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  1. Just to let the regulars on here know that Jim Willcox, aka "Aberdare", a major contributor to the KL/KL2 threads, has passed away. A lovely guy, he will be greatly missed. Thanks to AndyP for pointing out his obituary in the MM&M section. RIP Jim.
  2. Very shocked to hear this news as it was only a few weeks ago I was discussing cricket with Jim, and planning a visit to see him next spring. He was a lovely guy, a keen supporter of several layouts on here and made the really fiddly bargeboards for my station building. Always modest, his modelling skills will be greatly missed. What very sad news. Jeff.
  3. Hi Scott. Naked Bunker? Brings back memories of the old days - Mankini man, sausages and the like. I will post some pics of the garage when I start the new thread - and I'll do that early next year, allowing discussion before work starts. I'll even post up the "grand plan" at that time. I might even ask for suggestions for a layout name. I've already thought of a couple I like, so we'll see what you guys come up with. NO FELL in the new scheme, but MORE walling than KL! Good to hear from you, too. Once I start to spend more time on here I'll have a good look at Stockrington. Jeff
  4. Cheers Don. I've just been in what will become the new Bunker, sorting out frame positions and how I'll do the ceiling. The "action" may be months away but it's nice to have a workable scheme. Jeff
  5. Andy, Jonathan, thanks for the comments. Always amazes me how quickly people react to a post. Wish I had something positive to show you. If you want to see a splendid set of S&C pics, look at the stuff Mike has posted on Dent this evening. Andy - hope the move to the deep netherlands goes well (!!!!) I'm sure we'll keep each other informed of progress. Jeff
  6. Evening all.... I glanced at the Forum yesterday and noticed that it was a number of weeks since I'd posted on here. I've nothing significant to say about layout progress, but my existing house is Sold Subject to Contract and work on the new one means I should be living there by Christmas. Everything is planned and costed for the garage conversion, whenever that might start. So many things to do, but a new observatory has been commissioned for installation in May next year, so it looks like a busy 2020. Apologies I can't be more specific, but - hopefully - by this time next year there may be a layout room. I've set targets - 3 weeks to convert the garage (8 weeks for KL2 and 16 weeks for KL), and having saved a lot of the L-girders, boards could be in place relatively rapidly. There is the issue of the viaduct - and the thought of building that makes me salivate! All the best to any visitors to the thread. Patience is a virtue..... Jeff
  7. Cheers Mike. Plenty of plans sorted, and desperate to get underway. But still things to sort out with the house move and then, hopefully, the fun can begin. The new layout will be part KL and part "scenic indulgence". It MAY even have trains running!! As for Andy (previous post) I'll keep you informed about plans/progress. Jeff.
  8. Thanks for the update, Andy. Sounds like you have matters in hand and will be making layouts for years to come! Things aren't totally sorted at this end, but I'll PM you with my plans as soon as they are. There's plenty to discuss. I'm the meantime, all the best with your own situation! Jeff
  9. Thanks Don. And thanks to the loyal "old timers" who added the Likes/Support ratings. I'm delighted you're still looking-in on here! I'll add one more, very positive thing. It's now well over a year since KL 2 was brutally dismantled. Until May this year I hadn't given any thought to the plan for "KL3" (it won't be called anything like that!) But, having sorted a plan - down to structures, baseboard etc, I am absolutely raring to go. This hobby is great, but if we're not careful it can become a chore. Providing I don't get too bogged down with the (rather large) viaduct, I think this next layout will "fizz" along. Good job I kept a lot of the walling (it's in bits, mostly 15cm long, but can be re-assembled with a bit of care/imagination)! Details will appear when I have chance to start the project. It's actually nice to post on here - it's strange how "unusual" it is to be doing this, when several-times-a-day posting was the norm with KL2. Thanks, again, for your interest and patience. Jeff
  10. Rare visit to the Forum, and just had a glance at Mike's Dent, to see he's got plenty on his hands. I'm still in the Durham house. The "new" bungalow has been rewired, new boiler and heating fitted, completely gutted out, new bathroom out in and work is proceeding. Most of this done by brother and dad. I've got all the plans drawn up for an extension, and - with any luck - we'll be in by December. Garage conversion planned and costed, probably starting in March next year. Not much more that I can say at the moment. I look in on the thread about once a month, if only to remind myself of how much (genuine) fun lies ahead. In many ways, destroying KL2 - which would have been largely complete by the end of 2019 - had given me a new canvas for a few more years of enjoyment. I'll keep you posted as things develop.... Jeff
  11. I thought I'd provide an update on the situation as it currently stands... My brother and I have now completed on the purchase of a bungalow just 4 doors down from my dad. It'll be a good while before we properly move in, with wiring, heating, bathroom and extension work to be done. In fact, I don't think we'll be in before Christmas, but that's something we can deal with. The property has a 26 foot long prefabricated garage, which is in excellent condition. Starting (probably) next year I'll section this into 2 parts, with the "railway end" coming in at about 15'6" by 9 '6" internally. The planned layout is sorted - basically the KL2 station area, along with a new viaduct and scenic area. No Fell, but the viaduct is based on 8 of the 11 arches of Arten Gill, is nearly 8 feet long, 20 inches high and is going to be the first thing built. And it'll be great fun! I wish I could start now, but it'll be next summer by the time I get chance. So there you have it. At least it's progress. I don't have a name for the new layout - it won't involve "Kirkby", but with (almost) miles of stone walling, a large cutting, an overbridge from just North of Kirkby Stephen, an underbridge from Armathwaite and the (still) incomplete KL2 goods shed and station buildings (from the old layout) it is definitely S & C. And EM. I will start a new thread when the garage conversion starts.... Thanks for your continued interest and patience. Jeff
  12. Good timing on my part! I just signed in - a rare event for me these days - and noticed your reply. Thanks, Mike. I'm just heading over to the KL2 thread to give a news update. Jeff
  13. Evening Mike. I'm glad to see you're still active on Dent. Shades of KL with the imminent destruction of the yard. It'll be a good while until I get chance to commence "KL3", so I'll look in on here occasionally to see your roundy-roundy develop. keep up the excellent work. Jeff
  14. Hi David. I'm glad you've enjoyed your journey through the Kirkby Luneside threads. And I also agree with your comments about the care and attention that Mike has paid to his excellent Dent layout. Demolishing KL2 was especially hard - much more so than the original KL. However, I've learned a lot from the experience of building both of these, and the new one will incorporate further design changes. It's already drawn out on paper (after about 20 earlier drafts, so who's to say it won't change again?) - contours and all..... All I need is a place to put it, which hopefully will be solved in the near future. Jeff
  15. Derek, Thanks for your reply. Information sent, which may be of interest. Please use my Hotmail if you want to discuss any of it. Sorry to hear about your knees and mobility - good luck with the 4-4-0!! Jeff
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