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  1. Paul, etc. - good question. BUT can I emphasise again - this section is for S&C LAYOUTS only. I will get Andy York to move this thread to the general Settle and Carlisle section which you can find in the Prototype section, Special Intetests, The Settle and Carlisle Route. Jeff
  2. Hi Simon. As long as it's a layout, under construction, at the planning stage, or completed - and it's S&C related - you are VERY welcome to post it on here. Though I'm currently unable to start my next layout, and don't look on here too often, I'm sure there'll be plenty of interest in whatever you put on here. Best wishes, Jeff.
  3. Hi All. My first visit to the Forum in a month, caused, as usual, by spotting a post from Mike. A PROPER post with piccies - makes me desperate to be building something! I just wanted to wish everyone "all the best" and hope you are all taking care and staying safe. Extension work on the new house ground to a halt with the lockdown, and garden development has all but ceased. I was hoping to start the garage conversion this autumn, but everything's now unpredictable, so I'll keep you posted. In the meantine, focus on staying healthy. Everything else is secondary. All the very best. Jeff
  4. Hi Peter. Very nice to hear from you. Great to see you're still looking in on here. Apologies - AGAIN - for the delay in starting the new thread. Not that it really matters at this moment, aside from me giving a general outline of plans and then we all woffle (which is good!!) for 6 months! And Peter, I'm not sure there'll be much that's new - I think you'll recognise the (almost) identical station area (shame I hadn't been able to save the old boards). Yes, I'll do some things differently there, but it may be the viaduct, valley and cutting you'll find of most interest. Keep checking on me and start nagging if we reach Christmas (2020) and I still haven't started...... :-) :-) !! Jeff
  5. Mike, It's your thread and your restoration work is a million times more relevant than MANY of the threads on this site, which are filled with hundreds of posts of inane chatter - and NO product whatever. Great work here. I've many memories of DMUs in the 1970s, mostly 108s. Good to hear about the Dent photoshoot. Maybe one day AndyY will catch up with me before I destroy the layout. I don't buy rail mags any more, but I'll be sure to get the BRM issue with Dent in. Jeff
  6. Hi Mark. Thanks for posting - I enjoyed our exchange of PMs. Keep me posted with any developments on the "life" front. As for this thread, well it's "treading water", waiting for me to get off my fat derriere and start the new thread. Just for woffle, as nothing's going to be built for a good while. Lancaster was a close guess ... Barrow's only 40 miles from there - if you can fly! Keep in touch. Jeff
  7. Well, lads - you HAVE been having a good woffle while I've been away, haven't you? I've been in Willington with no internet - aside from the phone - and the Completion is done and dusted. I now have the money, so I can get on with work on the Barrow house without worrying about the old one. New thread shortly. Names? I like Gill Head, it's appropriate and is not negotiable. I'll say more when the new thread starts. Jeff
  8. Evening Rich. The layout has been planned out in detail since last May. As always, there'll be problems to overcome and changes to be made. It would be boring if everything was straightforward. I reckon I might get the garage converted late summer, and with the experience gained from the last effort (KL2), I should be able to make rapid progress with the station area - which is basically a copy of KL2. But what I'm REALLY looking forward to is building the viaduct....and to enhancing the walls a bit compared to the last lot. Anyway, more of that later. I'm looking forward to some good chit-chat once we get the new thread going. Jeff.
  9. Very good, Andy. I can promise you that, even WITHOUT a Fell, the next layout will have EVEN MORE walls and grass! It MIGHT even have some moving locos/trains by the time I've "finished"!! J.
  10. Thanks Andy. Fortunately, having bought the "new" house last June, we were able to move stuff from Willington to Cumbria over a number of months. The main Removal happened at the start of December, and the old house has been empty since. I agree, the solicitor "industry" is - literally - a law unto itself. I hope you are making progress with your own move. We NEED to get on with some modelling, don't we. After all, how soon will it be before you're demanding GR*SS!!? Jeff
  11. There should be no problem, Jonathan. The thread will be titled "Gill Head" and will be in the S&C section....as you'd expect! Jeff
  12. Hi all. Quick message. Completion on the sale of my old house is due this Friday. Once this has happened I won't feel I'm "tempting fate" by starting something I won't be able to progress with..... So I'm planning to start the new thread either next week or the following. Jeff
  13. Hi Colin. Thanks for looking in. Hopefully there may be something to interest you in the next year or so. No Fell, but plenty of alternative landscape! I hope you are all managing in the Melbourne area. Our thoughts are with you out there - I've just had an update from Scott (jukebox) in Perth. Best wishes and take care. Jeff
  14. Cheers lads. I will hopefully be able to start a new thread in early February. No construction work will be possible until autumn, but I will endeavour to put my plans into the new thread to give you a proper idea of how I visualise things. Bridges, the viaduct, board sizes and positions etc are all drawn out to scale, ready for "action". In the meantime the practical aspects of the layout - provisionally titled "Gill Head" - will have to wait. Kirkby Luneside station area meets Arten Gill viaduct just about sums it up! I'll say no more until the new thread commences! Jeff
  15. Jonathan, congrats on your SECOND retirement! If you have to wait a few months for your pension you'll have to stop buying all those models. Or get your wife to bail you out :-) I've still got a lot of things to sort before anything concrete (literally and metaphorically) can start, but plans have been sorted for months now. Never one to "tempt fate", I'll start the new thread when I'm certain that something is DEFINITELY going to happen. in the meantime guys you can continue to get your "fix" from Mike's excellent Dent thread, especially with his recent piccies. Jeff
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