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  1. I remember it Mick because it's a good example, as Andy has just summarised, of the ways in which people can have a really profound, positive effect with their advice and support. I made the choice to modify KL and to go EM off my own bat. But the modifications, and the change of gauge were good ideas subliminally set in motion by comments made by yourself and by Jason. It's easy to remember key points like this. My all-time favourite was the wake-up call I got when building the first cutting adjacent to the viaduct on KL. My effort was described as "sh1te" by Jason, and his continued constructive comments raised my game. RMweb sometimes receive negative press because of the attitude of certain members - either perceived as being elitist or because of their trolling. I've never had any problems on here - one person spat his dummy out (twice) a few years back - and the contributions of people to my threads have been immense. Thanks to Andy for his Oscar-winners speech(es) and I apologise for not being as good a contributor on other threads as you gang are on here. Thanks for answering my "survey" question - more replies are welcome - the feedback has been very interesting. Jeff
  2. Evening Mick. Luckily I just caught your comments, almost "hot off the press", and appreciate what you've said. As you know, my primary interest is the landscape, especially with some of the structures the railway added in. Bodge has a genuine interest in the railways themselves and, although I'm a lot more informed than I used to be, I'd be happy to build the landscape even if only one loco ever, occasionally, tootled around it. I look at very few layouts - not out of ignorance, but because it scares me to have too MANY ideas to play with. I'll just plod along in my own, insane way!! Thanks again for your comments. Irrespective of your lack of layout, your perceptive observations over the years have been very helpful (top of page 126 of KL2 always comes to mind, along with that pic of your scout badges!) Jeff
  3. It happens, James, and there are times when looking at a model railway can make you scream. I remember the "thing" I was building between 2004 and 2010. The door to the train room didn't open for months on end at one point. Hope it's cooled down a bit, out your way. J.
  4. By the way - as there have been so many posts on here in the last 24 hours.... My picture update is on the previous page (52) and my question about modelling is near the bottom of page 51, for anybody that's missed them. Jeff
  5. Yes, and I was concerned because the Bunker only got down to 19C overnight! I think you need some air con in your railway room. Conversely, is it really cold in there during winter months? It does provide an excuse not to carry out any modelling....can you imagine railway modelling subject to Health and Safety/COSHH regulations with the warning: "Modelling in this room can be hazardous to your health"? Our friends in Australia will think we are wimps, where temperatures there often reach 40C. No thanks! J.
  6. Phew - Adrian, you've convinced me that all my added insulation is working. I only reached 26C. Having said that, 3 hours in there was enough for me! Jeff
  7. If it's any help, the KL 2 viaduct was about 60 inches. Given that was my first scratchbuild, I thought at the time 60" was pretty large. And it WAS perfectly ok - I should have just built another arch on each end. .. If I'd done that, it would likely be in use on this layout. Teaching you to suck eggs, but the GH viaduct could have been scaled back, even at 100" , if I hadn't insisted on building the arch height and width to proper scale.
  8. You had me wondering if I'd actually mentioned a figure for the radius, during the build, though I knew I'd given specifics in the "article". So, scampering back to page 6 of the thread, just as the viaduct commences - phew, it's there.... Right, Andy - the outer radius is 100 inches, the inner around 96 inches. J.
  9. I love the name of that layout, "Origami Quarry" - takes me back to my paper folding days as a kid. I, too, have benefited from RTR EM turnouts. I think I'd have stuck with 00-SF if they hadn't been available, though a small voice in my ear tells me I'd still enjoy track building and learning Templot. May be the case, but as John's (Old Gringo) previous post demonstrates, there just isn't time to try or do everything yourself! Jeff
  10. Evening Peter. Did you get your dog sorted? I'm aware you have a past history of layouts - maybe you were prolific in the 80s and 90s? Jeff
  11. Ade, Ian - welcome to the thread. Ian, I'm sure you are correct about posting on KL. Ade, I'm aware of the number of "likes" you've given - much appreciated. Jeff
  12. Hi David. The "agree" is for your choice of favourite, not me agreeing the pics are lovely! :-) I have number 2 as my new laptop screen saver.
  13. Continuing the theme of feedback from visitors to this thread, thanks to David, Neil and Brian. Such a variety of things that people get involved with - what a great hobby, with a full spectrum of interests. Thanks again, and I'm interested in any further comments - even if I DO know what some of the others are getting on with. Cheers, Jeff.
  14. As promised, a few pics - the final one is a panorama. The corner at the far end of the viaduct has been closed off, a lot more grassing, shrubs added, headshunt in the process of being crapped-up, yard area developing. The pics don't seem (to me) to show a lot for the last week's work, but I offer them for your perusal..... Jeff Edit 1: Edits due to picture spacing. Edit 2: The headshunt is in the process of crapping-up and will soon be ready to receive a buffer stop - when I buy the kits - hence the gap at the end of the track....
  15. John, Jay, Adrian and DeadRinger (apologies, I don't know your first name!): Thanks very much for the feedback to my question(s). To date, that's 8 responses, with a high proportion of you actively building something. Adrian, it doesn't matter how glacial the build is, and you do post a fair bit on here (stop looking at my pics and get to work! Lol! ) Hopefully, there'll be a few more responses. I don't have any reason for my question, other than my genuine curiosity. And can I apologise if any of you have threads on RMW - I have to admit that, other than posting on here, I spend very little time looking at the Forum. I certainly value all of the feedback I get, especially when I come up with one of my classic "Jeff clangers". If you spot something, please don't grin and bear it - tell me off! Jeff
  16. I admire people who can build locos in that way. Just as valuable a use of your time as me playing with DAS and static grass! Jeff
  17. Tony, always good to hear from you. As you'll see in the next batch of pics, I didn't quite have the space to include that lovely shepherd's hut that's adjacent to Arten Gill. I may build one in a planned 00 diorama - I need a short plank to "exercise" my old stock. As for progress - I think we are all TOO self-critical at times. As long as you enjoy what you're doing..... Thanks for replying. J.
  18. In the absence of any comments/questions/general information, can I ask a question? This is for my own interest, nothing more. How many of you that post on here are active layout builders/have something long-term "on the go"? And how many of you are passive onlookers, just watching developments - on this and other threads? I'm not being judgemental, as everyone is entitled to be as involved in modelling as much or as little as they please. Jeff
  19. Congrats on your recent marriage! I hope she's appreciative and supportive of the amount of time your devotion to the S&C requires! Jeff
  20. Right Andy, here's a comment. You are doing a great job at advertising SMS and Bench Road and it would surprise me if you have no "takers" who'd like a "Bodgit Original". Bit like buying a Banksy, but cheaper! Good luck with the sale. Jeff
  21. Update.... A lot of work has been done over the last week, principally in further extending the embankments. I'll put some pics up, probably on Saturday. From now on, most of my posts on here will be pictures only. If anybody wants further details, or has any comments, please ask/comment and I'll do my best to respond.
  22. Evening Andy. All the track, aside from the recently added goods yard siding, is connected to the power bus, though I haven't built a central turnout control yet, so changing points on the Up line or into the yard is a bit of a faff ('cos of the number of turnouts there. Having said that, I think there are only 15 turnouts on the whole layout - the original KL had 40, which was WAY over the top!) Especially with all the stuff currently under the main board - for construction purposes (it will be removed later) - that makes access a chore. I need to get my priorities right, eh? I'm busy beavering away, but I thought I'd hold any updates for quite a while to keep the "punters" honest!! I've just sorted out a re-stock and will be ordering some of Dave Franks' excellent Lanarkshire Models buffer stops in the next few days. For those that haven't seen them, have a look at the site! Jeff
  23. Steve, there's a similar pic on my thread, page 32, if you need a back-up. Slightly different angle. Jeff
  24. Yes Rich, it must be old age catching up with me. I actually put a loco on the track and ran it for 15 minutes. What is the world coming to? It did look nice emerging from the cutting and toddling across the viaduct! Phew. I need a rest. Maybe it's the cumulative effect of what I've been doing for the last 6 weeks: DG Syndrome (Das and Grass)..... Jeff
  25. Thanks for the plug, Andy. Can I point out to those that don't know me, that the picture of the gent in the garden standing next to his garden railway viaduct, certainly isn't me - though I wish I had his garden! Not sure why this image comes up with the link to Gill Head. Fruitful discussions last night, Andy. Your idea for the viaduct, in your suggested area (I'm keeping mum) is a good one, and will be fun to build. Jeff
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