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  1. As per normal can be elusive and evasive
  2. If I remember correctly a lot of DJM Austerities were jobbed out/dumped at very low prices
  3. A quick phone call is always the best idea. That way you can actually speak to a human and not rely on the ethernet and people reading emails
  4. Ostrava in Czech . It on the mezzanine level in the main station. Biased towards CD and ZSSK but a good little shop.
  5. Of course not surely you recognise a figure of speech [may be not]
  6. Probably more like Romania or Bulgaria
  7. They are based in a fictional Cotswold village not Swindon
  8. Not all Swindonians look like that
  9. Postage to CANADA is not cheap .Likewise postage from Canada to the UK ain`t cheap.
  10. Another interesting one Undercutting: As Organisers’ of the event we would request that traders do not enter into a price war by undercutting. This is not in the best interest of the show or the hobby.
  11. A qualification that at one time used to mean something rather than todays CSEs
  12. Each year a substantial amount of visitors seem to make it without any trouble. You will NEVER find the perfect exhibition venue
  13. Would you work all Bank Holidays and High Days ???? I think not
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