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  1. I don't see anything wrong with the concept of an end to end layout with the fiddle yards one above the other, but I'm not sure about the suggested gradient of 1:20 or even 1:24 (especially not if that gradient is also maintained round the curves). Gradients that are that steep tend limit you to running shorter trains, which kind of defeats the reason behind your plan - to operate decent length trains. I think you need to conduct some tests with the locomotives you have to see what sort of load they care capable of pulling up the gradients you envisage before you commit to the plan too heavily.
  2. Do you need an endless supply of track-side fencing? Surely once you've built the layout you don't need any more.
  3. Well, 00 is 1:76.2, so if you want to reduce that to 1:450, divide 450 by 76.2, which means you want to reduce your 00 plans by a factor of 5.9055. That is, buildings in 00 should be almost six time bigger than T in all directions. Depending on what software you are using, you may have to specify the reciprocal (ie 1/5.9055 = 0.16933). That means that any size in 00 is either divided by 5.9055 or multiplied by 0.16933 to get the T scale size.
  4. I can't answer your question, but will be interested in the answers. However, it is not just the sound chip that is important, but also the speaker that it is paired with. In some respects getting the right speaker is as important as the choice of decoder.
  5. Most ready to run stock is designed to negotiate a minimum of "Radius 2" which is 438 mm, so I'd say yes. It won't look terribly prototypical, but it should work. See - https://www.Hornby.com/uk-en/Hornby-track-planner
  6. Cararama used to do a similar model at least ten years ago, which was marketed as 1:80 scale, but was I think closer to 1:76. It looked like https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/cararama-scania-cement-mixer-lorry-76-168149111 I'm not sure how frequently they come up on E-bay or what they sell for, but they never used to cost that much.
  7. But the Exactoscale Fast-track bases are the only 00 scale specific product that was being sold. The sleepers, chairs etc are all suitable for EM and P4 gauges anyway. I agree that the 00 scale Fast-track bases may just fade away in the long term, which was the reason I ordered what I think I'll need now. The problem is cost. It costs money to pay someone to process orders and if there aren't a lot of orders to process then Exactoscale can't make a profit from their mail order operations. Sadly, any business or range of products that can't turn a profit will cease to exist in the long term.
  8. Thanks both. I agree that the boxes at Poppleton and Cattal both look reasonably similar to the Wills kit and it's interesting to know that similar buildings have survived into the 21st Century. However, their survival seems to be due to the line being predominantly single track (presumably with an infrequent service) and therefore the semaphore signalling has not been replaced with colour lights and the level crossings remain manually operated. I can see why a traditional signal box has been retained in this instance. Unfortunately, my working track plan is a double track line, without a level crossing that would require a crossing keeper, and I was assuming would have colour light signalling. The installation of colour light signals and electric point motors would presumably have resulted in the removal of all historic signalling equipment, with the signalman being in a power box several miles away. As such, the only way I could envisage using the box (I already have an unbuilt kit) would be to control what would more likely be yard points - ie once the signalman has a train locked in a yard, the points can be operated locally. I guess the option of retaining the building (perhaps not in a well maintained state) for use by the driver / shunter is the more plausible use of the kit.
  9. Thanks Richard. The plastic enclosure has only 21 mm width inside, but there is 26 mm between the diecast frames, so cutting the plastic sides of the enclosure away where the speaker would be sitting means that it looks as though your base enhanced speaker would fit without too much work. The biggest constraint is that anything thicker than 6 mm won't fit in the enclosure, which is why I was looking at this speaker. However, looking at the photographs of the single i-phone speakers which have a penny beside them, it appears that these are quite thin, so I can see them fitting too. Is there much difference in sound quality between the mini, standard and XL versions that you sell. I'm wondering if the XL version would fit (there is about 50 mm in length) but your website doesn't give sizes for the i-phone speakers.
  10. Tony, Yes, my order arrived safe and sound on Monday morning. I didn't need anything urgently, but the closure of the mail order service prompted me to place a final order so that I don't run out of track panels when I get to laying track.
  11. Richard, Do you have any videos of your flat base enhanced speaker (https://roads-and-rails.co.uk/store/p122/Bass_Enhanced_Speaker_25x35x5mm.html) fitted in a diesel locomotive? I'm wondering if I could fit one of these in a Bachmann MPV for use with a Loksound v4 with Legomanbiffo sounds. I've been told that the supplied 40 mm x 20 mm speaker can be fitted in one of the water jetting modules, but I've never plucked up the courage to cut one up. Fitting a speaker in the ready made enclosure is therefore preferable from my point of view. I suppose that the alternative would be an i-phone speaker, but i can't see dimensions for these on your website.
  12. I think the coupling looks like a 36-061 which I think also comes with the pocket that it fits into. See https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/Bachmann-36-061-Short-Straight-Nem-Coupling-X10-OO-Gauge/2256012505?iid=322906915230 as an example. I'm not so sure about the wagon mounting, but I'll suggest the Parkside Dundas PA34 mounting blocks, but they may need a little bit of packing to get the pocket mounting at the right height. These would have to be glued to the wagon floor rather than screwed.
  13. Just looking back at my e-mails, I received and paid my invoice from Tim on the morning of Thursday 2nd May, and I have an earlier e-mail that stated he hoped my boards would be ready for collection by the courier company on Friday 3rd May and that delivery to me would therefore most likely be Tuesday 7th May or shortly thereafter. I can't actually remember whether my boards were delivered on the Tuesday or the Wednesday of that week, but ultimately the day that TNT chose to deliver the consignment was obviously outwith his control. All I can confirm is that they were received within a week of me paying, which is pretty good service. I'd therefore assume that you should receive your boards soon - probably on Monday.
  14. Not that long. I ordered several custom boards earlier in the year and although it took a couple of months to find a slot for production, I wasn't invoiced until they were effectively ready for shipping. I think I had them within a week of receiving and paying the invoice.
  15. The description of this kit (https://peco-uk.com/products/ground-level-signal-box-2) states that this is, "A small signal box as would be seen at a small country station, or controlling the exit from a yard or industrial area." I'm wondering if it would be plausible to incorporate one of these boxes in a modern post-privatisation setting and in any case how common these would be in an 'industrial' setting. It appears that it's effectively just a building to protect a four lever ground frame. I'm assuming that there are still plenty of ground frames that survive in various yards / exchange sidings, so do buildings like this still exist?
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