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  1. Catch the A1 from the Airport to the city centre and then the either the T1 or T2 to Thornbury. Busses pass the door. The Thornbury buses do not use the BUS station but start from Bristol The Center stop C11
  2. How many model shops have more than one branch ? Not many You obviously worked for a chain and their polices CAN be and often are different than one man bands who often do not have expensive EPS systems.
  3. No as you cannot operate a two tier pricing rule. It is far easier to reprice the residual stock as it balances out the cost of the new items ordered at the new cost price. Anyway if you had 10 of the same kit in stock why would you order more?
  4. Model shops are not as big as Amazon. I still stand by what I said
  5. You would pay the new rate of VAT on ANY sales made from day one of the new rate, regardless of how old the stock is.
  6. It does not always work in the simplified way that you state. If you have a fast moving line you are constantly topping up there would always be a few items left at the old price so they would be repriced as a matter of course. As has been said sound business sense .
  7. So it is not just a British complaint then
  8. Only due to engineering works. Bristol Temple Meads was without a direct service to Padd for a week when the up grade was on
  9. Not at all. Everybody thinks they can do better than the people in charge when things go wrong and are quick to assume that they know all the answers. Don`t forget we are still coming out of a pandemic and that there are staff shortages and other related problems. Do we want headlines like the ones published in the Sun years ago saying "It only takes two weeks to train train drivers so why can`t we do it ". There was a national outcry. People are only human beings and EVERBODY makes mistakes . So before ranting and raving take into account all the circumstances involved. Also don`t forget that an element of instructions/advice given out don`t apply to me and I am the only passenger that matters comes into play from a minority, and that the situation can change minute by minute.
  10. fiftyfour fiftyfour said: GWR management should resign, starting with Hopwood. The media should be all over this, there was NO engineering at all at any location between Bristol and London yesterday, all lines were open. Could you do any better??? I doubt it
  11. Why blame Gaugemaster ? They can only supply the parts that Heljan supply them with.
  12. Last time I saw this unit it was a low loader on the Severn Bridge
  13. Quote "I was just suggesting it was only fair for rmwebbers to point out there is much better value elsewhere. Honestly, why would any retail customer choose to pay up to 20 per cent more on commonly available products when so much is available at the touch of a keypad?" Not every body is computer literate, has access to the web, or wants to spend all day sat in front of a computer trawling the net to save 20p. There is much more to life than that
  14. If anybody bothers to check Gaugemaster do discount the standard models stocked by other shops ie Bachmann and Hornby etc. They do not discount their own products in common with most other manufacturers . Have a look at Hornby`s site all RRP
  15. If Gaugemaster OR ANY RETAILER reduced their prices by 5%, there will be people moaning that they didnt drop them 10 %. Lower prices do not always guarantee more sales How very very very true --- trust me
  16. UK VAT does not come into it. both Germany and the Republic of Ireland [Dublin it`s capital} are in the EU . So no duties are applicable. If buying form the UK then that is a different ball game.
  17. What were the couple doing to catch fire ???. Typical waffle from the go to "expert"
  18. A short set of coaches ex EMR ? on the way to Laira to help out. Should be arriving/arrived at Laira about now Two short GWR 800s out today 800 006 800 009
  19. Because a lot of people prefer to do it that way. i certainly prefer to get out when I can and not rely on technology ALL the time
  20. There is enough room to lower the line , as they did at Keynsham before the electrification to Bristol was cancelled/put on hold.
  21. ???? . The bridges referred to are road over rail, which would involve clearance checks.
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