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  1. I'm looking to replace a lot of my older Bachmann / Dapol OO gauge wagon couplings with the new NEM mounted coupling, the only problem I have is that the actual 'bracket/housing' for the new couplings isn't a part that Bachmann supply as a spare. Does anyone know of any manufacturer that make a similar product as the item shown below as a spare part? Cheers, Stephen
  2. The model that interests me the most of the SR 12 ton Uneven planked box van - I think I'm going to take the plunge and purchase a couple. I already have spare slaters wheel sets, so it's not too much of a gamble..... I've not heard of J&M Hughes before - its a shame the website isn't a bit more user friendly, but credit where it is due their range seems quite expansive. Cheers, Stephen
  3. Does anyone know whether an O gauge casting is available for the vacuum cylinders that were added to the WD varieties of the SR Pillbox Brake Van? I have a Parkside kit that is going to be built as per one of the examples that operated at Longmoor. I've identified No.49022 as an example that kept both the sand boxes, and of course has the Vacuum Cylinders. Whilst I've spent a few hours scouring the web for suitable cylinders, I'm not having any success - one of the issue is that I don't have any dimensions for the cylinders - can anyone assist? Cheers, Stephen
  4. Hi John, Many thanks for your response - I've not used Cyanoacrylate glue before, so am interested to see how that goes. It's a shame that the Freightman sides are no longer available, seeing as they would have pretty much suited my needs combined with Parkside underframes. Cheers, Stephen
  5. I've seen cake decorating turntables used for larger items, although haven't found one yet that wold hold an O gauge Mk1 coach - although I haven't made an exhaustive search of the internet! Amazon has plenty of options, at various prices. For supports and jigs, i still use various bits of scrap wood that fir between axles etc. Luckily I've been painting multiple examples of the same type of wagon, so any supports I make can be reused. Cheers, Stephen
  6. I'm starting to get back into O Gauge modelling after a break of about ten years, and I've been contemplating purchasing a number of the MM1 BR/SR/LMS 12ton Box Van kits. Having not seen any in the flesh, nor can find any reviews of construction online, I was hoping modellers on this forum could give an insight into the quality, ease of build and any pit falls involved with these kits? I've not worked with resin before, with Slaters and Parkside wagon kits being the limits of my experience. Ideally I would be looking to obtain a number of the SR 12ton Van kits to be finished in Longmoor Livery to complement a Bachmann Brass 'Austerity' tank that I'm currently having finished in LMR Blue. I'd also loo to purchase a number of the standard BR Vans and the the odd LMS Van to replace a number of Skytrex BR Vans that are surplus to requirements. Any advice on the MM1 wagons kits would be gratefully recieved! Cheers, Stephen
  7. Following on from the successful visit of the Jinty from the Great Central Railway in Feb/Mar, the Somerset and Dorset Railway Hertiage Trust will be hiring in Standard 4 2-6-4T No.80072 form the Llangollen Railway to operate services on the 10th/11th and 17th/18th September. Special prices will apply, but this is another step in the right direction to seeing regular steam operations back on former Somerset and Dorset metals. The Trust will hopefully have their BR Mk1 BSK cosmetically restored externally for the event, so we can give the feel of a proper S&D local service over the two weekends. Regards, Stephen
  8. No problems with any of the springs on the locos - we are always looking for extra hands to assist in the P'way department so please feel free to come and join us! Cheers, Stephen
  9. Great news to hear that steam will be returning to the S&D in a few weeks in the form of Roger Hibbert's 0-6-0 Jinty 47406, which is currently a resident at the Great Central Railway. Full details of the event are yet to be formally released, but it looks like she will be in steam all four days, hauling passenger services made up of a number of Mk1 coaches. Hopefully the event will be well patronised, and lead to more visiting locomotives gracing the metals of the relaid Somerset and Dorset. Cheers, Stephen
  10. Let's hope the S&DRHT also manage to secure the standard 4MT Tank from the Swanage Railway for the 5th/6th March. Cheers Stephen
  11. Evening All, The over bridge just north of Shillingstone station has been designated for demolition by Dorset CC Highways Dept. This will seriously hamper the North Dorset Railway Trust's immediate ambitions to extend North. An appeal has been started to lobby Dorset CC to get them to hopefully change their mind and see the importance of the bridge. More details can be found on the Shillingstone Project website: http://www.shillingstone-railway-project.org.uk/news.php A sample letter has been placed on the website that can be sent as is or changed to the senders preference. Time IS of the essence here, so for the cost of a stamp and an envelope, a letter sent over the next few days could make a big difference! Cheers, Stephen
  12. The following link for NGRM online shows a conversion taking place, so could be worth a look. You may need to register to view, although its a pretty good forum, so the few minutes to register is worthwhile: http://ngrm-online.com/forums/index.php?/topic/4868-forney-gets-the-chop/ I'm planning on doing a similar conversion, although using the 2-6-6-2 tender. Cheers, Stephen
  13. Afternoon All, I've only just picked up on this topic, but to reiterate what many of others have said, I find it difficult to see how many of the Bachmann/Spectrum locos could be classed as toys. The 2-8-0 is a work of art, as are many others of their offerings. Admittedly not in the same league as the MMI locos, but still far from toy status. The midway house between the San Juan and Spectrum Rolling stock has to be the AMS rolling stock. Not as detailed as San Juan, but clearly based on more of a recognised prototype than the Spectrum stuff. Also has the ease of being able to switch coupling height easily between On30 and On3, although it has to be said the AMS couplers are complete tripe, so require replacement for reliable operation. Cheers, Stephen
  14. Thanks for all the advice and information guys. I've decided to part company with the kit, PM for details if of interest! Cheers, Stephen
  15. I've been given one of the old K's A Class Met tank kits. Its complete and in good condition, although doesn't contain gears or motor. I'm in two mind whether to keep it and build it, or get rid of it and put the money to something else. What are peoples opinion of the kit - any fatal flaws with the kit which prevent it being made into a decent working model? Also does anyone have any idea of what the kit is worth? Cheers, Stephen
  16. Indeed, I think the blue suits the loco well. Would be a very nice sight to see her with a rake of three SDJR coaches also in prussian blue pulling away from Midsomer Norton in a few years time. Cheers, Stephen
  17. If you cut and paste the following into Google Maps, it will give you the location of Masbury Summit: 51.229396,-2.560066 Cheers, Stephen
  18. I've managed to pick up a Hornby train pack of the S&D Maunsell coaches, for just under ninety quid from the Signal Box in Kent - very nice set, so glad of the purchase - one question, if this set was to be strengthened with another coach, what would be suitable? I was thinking about another Manusell, maybe in Crimson and Cream seeing as I know I have seen a colour photo of this formation in the past. Does anyone know which type of Maunsell coach would be appropriate, i.e high or low window? Cheers, Stephen
  19. Kowloon and Canton WD 2-8-0's anyone? http://www.railpictures.net/viewphoto.php?id=213845 Cheers, Stephen
  20. My old man used to work for the shipping side of Canadian Pacific, so various trips to Montreal resulted in an Athearn SW1500 and GP9 being purchased, along with various box cars when ever he was over there......ironically, I always asked for Canadian National liveried locos......! I also had a trip to China in 2000, and saw the QJ's working over Jing Peng, so when Spectrum produced an HO model, a couple of those were purchased. I've also been to Cuba chasing/driving/photographing the steam over there until 2006, so when Spectrum bought out the Outside framed 2-8-0 on On30 a few of those were also purchased. Alas none of the above has ever resulted in a layout, but if anything was to get me building baseboards, it would be to build something Cuban in On30 scale. Cheers, Stephen
  21. English Electric built 20 locomotives for the Polish state railway in the early 1960's, that derive greatly from the BR Class 83 electric locos. Saw a few in service a few years ago - still working and in pretty good shape. Designated the EU06 by PKP. Acording to Wiki, 14 out of the orginal 20 built are still in service. Then of course we have the Class 141 Pacers - one of which went to Thailand and Malaysia in the 80's - where it was tested unducessfully. When the BR owned examples were withdrawn, twelve were sold to Iran, and two to Holland. Cheers, Stephen
  22. Just picked up one of these from Model Zone for £69.99, which to be honest is a little more than I would ideally liek to pay for a Bachmann 08 Gronk, but it is a cracking little model. Will attempt to et a few shots on here over the weekend, but don't hold your breath! Nice paint job - but will be interesting to put it up against the Bachmann WD 2-8-0 and the Hornby Austerty 0-6-0STs to see whether we now have three different shades of LMR Blue..... Would be nice to see Model Zone do a Ltd Standard BR 20T Brake Van , or maybe the new SR Pill Box brake van in LMR livery to compliment the locos released so far. Cheers, Stephen
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