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  1. Afternoon folks, a very brief message from me. Thanks for the recent messages and for your continued support. I'm not sure who is actually looking on here, but the viewing tally continues to rise on a daily basis. I only wish I was able to ost something new, modelling-wise, but it'll be a while.... I'll provide news when something gets sorted out. Thanks for your interest and "loyalty". Best wishes. Jeff
  2. Rich, Jonathan, Alan - thanks for the continued input. I do look on here every few days, though this is the first time I've signed in for a couple of weeks. Apologies, again, for the sudden demise of KL. Something that just had to be done, I'm afraid. Future developments depend on the house we buy. We've already looked at a good number, and none match all the criteria we've set. Hate to admit it, but a railway room is not on the list. Some properties have potential for this, but it's not a priority. All I can add is that modelling will commence at the earliest practical opportunity. Please keep your comments going. It's always nice to keep in touch with those who've followed my trials and tribulations over the last 6 years! Jeff
  3. Thanks, Don and Ben. Agreed, family is always top priority. Here's how the Bunker looked 30 minutes ago. It took just over 2 weeks from initial dismantling to this state. Jeff
  4. Excellent post, James, especially with regard to the quote from Rush. From the song "Dreamline" on the Roll the Bones album (the 1992 Roll the Bones tour was the first time I saw them in concert)... "When we are young, wandering the face of the Earth, wondering what our dreams might be worth. Learning that we're only immortal for a limited time..." Jeff
  5. Shaun, Simon, Mark.... Thanks for the continued support. The house goes up for sale in 10 days time and I'm currently in Cumbria with dad, looking at a few properties we've singled out. I look on here every couple of days and I'll do my best to reply and, of course, keep you posted on developments. Jeff
  6. Just a brief comment from me, I'll have more to say later... Thank you all VERY much for the very supportive posts. I appreciate the compliments and advice you've offered and I will certainly do my best to start a new layout as soon as it's possible to do so. I already have a number of schemes in mind, but it all depends on the property we buy. I'll keep reading everything you post and write a longer reply in a few days. Many thanks to you all. Jeff
  7. OK guys, you're an excellent, loyal bunch on here, so you deserve a full explanation of what's going on. Regular viewers will know that I spend a lot of time over in Cumbria at my dad's. Dad is 83 next month and in very good health. I live in a fairly large house with my brother, and the idea was that at some stage dad would come over and live with us. However, about 2 months ago we all decided he'd be better off staying in the place he's lived all his life and, we would move instead. The railway layout and the observatory will be sacrificed (obviously the telescope will move with me), but those are just "things" and count for nothing against dad's well-being. So the house is being put up for sale at the start of July, and we'll move over to dad's until we get another property sorted. Once I'm settled, something new, railway-wise, is likely to be built, but that's all in the future. This has all happened very fast, and - by pure coincidence - happens at a time when my interest in KL was at a 4 year low. So there you have it. I have no regrets about doing this. It's just one of those things. I have all the point-work, Cobalts, a lot of the walling, viaduct, buildings and the wood from 4 L-girder frames saved. So there's a lot to encourage something new, whenever. Thank you all for your continued, continuing input into KL. Any new project will still be S&C, still have a viaduct (maybe a new one), but may not be roundy-roundy and I offer no guarantees on Fell mark 3. The ongoing station structures, such as the main building, are "safe and well"....and will reappear. Oh, and any new layout will probably be EM. Jeff
  8. Yes Andy, it was supposed to be modular..... The Fell, for example, was built in four EASY to move pieces. Well, that was the idea and before I had to hire a pneumatic drill! The next one will be L-girders, but the system will be modified.... Jeff
  9. Hi Dave. Yes, Jason knows. I couldn't keep an action of this magnitude to myself so I pre-warned a couple of people over a fortnight ago. Something new will get built, but not for a while.... Jeff
  10. I'll give an outline of the reasons for taking such drastic action in a post, later today. Suffice to say, I am NOT unhappy at having done this. More later. Jeff
  11. I have 5 cartons like this - all full of screws.... did I REALLY use so few? I've kept all the L-girder tables except the one for the fiddle yard. Everything is labelled up, for easy reassembly - should it ever happen: Here's the majority of KL2. As you can see, I've made some slight alterations over the last fortnight:
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