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  1. Especially as it was supposed to be funded by the EU
  2. There is zig-zag ramp at Keynsham on the down side ie Bristol platform. Been there a couple of years at least.
  3. Split box 45 yes TTG47 no. It is in the original two tone green livery. Warships had all long gone by the time TTG came in.
  4. As per normal can be elusive and evasive
  5. If I remember correctly a lot of DJM Austerities were jobbed out/dumped at very low prices
  6. A quick phone call is always the best idea. That way you can actually speak to a human and not rely on the ethernet and people reading emails
  7. Ostrava in Czech . It on the mezzanine level in the main station. Biased towards CD and ZSSK but a good little shop.
  8. Of course not surely you recognise a figure of speech [may be not]
  9. Probably more like Romania or Bulgaria
  10. They are based in a fictional Cotswold village not Swindon
  11. Not all Swindonians look like that
  12. Postage to CANADA is not cheap .Likewise postage from Canada to the UK ain`t cheap.
  13. Another interesting one Undercutting: As Organisers’ of the event we would request that traders do not enter into a price war by undercutting. This is not in the best interest of the show or the hobby.
  14. A qualification that at one time used to mean something rather than todays CSEs
  15. Each year a substantial amount of visitors seem to make it without any trouble. You will NEVER find the perfect exhibition venue
  16. Would you work all Bank Holidays and High Days ???? I think not
  17. I can`t see your point. Your OP did not mention anything about trucks
  18. Not sure my accountant would know. I would change my accountant as soon as possible. They ought to know
  19. Surely the best person to ask is your accountant. Otherwise the conflicting advice you`ll get from other sources will leave you no better off. Other sources can be any form of social media
  20. Or lets do the normal thing and moan like hell in public/on a forum/social media when it appears to go wrong
  21. It does beg the question why bother to have a shop in Guilford. I also did not realise that this was the case
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