SRG telephone boxes which they state can be fitted on posts. Cabinet could be put to other uses. Cheers.
  14. Darius, I now do working gangways, not very to scale but I feel they do the job for me. Cheers.
  15. As far as I know they all had gangways from new. These were useful for the on board fitter to get to the equipment on the move. Cheers.
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