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    Geoff Endacott

    A sad loss to the hobby. Trainwest was always a show of good quality and variety. Condolences to his family and members of the Bentley Club
  2. If you look at the Books on Places in Old Photographs there are several railway books reduced
  3. When a wholesaler notifies a shop of a price increase from a certain date, it means on ALL stock from that source. It does not mean that any stock supplied to the shop that was is stock BEFORE the price increase would be supplied at the old price, and any new stock supplied at the new and two separate invoices issued. Most sensible retailers will stock at the old wholesale price prior to the increase and sell at the new price. Standard business practice.
  4. For every one person that moans about a company the equal number praise them fact. It is just a case of oops I forgot something and I have fallen " foul" of their conditions
  5. Howes took over the Model Highways shop from the owner who brought it from Ivor Tozer who moved to Cheddar to open an ice cream and gift shop. the short lived shop on Gloucester Road was further up towards Horfield on the left on a corner. It did not last long a couple of years I think. Al`s Hobbies [ R/C ] was also briefly on Gloucester Road before moving to Filton Avenue. Also now closed.
  6. No Trains of Bristol was in West Street and closed in the early 2000`s. The original owner Derek Dashfield sold it and the guy who bought it changed the shop. Derek died in 2006/7. The shop on North Street was owned by somebody Rogers/Rodgers , i can`t remember his christian name. His [ex] wife owned the shop that eventually became Modelmania, the owners of which retired in 2018 after 33 years in business. There were a number of other shops in the Bristol area that sold Hornby/Mianline/Airfix railways Martins, in Kingswood and Gloucester Road springs to mind as well as Dawsons in Clifton
  7. There was another one on Gloucester Road, the owner of which boasted " I am going to give every one a run for their money and some competition" --------- he did not last long. Nobby`s Hobbies was the slot car specialist Model Highways was Model Railways and Kits. There was also one on North Street Bedminster who was mainly kits, the name of which escapes me
  8. The short lived one in Brislington was originally Baileys Daley`s I believe and was there a number of years before being taken over/merging with Kemps. I thought Bristol Model Centre was on Gloucester Road. There was one in Mangotsfield which closed around 1985/6, I seem to recall.
  9. I think the retailer has acted fairly and responsibly. He responded which one or two may not have done. So to say he should be named and shamed is wrong
  10. There is zig-zag ramp at Keynsham on the down side ie Bristol platform. Been there a couple of years at least.
  11. Split box 45 yes TTG47 no. It is in the original two tone green livery. Warships had all long gone by the time TTG came in.
  12. As per normal can be elusive and evasive
  13. If I remember correctly a lot of DJM Austerities were jobbed out/dumped at very low prices
  14. A quick phone call is always the best idea. That way you can actually speak to a human and not rely on the ethernet and people reading emails
  15. Ostrava in Czech . It on the mezzanine level in the main station. Biased towards CD and ZSSK but a good little shop.
  16. Of course not surely you recognise a figure of speech [may be not]
  17. Probably more like Romania or Bulgaria
  18. They are based in a fictional Cotswold village not Swindon
  19. Postage to CANADA is not cheap .Likewise postage from Canada to the UK ain`t cheap.
  20. Another interesting one Undercutting: As Organisers’ of the event we would request that traders do not enter into a price war by undercutting. This is not in the best interest of the show or the hobby.
  21. A qualification that at one time used to mean something rather than todays CSEs
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