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  1. Latest picture updates, apologies about the flock colour but it's the phone camera again. All of yesterday's plastered areas have been painted brown, then covered in the base flock mix. Not very photogenic, so 3 of the 4 pics are of rail and the viaduct. Jeff There IS progression in these photos, but I can always stop posting them.....
  2. Nick - thanks for your thoughtful and very interesting contribution to this topic. Always good to have a quantitative angle on things. Tony, ditto. And btw, that paint was really good - no longer available, as far as I can tell. It may have been re-named, though. Jeff
  3. I think your theories may be correct. I know they had to dig deep for the viaduct pier footings, but as has been pointed out on here recently (I think it was Steve) there seems to be a lot more "spoil" than you'd expect. After all, the whole right side of the cutting (as in the photos above) looks to be man-made. I think it's wonderful discussing details of the prototype rather than the kind of made-up layouts I used to dream about. Jeff
  4. A couple of pics of the extensive spoil heaps the navvies excavated and dumped c. 1871.
  5. James, what I've done isn't any kind of fiction, it's what actually happened on this site. Have a look at the pics of the prototype I posted last Sunday, May 2 (page 38 of this thread). You will see the humps of the multiple spoil heaps that were used to create the cutting where I've put the reverse curve. I'm not home at the moment - I'll re-post a relevant image when I get back. Jeff
  6. Some follow-up pics from today. The total dry mass of plaster used to date is about 80kg, so around 130kg when wet-mixed. Pics 1 and 2 show plaster on the hillside to the rear of the cutting and the front embankment. I've added-in some (barely noticeable!!) bumps on the top as a tribute to the spoil heaps. Pics 3 and 4 show views along the viaduct - the weathering on the track is now starting to show. Jeff
  7. About 3 weeks ago I started initial work on the underbridge area, then got sidetracked. The overall landscaping took over, and continues to do so. However, the underbridge area has now been ballasted and today I added-in the base landscape for an embankment. There'll be plaster going on tomorrow, and then all will be clearer. The first pic dates back to April 11, the rest are from today. Jeff
  8. Evening Andy. No skiing, but the northerly wind was bl**dy cold today! Not allowed to mention the "p" word at the mo, as Jonathan (Rowsley) is unwell. But plenty of modroc-ing.....plaster tomorrow. Hope it was warm at Seven Mills. Off to watch The Fugitive - vintage 1964 - at dad's now. Jeff
  9. James, nothing you do surprises me. No doubt Ffestiniog, Canadian-style, is built from Lego.... I couldn't claim to be 7. At that age I was just getting into Meccano and had yet to discover the delights my Triang "Freightmaster" set - bought for my 8th Christmas - had in store. Still got it, boxed in the loft. Hope all is well in the far west! Jeff
  10. It's ok David, you are - of course - 21, like the rest of us! Anyway, here's a DSLR shot along the viaduct which, just about, shows some darkening in the 4 foot after 6 washes. Maybe by Friday it'll be the way I want it. Jeff
  11. David, I assume you mean the DSLR photos - or was it the steam pics?
  12. Unfortunately, Mike, as you well know - I like to do things the long way, sometimes making work for myself. I remember you offering me the loan of your concrete mixer when I was hand-mixing concrete by the multiple tons. I've made myself a mix of dilute grey acrylic and I'm brushing it onto the line with about 3 hours in between applications. Slowly, things are darkening (6 washes on a 12 foot length of double track, so far). Jeff
  13. Cheers Graeme. The scene looks a bit more cheerful and is easier on the eye when staring at it in the Bunker. It should improve as additional features are added - paths, walls, static grass, a few bushes etc. I'm just heading out to give the ballast its next dose of [email protected] Jeff
  14. I was just looking back at the last Kirkby Luneside thread, with respect to ballasting and what I did on the last layout. Here are 3 pics of locos on the S&C during the days when ballast, especially shoulders, was immaculate. Then a couple of pics of the level of "muckiness" I want on the line. These pics were copied direct from the KL2 thread, so are very compressed. Then a couple of views along the line in the present layout. When the required colour has been achieved the track will be cleaned up a bit and stray bits of ballast - which com
  15. Sorry, Tony - my comment may have not been as clear as it should have been. I was referring to the batch I posted on Sunday, at the foot of page 38. I'll edit my last post to make this clear. J.
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