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  1. 4 hours ago, Andrew P said:


    Now I don't know if its just me, but I'm getting Adds both top and bottom of the screen, and I now cant even see a complete photo without moving the side bar up and down.


    I KNOW the site needs funds, and Adverts help pay for that, but on my Laptop I now only have about a 5 inch band for content.


    This is very frustrating, so not sure how long I will continue with this.:banghead:


    I've just PM'd you, Andy.


    Agree with what has been said and I contacted Andy Y about it. He's trying to get it sorted and - from the Forum link he gave me - loads of people are going nuts. 


    Laptop ok, but no access to the Notification button because of the stupid descending top advert.



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  2. 1 hour ago, Brian D said:

    Me thinks you've got a thick thumb Jeff, as in Rule of Thumb. 


    So NOW it's being suggested I have a big THUMB!!? :lol:


    Is no part of my body or demeanour sacrosanct? :angry:


    I may only be 5 foot 6 (tall, that is, not around the middle) but I think I iz billt in pruporshun!


    Just had a thought, isn't this supposed to be a model railway thread? Maybe not. But it's enjoyable. And I have to say, having had a sneaky peek (but no poking) at a couple of the 1 million + views Layout threads, that most of their hundreds of pages are filled with banter. But please - NO curtains or toilets (you know who you are!)



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  3. 40 minutes ago, Ramrig said:



    that timber for your control panel. Its not left overs from this construction?  You weren't on this project  were you? :lol_mini:




    No, Steve  I wasn't involved with that project.

    I was approached to take the contract but had to turn them down as I don't involve myself with small builds.

    There just wasn't enough wood in the construction.

    Problem was, I missed out on a free entrance ticket.....it bl**dy well rained for 40 days after they sailed off!

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  4. 43 minutes ago, John Besley said:

    Love it, you could also balance a Sinclair ZX Spectrum on there as well...:D


    Hi John.


    Not sure if you were implying that my 2008 Lenz system is as antiquated as the good old Spectrum :o        :D:P,

     but no offence taken....I planned to change it in 2017, but it's "bulletproof" and does all I need it to do. Except for the limit on the number of Function keys. Funny isn't it, but control systems are so (relatively) cheap these days, and I've no longer any desire (currently) to buy something new.


    Besides, I do like a bit of steampunk in the railway room!


    And is it just a coincidence that Clive Sinclair died today?


    Never had a Spectrum, but used to play on my mates Commodore and then his Apple (64?) The good old days of 1980-81, writing stuff in Basic and having a good old Peek and Poke! :angel:



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  5. As a follow-up, being "greatly offended" (ha, ha - pull the other one!) by the implication that my new structure was a tad, erm....over engineered..., hmmmph.... I thought I'd provide graphic evidence for the practical uses of the said edifice.


    (Zorri, iff mi lingo abuv woz er bitt two plane for sum ov yer...)


    My "side-arms" can provide:


    A permanent home for my vintage, tried and trusty Lenz controller....


    1 20210916_190550 crop.jpg


    A stand for the applicator, waiting for a "heavy session" of static grassing.....


    2 20210916_190419 crop.jpg


    My mug of coffee - but I'm NOT letting David (lambie) near it!!....


    3 20210916_190457 crop.jpg


    Or a place to store the hammer, ready to knock in some of those 10 inch nails that Bodgit (AndyP) is renowned for using....when he's psyched-up for some of his more delicate work...


    4 20210916_190523 crop.jpg


    So you can see, there was method in the madness, and now it's back to the railway. Painting platforms. Oh, well!






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  6. 13 hours ago, John Besley said:

    Looks like enough room to drill a hole for a mug holder on the sides


    6 hours ago, BWsTrains said:

    I think here Jeff has under spec'd the side support timbers. Those are not quite big enough to support a Tetleys "Bittermen" double handed Quart mug with comfort.




    I was genuinely concerned I'd under-engineered the structure. I mean, c'mon, it has to support all the weight of that plastic....


    It was the only conveniently available wood I had available. And yes, if I'm ever in need of a good sleep it can serve its purpose of knocking me out if I bash into it! :P


    Nice to see the comments, lads. If you carry on like this I may have to resume posting more often! :sarcastic:

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  7. I've spent the last hour or so running a loco through combinations of turnouts, and all seems ok.


    It did take me almost as long to clean the track before doing so. I cleaned the main lines about a week ago, but all the weathering "crud" in the goods area provided a good degree of electrical insulation, though a track rubber soon shifted it.


    Some pics showing the control panel in position. I adapted wood from a couple of old (KL2) L-girders to provide the side supports. It may have been built differently if I'd had other lengths of wood, but it's functional and there's space to stand things (coffee cup?!) at either side of the panel.









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  8. 2 hours ago, Andrew P said:

    That's a nice neat Panel Jeff, will you be having a programming Track on there or is that separate from the main Layout?


    Morning Andy, Jonathan.


    A couple of questions and here's some "answers"...


    Andy, I've always kept my programming track completely separate from the layout. It usually sits on its own little bit of ply board which I connect to the track bus and controller when needed. Not the cleverest of ways to do it, I admit. I think it's a reflection of how little loco running I do. If I ran stuff the way you do then I'd probably come up with something a bit "slicker"! :)


    1 hour ago, Rowsley17D said:

    I take it the panel lights are a belt and braces approach so there's no doubt which way the points are set? 


    Yep, belt and braces indeed. KL2 and GH have the same turnout arrangement in the station area (KL2 had another dozen turnouts in the fiddle yard), so I can glance at the lights and instinctively know which route is set without looking at the switch.


    I also think a few LEDs add a "decorative" touch to what is otherwise a plain looking board.


    Glad I looked in this morning as I've realised I need to add the layby headshunt line onto the front of the panel!


    Btw, did you have any suggestions re. goods shed windows, as in the emails we exchanged? :)



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  9. 12 minutes ago, MarshLane said:

    Hi Jeff,

    Call me picky but I am trying to work out the logic of the lights on your control panel (which is effective and should do the job well btw!).  I was thinking red was for the main route (ie points normal) and green was diverging (ie points reversed) but that doesn't alway work out.  Can I ask what your line of thinking is?  Presumably you'll retro fit the switches for signals at a later date?




    Hi Rich.


    Fortuitously saw your post as I was checking a detail on another S&C thread. Fortuitous as it's unlikely I'll look in on here for at least another week, and you know my reasoning.


    You're not being picky, but you are looking too deeply at the situation - from the prototype point of view. My logic is simple and practical - green tells me the switch is up, red tells me it's down. No reference to signalling, simply a convention I've always used to tell me which way I've set the turnouts.


    Hope that "explains" things? As for signals, aside from knowing I'll need to buy 3 Home signals, or build them, I've thought no further. I like to keep things as simple as possible because, when it comes down to it, I'm a numpty as far as the railways go. So long as I can make the surroundings look good, I'll settle for scraping along with the workings of the real thing!


    Thanks for the input, as usual.



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  10. A week since the last post and I've been enjoying myself doing something slightly different, which may be of interest.


    The goods yard is now pretty well weathered and I'll maybe get on with the signal box or goods shed next. However, it'd be nice to run something round the track for an hour or so, and while this has been possible for several months there's been no control panel to make this easy. Triggering Cobalt point motors on an individual basis, via wires hanging down under the baseboards is a pain in the ar5e!


    So, a simple control panel, along the lines of those used on KL and KL2, though I decided this time - as I have only 13 turnouts to throw, to "shrink" the panel down to the size of a piece of plastikard - about 33cm x 25cm.


    The pics show the DPDT on-on switches in the "mimic". Terminals 1 and 8 on the Cobalts (I'm still using 8 terminal motors, not the 9 in the current "Classic" range) were connected to terminal block on the fascia, via long wire runs - 10 of the 13 connections sorted to date.


    Terminal blocks on both fascia and panel are linked via male and female cables - very easy to join and undo, when needed. When the panel is complete it will be angled and attached in front of the goods yard.








    2 20210913_200844 rs.jpg



    3 20210913_200550 cr rs.jpg



    4 20210913_200608 cr rs.jpg



    5 20210913_201310 cr rs.jpg



    6 20210913_201422 cr.jpg

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  11. Agree entirely with your philosophy, and I certainly do whatever I do irrespective of the emoji that may or may not appear on my thread.


    Unfortunately there are people whose motivation for posting is not the same as ours and I find the whole Like "culture" distasteful in its unfairness. If used the way it was meant to, it would be fine. Sounds like the general gripe aimed at all forms of social media!


    I've referred anyone looking on Gill Head to have a look at your thread. I may have been wrong, but is your viaduct based on Moorcock?



  12. 52 minutes ago, lambiedg said:

    The latest edition of BRM arrived in my Readly inbox today.

    Although I have followed the viaduct build here I felt that the (relatively) short summary really served to emphasise just the scale of the task.




    Evening David.


    The brief from Andy York was for around 1600 words and 15-20 photos. I supplied about 2400/25 and this was edited down.


    The article looks better in the print copy than in the PDF file I was sent. My only regret about the way it's been presented is that - for obvious reasons of space - there isn't a photo of the viaduct in its "finished" scenic context.


    I hope the concise article will prove helpful, and anyone sufficiently interested (insane enough) to build such a thing can always refer to this thread for further details.


    Readers might like to hop over to Steve's Garsdale thread in the S&C section where, amongst other things, he's building a viaduct using my technique. Looks to be a variant of Moorcock Viaduct.



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  13. 3 hours ago, Andrew P said:

    I tend to cheat when doing my Platforms, especially curved ones.

    I make the outer Platform first, normally from 18mm MDF, as that is the right height for the Peco Platform edging. Next I lay the Track against it at the correct distance from it using the Track gauge and a long coach to check for overhang.

    Once that is done I lay the next Track, and finally I can lay the inner Platform, as the curve is almost right as its come form the outer, but just needs a little trimming.


    Your on KL's 1 and 2 looked superb, so I have no doubts this will be the same.


    More pics of progress please.:D


    Hi Andy.


    It's interesting the different techniques we use to do the same job. It was easier this time because the curve was much less pronounced than on KL2. 


    The station area was something I wasn't going to touch for a while. But the final section of rodding to the slip area was underway and I needed to ensure I could fit it all in, with platforms, so it got me started.


    Good to see you underway on BR. I'll keep away for a while as it looks like you've got your hands full with the usual entourage! :):)

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  14. 2 hours ago, Ramrig said:

    We look forward to seeing the fruits of your labours  Jeff. 

    Going by the rest of the layout I thought you would be laying individual DAS setts :jester:


    38 minutes ago, jacko said:

    I'm disappointed Jeff. After your success with the viaduct I was expecting you to lay every sett individually :)


    edit. just spotted Ramrig's reply right above mine - I must start paying attention. 


    I have to admit that the thought DIDN'T cross my mind.


    Maybe I'm getting sensible in my old age? :no::no::no:

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  15. Update: Work is now underway on the granite sett road area linking the station and goods areas. The relevant plastikard and Wills sheets were delivered yesterday evening, so progress has been made.


    Quite a bit of cutting, glueing, weathering etc, so it may be a few days before pics go up. If interested in the process, have a look between approx. pages 190-200 of the KL2 thread (I only know this as I looked back to see how I did it last time!)



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  16. Hi Steve.


    I've just been looking at a few layout threads on the Forum, which is something I don't usually do. One of the things I wish could be scrapped on here is the Likes system.


    Typified by your last post with pictures of your excellently developing viaduct. A LOT of quality work. ONE like. Quite ridiculous when some of those threads are dishing out dozens for, relatively speaking, crap.


    I know it doesn't REALLY matter, but the Like system is supposed to be encouraging for good work, and it just doesn't work at all.


    Anyway, choose to ignore these comments, except this one: excellent work, keep it going!



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  17. 6 minutes ago, Peter Kazmierczak said:

    Good shout, Jeff, by building the platforms before ballasting. 


    Haha, Peter. I've done it both ways in the past, but you're right. It's a lot easier to gauge platform positions without bits of granite chips falling round all over the place. And less disturbance to the "finished" product once ballasting IS done.


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  18. 39 minutes ago, MarshLane said:

    Nice to see the panorama's Jeff, somebody I had it in my head you had more width than you actually do have ... layout wise I mean! But it looks stunning, will be lovely in time to listen to the sheep bleeting as you sit there watching the Jubilee go round....




    Hi Rich.


    The actual USABLE space on which the layout is laid - allowing for some of the protruding beams on the walls - is 16'9" x 9'6".


    I had 17' x 17' on KL2, though only 12' of width was used due to storage behind the Fell. And, to be honest, I prefer GH as I can see ALL the track, rather than it disappearing behind that bl**dy great lump of scenery I built!


    As is often the case, size DOES matter, but there are limits as you can only use so much of it at any given time....:angel::angel:

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  19. 2 hours ago, chuffinghell said:

    The point rodding is very, very well done. Hats of to you sir 


    Thanks Chris. I put off doing it for a long time on the previous layout and it IS a bit of a tedious job. However, I'd recommend even a token gesture on any layout. Once grimed up it looks the biz, and who is to know whether what you've fitted is correct or not?


    Don't tell my point rodding guru - Old Gringo - but I think I've got a couple of compensators in the wrong place. I can always park a wagon in the line-of-sight if he ever visits! Point rodding is now 95% done - just one more section to fit.




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  20. 2 hours ago, Andrew P said:

    The Panoramic ones really do show how well it all fits in Jeff.


    Cheers Andy.


    It occurred to me, after I'd posted those pics, that much more space might well seem nice but I'm not sure I'd ever be able to finish the job. Layout building is a very fine line - if you take too much on, the mojo goes and then it's doomsday.


    Maybe I could manage a slightly longer length, say 20' instead of 16' - which would allow me to get the whole station/goods area down one side rather than partly round the curve. But, as you certainly know, having a bit less space makes us quite inventive.


    Btw, looked in on BR earlier - you were approaching page 6!



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  21. Excellent - I'm glad my method has been put to good use somewhere else, Steve.


    I assume you'll be using Slaters plastikard to cover the viaduct, not the insane DAS method employed by that nutter on Gill Head!!


    If so, I'd recommend 7mm Dressed Stone - as I used for the KL/KL2 viaducts.



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