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  1. Evening Rich. The principle of construction is the same but this conversion, in some ways, is easier than the previous two. The garage I prefabricated, so it isn't possible to fix the wall frames directly into the garage walls. I've built the floor first, so the bases of the wall frames are screwed into the floor joists. The wall frames (each typically 120cm) are screwed to each other and will be cross-joisted when I fit the vaulted ceiling in. That bit will start in the next couple of days. The whole structure is already pretty rigid, and will be more so when the ceiling is in. The walls will also get some additional support when the L-girder beams that hold the baseboards in place are set in place. Hope some of that is useful! Jeff
  2. There are only so many photos of bits of wood and insulation board that bear looking at, but here are a couple more. One from yesterday, one from today. Both show progress (I would hope so after all the time that's going into the process!!), but also the chaos - with fridges, a bed, old bookcases, stashes of insulation board etc. all over the place. It's a lot further on than a week ago.... Jeff
  3. After about 30 hours of work in the garage since Monday, things are starting to take shape. About 70% of the floor area has been framed/insulated/ply topped. And a number of wall frames are ready to receive their quota of 75mm insulation board and a 6mm ply fascia. For those who like details, the framing wood is standard CLS timber, 38 x 89mm. The floor ply is 18mm thick. Here are 3 pics, taken today. The last one includes the infamous fridge, star of an earlier post!! Jeff
  4. Hi James. I did reply earlier, but managed to delete my text before saving it! The floor base/insulation thing has definite thermal benefits, but I think there's a bit of psychology in walking into a train room with insulation beneath your feet. "Comfy" and welcoming! Good to see you are busy with your concrete bridges and live steam. Keep enjoying yourself! Jeff
  5. Evening Andy. I was looking through a box of "odds and sods" the other day and came across a copy of the 1981 Hornby Track Plans book (5th edition, I think). I used to drool over the track plans (note I didn't say "layout") and wish I could cover a 12' x 10' baseboard in track. I also remember looking at copies of Railway Modeller in the early 80s and being dismayed at some of the layouts that seemed to contain a little bit of track, a few buildings and the rest was scenic. Nowadays, as you know, it's ALL about the landscape for me. If I had another 10 feet to play with then I'd probably have chucked in some fells as background and would hardly change my existing trackwork. As it is, the down train (Carlisle bound) leaves the station, passes through a long cutting, over the viaduct, into another cutting and finally back to the goods end of the station. I'd almost be willing to sacrifice the station for a fiddle yard, but the scenic sections are paramount. I'm looking forward to building it. Jeff
  6. Cheers Mac. Kirkby Luneside had a fair size fiddle yard hidden behind the Fell, with plenty of storage space. This isn't possible this time, and since the landscape - and building it - is a lot more important to me than running locos/trains, compromises have had to be made. To be honest, I'd build the new layout just to have the chance to construct a new viaduct! I even considered an end to end, including a fiddle yard, with me sitting behind the viaduct watching the trains pass over. Viaducts, grass, stone walling, a small gill, a few sheep....that's what it's all about to me. Oh, and the occasional passing train! All the best for the Horton project. Jeff
  7. It's ok Rich, it's ok for you to be noIsy, and you can be nosey as well.... No locos in the fridge. The latter came to mind as there's a fridge and freezer in the garage at the mo. Maybe pictures of said fridge from multiple positions (!!!!!) will prove more exciting than "watching the wood grow"!! But it IS great to be DOING something. I'd certainly envisage layout work in progress within the next 4 weeks. Jeff
  8. I managed another 5 hours in the garage today, a lot of it cutting sections of insulation board to size to fit gaps in the frames. Tedious, but necessary. Things are coming along much faster than the last time, though I'll be diverted into other tasks over the next few days, such as fence building. A couple of terribly inspiring pics attached - but I suppose someone might enjoy the sight of red-plywood sheets!! Maybe I ought to post some pics of locos currently sat in the cupboard? Or the fridge? Jeff
  9. The first batch of CLS, insulation board and 18mm ply arrived at lunchtime. So I've spent the last 5 hours starting the garage conversion. Standard stuff, DPM on the floor, wooden frames constructed (CLS is 38 x 89mm, so deep enough to take 75mm of insulation board), put into place, screwed together and insulation inserted. I've attached a couple of pics to show where I'm at. More tomorrow. Jeff
  10. Just off to do some bricklaying. Will send you an outline plan when I get chance, and you'll get a better idea. Mellowing? You'll be telling me you don't like curry next!!!!! J.
  11. Perceptive as ever, Jason. I'm not putting up - or discussing - layout plans at this stage. Far too early, and I'm not going to allow a froth-fest discussion, ad infinitum, of what is right or wrong with the plan. I would like a fiddle yard, but - and I've spent a lot of time thinking about it - it just isn't possible given the gill area and associated cuttings etc. I'm not willing to compromise on the scenic look of GH, and if it means one train running round and round, it's a price I'm willing to pay. But..... There is a (approx 80cm x 40cm) lift-out section, directly in front of the entry door. This section is part of a cutting, but needs to be there. I had planned a duplicate board, track only, to allow loading of stock from cassettes. At least it's something. I'll discuss matters in detail with you, if you're interested, when the geometry - and a plan - appears in here. I may be corrupting you back to the railways........ Convert a Black 5 to EM for me, if you like.... Jeff
  12. Hi Andy. Yes, still EM. And apologies there'll be no beloved Lunefell for you to eulogise about. I'll have to make the gill area nice and craggy for you and get in some mood lighting! Jeff
  13. Thanks for the feedback. I'll post some photos of the garage conversion, when in progress, as I know some of you find it of interest. KL2: started garage conversion in January, completed in about 6 weeks by March, work on layout started in August. GH: Subject to building materials being available - hope to start garage conversion on Monday, September 14th and start layout work (baseboard structures) by the end of the month. So a different timescale here. The viaduct will be my first priority, so I hope to have that built and in place by mid-November. We will see! Jeff
  14. Hi Mark. Hope all is well with you, too, and thanks for your continuing support. Jeff
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