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  1. Oh go on then as were wishlisting. How about some of these European Reverse Rectangular Buffers (Ringfeder maybe?) as fitted to 59003 and lots of UK wagon stock. My Photo Also the Wagon Variant which looks slightly different and be very handy for the Dapol Telescopic Hood Steel wagons as well as other types. The other version that would be handy is the loaf of Bread Shaped one as fitted to the Freightliner HIA Hoppers. Again very handy replacement for the slightly under nourished ones on the Dapol Model.
  2. Couple of pics for ya Pic 1 :- Top Hat Bearing fitted in original Wren axle mount. Pic 2 :- Modified Tophat Bearing with pinpoint filed down flat. Pic 3 :- Bachmann 14mm Coach Wheels Fitted and Parkside NEM mounts with Bachmann Mk2 Mini couplings fitted. Pic 5 :- Modified Underframe with new Trussrods 0.5mm (Square Plastic rod) and Vertical supports (shaped 1mm Plastic Square rod). Pic 5 :- Replacement Whitemetal V Hanger (possibly ABS/Fourmost Models castings). Pic 6 :- Replacement Buffers from Lanarkshire Model Supplies. Beautiful castings .
  3. Binky you can indeed fit pinpoint axles to this wagon with a little modification to some top hat barings. I've done this on mine and fitted Bachmann 14mm coach wheels. I'll try and get some pics later. Cheers Trailrage
  4. 5Bel that looks amazing. If I ever get to my "round to it" conversion and it comes out like this I would be one happy bunny! Thank you for sharing your hard work. Cheers Trailrage
  5. Done a really good job there. There a real PITA to get square and running straight. Very nice. Cheers Trailrage
  6. A couple of shots of my old Battered Wrenn 20. Just need to make up my mind which detail parts to use. Shawplan or PH Designs although I'm thinking a mixture. This was originally BR Green and was repainted Red Stripe Railfreight well over 30 years ago by my Dad. Remember it having some coarse Oval buffers fitted but these were replaced with some turned Brass Oleos (possibly A1) When I got it out os storage a big chunk of the bufferbeam was missing broken away so will have to rebuild this. Its alo missing the bufferplates. Pics are after soaking in Isoprol and having end detail filed flu
  7. This two have had buffers changed :- 550038 having Hornby Sprung Class 60 buffers fitted as I really didn't like the originals. 550043 having Hornby Sprung Class 60 Buffers one end and MJT SPrung 18" 2ft Oleos at the other. The last being the DRS Model with the Buffer SHanks painted Rail Red. Cheers Trailrage
  8. A couple of Quick phone pic of my FNA's first three have only had the Roof Numbers and late OHL Warning Flashes removed.
  9. If you click on this thread and scroll down you will see a couple of pics of the Blue Falsk wagon (posted with permission by Big Jim on this Forum) Cheers Trailrage
  10. I have the Blue Flask Wagon. Didn't carry that Livery for very long if I remember and was the only one . Lucky to get one as I was a member of the Bachmann Collectors Club at the time. Never saw the real thing though. looked really smart, Just remembered I have a pack of 4 DC Kits PFA to build as well if I can find the dam things! I ummed and Arred over the HNRC one as I was lucky enough to see 20311 & 20314 along with 20118 & 20132 at Tilehurst with my little boy (when I was Furloughed for 5 months very difficult to keep a 6 year old mind occupied for
  11. Yeah they really are. I'd made a couple of Genesis kits and one S Kits version but was never really happy with them. Only have the Bachman Models now I'll resurrect the S Kits one for my little man when I can get some more Bogies for it. Cheers Trailrage
  12. I have several flask wagons and a few ideas I may get round to one day! lol Cheers Trailrage
  13. So basically what your saying is that for instance IF I had an Arthritic condition or Nerve damage in my hands and I wasn't able to "remove, shorten and refit" that I should not have Model Electric Trains? I suffer with a compressed Nerve in my spine so does that mean I shouldn't ride my BIke or Drive my Car? Or maybe because I can't cook I shouldn't eat food? Or maybe because I suffer from Dyslexia, I shouldn't try Writing? What utter rubbish. Quotes like that are completely unnecessary and are offensive as not everyone has the ability to do such things but would like to. Yes as "Mode
  14. Pre ordered my two (one of each) from Rails yesterday. looked at a few different places all with similar prices but a lot of different arrival times. between November 2020 to December 2021. Bachmann website shows Jan/Feb 21. Confused Much? Looking forward to these little beauties. only problem now is my 6 year old wants a pair to! time to break out the old Lima models for conversion methinks. Cheers Trailrage
  15. WOW never realised how much dust was on this until I put the pics ip! Whoops. Cheers Trailrage
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