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  1. Jabee The Lima 102t TEA Tank Wagon is based on this design. 85312 at cardiff | TEA 85312 at cardiff | trevor plackett | Flickr I believe SKits make the correct Schilerien Bogie in cast Whitemetal. BG31: Scherelien Bogies Price - £5.10 per pair except where stated Stenson Models do make them but at £14 a pair they are high end. Bogie 4mm – Schlieren M25 2000mm Wheelbase Disc Braked CC15B | Stenson Models Alternatively The new TEA Tanks used in the Murco service have a Low Track Force Bogie fitted. 89002 at C
  2. Depends on your situation. Up until 8 years ago I definitely had more money than as a Child. But with a nessacary rebuild on the house and now being made redundant and dumped on the scrapheap I definitely don't! I know a lot of people who are in similar positions regrading Disposable income which they do not have. The last 18 months has been devastating for a lot of people in many ways. I still have most of my stuff from when I was a kid which has now passed to my little boy. Now at 47 (and suffering with depression) for the first time in my life find I'm am genuinely concerned as I haven
  3. Got to have a quick look at these today in Alton models. First day out for a year and a half! Have to admit they look a LOT better in the flesh than the pictures portray. The Subtle curve on the Cab front is definitely there. Looked very nice to me but I'm far from an expert on the class as I was only 13 when they were all withdrawn. Cheers Trailrage
  4. Checked my two Freightliner pairs and 4 GBRF pairs over and all seems to be ok. They were all purchased from Replica Railways when first released so probably didn't pay more than £19 a pair They were until last year stored in loft (best part of 8 years) but subsequently been in the Garage which is insulated with space foam. The wooden floor is suspended of the concrete and I use a small Background heater to try and keep the temperature consistent. Been caught out before with Mazak Rot on two Hornby 31's and a Heljan 47. Hopefully they will survive as there is no way Id be able to replace t
  5. Well nearly done. Gloss varnished the sideframes and Bogie sides in anticipation of getting a set of Transfers. Decided on using Games Worksop Citadel Colour 61-12 "Scorched Brown" thinned with a little water. Didnt come out to bad. Although may darken it a tad. Overall considering how bad the kit was it hasn't come out to bad. Not sure I'd wanna build another one though, but if one came up cheap enough I may be tempted for my littleman. andypops did you ever finish yours off? It would be good to see some pics. Cheers Trailrage
  6. Bogie fixed, coupling bar cut down to match the lengh of the Hattons Warwells and NEM pocket glued on. Popped in some Kaydee no18 which made me realise I had to bend the bar to get it at the correct height. Buffers still did a tad high but If I lower it on to the Bogies anymore, there wont be enough clearance. Ps painted the Decking a Humbrol Matt Beige to represent bear wood which will need some toning down & weathering. Still need to paint the Axleboxes yellow and sort brakewheels. Couldn't help myself and plonked a couple of Cararama Land-rover Ambulances to see what it looked l
  7. Bogies painted and body temporary fitted. About 30 secs after the pic was taken the near bogie fell apart! Don't really know what happened. Is it possible the paint degraded the superglue used (possibly due to its age)? Anyhoooo the bogie is now setting with superglue Gel. Well see what its like o tne Morrow . Cheers Trailrage
  8. Had to to some height adjustment before painting the Bogies aswell as you can see sat next to a Heljan 47 it was way to tall.
  9. Done a bit more on this last night and today. Was gonna add the little extra plates either side of the Jacking Brackets for the safety loops, but there isn't quite enough space do drilled holes in the Brackets themselves and fitted some spare 3 link loops. Painted yellow with Railmatch 202 Warning Panel Yellow 94-03. Paint has definately gone off so after copius amounts of shaking and stirring, I still had to add some thinners. Its had two coats now znd still not perfect but with a little thinned down faded yellow Paint it may not look to bad. Bogies painted Matt Black. Found some old Cambrian
  10. Just sen this on their Farcebook. This is excellent customer service from them. Thank you Bachmann
  11. Second Bogie now built and up and running. Although it went together easier than the first its still not completely square. One issue is that the body tips to one side when mounted on the bogie itself, so defo need some remedial work here. It also sits a bit higher than the Hatton's Warwell. Body has had two cots of Humbrol Matt 75 Which is a good close match to Bronze Green. This has also shown up where the body isn't flat or level leaving some gaps. May try some thick superglue as a filler on those bits. Need to source some 6 spoke Handwheels as I seem to only have 4 spoke left. Headstocks
  12. Holy Crap! That is not good. I have 4 pairs of GBRF and 2 pairs off Freightliner Id better check when I can get to them tomorrow. Cheers for the heads up. Trailrage
  13. Been Running mine with a Kibri NEM Screw Link Coupler as they'll only ever run as a pair on my layout. They don't work with any other DRS Loco I have and as I'll never go DCC I may well make a few Non powered Loco's to Triple head with. I have a Spare Vitrains 37 body and a spare Bachmann First Gen 37/4 Chassis frame to mount it on but will need to cut the Buffer beams off and fix to the Body due to the Length. Most Likely use Hornby non Powered 37 Bogies with to run it on . MMMM there's a thought! Cheers Trailrage
  14. After Pulling out what's left of my hair trying to get the Genesis Kits version to resemble a Warflat (work still in very slow progress)! I took the plunge and ordered 4 of these lovely looking 2 early PFB and 2 late KFA (well actually the wife paid for two of them for me Birthday and the other two I paid for) as there is no way I could get it to the standard you've achieved. Mahooooosively looking forward to these to run with my Hattons Warwells. Cheers An excited Trailrage
  15. Managed to build up one bogie so far but this is without doubt one of the worst kits I've ever tried building, and I've built a Genesis Kits FNA! Nothing on the Bogie matched up but I finally got a running example. Tried Romford's but the Axle was to long So tried some old Gibson (which wobble like Jelly) and although the frames are as square as I could possibly get, the axles seemed to short at one end. Turns out the Bogie Sideframe thickness isn't consistent!. Managed to Sort it out so it runs.
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