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  1. Back to railways, I spent an hour or so this evening cleaning the rail tops on the Down main line and ran one of my diesels round and round for a little while. At least I have the satisfaction of knowing that it works (loco and track)! I may have a break for a couple of days - maybe clean the Up line and run something on that, too. I need to re-supply with stuff and that provides me with a valid excuse! Having said that, I still have plenty of static grass in stock, and plenty to do, so maybe I'll add some top layers on the south side of the viaduct valley. More pics when something worth showing is available. Jeff
  2. And guess what? The Manx Missile wins again...YAY!!!!
  3. As long as Mark Cavendish wins another stage I can forgive the French their "crime" of copying Arten Gill!! Jeff
  4. Good to see the humour. Sometimes we take this modelling malarkey a bit too seriously. Btw, I've got people from Chester Zoo round this afternoon, so your days of freedom are numbered! Jeff
  5. I wondered what was making those strange grunting sounds I could hear all afternoon....!
  6. Right, after the grass and wall indulgence of the pics from 2 hours ago, a slight change in emphasis - a little point rodding. A test of the eyesight, but I've managed to get the rods in the right places, most of the time! The "break" in the rods in the pic with the clock is to accommodate the next crank - when I can be bothered to fit it together.
  7. Evening David. I DID have a minor deluge yesterday when I managed to tip the container with the weathering gunge onto the track. Fortunately the crap went into a very appropriate place and saved me having to paint it - ever again! As you'll have guessed, I DO love scenic modelling. Good, escapist stuff! Cheers Jonathan. Yep, very happy with progress, though the amount of grass fibres being used is getting ridiculous. And I've plenty more to do. As for the walling.... I think I need to clean the rails this weekend and just sit for an hour with a loco going round and round and round.... Jeff
  8. Oh, now that's a familiar story. Happened to both me and my brother - operating our trusty Windows 7 laptops, which we had to replace. Fortunately I had everything backed-up on external drives. Best of luck with the repair. Jeff
  9. I've spent a few hours adding 6 and 12mm fibres to the embankments and some work on the cess area near where the goods shed will be. I've run out of grime and have a long list of items I need to replace - different lengths of static grass, grime, DAS, fine cinder ballast (to put on some of the shi**ier areas of track) etc, so work is progressing a bit slower than usual. However, I crawled into the corner at the northern end of the viaduct and snapped a few pics on the phone - the first 3 show the walling now extending round to the goods area. So here you go (it all looks the same as last time/last week, doesn't it?) Jeff Edit: Quite a bit of the track is "wet" as it's just received its latest dose of weathering gunge.
  10. Yes, I think that will work - John suggested the same thing, above. Very low power LEDs are certainly worth trying. Jeff
  11. Here are 4 pics straight off the camera. Not fully sharp as the depth of field is poor, but taken together they are indicative of the ongoing cutting, walling, grassing, ballasting, griming etc etc work that is going on.
  12. Thanks for the comments about the viaduct shadows. It's something I'll have a think about as we get nearer to completion. I was just looking back at pics of the viaduct and came across this one from April 30. Compare with a few weeks later...
  13. And, of course, the Cloudbusting video featured the great Canadian actor Donald Sutherland (Kiefer's dad).
  14. Don't get me started on Kate Bush.....images of Heathcliffe and the Hounds of Love bounding across the bleak S&C landscape..... J.
  15. Update: Working on the corner - more walling, some ballasting, rodding, grime - you name it.... As for the "perspective" - I told you, I'm no artist and it can stay blank for the foreseeable future. Pics, probably middle of the week.
  16. No problem, Andy. Unfortunately, I'm not making this up - the background outline of Great Knotberry Hill does, indeed, follow the lay of the foreground land. I'm not artistic enough to "make it up". J.
  17. Quite a bit of work done on the corner cutting section, cork trimmed for more point rods and a section of track glued down for the goods shed siding. Pics when it looks presentable. The insert board that goes to the rear of the viaduct arches (board #1 as it's only 4' wide) has had its sky area painted - hopefully to blend in with the existing, main board. The "lane extension" has been sketched in very lightly. I'll have a go at this at some later stage. As with all perspective work, the perspective only looks half-right when viewed from the front. But it'll be better than a blank wall! Jeff
  18. Hi David. I try to ignore the colour issue, trusting to the way it looks and the integrity of the Noch grass fibres I'm using. However, Graeme ( "jacko") piqued my curiosity with his comment. The eye certain!y picks out a lot of subtle variations that aren't necessarily apparent in a photo. As long as the grass blends, looks realistic, and it's consistent across the layout, then I'm happy. I'm actually amazed that my stocks of grass are holding up - I've used so much of the stuff! And guess what today's first order of business is? Though I may lay a piece of track later... Jeff
  19. Morning Shaun. I thought for a moment you were going to suggest the feature was one of those "inexplicable" UFOs from the recent US Navy report, come to visit the S&C.... Thanks for the PM and I hope it cools down soon in your neck of the woods. Btw, the craft in the picture was actually from the planet Posidrive. Jeff
  20. Andy, it comes as no surprise that you've made that decision, and since you are a serial layout builder, for the sake of your sanity it's definitely the right thing to do. You've done this on a number of occasions and you should have no regrets. Sitting twiddling your thumbs thinking of possible layouts you'd like to build would have driven you nuts. Hope you manage to find a good home(s) for the O gauge gear and recoup plenty of dosh! Jeff
  21. As a brief follow-up to the colour issue, I was looking at today's "snaps" on the phone, with no intent of posting anything. But a few interesting issues are noticeable.... Pic 1: Both sides of the cutting have had the same grass treatment. The side nearest to the backscene is out of direct lighting and looks a lot greener than the side nearest the camera, which is directly below 2000 lumens of lighting. If the 2 spotlights I have fitted at either side are turned on, and rotated to point on the backscene bank, it "yellows" appreciably. So, direct lighting is clearly a factor. Pics 2 and 3: The cutting on the other side of the viaduct, again with the same 2.5, 4, 6 and 12mm grass fibres as the rest of the layout. Illuminated by close proximity to 5000 lumens of white light. Looks very yellow. Look at the north hill near the viaduct, in the background (the one with the steep wall): low lighting level, appears quite green. Phone photos, so colour not quite as seen with the eye, but the same for all pics here, so the comparison is valid. Of course, if I turn all the lights off the colour is the same everywhere...
  22. Excellent, Mike. The urge to build something is always hard to suppress and it looks like you have a project on your hands to keep you busy for a good while! Jeff
  23. Some innovative use of brown paper, Steve. And as for the insulation board - very neat. I, too, started out very neat, but after a week or so I was sick of the sight of the stuff and an old steak knife was liberally wielded to cut it. DAS for the underbridge sides? Looks good. Jeff
  24. Interesting point about the green, Graeme. All depends on the angle at which the photos are taken. I've not posted a number of pics taken with too much "warm white" 4000K light on them because the grass looks very yellow. The little hill on the top right corner of the last pic looks very green - until you shine light on it. It also depends on the fibre length. Shorter fibre - 1.5, 2.5 and 4mm meadow grass (Noch) are a range of greens, but very green. Their 6 and 12mm "wild grass" fibres are a bit lighter, and I always mix in beige and brown. A 12mm coat is usually about 60% green, 40% beige. The DSLR also renders the images greener - truer to reality than the phone. A right can of worms!! Jeff
  25. I've just built another section of cutting - a continuation of the one I've been working on. You can see it in the far corner of this view of the Bunker. The "usual treatment" when the plaster has dried, and I'll do some further ballasting and point rodding in that corner in the next few days, as I head towards the goods shed area.
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