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  1. WOW advertisement banners seem to be getting bigger top and bottom of the screen. Usually its just the bottom. Only getting to see the middle now when did this start? Frustrated and Concerned Trailrage
  2. Yeoman PTA al now have the lower section of body painted matt black. Small amount of touching up needed as I seem to be struggling to hold the paintbrush still these days. Original Livery. The Plastic had slightly yellowed on this one so I used an off White for the ends and gave it a light coat of weathering. De branded waiting for White writing on Blue Panel Transfers Anther in original Livery. The Plastic had slightly yellowed on this one as well so as above I used an off White for the ends and gave it a light coat of weathering. Will need to do some tidying up on this one
  3. Battery arrived for my PTA. Thank you again McC and Accurascale for this. But I'll be flipped upside down if I can get the thing to work. Looks like its all making contact when the battery is fully clipped in. I did read on the PTA thread about tweaking the contacts to make sure it's applying enough pressure and all feels good. Also call me stoopid but which ways on and off. LOL as I honestly don't know with it not turning on. Really Is a lovely wagon though and I will definitely have to get me a Rake. Cheers Trailrage
  4. OOOOOOOO that PXA is gorgeous. Don't suppose you have any info regarding dimensions (Height, Width, Length, Rib thickness) do you? Been staring at pictures online of these and started doing a drawing on graph paper using the basic shape of a PTA body as a basis albeit with parallel sides. Height looks to be the same and the width the same as the widest part of the PTA. I, note sure about the length because in some photos they appear longer. I'm reckoning on using 40 though for the main structure, floor & Headstocks And 40x40 tho Evergreen strip for the ribs and top edge. I realise there was only 16 examples buy was thinking one in full ARC, 1 unbranded ARC outer and a white on with Gloucester Bogies. I have a feeling the only Schileren Bogies available aren't strictly correct for these wagons but would do for me and Maybe a pair of Heljan Gloucester Bogies from Hatton's. Also what Wheelsize would they be the same regardless whether they are Schilren, BSC Axlemotion or Gloucester Bogies. Sorry to ask so many Questions bt you seem to have an incredible amount of knowledge regarding these. Many thanks Trailrage
  5. Had to be done removed the capping strips I fitted. Never was happy with them. Looking better now. Though they will never be to the standard of Guy lyneux's incredible Scratchbuilt models or these stunning production models. My little man will be happy. Thanks for the encouragement all. Cheers Trailrage
  6. Wow thank you very much. Excellent customer service. Humbled Trailrage
  7. So Dazzled with its beauty was I that it immediately struck me that I had made a rather silly error on my Lima upgrades. The 2mm top edge. Oh they are way to tall now. Think I'm going to have to strip the strips off! I decided to repint the ARC branding (with a not so steady hand!) With Railmatch ARC Mid grey. They look way better for it. Also started marking out the Headstock, Bogies Bolster positions and underframe support brackets. Between the Grey sections it will be painted Matt Black. At least for the time being. Cheers Trailrage
  8. So got me one of these little beauts of Ebay (thank you muchy Trains for you). No battery for the Taillight but no biggie. In all credit to the shop ordered last Tuesday shipping said today turned up next day a week early!!! Only I wasn't in so had to reschedule. To be Honest we'll worth the wait. Couldn't afford a Rake of ARC or Yeoman ones but it's a start. Thank you Accurascale for lurvely little wagon.
  9. Had a go at fading and distressing the paintwork on an older Heljan 47 Model that started life off as 47212 in RF Petroleum. They were supplied with a voucher for a replacement body due to paint error which was excellent customer service from them I stripped off the original branding and put some standard Fox Speeding Transfers on. Already had the nameplates for it from an even older Hornby 47 my father painted 30 plus years ago. So 47317 Wilsden Yard it is. Silver window surrounds faded yellow replacement Cab door and faded the Transfers using thinned down Rail match Faded Railfreight Red with a little white in it to make the pinkish tint. Not to sure how I feel about this one because as hard as I tried I couldn't smooth out the Micro Scratches from the soft bristle burnishing brush I used. Normally padded Nail file & polishers do the trick but not this time. Cheers Trailrage
  10. New phone ,better Camera if the moron behind it can figure out how it works! Some pics of each wagon. Ideally I would like to cut the lower section of the bodies but until I get enough Bogies for the Moment I will paint them black on the Yeoman ones and Black with ARC Mid Grey Headstock on THE ARC ones. The 4 ARC ones have the 2mm capping fitted. So look Taller. This was before I removed the Maskol on the two branded ones. PXA inner PXA outer PTA inner PTA outer with Hornby Bogies PXA With the Maskol re moved PTA with Maskol removed This was a bit harder than I thought as it was difficult to see exactly where it was going some of it came off easy some had to be scraped off causing some scratches in the paint and branding. Should be able to touch these up and I rekon with a bit of weathering they should look ok. PTA outer PTA inner PTA inner. This one I may well strip off the branding and fit the later style transfers as the model above but still in White PTA inner PTA outer Cheers Trailrage
  11. Finally getting round to doing more on the modified Lima PTA wagons. I originally made a mistake and did one of them as a PXA forgetting that those have parralell sides unlike the PTA which taper inwards at the bottom. Well my little boy decided he would like to have two like that! So there is two ARC PTA, and two PXA. I also dug out my Yeoman PTA for him as well giving him a mixed Rake of nine. 4 ARC, 2 Later Yeoman Grey and 3 in the earlier plain white with Blue Yeoman. Just need a set of Transfers for the white Yeoman branding on a blue background. Couldn't get any 1.5x2mm plastistruct forgetting top edge so settled on 2mm (need to get more as I ran out) which I used for the end Ribs. 1 of the ARC PTA is fitted with a pair of Hornby Y27 Bogies, the other a pair of Cast White metal Y27 Disc Brake Bogies modified. There close enough to the British Steel Axle Motion Bogies for a 7 year old to be happy. The 2 PXA will be fitted with Schilerien Bogies. When I can get some. For the Yeoman PTA I only have 3 pairs (the last 3 pairs of ex Appleby bogies left Cheers John at CCT fir those) of Axle Motion Bogies so I will have to have a look at what to do with those. More pics to follow Cheers Trailrage
  12. Came Across this interesting conversion of BYA 966050 while searching for inspiration on PTA tippers. Anyone have any idea on why it was done? For example Maintenance costs or lack of spare hoods or even cost of replacement Hood being Aluminium. Or even possibly the sliding Mechanism was damaged beyond repair. I couldn't see any other pics so are wondering if its either just a one off or Porotype for a rake of them. I did find what is said to be 966050 at Axiom Rail in 2015 without its hood so may well have been OOU for a while. STOCK 966050 Water Orton 20210824 | Rebuilt BYA steel carrie… | Flickr 966050 06.04.2021 | 966050, a steel carrying BYA wagon is se… | Flickr 966050 Axiom Rail Stoke 101015 | DB Schenker BYA bogie cover… | Flickr Cheers Trailrage
  13. Hello Mark. I had to do this on a Parkside SR PMV. I'd had it in storage for quite a while and not only had the sides warped the floor had to. I used a piece of Steel which I believe was a weight from another model possibly a Coach of somesort and bolted it to the floor and then had the internal bracing. That must have been 15 years ago and its still going strong.. Cheers Trailrage
  14. There's a couple here with Red Roofs 11/05/1982 - York. | Best viewed Original size. 4-wheel air-… | Flickr and another here 21/06/1983 - York. | Air-braked VEA vans 230371 & 230278 at … | Flickr
  15. Hello Paul 27. These kits are without doubt one of the easiest I've built. Go together very easy. Only problem I've had wit kits is when I didn't bother painting the inside of the kit. I found that when the paint dried it it caused a slight inward warping of the sides. Since then I've always painted the inside and never had the issue again. I also have 3 of the VEA kits two of which I've started. Well worth a go these. Cheers Trailrage
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