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  1. Blimey, it's another world at longitude 90 degrees west! Why build model railways when you can model in 1:1 gauge to make things like that? I can imagine you roaring round in that in a Mad Max film! Looks like a lot of fun. As for tea.....I tend to drink mostly coffee these days, but aside from the usual PG Tips and Yorkshire tea, I do like a bit of Earl Grey or Darjeeling. Don't tell me you also have a tea plantation over there? You'll be taking over the world soon, Shaun, and putting Jeff Bezos out of business! Jeff
  2. As if photos of my timber wasn't enough, James is adding to the collection. Next I expect Shaun (Sasquatch) along with pics of the local wood mill that services his layouts needs! Anyway, I threatened more wood. Here's the 2 end frames I built today. Again, these will give a road deck of 109cm (I said 110 earlier, which wasn't quite right). Tomorrow will see a much lower frame - the one that goes underneath the viaduct and gill scenery. Jeff
  3. I think you may be right, Andy. Freshly cut wood has a lovely smell, addictive I suppose. I can't wait to get out the EvoStik when the cork goes down...... WheeeeeEeeeeeeeeeee..........
  4. You are probably going to get tired of seeing pics of wood, more wood, more cut wood, more joined wood, wood on its side, wood lying on the floor, wood pierced by screws..... You get the idea. Anyway, it's what I (love to) do!! So here are 3 pics from today. Hoping to get the main frames done by the end of next week - in time for the "predicted" dry interlude - when I hope to cut the 12mm ply tops (which I need to order). When the ply arrives, I can start work on the viaduct construction. Jeff
  5. I hope you enjoy building them as much as I do, Andy. Maybe you need to use concrete to support all those monster diesels you are driving around. They DO look lovely. Jeff
  6. Hi Rich. Good, relevant question. Simple answer.... The cross joists which are attached to the bottom of the ply baseboard are fitted to the frame by screwing upwards through the flange of the girder. So both flanges have to be accessible. With the girder backed against the wall both flanges have to point in the same direction.... If the frame was accessible from both sides then the "Ls" could point in opposite directions. Hope that makes some kind of sense. Jeff
  7. The first L-girder table was built today. The pics are self-explanatory: Interior cross-joists cut Cross-joists fitted Top cross-joists added - these allow the joist fitted to the underside of the ply baseboards to be "locked" in place (if I'd done this on KL2 I could have easily removed the boards and....well, I learn, eventually!) Legs attached - in addition, the frame is connected to the back wall. 2 more general views. This sets the road deck at about 110cm. The adjacent, smaller, L-frame will be built tomorrow. Jeff
  8. Andy, I'm really pleased to hear that you're sticking with Seven Mills as it's very clear how much you enjoy it. I always thought you regretted getting rid of Trebudoc. You have an excellent collection of O gauge stock and good ideas of how to use it. It would be a great shame if you shipped it off on the chance a 4mm layout might be as good. As for the stairs. Get your son-in-law back down to build some for you. As has been pointed out, you are going to have to look after yourself if you are always nipping up and down (I doubt Dee will provide waitress service for your meals!!) D
  9. Evening Jonathan. I appreciate all the input as it keeps me motivated and sometimes generates ideas, often by the merest suggestion of something peripheral to the main discussion. As for the modelling, I can honestly say that the process from garage conversion through baseboard to tracklaying is my favourite part of the whole business. Building the scenery is also brilliant, as is scratchbuilding. My least favourite bit is running the trains, which I see as an add-on to creating the landscape. This viewpoint may not be popular, or widely-held, but each to th
  10. I've got more than a dozen L-girders from the KL2 layout, but, of course, some of them are just a bit shorter than I need for GH. So a couple of 2.4m (94.5") girders were built today, and these will go under the station area. I'm using the term L-girder in its most general form, as I basically use them to construct flexible "tables" on which a ply baseboard can sit. There will be some massive changes in height on this layout, but as long as my girders give me the ability to provide variable base height and avoidance of point motors (by easy positioning of cross-joists), then I'm ha
  11. Good to hear you are back working on Long Marton, James. Light blue overhead could be interesting. Jeff
  12. A couple more pics of the new Bunker, taken in natural lighting. With a comparable ISO setting and camera angle, the exposure time is more than half what it was prior to painting, so the scattered light levels in there are at least twice what they were. Hardly unexpected - who would paint the ceiling white and expect the room to get darker!? I'll be building a couple of new 2.4m L-girders tomorrow, so 6 weeks after the garage conversion started, something vaguely "railway model" is happening. Jeff
  13. The thing is, your light blue sky paint might well have been as reflective as magnolia. To be honest, I hadn't even thought of what you suggest - it's a good idea. I think my reason (b) weighs in my mind - I like to keep my options open. Jeff
  14. Yes, Mick, there are plans for the access door and the "hole" that gives access to the RCD box and sockets. I've left space adjacent to the door to fit a simple sliding door, made from a sandwich of 6mm ply and 25mm insulation board. Since I currently have no stock of either, this will be built in the next month or so. I also plan a quick-remove plug-in board to fit across the front of the RCD. I've left enough joist space here to make this easy. Jeff
  15. It's not a silly remark, Rich, and makes a lot of sense. The reasons I wouldn't do that are a) I want the walls and ceiling to be a very light colour to reflect as much light as possible, and b) painting the walls is something I only want to do once, and painting a blue - or other colour - commits me to it. I don't want to be painting walls at a later time with a layout in place. The backscene colour is kept flexible, and can be put in on movable boards or sheets of material at a later time. There's no reason someone might choose to go with your scheme and be happy with
  16. Evening Mick. You'd have had your dose of pics an hour or so ago if my laptop hadn't played up while downloading tonight's stuff. New machine in the new year, methinks. Painting completed, carpet-tiling 95% done. I've had a heater on in the garage and it warms the place up surprisingly quickly. I think L-girder frames and general construction will commence on Monday/Tuesday this coming week. Anyway, I'm loathe to prolong your paint-drying-watching activities, so here's a few pics from the last 3 or 4 days. The carpet tile pics are from this afternoon.
  17. Quick update. Painting started on Tuesday and was completed 30 minutes ago. It's difficult to get any photos that show anything other than a colour change from what I've previously posted. But, for completion, I'll post some pics once the paint has dried - tomorrow. It is certainly lighter in there. Jeff
  18. Wall and ceiling ply completed. I start painting the ceiling tomorrow. I've checked over the 13 L-girders that were salvaged from KL2. These range in length from 37" ( 94cm) to 88" ( 223cm) and all appear to be in perfect condition, nice and straight as built in 2015. I've re-jigged the baseboard framing plan and, after painting and carpet-tiling....so, say, 2 weeks (Lockdowns allowing) and the frames will commence. No pics today. I've taken plenty, but I'll wait until I have some drying paint to show you. That'll raise your pulse rates!! Jeff
  19. A few more pics to add to the collection. All the floor, wall and ceiling ply - except for one panel - has now been fitted. "Trim" (using 18 x 34 spruce, rather than my usual 4x2!!) is being fitted to tidy things up. Emulsion paint will be procured in the next 2-3 days - magnolia for the walls and white for the ceiling. After painting I'll put my usual floor tiles down. These proved to be incredibly hard wearing on KL2. Things may not look much different from the last batch of photos - although another 12 hours work has been put in. By the end of tomorrow it'll be 5 wee
  20. Another update.... The ply covering is now over 95% complete and I should get it finished tomorrow. The electrics are all fitted, so I have plenty of lighting and sockets available. I'll be fitting "trim" in places to neaten the finish. Then it's painting and carpet-tiling. I suppose, if I'm realistic, that the new Bunker might be ready for L-girders by the end of the month. So the whole conversion will have taken me between 6 and 7 weeks, which isn't too bad. Some pics attached, including the last one - "arty" - the Bunker viewed "by the light o
  21. Hi John. Your post made me think - it's over 8 years since you started the original S&C section. And I remember that Dent layout you had at the time. I'm going well with the garage conversion and there'll soon be something resembling baseboard frames sprouting out of the floor. Good luck with your new project. I'm guessing it'll be H0 US or German? Jeff
  22. I now have 3 lights fitted, with 2 spotlights still to go. Most of the walls and ceiling now have a ply covering, though, as the pics show, there's still a couple of areas left to do. Hopefully I'll get these jobs done by the end of the week. It's pretty bright in there already, and once it's painted it should provide a photogenic space - for all the bits of wood I'll be fixing together (L-girders, baseboards, viaduct bits etc.) in the coming weeks. Jeff
  23. Initial re-wiring has been carried out - the job should be completed on Monday. In the meantime, the old fluorescent tubes have been removed, and this has allowed access for the final beam joists to be fitted. One of the LED strips is now active on the ceiling, and when the job is completed - with another strip and 3 other light sources - it should be plenty bright in there. Here are 3 more pics showing wood, wood and more wood. More in a couple of days time.... Jeff
  24. Best of luck with all the devastation, Shaun. Pleased to hear you've avoided the worst of it. As for raccoons and termites....nope, none of those here. A few spiders, wood lice and next door's cat, but that's it. Not surprised that your ply is sagging (almost said "wood", but the context looked dodgy!) with all those critters on the rampage. And good luck with the fitted kitchens. Lol. Look forward to your renewed input. Jeff
  25. Welcome back to the Lunester world, Shaun. I used plaster board on my first garage conversion and since then have preferred ply. The main joists have cross and side pieces attached, so the average spacing between screws is about 25cm. A typical 4' x 6' sheet has around 30 screws in it, so I think it will be ok. Progress has been good, so far, and it's great to be doing something again. Hope all is well on the West Coast, and that you haven't been affected by the horrendous forest fires. Jeff
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