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  1. I guess there is always the risk that the decoder has been hardwired into the locomotive by its owner, in which case you'll need to do more than just fit a blanking plate. However, if it is a modern DCC ready locomotive that has had a decoder fitted by its owner into a pre-installed socket, then yes, you just need a planking plate for the correct interface, whether that is 8-pin or 21-pin format.
  2. It's unlikely to be another road junction on the M42 as I suspect that the existing junction spacing is substandard or at least close to the minimum spacing in the design standards - ideally they should be about 2 km apart. I think it's more likely to be some of the enabling works for HS2, which is to include a number of structures over the M42 - see https://highwaysengland.co.uk/regions/all-regions/?postcode=&keywords=&roads=M42&status= That said, I'm not entirely familiar with the area.
  3. Well, I suppose that's a good point. Do we all understand and use these buttons in the same way? The answer is probably no. I would tend to reserve the 'Craftsmanship/Clever' button for what I see as a high standard of modelling or an ingenious solution to a problem. I suppose I could claim it's a high class of 'Like'. For a well written informative post, I would tend to use the 'Informative/Useful' button. That is a sort of thanks for sharing type comment: ie it has probably taught me something that I didn't know or given me something to think about.
  4. Well I've hit the 'Agree' button a few times in this thread. As a reader of threads on RMWeb, I hate the pointless 'me too', 'wow' and 'thanks for posting' type posts. I dislike revisiting a thread that I've contributed to in the past simply to discover that the new post says nothing more than 'nice modelling'. I just think, could you not have hit the 'Like' button instead! What I would like to see is a well crafted original post followed by a number of well crafted or at least relevant follow on posts that add to the conversation or body of information. That is, I'd like threads to be a future reference source that are not cluttered up with pointless comments of agreement between the more valuable posts. With that in mind, I therefore read posts and if I don't have a question that I want to ask, I don't have any new information to contribute and don't have an interesting statement or observation that I feel able to make, but I either agree with the sentiment of the post or admire the craftsmanship that has been displayed, then I will tend to use the various 'Like' buttons. If I feel that I have something worthwhile to contribute, then I will do so, irrespective of whether or not there was a like button. As such, I personally don't have any issue with the 'Like' button and see it as a non-verbal form of communication in the same way as a 'nod' or a 'smile' in a physical conversation. I'll leave you to decide whether or not this particular post adds anything to the discussion.
  5. Is that some of each pack being produced, or just one variant?
  6. The URL works for me to, but I think the issues is that when you click on download it comes back with the 403 Forbidden error.
  7. How long did they last in this livery,or perhaps when did CPL stop using rail?
  8. I'm no expert on tank wagons, but I agree with Royaloak that the three reference photographs in the original post seem to represent three different wagons that have nothing in common with one another bar their TOPS code. I also agree with Jack374 that I'm not sure there is a big enough market to model all variations of large bogie tank wagons of which there are numerous detail differences within each TOPS code. Whilst it is nice to be able to represent variation in a rake, with models from Bachmann, RevolutioN and a forthcoming offering from Cavalex, which all represent different prototypes, I suspect that there isn't a substantial enough market to justify the tooling costs for another new model. I have some of both the Bachmann and RevolutioN models and I am contemplating getting a triple pack of the Cavalex TEAs but I think it would be fair to say that would probably be enough for me and having bought a rake from RevolutioN, I'm unlikely to buy any more than the odd wagon from anyone else to provide a bit of variety.
  9. I was going to ask the same question. I assume since the STVA grey versions are being produced in N gauge, that the same liveries and running numbers are likely to be produced in 00. From the above train formations, it certainly looks like anything goes on most flows, so a good mix will suit any fictional train.
  10. Not knowing too much about these prototypes but understanding that the experts (ie you guys) were waiting for what sounded like a more accurate modern version from Oxford Rail, I also waited to see what the verdict was on these. If the Hatton's version, despite the observations about the bogies is considered the better model, than I'll just need to hope that they do another run. I'll obviously have to reacquaint myself with the content of the Hatton's thread in the meantime. Still if the Trains4U / Calvarex warflats are not out until 2020, I'm not in too much of a rush. There is plenty of other models out their that I'd like.
  11. That's big enough when sat side by side with the Settrack point work that many are more familiar with. I guess 660 mm doesn't actually seem that long, until you decide to make a crossing out of it and realise that it wouldn't fit on a typical 4' x 2' baseboard.
  12. I never noticed that, but see what you mean. I assume that these have NEM pockets, so that the Tension lock coupling can be removed and replaced with a Kadee?
  13. And you could probably fit larger better quality speakers in a building that you can in a typical locomotive. How many EM2s can you fit in the roof space of a typical station building?
  14. I'm no expert, but I think all you could probably say is that they are as good a representation of the real thing as you are going to get without retooling. If you want 100% prototypical accuracy, then you will need to make all the modifications yourself paying careful attention to photographs since the real coaches have changed over time. Unfortunately, I think these are technically too new for my time period, but since I have a couple of NMT power cars (which are also too new) and only two Mark 3 coaches to put between them at the moment, I'll just overlook any errors and at least have a train that is the right length and the right colour. I'm sure that many others will be of the same opinion.
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