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  1. Yep, I can "cheat" a bit on GH, but I'm keeping the station/goods area almost the same as KL. I'll put a heavy buffer on the far headshunt and modify the cattle dock arrangement. The latter was heavily discussed around page 100 on KL2 and I'll come back to it when I have to do something in a couple of months time. All I'll say now is that I'm going to style it the way Derek (MrKirtley) did on his Canal Road layout (photo on page 102, KL2 thread). Cats do really thrive in the heat - how they can sleep in direct sunlight is beyond me. Jeff
  2. Yes, very handy! Clear photographic evidence for the heavy one in the lie-by headshunt (KL2, bottom of page 201). I initially fitted one into the cattle dock, but Dave's post on KL2 (also page 201) showed this to be wrong and a standard went in. The order may be here today, so when I've re-done the lie-by (ripped out yesterday) I'll fit one. Hope your enthusiasm is on the rise. Do you still have that lovely cat you showed pics of a few years back? J.
  3. Sometimes it's best to change things a little..... Having spent over a day on the lie-by, ballasting and griming, it wasn't up-to-scratch. So bye-bye.....
  4. AND you'll be pleased to hear that Dave Franks at Lanarkshire Models is still doing the Heavy Duty Midland buffer stop that you campaigned for a few years back. He's casting some this week, so I should get my order soon, then I can fix a couple in place. Jeff
  5. Hi Simon. Just caught your post as I came in for a coffee break! We discussed this very thing on the KL2 thread - have a look at page 185. This time, I've left the plastic webbing under areas of the track where the rodding goes, so there's an automatic plastic shield in place. However, for places where a link under the track between 2 cranks exists I've joined the cranks with some thicker (1 mm) plastic rod, as it looks better - especially when grimed. I've attached a pic, just taken, to show a bit of the rodding I did yesterday. The plastic rod is still in its "native" grey state! Jeff
  6. Rich, the stools and cranks are MSE. You can get them for 4mm and 7mm. The rods are 0.4mm diameter nickel silver wire. All available from Wizard Models, Humberside. Online shop has everything well set-out.
  7. Hi Steve. Hope you are enjoying/enjoyed your holiday. I'll send you a PM, should be with you in about 20 minutes. Jeff
  8. A few pics, as promised. The goods shed (DAS-basedfrom 2017) is still incomplete - as is mark II (2018, Wills sheet) - and is just sat roughly in place to keep it out of the way of the ongoing grime wave. Views up and down the track and a close-up of ongoing rodding.... Jeff
  9. I think that some of them contribute the aggro just to wind you up! Having said that, and I may be totally wrong here, the Forum seems a much quieter place than it was, say, 5 years ago. Maybe some of the bigger "egos" have gone elsewhere.
  10. Simon, very good to hear from you on here. I've noticed your name popping up on a few other threads - on the Home page index - and I wondered how you were getting on. I "used" the original KL (though I never realised I was doing it!) to "skill up" and try out a few ideas. Bit of an extravagance, but plenty of people set me straight and I learned a lot. It'd be good to see your thread chugging along on here - we can always nag you, if you really want us to!! Jeff
  11. You wouldn't be fortunate enough to live in Cowgill, or Dentdale, would you? In close proximity to my favourite viaduct! Enjoy your new sleeping accommodation. But watch it, your wife may put you out there permanently with the dog! Jeff
  12. Update... I've been working on the goods yard area for the last few days, so static grass has - temporarily - been banished from the modelling "diet". Not so for the DAS, a very useful material for crapping up little-used rail areas, such as headshunts and lie-by lines. The heat is restricting my Bunker habitation to 2-3 hours a day. I'll post some (pretty boring) pics of where I stand, probably on Saturday. In the meantime, following the batch of replies to my activity question, the last set of pics - from the dim and distant past of last Saturday - are on page 52. Jeff
  13. It sounds like you are having a lot of fun with that layout Simon (I assume it's Simon, given the title!) I'm also impressed with the philosophy of trying to re-vamp a lot of older gear, if possible. When (it may take ages) you get chance can you post some wider-angle views of the layout and, maybe (!) an outline plan? Jeff
  14. Neil, good point. The thread continues, as ever. To be honest, I felt things had gone very quiet - aside from when I posted some pics - and AndyP felt the same with his Seven Mills layout thread. Hence my question, both to find out what people were up to and to stimulate a bit of discussion. You're correct - I've known a lot of the people on this thread for around 10 years. I've met, probably, a dozen of them. Funny how, at times, the modelling seems almost irrelevant. Yourself and Colin in Melbourne, Scott in Perth, James in western Canada, all seem like good friends, despite the distance. Thanks to the Forum for this. More railway pics in a couple of days! Jeff
  15. I remember it Mick because it's a good example, as Andy has just summarised, of the ways in which people can have a really profound, positive effect with their advice and support. I made the choice to modify KL and to go EM off my own bat. But the modifications, and the change of gauge were good ideas subliminally set in motion by comments made by yourself and by Jason. It's easy to remember key points like this. My all-time favourite was the wake-up call I got when building the first cutting adjacent to the viaduct on KL. My effort was described as "sh1te" by Jason, and his continued constructive comments raised my game. RMweb sometimes receive negative press because of the attitude of certain members - either perceived as being elitist or because of their trolling. I've never had any problems on here - one person spat his dummy out (twice) a few years back - and the contributions of people to my threads have been immense. Thanks to Andy for his Oscar-winners speech(es) and I apologise for not being as good a contributor on other threads as you gang are on here. Thanks for answering my "survey" question - more replies are welcome - the feedback has been very interesting. Jeff
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