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  1. I wasn't sure whether to give you a "Like" like, or a "Funny" like, as the latter might give credit to my insanity! Year 2654..... "Hey, Fred, look what I've found" "Wow, Jim, we suspected the "Viaduct Nutter" lived in this area, but were never sure" "Yes, Fred, he SURE was a sad case. Probably STONED out of his head...." Jeff
  2. Yes, Jonathan. I'm actually looking forward to "feeling" its solidity when the time comes to move it. I've used 14 x 1kg packs of DAS during the build. With a roughly estimated 30% attrition rate for rubbish stones, off-cuts etc, that equates to around 10kg of clay added to the basic frame. With the added (approx) 3kg of filler built into the piers, it's going to come out at around 25kg overall. I suspect that when the base wood rots down in 200 years time (!!), the structure will be self-supporting with all the clay, filler and PVA. Who knows, it may be pa
  3. Here you go, hot off the memory card - you can see the clock in the background.... One viaduct, complete with its full quota of copings, spandrels, arch rings......one careful owner! NOT for sale!! I've just done an hour of mortaring on the east side. A couple of hours more tomorrow and then it's tidy up the arches. And then.... Jeff
  4. Tizer and Lyons, eh? Can't remember the last time I drank the former....do these brands still exist? Unfortunately, David - I forgot the "golden stone", so I'll have to modify an existing one and you can see if you can spot it in future pics. Don't look yet, I'll give fair warning and a clue or two. Mick will supply Tizer and pies as prizes! Thanks to all for your rapid comments. I feel a weight off my back - STONES lighter.....ummm, sorry. Jeff
  5. Update: The FINAL planned stone was fitted onto the viaduct at 3pm today. I say "planned" as there will inevitably be some small gaps that need filling, or something I've missed. I'll add some more mortar to parts of the East face tonight. In the meantime, as it happened to be sat in the background, here are a few pics showing a class 24 sat on top of the viaduct. It gives a sense of scale to the structure. Jeff
  6. Hi Shaun. I must admit that I couldn't believe those photos of the "West coast" constructions. I enjoy watching Fred Dibnah (steeplejack) programmes and always thought he was crackers climbing up chimneys and church spires, freehand on his wooden ladders. But those guys going up a cliff on a rope ladder? Insane! As usual, I'll devise some technique or other for the painting. It usually comes down to multiple weak washes onto the surface - though that has mostly been plastikard. Having said that, it worked well on the walls, which were made of DAS clay. So af
  7. As soon as the viaduct is painted I'll be ordering-in some 25mm and 50mm insulation board and re-stocking with mod-roc. So the basic ground contours can "rise up" pretty rapidly, as I'll still have good access to the viaduct for track-laying and ballast purposes. Progress MUST be being made if I'm starting to think like this! Jeff
  8. I actually managed to do a little bit of work this evening, fitting another 40 stones onto the East string course (the bit that sticks out between the parapet and arches). I'll finish the rest of the South abutment tomorrow and then lots of mortar can be slapped on. I can't wait to have the viaduct immersed in the hillside scenery. I'll be able to post never-ending pictures of different locos on the viaduct from every which angle to keep you all happy. Jeff
  9. I've been working on fitting the remaining stones onto the east face and there's probably another 100 to 200 to add, in order to complete ALL the stones needed. It's now taken 11 weeks of stone fitting and close to 19,000 stones and I don't regret the decision to build the structure this way, not in the slightest. Rob (Teaky), your initial humorous comment about doing it "this way" (bring on Frank Sinatra - in a mankini, Mick?) has paid dividends. I'm having a couple of days out of the Bunker now, as there are other - neglected - issues to deal with. But as recompense,
  10. Good idea, David. But I wouldn't dare place a "final" stone, as I'm sure I'll be adding "(oh look, on photo 2376, there's some) missing bits" for a while to come!! I might include a "hidden" detail to reward the smug bu99er that finds it! Jeff
  11. Update.... All spandrels now completed. 98% of 2mm stones/top copings in parapet area fitted. I'll be fitting the remaining "large" stones behind one of the abutment areas over the weekend. After that, it's a case of a bit more DAS filling near the arch liners and then rubbing down. Time in the Bunker has decreased in the last week, but I hope I can be ready to start painting by the end of next week. You've seen all the photo angles many times, so no point in posting up further pics until I manoeuvre the viaduct to facilit
  12. No probs, Andy. It's S&C and a pretty unusual angle, looking spectacular! Jeff
  13. Still a work in progress, but my ongoing viaduct based on Arten Gill on the S&C. Centre section of the prototype, followed by the model... Jeff
  14. I agree, and even with modern systems I wouldn't fancy working on that scaffold. And I'm not afraid of heights. My dad is a retired builder and he tells some very worrying tales about working practices before some kind of regulation was imposed. As long as you don't expect me to kit up before I resume work on my parapets! Btw, there is a very good full page photo showing Ribblehead, under construction (c. 1874), in the front of Anderson & Fox "Stations & Structures of the S&C". The whole site looks very, very scary. Jeff
  15. And just imagine how that scene would have looked in 1873, without modern scaffolding and Elf and Safety! Orange isn't quite my style. Yellow, maybe..... J.
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