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  1. 33 minutes ago, fiftyfour fiftyfour said:

    So your option is to leave utterly incompetent clowns in charge and let the service spiral even further into decline? There is plenty of talent within the industry which could be put in there to shake things up, restructure the teams and root out the dead wood. GWR as a business is not beyond hope, they have a lot of very good staff at all levels, they have just had a once in a generation huge investment in electrification and new trains. Passenger confidence and in turn demand could be rebuilt if a reliable, efficient and value for money service could be delivered. The current team has proven incapable, and in case anyone is wondering I'm not basing this on 1A58 last Sunday, its been terrible for too long and I dread having to use GWR these days- should a TOC be provoking that kind of reaction from an enthusiast and natural supporter of rail?




    Not at all. Everybody thinks they can do better than the people in charge when things go wrong and are quick to assume that they know all the answers. Don`t forget we are still coming out of a pandemic and that there are staff shortages and other related problems. Do we want headlines like the ones published in the Sun years ago saying "It only takes two weeks to train train drivers so why can`t we do it ". There was a national outcry. People are only human beings and EVERBODY makes mistakes . So before ranting and raving take into account all the circumstances involved.

    Also don`t forget that an element of instructions/advice given out don`t apply to me and I am the only passenger that matters comes into play from a minority, and that the situation can change minute by minute.  

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  2. 4 hours ago, Esmedune said:

    They are getting a thumbs down from me at the moment. I sent them a list of parts I needed to restore a Heljan 86/6 back to showroom, to get an email back telling that the only bits they have in are on the website. So I went back asking if they really are the UK supplier of Heljan parts. To which they replied that when they do get parts in, they will take a while to stocktake them and put them on the site.  So I have now gone back and asked for clarity about if they can order parts or not? They are being so obtuse and unhelpful in the face of a simple question. Are they the UK suppliers of Heljan parts or not? 

    I don't expect a car part supplier to claim they only have some parts in, and when they do get parts in it may take a while to process them. The website clearly states that if you let them know what you want, they will get it in, so I don't comprehend the rubbish I am getting from them.



    Why blame Gaugemaster ? They can only supply the parts that Heljan supply them with.

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  3.  Quote  "I was just suggesting it was only fair for rmwebbers to point out there is much better value elsewhere. Honestly, why would any retail customer choose to pay up to 20 per cent more on commonly available products when so much is available at the touch of a keypad?"


    Not every body is computer literate, has access to the web, or wants to spend all day sat in front of a computer trawling the net to save 20p. There is much more to life than that 

  4. If anybody bothers to check Gaugemaster do discount the standard models stocked by other shops ie Bachmann and Hornby etc. They do not discount their own products in common with most other manufacturers . Have a look at Hornby`s site all RRP

  5. If Gaugemaster OR ANY RETAILER  reduced their prices by 5%, there will be people moaning that they didnt drop them 10 %.  Lower prices do not always guarantee more sales

    How very very very true --- trust me

  6. 9 hours ago, Dogmatix said:

    I have ordered a Class 37, I am told it will be shipped from Dublin to me in Germany.


    Generally, the EU import duty for model railway goods from UK is zero percent; but you still have to pay the VAT (levied on the price of the goods plus shipping), the merchant should not charge the UK VAT - unless the merchant is, like Hattons, registered in the EU meaning there is no more to pay upon receipt.



    UK VAT does not come into it. both Germany and the Republic of Ireland [Dublin it`s capital} are in the EU . So no duties are applicable. If buying form the UK then that is a different ball game. 

  7. 3 hours ago, ardbealach said:

    Funny you should mention Wolmar -   This irrelevant piece of nonsense made it into the 'Letters to the Editor' in today's Times.   The problem is that people believe what Wolmar puts into print.  [Alisdair] 

    img091 (2).jpg


    What were the couple doing to catch fire ???. Typical waffle from the go to "expert" 

  8. 3 hours ago, AndrueC said:

    If the only way you can get human contact is with a shop assistant (lockdown not withstanding when you shouldn't be having contact with them) then perhaps you need to get out more and widen your social circle ;)


    The issue of being reliant on technology is an interesting one but my experience is that it's plenty reliable enough. I never suffer internet or electrical outages. If things become bad enough to make using the web impractical then I suspect it'll be because of a complete collapse of UK infrastructure in which case I'll have better things to do than go to the Post Office anyway, lol.



    Really ??

  9. 18 minutes ago, AndrueC said:

    Apparently it's a place you can go to to get bills paid, driver's licenses, passports and parcels sent.


    Quite why anyone would choose to actually go somewhere to get that done escapes me.


    Because a lot of people prefer to do it that way. i certainly prefer to get out when I can and not rely on technology ALL the time

  10. 1 hour ago, jonny777 said:


    No, but there is the *rail* over bridge, where the Skegness route passes under the GN&GE avoiding line, just north of Sleaford South Junction. 


    If that needed to be altered it might be rather expensive, and would necessitate temporary closure of both routes. 



    There is enough room to lower the line , as they did at Keynsham before the electrification to Bristol was cancelled/put on hold. 

  11. 3 hours ago, great central said:


    The joint line would make some sense as there's more freight using it now and it could already have the clearances since it was upgraded for freight use.

    As you say though the Skegness line is not much more than a very long twig most of the time and would probably need a fair bit of work on bridge clearances. 

    It's still mostly manually signalled as well so not even that near any sort of modernisation, signalling alone is going to cost serious money.

    Maybe the increased costs of running it after May will improve it's chances?


    There are no road over rail bridges between Sleaford and Skegness that I can recall, and only 5 approx between Sleaford and Nottingham .

  12. 10 hours ago, burgundy said:

    An old favourite, Bristol Rapid Transit, reappeared yesterday with an announcement that Bristol and WECA (the West of England Combined Authority) are working to put forward proposals for public consultation in the Summer and an outline business case to the Department for Transport. 

    I shall be fascinated to see the option for the line to Bristol Airport. Will it be underground with a huge escalator at the airport? Or will there be trams that can climb mountains? Or will it continue to  be a bus?


    Best wishes 



    A pipe dream I am afraid. If we  can`t get the simple job of opening the Portbury branch, and the Hengrove loop done , then what hope is there for this. From what I understand there was an option to reopen the Portbury branch as a passenger branch when the line was re-opened  for freight, but the cheaper option was chosen instead

  13. On 29/01/2021 at 09:27, BR(S) said:

    WH Smith are having a clearance sale.  Plus spend £30 and get an extra £5 off, or £50 for an extra £10 off, with code BUYNOW.  Free delivery when you spend £25 on eligible items: 




    Only two railway books I could find:










    If you look at the Books on Places in Old Photographs there are several railway books reduced

  14. On 11/01/2021 at 14:47, LimboBrit said:

    I was considering buying some laser cut railings on eBay from scalemodelscenery who are VAT registered. They need to figure out how to deduct UK VAT for shipment to NL on the eBay checkout. It seems it is not as straight forward as one would hope. Mind you, I've just found out it would be cheaper anyway to buy from them directly instead of through eBay



    Multiply the original cost by 100 and divide by 120 and the gives you the price excluding VAT.

  15. When a wholesaler notifies a shop of a price  increase from a certain date, it means on ALL stock from that source. It does not mean that any stock supplied to the shop that was is stock BEFORE the price increase would be supplied at the old price, and any new stock supplied at the new and two separate invoices issued. Most sensible retailers will stock at the old wholesale price prior to the increase and sell at the new price. Standard business practice.

  16. 36 minutes ago, D6975 said:

    The short lived one on Gloucester Road was an outpost of Howes of Oxford, some kind of franchise IIRC.  As you say. didn't last long.  Nowadays only Antics remain with a very limited range of stock  We do however have an excellent shop just a short bus ride away in Portishead. (bought quite a bit there)


    Howes took over the Model Highways shop from the owner who brought it from Ivor Tozer who moved to Cheddar to open an ice cream and gift shop. the short lived shop on Gloucester Road was further up towards Horfield on the left on a corner. It did not last long a couple of years I think. Al`s Hobbies [ R/C ] was also briefly on  Gloucester Road before moving to Filton Avenue. Also now closed. 

  17. 12 hours ago, JZ said:

    That was Trains of Bristol. Visited there about 1985. The owner was very condescending. When I asked if he had any OO9, I was told that no one models or makes stuff for it and I was wasting my time and should try OO. I remember he had a big display of sweets. It closed a year or two later, but he still did shows, but it was mostly overpriced second-hand stuff. Oh, and sweets.



    No Trains of Bristol was in West Street and closed in the early 2000`s. The original owner Derek Dashfield sold it and the guy who bought it changed the shop. Derek died in 2006/7. The shop on North Street was owned by somebody Rogers/Rodgers , i can`t remember his christian name. His [ex] wife owned the shop that eventually became Modelmania, the owners of which retired in 2018 after 33 years in business.

    There were a number of other shops in the Bristol area that sold Hornby/Mianline/Airfix railways Martins, in Kingswood and Gloucester Road  springs to mind as well as Dawsons in Clifton, Hardings in Bedminster as well as a cycle shop in the South of the city, Reps used to say Bristol was a two day job in the good old days.

  18. 5 hours ago, JZ said:

    I remember Bailey's Daleys, though I never went there under that name, only as Kemps. The Gloucester Rd shop was Model Highways. Their main trade was slot cars, I believe there was a big slot car club in North Bristol, but they had a wide range of model railway stuff, including 009, which was my area of modelling at the time. One of only two shops which stocked it, the other being Max Williams. The one I remember as the Bristol Model Centre was in Fairfax St, next to the Union St bridge. It was on two levels. That was the one that became Antics, then moved along Fairfax St to it's present site.


    There was another one on Gloucester Road, the owner of which boasted " I am going to give every one a run for their money and some competition" --------- he did not last long.

    Nobby`s Hobbies was the slot car specialist Model Highways was Model Railways and Kits. There was also one on North Street Bedminster who was mainly kits, the name of which escapes me 

  19. 3 hours ago, JZ said:

    Bristol used to have a few. The much missed Max Williams near Lawrence Hill station, Model Highways on the Gloucester Road, one called Trains of Bristol in Bedminster. There was Modelmania along Clouds Hill road.  A short lived one called Kemps in Brislington. There was also a Beatties in Broadmead and, I think it was, the Bristol Model Centre on the edge of Broadmead, which later became Antics and moved just along the road. Also Ian Harper Models in Hengrove, though mainly radio control models, did have a few bits. Up to seven were concurrent, I don't think Kemps and Beatties existed at the same time.

    Antics is the only one left now.


    The short lived one in Brislington was originally Baileys Daley`s I believe and was there a number of years before being taken over/merging with Kemps. I thought Bristol Model Centre was on Gloucester Road. There was one in Mangotsfield which closed around 1985/6, I seem to recall.  

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